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Top 10 Best Tips For Taking Better Portraits

PortraitPro trial application, and wait for the Trial Activation dialog to appear. Portrait Professional Free & Safe Download! Coupon Codes November 2020. The help of these tools any user can edit and make their photos stylish.

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Conclusion The caveats we noted in our review of Version. To use this page, you need two things: System fingerprint. Jul 10, PortraitPro Studio now contains one of a kind innovation to empower you to enhance the lighting in your representations, after the. Portrait Professional Studio 10 Patched free download allows you to retouch your photographs with ease and make them beautiful. Portrait Professional 12 Crack Keygen with key is. such as swift publisher for mac serial crack for Portrait Professional Studio. Follow us: Twitter Facebook.

Photography Lesson Plans & Resources - Videos ...
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You are currently viewing the BOOK: Professional VB 2020 ISBN: 0-7645-7536-8 section of the Wrox Programmer to Programmer discussions. The version used for this review is Portrait Professional 10.1 Studio 64 Edition. Convert Perfect Portrait 2 trail version to full software. Download Crack Portrait Professional Studio 15 Crack Working Serial Key Free Download Portrait Professional Studio 15 Crack is excellent face editing software to make beauty for your photo. Easeus partition master 9.2.2 crack. Ezkeys grand piano keygen sony https://myrealtor40.ru/forum/?download=8025.

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Air key visual novel site. Portrait Professional Studio 10 is airbrushing software that has been 'trained' in human beauty. Photography Lesson Plans & Resources - Chapter Summary. The latest Portrait Professional tool is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and Windows 10. It supports to Mac OSX 10.6 or higher versions. I have version 21. I have an earlier version. NDK stands for Native Development Kit.

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A LOT of ideas for the big next RTS

I was introduced to StarCraft: Brood War when I was a child by my older cousin. I’ve been playing RTS games since then (more than 20 years). Games I’ve played and liked: StarCraft I & II, WarCraft II & WarCraft III, C&C: Red Alert 3, Age of Mythology, Age of Empires II & III, Northgard and I am willing to try Dwarfheim soon. Following are my thoughts and ideas for the next big RTS.
I’ll start with heroes since WCIII is the first RTS I’ve really invested myself into. I’d like to see heroes in your game, with or without a leveling system, but I wouldn’t like the fact you can win a game with only heroes and buildings (like Grubby in WCIII), else I’d play DotA. Maybe items, maybe not, but don’t make heroes the most important mechanic of the game, like one hero per player like Northgard. They’d have abilities without autocast so beginners can micro only their hero while their army fight on their own. I’d like to see original heroes with great stories.
As for units, I’ve always felt that there are too many units in SCII, mostly since LotV. I’d like each nation to have between 7 and 10 units (excluding worker(s) and hero(es)) with easy-to-learn mechanics (damage and armor types, hitpoints and energy) and no hard-counters like in Age of Empires. I kind of like the mechanics of WCIII but feel they are overcomplicated compared to SCII mechanics.
As for upgrades, I really liked the caster upgrades of WCIII; each tier would add an ability and energy points to the caster unit. Don’t forget to add upgrades for buildings too! As time is a resource for me, I think upgrades should be quick and cost a lot of resources OR cheap and be long to research.
Speaking of resources, I really didn’t like the high upkeep in WCIII. The low upkeep could be good when you reach more than half of the supply cap, which should be 200 according to me (with most units taking up to 1-5), but I don’t think the upkeep mechanic is required. I’d like to see a customizable supply cap for custom games (like Age of Empires) and different gathering mechanics for each nation, like in WCIII. I would really dig the concept of having 3 different resources and 3 tiers of play, each new tier requiring a new resource as suggested in the Pylon Show.
As for nations, I think the sweetspot is 3 or 4 nations. 3 is easier to learn and balance, while 4 adds diversity and balances divide in the community. 1 is not enough, 2 creates too big of a polarization (Good vs Evil like in WC: Humans vs Orcs) and 5+ is too hard to memorize and balance. I think each nation should be original and different, in contrast of games like Age of Empires and Northgard which I consider as 1-nation games with tweaks to civilisations/clans.
For buildings, I think each nation should get 10-12 buildings, no more; 1 (maybe upgradable) town center, 3 unit production facilities, 1 upgrade building, 3 upgrades to facilities for advanced units (like Ghost Academy and Fusion Core in SCII, or extensions to Barracks/Factory/Starport) and 2 different towers. I really like walls even though I’m not a big Age of Empires player. I wouldn’t like the one-building-per-unit style of Protoss/Zerg though, as I prefer the upgradable Town Center to delimit tiers.
I was really interested with the idea of autocast abilities for units with like 70-80% efficiency, like explained by Beastyqt in his open letter. It would greatly benefit newer players as much as micro-intensive players compared to SCII. I wouldn’t like to see 2 units with very similar abilities (a bit like InfestoViper even though I’m a Zerg player), and I’m mixed about M.U.L.E.-Chronoboost-Larva Inject-like abilities. Like Beastqt said, I think it would benefit the game if there was a possibility to autocast them as well.
As for maps, I really liked the concept of creeps in WCIII and miss them a lot in SCII. It adds life to the game and makes the game less action-focused. I also like the randomness factor of Northgard, like how the resources are distributed amongst players without giving the upperhand to one team. All of this could be customizable for custom games or could be integrated in the ladder as well, like Super Smash Bros Ultimate integrates your preferences while searching for opponents to match you with players having similar preferences.
For the setting of the game, I feel tired of medieval games; maybe it’s because I have not played any good medieval RTS since WCIII, and Reforged was my biggest deception for 2020. I’m also not particularly a fan of contemporary/sci-fi games, but appreciate the gameplay of games like SCII. I’d really love to see a game set in the Renaissance period, maybe extending to the Victorian Era (Steampunk), blending chivalry, magic and technology (not far of WCIII!), like Humans (Alliance) vs Natives (forest dwellers, Elves/Orcs) vs Aliens (in the sense of invaders, not actual extraterrestrial beings; Scourge/Legion/etc.).
The gameplay of StarCraft II is undoubtedly marvelous, I love to be able to select all my army and the integration with control groups. The pace of SCII is a bit too stressful for me, I’d like most games to last around 30 minutes like Northgard. I’d totally play history-oriented campaigns, like SCII and WCIII, I think they gather newer players while helping them learn the mechanics of RTS games. I could totally see your game replace SCII in eSports with great support for 1v1 and 2v2, and I’d also be interested in 3v3, 4v4 and FFA, though the balance wouldn’t need to be perfect for these mods. The Coop and Archon modes of SCII were also great ideas since you could alleviate the burden of controlling everything by sharing with another player. I really miss the custom map editor of WCIII; it was so good and simple while allowing you extreme customization through the JASS scripting engine. As a programmer myself, I’d love to see a very good custom editor using a known language, like C# or JavaScript. Using the editor yourself to create maps and mods would certainly help to create this wonder.
As for extensibility, the game may expose some REST APIs helping the community to create more content and analyze the game. They should expose the maximum amount of information while being secure and simple, with interfaces like Swagger to help developers learn and use them.
For the pricing, I strongly agree with Beastyqt ideas. The game should be free-to-play and I’d love to pay for the campaigns and mods created by your studio (2-10$ per mod). The tutorial, ladder (ranked or not, solo and teams) and custom games should be free. I’d love to see a shit ton of skins, portraits, voice packs and lots of customizations while sharing the revenue with content creators like streamers, professional players and commentators. I’d suggest having 10% of the campaigns free, and having to buy the remainder (like free 20 first levels in WoW). I wouldn’t mind a subscription-based game if the game is extremely good and if the subscription gave me access to 100% of the game contents.
Finally, thanks for your passion, love and dedication. I’m very hyped by the values and directions your company is taking and I’m happy to share my thoughts and suggestions. I miss the good old Blizzard of my youth and looking forward to see new game studios bloom while producing top-quality games and listening to their community.
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Odditybeard - Professional Photographer Horror Stories

Over the past couple of weeks my wife of eleven years has introduced me to this subreddit. She has also instructed me to tell this one (of many if people end up wanting more) photography horror stories. This will be long. I enjoy telling a good story.
For ten years before I moved on to my current career I was a photography. Professionally. This included multiple photoshoots daily, hours of processing [which nobody mentions], and of course set planning and preparation. Specifically I worked with nude models and did a lot of boudoir and fetish photography. Being very creative I not only created the sets but often added hand made props to the work usually in the form of a collar (made out of steel with six inch spikes) or an interesting structural piece such as a bed of nails (made using railroad spikes).
On this occasion, for this photoshoot I wanted to speak on the subject of oil, and more particularly on a oil spill that had taken place off the coast of Mexico (this is ten years ago, not the BP spill I can not remember which at this point there has been so many over the years). As such I had planned a white background and booked a nude model. The model had traveled all the way from Vancouver to Calgary where I was situated at the time [a detail to remember]. I also pre-made 10 gallons of "oil". Basically, water, tempera-powder paint, cornstarch, and baking soda. It looks good. Oozes like the real thing. Looks black as midnight but has a sheen too it. I was pleased.
Model arrives. Shes not alone. Thats okay I am flexible. Shes brought her boyfriend. Please be aware. I mean, friend that is a boy. They were not romantically involved. In fact, to assume that they were would be an incredible disservice to her. She was a well manicured, strong, attractive woman with curves. He was a short, unkempt in every manner possible, and literally wore a fucking fedora into my studio. He also held the door for her when they arrived and said "mi'lady" which was cringe worthy at the time but I was not aware of the worlds bumper crop of neckbeards and could not ascertain the root cause of my dislike towards this individual. It felt like heartburn but indigestion alone wasn't a strong enough signal for the events that were about to transpire.
All photoshoots are discussed in advance. At least they were in my studio. Models knew what they were coming in for, and knew what they could expect to get out of the sets I wanted. This worked out beautifully, and I ended up becoming one of the biggest names in my country. As such you get to work with some of the better talent in the industry. You start to think you are not going to run into this type of shit (horror stories are told like campfire tales whenever people get together in the industry) because you establish a name, a pattern of doing things, lock your studio door so no randoms can come in off the street. Hell, like I said, I even did a lot of self portraits or test work so I knew the way the models would feel in a lot of situations. To this point I could relate make them feel comfortable and even demonstrate poses to aid in the effects and shots we were all searching for.
The model knowing what we are going to do enters my studio. I direct her to which of my four set stages we will be using, than proceed to show her where the bathrooms are, and where make-up is. Make-up artist is excited etc. For some reason my manager is out that day. I think she was ill. I can not remember so instead of a 5 member team there will be 4 of us including my stage hand. Plus Odditybeard. She is nude within minutes (it removes the sexuality of undressing and is an industry wide thing) and heads to make-up and onto set. Shes in the middle, I start taking test shots for lighting adjustments and lense selection. I don't want reflections of myself and the camera in the "oil" etc. Also the model happened to be an Asian woman [yes, a little nugget of gold I selected not to mention until now as her race had nothing to do with me... but clearly ticked the neckbeard instructional box].
We begin taking shots. She posses in various positions. I begin to do walk-ins past the camera to make adjustments. Also very normal. Adjustments are just that, small movements of hand placement, arm, breast, hair, you name it. Basically its like being a doctor. If for example I have to adjust where a models breast is hanging due to shadow or lighting effects I basically pretend I'm a crab and use a crab like hand to lightly and gently adjust. This removes the grope possibility from the situation. As I walk back to the camera on one of the first of many adjustments, he is red faced, fuming, and literally clenching his jaw so hard I can hear his teeth trying to determine if they have been worn down enough by years of mountain dew consumption, to shatter. I haven't even adjusted anything risky yet. Her breasts have not been in my hands.
The shoot progresses. I feel his breath on the back of my neck as he tries to use my cameras screen to see what the shots look like. Which I don't put up with and tell him to back the fuck up. To my surprise he does. I am not the type of guy who puts up with bullshit and have since changed carriers to the military just to put into perspective what type of guy I am. However after a half hour of me adding "oil" into the frame, and making tiny adjustments as we go he decides he is going to now direct the photoshoot and begins to tell her how to pose, where to look, etc. Also a big fuck off. I direct all content of my work. How else will it be mine? Because I click the button. Anybody can click a button. I direct where a model looks with specific hand movements which the models learn to read, etc. Not. My. First. Rodeo.
I have had enough and I direct him to the waiting room. Hes not pleased but I tower over this neckbeard and clearly frighten him. Her mood visibly changes after he leaves my set which concerns me right away. She than asks me to participate which we had agreed upon. My roll was to play the oil and for her portfolio she would be playing the roll of mother earth. Sure. Did I get it? No. Do I have too? Nope. I undressed, put on tight pants (Basically skin colored underwear so there is always a bearier between us in that regard) and lay down below her. She proceeds to water board me with "oil" at which point I question the use of baking soda in the concoction as the bitter flavor is utterly disgusting. We do a few posses.
Guy renters the room uninvited and says "I knew you just wanted me gone so you could fuck her." And proceeds to storm off back to the waiting room. Now I am beyond pissed. I like to consider myself a feminist, though I suspect I am not doing as much as I should. I can clearly see this situation is not right. I tell her I need to deal with him, but in order to do so I need to shower. I'm covered in this goo which is doing its job and has obliterated a bunch of white muslin backgrounds, lights are dripping, we are covered (the photos were actually pretty goddamn fantastic, I was really pleased with her work). My studio had only 1 shower in it. I wasn't big time enough to spring for a shower in both bathrooms. Since I had assumed I would not have very many men showering in my studio I had decided to place the shower in the women's bathroom instead of the men's. This meant I had to instruct her to wait so I could shower off first. I felt like in this case I needed to be ready to contain fuck-boy should he decide to get physical with me.
Well. He did decide to get physical with me... with us actually. It was not at all what I had expected.
Five minutes into showering the door opens she walks in and informs me she is not waiting anymore shes cold and we are both professionals. I agree, trying to note what other photoshoots I had been required to shower off with a model; having found none in my memory bank I made a note that this shoot was going to be an interesting story to tell my children one day. It was at this moment that fate decided to tell me to hold its beer. Odditybeard decided to throw open the bathroom door. We are both halfway through our transformation back to human. He is naked. Completely. He had even remembered to remove his socks. What a considerate guy! And to our amusement he was rocking the smallest hard-on measurable. After a moment of silence for his sex life I asked him what the fuck he was doing. He explained "if you are going to fuck her so am I."
Ladies and gentlemen, with the force of a train I pushed past this fuck, slammed the bathroom door behind me, and pushed him back towards his clothing. At this point my stage hand who was setting up another set for our next shoot came running over unsure of the noise she heard. She finds me naked with this guy naked. I'm half dyed black and have a trail of black ooze flowing me out of the bathroom. She sees my face and realizes somethings not right and pushes past me to the bathroom. Enters. And I hear the door lock on the other side. Perfect.
I like to teach people lessons. I took the opportunity to redirect his thought process and to retune his perspective on women's choices. I also informed him that he needed desperately to shave his fucking neck. My wife laughs hard at this detail every time I am forced to retell this horror show at parties.
I found out a few weeks later after she had made it back to Vancouver safely. They had met online and he had promised to let her stay the night for free. They had even planned there own photoshoot after mine! You see Odditybeard was a new photographer whose last name is actually Oddity. Hence his name on this post. He hadn't allowed her to stay for free either, just like I assume you know by now that he wasn't a photographer. He had tried to force her into having sex with him, since he was such a nice guy and had allowed her to stay. Needless to stay I made sure this information got around. The community is vast but close. He was black listed immediately. Banned from places like Model Mayhem etc. Years later I found out he had attempted to do that to me. He had flipped the script and claimed she was his girlfriend and that I bad forced her to shower with me. He also tried to befriend my girlfriend at the time. Which almost worked. Sadly.
Where is this specimen of humanity now? He works a dead end job and is married to a Nice Girl. Life works out, you know?
Enough comments and likes. I have about 10 other horror stories that fall into Nice Girl/Guy or Neckbeards. Photography attracts the best people.
TLDR: Photog invites curvy model to photoshoot for commentary on oil. Model decides she needs stronger material for her portfolio asks photog who also models to step in. Creepy friend of model who agreed to drive her there gets angry but decides he can salvage the situation by attempting to force a threesome on the model and photog who were not even remotely thinking about sex in. Any. Way. Photog kicks guy out. Creepy neckbeard then makes it his goal to try and destroy photogs career. Fails miserably and is instead caught, again, for being a super-creeper the likes of which Lucas Werner could be proud of. I believe he might in fact be Lucas Werner's spirit animal.
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