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[Program Review] RP's Female Physique Template 4x Week

This program made applying principles of hypertrophy straightforward and easy. I felt much leaner, more muscular, and like I had gotten back everything I lost during the first Covid shutdowns despite how little physical change showed in progress pictures. I easily avoided pain or injury, a big priority for me. I would recommend this program - absolutely during a bulk and with some tweaks during a cut.
Strength was not a focus, so I have no strength progress to report.
Program Goals
  • Undo any atrophy from Covid gym closures
  • Look more casually jacked while still fitting in clothes off the rack
  • Try a hypertrophy-specific program for pain management
Training History (condensed)
  • Ages 12-20: workout VHS tapes
  • Ages 20-25: love/hate relationship with cardio
  • Ages 25-27: the bro split years
  • Ages 27-30: the crossfit years
  • Ages 30-32: the pretend powerlifter years
  • Ages 32-35: the constantly injured years
  • Ages 35-pre-covid: intuitive injury-avoidant heavy lifting
My lower back cannot handle or adequately recover from heavy squats and deadlifts despite how much my brain loves doing them. I have seen a variety of orthopedic specialists, physical therapists, massage therapists, and wise oracle-like trainers over the years. It is what it is. Because of my back, any lifting or attempts at following a program would have me either A. Override progressions and get all off course, or B. Follow progressions because I feel fine only to be sidelined with sciatica or nerve pain for days to weeks. I had been looking for a program that was not based around heavy compound lifts, and this caught my interest.
The Program
I did the 4x per week template. Here is a view of exercise layout and selection, my mesocycle 1/week 3 program, and my mesocycle 3/week 3 program. RP’s Female Physique program is broken into 4 distinct mesocycles: Basic Hypertrophy, Elevated Volume, Metabolite, and Resensitization. The program is designed so you can run it back to back …. forever? I used an older version of the template which has you increase volume over 4 weeks, do 1 week of deload, and move to the next mesocycle. I’m told these templates have since been updated to 6 weeks on, 1 week deload.
Each day is full-body but rotates primary focus via exercise order. You are given a body part, menu of exercise options, and spot to fill in your estimated 10RM to generate the program. You rate the movements after each workout - too easy/too hard/just right - to adjust the volume of the same body part in subsequent workouts. The program adds sets and reduces your reps-in-reserve target as you move through each mesocycle to give you more volume and push closer to failure. Rep ranges for mesos 1 and 2 were 6-20, meso 3 were 10-30, and meso 4 were <12.
Beginning and End Stats
Start End
Date July 23, 2020 Nov 14, 2020
Age 37 38
Height 5'7" 5'7"
Weight 157.5 155.9
Pain Minimal Minimal
Minimal visual progress, but goals achieved:
  • Undo any atrophy from Covid gym closures - Done (top is before program, bottom is after). I have shape again, and depending on the lighting the difference can be striking. I often wake up with ab definition.
  • Look more casually jacked while still fitting into my normal clothes - Done.
  • Try a hypertrophy-specific program for pain management - Done and successful!
I decided to go all-in on RP and use their diet app at the same time. You are given macro targets for the day that are split between meals, but the way you enter food does not count calories or all macros. I’m happy to expand on this but don’t want to turn this into a diet review. The RP diet app encourages you to build meals using whole foods and a protein, fat, and carb component at each meal. It also spaces your macro targets for more carbs pre- and post-workout and adjusts your daily carb level up depending on how you rate the intensity of your workouts.
I was actively tracking my intake with the app for two months prior to starting, and I got a really good idea of my maintenance level. (I also tracked a few days using the LoseIt app to see what a typical RP day added up to.) Pre-training I averaged 2700 calories per day. During the program I had a daily calorie target around 2100 per day plus 2-3 untracked takeout meals per week. I expected this to be around maintenance or a very slight deficit.
My Experience
Note that due to Covid restrictions all gym sessions were maximum 75 minutes. My weights were very very light because I had done zero training for 4 months prior. Due to a second round of shutdowns I fell three weeks shy of completing the full program.
  • I liked that the structure clearly added volume over time. I found it stopped me from wanting to add accessories or junk volume at the end of workouts, time permitting.
  • I found the menu of exercises as-written to be limited and with minimal guidance on how best to select them.For example, “Quads” showed up four times in Meso 1 with the options of High Bar Squat, Sumo Squat, Leg Press, Barbell Walking Lunge, Dumbbell Walking Lunge, Front Squat, Low Bar Squat, Close Stance Feet Forward Squat. Should I have chosen a different movement for each instance? Should I have chosen two? It sounds minor writing it up, but this overthinking movement selection was a pain when setting each mesocycle.
  • The lower body focused days could be brutal. Deadlifts followed by squats followed by walking lunges? Dead. Reserved for weekends so I could lay on the couch the rest of the day. I had never trained legs in this way before, and I started to see quad definition for the first time probably ever.
  • Sets increased over the weeks, but my time in the gym could not. That made rest times get shorter, and I found the reps I could hit suffered without sufficient rest. If I could have bumped my typical 90-second rest up to 2-3 minutes for big movements, I think I could have worked significantly harder.
  • I relied on machines where I could in the interest of time. I liked having a balance between barbell work and hammer strength type machines, especially as I was focused more on stretch/contract and maximizing range of motion as a priority. Machines were a big help during the metabolite meso since failure came so quick.
  • I felt fatigue on this program like I don’t ever remember. I was laying on the floor between sets trying to recover and walking home from the gym at a snail's pace. My NEAT was tanking if I didn’t watch it. I didn’t want to walk the dog any longer than necessary, I found zero time for easy cardio, and household chores were ignored. My body was tired all the time. Which brings me to…
  • I was hungry ALL THE TIME. Especially during the elevated volume mesocycle. I was waking up hungry, I was always thinking about food, I was craving chicken and potatoes, not pizza. Because I was actively trying not to gain weight, this was mentally very draining.
  • For the first time in years I did not have to take any time off for lower back or sciatica pain. With as bad as the systemic fatigue was, I never once felt like I had overworked my back or put myself in a position that needed more recovery. This is huge for me.
Takeaways and Future Plans
  • I think this program would be fantastic on a bulk. I felt like my body wanted more food, wanted to grow, and you would be doing enough volume to put it to good use. But I have no plans to bulk any time soon so not for me.
  • I would run this program on cut with some changes. To counteract the incredible increase in appetite and decrease in other movement, I would make the program easier. I think reducing working weights, conservatively rating workouts, and trying a little bit less would still provide plenty of stimulus for muscle retention during a diet.
  • I would not run this program again at maintenance without making the same adjustments above. There was too little visual progress for the amount of effort in and out of the gym. Making the program easier would make walks, cardio, or other daily activity come naturally, keeping my TDEE about the same.
  • I have no idea if I actually look different or if it’s my own perception. I think look a lot more muscular in casual before/after pictures than I do in my official ones. I am an almost 40 year old woman with a long training history. I'm all out of newb gains. I was not looking for dramatic results, so I'm not disappointed here.
  • I think this program is good for beginners and more experienced lifters. It would be very easy to choose your lifts, plug your numbers, and go. Given my experience, I feel confident making adjustments to different parts of the program to meet my needs. Whether that’s making it easier to fit diet goals or choosing a different variation of “quads” to keep myself interested, the template is a great tool. Mike Israetel is on so many podcasts and puts out so much content than anytime I had a question on his methodology, he was somewhere answering it.
submitted by MCHammerCurls to weightroom

Overview of riders reactions to the 2021 Tour de France route announcement [Pinot, Barguil, Quintana, Van Aert and more]

Last update 12.30 CET
Thibaut Pinot: 2021 Tour de France route suits 'complete riders' more than climbers:
"It's a really classic Tour route, and quite different from those of recent years, with quite a lot of sprints and quite a lot of stages that really suit the puncheurs, in particular. The Pyrenees are going to be pretty tough, I think, but generally it's a route that is less suited to the climbers and one that is more suited to complete riders due to the two time trials [stages 5 and 20]."
Warren Barguil eyes yellow jersey opportunity at Mûr-de-Bretagne:
"In France, we have so many beautiful areas to discover, and there's something for everyone. There's certainly a lot less climbing next year compared to this year, but that should just mean that there's more attacking riding. There are some tricky looking stages that could see some gaps open up. It's really a traditional Tour route that should crown a more complete rider rather than a pure climber,"
Nairo Quintana: Two Tour de France time trials next year could be key:
"We'll have to be as well prepared as we can be for those two TT stages, those stages [5 and 20] are going to be as important for the general classification as the ones in the mountains. I'm currently working hard with the physiotherapists in preparation for the 2021 season. My objective at next year's Tour will remain the general classification, with the ambition of finishing on the podium – even though I know that it's getting more and more difficult due to the level of competition.
Wout Van Aert sees opportunities in opening week of the 2021 Tour de France:
"[It is] a lot more than last year and I welcome that. Time trialing is part of the Tour, or actually of every Grand Tour, if you assume that it must be won by a rider that is as complete as possible. The fact that the first time trial will already be held on Wednesday is extra nice. In addition, I think it will be a more classic Tour. A 'normal' first week, followed by the Alps and Pyrenees, with a few transitional stages in between. Also striking: shorter stages than we are used to. It will also be different for the classification riders. You will not win the Tour in that first week, but you can lose it. There will be more stress. And I haven't raced in Brittany yet, but I suspect the wind may play a role there. But I think we shouldn't be afraid of that at Jumbo-Visma. We have the riders for it," Van Aert said.
Alpecin-Fenix counts 12 chances in the Tour: "Mathieu will target the puncheur stages [Christoph Roodhooft, team manager of Alpecin-Fenix] [Dutch]:
“Winning will be hard, but we will definitely be up there battling for the stage wins. It's a nice start in a beautiful region. There immediately are chances for our team. The wind will play a factor. This is better for us than a mountain stage right away. We don't have the team to target the mountains. Mathieu van der Poel will target the stages for puncheurs like de Mûr de Bretagne, while our new signing Jasper Philipsen will target the sprints like he is proving now in La Vuelta. And then we have riders like Xandro Meurisse and Petr Vakoc for the hilly and medium mountain stages"
Patrick Lefevere on participation Evenepoel: "Riding the Tour will depend on the Olympics” [Team manager of Quick Step] [Dutch]:
If the Olympics go ahead, then Evenepoel will almost automatically ride the Giro combined with the Olympics. But if the Olympics are cancelled a Tour participation is a real possibility. Unless the Giro will come forward with an even more interesting parcours. The Tour has 2 TTs, 58 km in total. Everybody knows the TT qualities of Remco. He is the European Champion. He already beat the best TTers in this world. These two TTs are good for Remco. Now we only have to wait for the Giro to announce their parcours."
Allan Peiper warns for first Tour week [Team manager of Tadej Pogacar] [Dutch]:
"On paper, this edition is pretty different from this years Tour. There will be more nervousness in the first week and a bigger chance on crashes, we will have to be alert. There are a few noteworthy mountain stages like the Alps stage to Tignes with over 4000 height meters. The double Mont Ventoux climb will also be very interesting. But the focal point is clearly in the Pyrenees. The TTs are flat ones, but Pogacar is among the best TTers, so I don't worry about it"
Elia Viviani: Nice Tour with a lot of chances for sprinters [Italian] (Thanks to fewfiet):
In the meantime, I am happy with the departure from Brittany, which is a region in my heart, since I won in Plouay, and then in the third and fourth stages there will be two great opportunities for the sprinters. In total, seven stages reserved for sprinters are a good number, I think all sprinters can be as happy as I am. There are two time trials, stages of the right distance in my view, but I have not yet studied the mountains carefully to give a complete judgment, I admit that I have concentrated on the most suitable stages for me. And then again: "In the next few days we will meet with the team and we will begin to draw up a draft of the program for the new season, but the Tour will certainly have a role for me anyways on the eve of the Japanese trip to the Tokyo Olympic Games".
Romain Bardet: a more traditional parcours [French]
"It's a more traditional, more classic course, which reminds me of the Tour de France I watched as a child with more sprints at the beginning. And also two great time trails that will be two important moments for the overall. In the last week, a Pyrenean triple promises some spectacle. At first glance, there's not the sequence of mountains that suits me. I'm going to look at the stages themselves, it's going to be a tricky Tour. The wind will play a big role, especially in the first week. We know that the Col du Portet had made good gaps in 2018. The strong men will emerge in the third week."
Tadej Pogacar: I would rather had some more mountain finishes [Dutch]:
It will more a classic Tour. I would rather had some more moutnain finishes, there are only three now. But I don't think it will matter that much because it's the riders who make the race tough. The start is in Bretagne and it will be a hectic first week. I think the first TT will suit me. It's quite flat and a bit of up and down. We haven't seen the profile maps yet. But it will be a challenging and tough first week with possible echelons/waaiers and bad weather. Two times the Mont Ventoux in one stage will be legendary and we also finish on a tough climb in Tignes. Some stages have over 4500 height meters. The stage in Andorra are always nice to watch on tv. I already rode the Vuelta there. Overall it will be challenging.
submitted by Schele_Sjakie to peloton