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A Grizzly Situation - Feral Druid 1.12.1 (PvE, tanking and DPS)

Taken from my guide written for a 1.12.1 private server, reformatted for reddit. Due to the 40,000 character limit on posts, this has been 'pruned' of a lot of the Pserver specific information.
i. Contents
Tips, Tricks, Addons and Info for new Ferals.
Stats, Race and Effective Health.
Gearing your Feral, release, DM and AV.
Leveling your Druid, skills, and finisher usage in world PvE.
1. Intro
Most people who want to play feral will hear that you're only there to buff crit on the Rogues and Warriors, provide Innervate for the healers, your DPS sucks and you can't tank anything that isn't a 5 man dungeon.
Not true, especially in the early part of gearing.
Step one. Identify who your main 'competitors' are. Everyone compares us to Rogues (both wear leather, both do dps), without factoring in the differences between the classes, gearing, and the extra utility we bring to a raid. Rogues certainly can't tank the amount of encounters we can for example, especially in a clutch environment. So many people seem to focus around having the exact, perfectly reliable 40 people needed with perfect class representation for each encounter. Doesn't happen, and no guild running content with less than 40 players will turn down a dedicated and effective player.
The other 'Hybrids' of Vanilla are;
Warriors Priests Paladins Shamans
Comparing what we bring to a raid compared to what the DPS specs of those classes bring, we have;
Wipe Protection – So called 'Battle Rez' Raid Buffs – Mark of the Wild, Thorns, Leader of the Pack, Innervate Dispelling – Dispel Curse. You will be decursing every raid, manybosses. Off Tanking and DPS from one spec, tanking/dps and healing from one spec with 0/30/20 +1 build.
While other Hybrids can bring some of these, none of them can bring all of them in one set of gear and one spec. In relation to the other classes, presuming equal levels of gear, we sit;
Less DPS than a Fury Warrior. Equal DPS to an Elemental Shaman or Shadow Priest. More DPS than a Ret Paladin. Substantially more DPS than an Enhancement Shaman.
This is a basic table, that depends highly on the gearing situation. For example, when first entering MC in a raid in blues/greens, a well itemised Druid can do significantly more dps than some pures. However, as other classes push ahead with Tier drops and especially weapon drops, we will start to fall behind. It is not unusual to find a Druid doing the same DPS as other hybrids but being 6-8 ilvls behind, this is due to the fact that until AQ40 comes, there simply aren't that many truly top tier Druid drops. We scale excellently, but between early game blues and end game (AQ/Naxx) epics there aren't that many drops for us.
Druids are probably the best hybrids in the game, and there are 4 builds that you can take into PvE as a Feral and do reasonable with. However, it is important to note that to be an effective feral, you need to be able to swap between tank, dps and sometimes healer within the same raid. You cannot expect to just heal or just tank, if you set yourself up to do just one thing, you will struggle to find groups or a guild. A good feral is a boon to any guild, a bad feral who is blinded into just one role is a wasted spot. This is especially true in 1.12.1, since we get the 1.2.0 (65%-180% armour on bear form, 125% to 360% from Dire Bear form.), 1.4.0 (Shapeshifting removes Polymorph) and 1.6.0 (Shapeshifting removes Slows) to our Bear spec. Many detractors from early wow remember Bears trying to tank before these buffs, 1.2.0 was a significant boost to our survivability.
2. Tips, Tricks, Addons and Info for new Ferals.
Chance on Hit: Enchants (eg Crusader) and Weapons (shooting shadow bolts, chance to cause bleed, etc.) that state "Chance on Hit to X" do not work when shape shifted. Equip: Items that state "Equip: Chance on Hit" that are not on a weapon do work when shape shifted. This includes things like Hand of Justice.
Weapon Base Damage: Weapon damage has no effect on your damage in feral form. Weapon Enchants: Weapon enchants such as +Agility/Strength do apply when in feral form. Many people will be used to +damage enchants also working, with each point of damage being equal to ~14 AP. This means a max rolled 'of the Quality' weapon with +7 weapon damage is worth around 98 AP, or 40.8 Strength. However, this is a common Mangos bug that will not apply here. Weapon on use: Weapons with "on use" effects such as the Manual Crowd Pummeler do work. Weapon Skills: We do not need to level weapon skills when in Feral form, we are always considered to be max skill for our level. A level 60 Druid with 1 point of staff skill in Kitty form is presumed to have 300 weapon skill when usings claws.
Armour: The armour 'cap' is 75% damage reduction. The tooltip can show more, but effectively any armour beyond that point is wasted, unless a boss has a sunder mechanic. 21,855 armour in Bear form gets you to the 75% cap. [SOURCE] Armour kits/enchants: Armour kits and armour enchants that give + armour do not scale multiplicative with the bonus armour in Bear form, instead they are additive. For example, if you have a cloak with 169 Armour like this, enchant it with +70 Armour, we would get, 169 + (169 * 1.8) + 70 = 543.2. This is further affected by Thick Hide (see below). Armour (Thick Hide): Thick Hide is a 5 point talent that adds 2% armour bonus per point. This is multiplicative, not additive. What this means is that at 5/5 points, you will receive the full extra 10% modifier for your total armour. In 1.12.1 in Bear Form the armour formula is X + (X * 1.8) + N, where X = armour value of an item and N = Armour enchant/kit. With Thick Hide this becomes (X + (X * 1.8) * 1.10) + N. To use the above example of the Elementium Threaded Cloak, this would become; (169 + (169 * 1.8) * 1.10) + 70 = 590.52 Armour.
Threat: Bear Druids have the same threat modifiers as Warriors: 130% for Bear Form and Defensive Stance, or 149.5% if you have 5/5 Defiance or 5/5 Feral Instinct. Unlike Warriors however, our base tanking abilities do not have an additive threat component, instead, they are multiplicative. Each point of damage done by Maul or Swipe does an additional 0.75 threat, before we take into account the form modifiers. For example, if a Maul does 200 damage, it does 200 * 1.75 = 350 threat, or 3501.3 * 1.15 for a total of 523 threat when including Bear Form and 5/5 Feral Instinct. *Threat:** Since we do not have an additive threat component like Warriors, we do reduced threat against high armour enemies, and increased threat against low armour enemies. Crits greatly increase our threat.
3. Stats, Race and 'Effective Health' (level 60)
Stamina: 1 Stamina = 10 health. Strength: 1 Strength = 2 Attack Power. Agility: 1 Agility = 1 Attack Power. 1 Attack Power = 1 DPS. Agility: 57 Agility = 1% Critical Strike Chance Intellect: 1 Intellect = 15 Mana.
For DPS with at least 33% raid buffed crit chance or above; Hit (to 9%) > Str > Agi > Crit > AP For DPS with less than 33% raid buffed crit chance; Hit (to 9%) > Agi > Str > Crit > AP For Tanking; Agility > Armour > Dodge/Stamina > Hit > Crit
Tauren/Nelf are about on par when it comes to tanking, Taurens have more natural strength and HP, Nelfs have more natural Agility and the racial dodge, it evens out, and there isn't one race to go. Feral DPS the Tauren has the minor advantage due to the bonus Strength, but it works out as just a few dps difference at 60.
Effective Health is a term that cropped up during TBC and was especially relevant during the Stam stacking days of WotLK. It can still be 'reverse-applied' to Vanilla however, in simple terms, it is Health / (100-[the amount of % reduced by armor or DR (Damage Reduction)]) = Physical EHP. This gives you a basic idea of how much total damage an enemy needs to do in order to kill you outright, and will allow you to decide on upgrades in the late game when balancing Armour vs Stamina. Note; we do not lose out on Rage from dodges, so unlike Warriors we do not need to worry about Rage Starvation due to Dodge/Agility, we cannot parry. Stacking pure EH is a fine way to gear a Druid tank, especially for beginners.
We calculate the (100-DR) using a decimal place scale, that means 100 is represented by 1, and your percentage is what you take away. 50% Damage reduction would therefore be 1 - 0.5 = 0.5.
An example of EH; 5000hp, 50% Armour Damage Reduction, would become; 5000/((1-.5=)0.5)=10,000
This can be as complicated as can be without changing the way it works, for example; 7232hp and a 54.7 DR would be 7232/((1-.547=).453)=15,964.67 EH. You can then re-run the numbers increasing health/Armour and see which gives you the higher EH, letting you choose your upgrades more effectively.
4. Gearing your Feral, (release, DM and AV)
The hard part about gearing a Druid in vanilla is how our itemisation works, we have awesome, excellent scaling, but awful gear options. Most Druid players gear like a Rogue, play like a Rogue, then wonder why their DPS is awful, hence perpetuating the 'lol druid feral dps is awful' stereotype.
We only gain 1 AP per point of Agility. WE ONLY GAIN 1 AP PER POINT OF AGILITY.
Similar to Shamans, we get all of our AP from Strength and +AP items. While a certain amount of Agility is desirable for crit (and Agi is usually on any piece of leather with strength on any way) we want to try and ensure a 2:1 ratio of Strength to Agility for DPS.
The second mistake most inexperienced Druids make is swapping their weapon out for higher base damage. Weapon damage has no effect on Druid DPS, they are quite literally just stat sticks, nothing more. A level 40 2hander with 20 Str will be of higher benefit to you for DPS than a lvl 60 epic with no Str but a higher damage range.
This section shows how to gear your feral on Classic, with the 'usual' pre-raid BiS list, tuned for how the guys are going to set up the staggered release of content. So, step one, what is the release scheduleprobably going to look like?
Release (P1) - 16 debuff slot limit. Release with Maraudon available. (P2) - Dire Maul & associated quests released., Kazzak and Azuregos released. (P3) - BWL released. (P4) - ZG & Dragons of Nightmare released. (P5) - Silithus revamp. AQ 20 & 40 released. Tier 0.5 quest line activated. (P6) - Naxxramas released.
This means, the initial push for Server Firsts and most peoples first Onyxia/MC raid clears will come before the release of Dire Maul and well before AV epics are available.
This is a PvE guide, I will therefore discount any and all PvP gear except for the AV REP gear, since that doesn't require the PvP grind the rest of Vanilla PvP gear does.
While each person will require their own stat weighting and analysis of how stats affect them, I've gone with the following basic rule of thumb to make for an easily comparable list.
Bear: Armour > Stam > Agi > Hit/Dodge > Crit > Str Hit% - 9% to never miss an attack. Agility - 1 Agi = 2 Armour & 1 AP, ~20 Agi = 1% Dodge & 1% Crit. Stamina - 1 Stam = 10 HP, 12 HP with 5/5 Heart of the Wild (HotW) DR% = Armour / (Armour + 400 + 85 * (Attacker Level + 4.5 * (Attacker Level - 59))) Dodge% = 0.9% + (Agi / 20) + Miscellaneous Contributions + (Attacker's Attack Skill * 0.04)
Kitty: Hit > Str > Agility > Crit > AP Hit% - 9% to never miss an attack. Agility - 1 Agi = 1AP, ~20 Agi = 1% Crit. Attack Power - ~14 AP = 1 DPS. Strength - 1 Str = 2 AP, 2.4 AP with 5/5 HotW.
Notable Early Game Sets, Green Items and quest choices.
The biggest choice in the early gearing stage for a feral druid to make is, Mark or Tyranny or Blackhands Breath? They are mutually exclusive quest rewards, and both are BiS for a long time (Tyranny is BiS full stop).
The Shadowcraft Rogue set is a very solid set. While technically designed for Rogues (and we cannot upgrade it to the fantastic T0.5) the set bonuses all work for us (energy proc obviously useless when tanking). If you are able to get a couple of pieces the 200 bonus armour is very nice while you are building out the rest of your set. 6 pieces of this set as a cat is a perfectly viable way to gear as your are building out your main DPS set.
There are some Green items that with good rolls can outdo some of the starter gear on this list, similar to Mages BiS cloak in MC being the green cloak with +20 frost damage on it. Things to look out for include;
Green "of the Tiger" boots with more StAgi than Sandstalker Ankleguards. Green "of the Tiger" prismatic rings with both StAgi on them.
Release, Bear
Helm - Bone Ring Helm - Rattlegore, Scholomance Neck - Talisman of Evasion - Warmaster Voone, LBRS while waiting to get Amulet of the Darkmoon - 1200 Darkmoon Faire tickets. Shoulder - Atal'ai Spaulders (Stamina Variant) - ST Troll Miniboss. Due to the difficulty of farming Atal'ai Spaulders (drop %, not difficulty of the instance), Wyrmtongue Shoulders - Balnazzar, Stratholme Living is a more realistic easily farmable alternative. Back - Stoneshield Cloak is technically BiS, but it is a world drop. A more targettable drop is something like Shadow Prowler's Cloak - Drakkisath, UBRS. Chest - Technically Breastplate of Bloodthirst is BiS, but it requires a Pristine Hide. The craftable Warbear Harness is a much more easily targettable pre-raid item. Bracers - Malefic Bracers - Trash, Scholomance. Hands - Slaghide Gauntlets of the Monkey - Urok Doomhowl, LBRS are not replaced until AQ40, non-negotiable BiS. Waist - Frostbite Girdle - Ras Frostwhisper, Scholomance. Legs - Warstrife Leggings - General Angerforge, BRD. Feet - Cadaverous Walkers, Scholomance Mini Bosses. Rings - Ring of Protection (quest) and Archaedic Stone (Stamina/Agility version). Trinkets - Mark of Tyranny (quest) and Smoking Heart of the Mountain (enchanting 265). Mark of Tyranny is exclusive vs Blackhands Breadth (Kitty list). Idol - Idol of Brutality- Magistrate Barthilas, Stratholme (1.10.0). Weapon - Warden Staff is the undisputed king, but it is also a very rare world drop and expensive to get. Twig of the World Tree is a more realistic first weapon, it's another world drop, but substantially more common and cheaper. It is perfectly acceptable to use a more DPS orientated weapon until DM releases and you can farm Unyielding Maul. Fist of Omokk - Highlord Omokk, LBRS is a good starting place.
Release, Cat
Helm - If Powershifting - Wolfshead Helm - Crafted If NOT powershifting - Eye of Rend - Rend, UBRS Neck - Mark of Fordring - In Dreams, Fordring Questline, EPL. while waiting to get Amulet of the Darkmoon - 1200 Darkmoon Faire tickets. Shoulder - Truestrike Shoulders - Overseer Emberguard, UBRS. Back - Cape of the Black Baron - Baron Rivendare, Strat Chest - Cadaverous Armour - Mini Bosses, Scholomance. Bracers - Shadowcraft Bracer's - Sholo/Strat Trash. Hands - Devilsaur Gauntlets (crafted) are BiS if you are completing the 2 set bonus, if not then Gargoyle Slashers - Kirtonos, Scholomance. Waist - Cloudrunner Girdle - Quartermaster Zilgris, LBRS. Legs - Devilsaur Leggings (crafted)if you are running the 2 set bonus, otherwise Shadowcraft Pants - Baron Rivendare, Stratholme. Feet - Sandstalker Ankleguards - Zerrilis, ZF. are technically BiS, but are a pain to farm since they are a rare drop from a rare spawn. Swiftfoot Treads are a more likely starting point, since they come from a quest. Rings - Blackstone Ring - Princess, Maraudon. and Myrmidon's Signet (world drop). Trinkets - Blackhand's Breadth (quest) and Hand of Justice - Emperor, BRD. Heart of Wyrmthalak - Wyrmthalak, LBRS can be worthwhile if you are still waiting for a drop and fighting mobs weak to fire damage. Horde Only: Rune of the Guard Captain (quest). Blackhands Breadth is exclusive vs Mark of Tyranny (Bear list). Idol - Idol of Ferocity - Lord Roccor, BRD (1.10.0). Weapon - Fist of Omokk - Highlord Omokk, LBRS.
Raid Upgrades and Patch Releases
This next section is drops that are 'feral-centric' drops. This means raid drops where a feral gets more from the item than a warrior for tanking items, or items where the feral gets more from the item than a DPS would. If they are equal for all classes, they will not be on the list, as you don't have claim to a 'class specific upgrade' if it is as useful for you as it is for anyone else. Mainly, that comes down to what Armour Class the item is and how much Strength/Armour it has on it. In the case of ZG, if you have the MC/BWL drops, there is very little 'druid specific' or 'druid orientated' drops that you could justify taking before another class. Any items not on the list you will be competing against other DPS for.
1.3.0 Dire Maul, Bear Upgrades
Replace Talisman of Evasion with Evil Eye Pendant - Immol'thar, DM West. Replace Stoneshield Cloak with Cloak of Warding. While Wardens Staff remains your BiS goal, you now have access to Unyielding Maul - Tribute, DM North, which will make early gearing much easier.
1.3.0 Dire Maul, Cat Upgrades
Replace Wristguards of Renown with Bracers of the Eclipse - Prince Tortheldrin, DM West. Replace Myrmidons Signet with Tarnished Elven Ring - Tribute, DM North due to difficulty of farming Myrmidons, Myrmidons is technically the superior ring however. Replace Heart of Wyrmthalak with Counterattack Lodestone - Tribute, DM North. Replace Fist of Omokk with Bonecrusher (quest).
1.5.0 AV, Bear Upgrades
1.5.0 AV, Cat Upgrades
Replace Magma Forged Band with Don Julio's Band. The Unstoppable Force is inferior to Bonecrusher, and harder to get.
Onyxia Drops, Bear Upgrades
Eskhandar's Collar Onyxia Tooth Pendant - Hit rating if needed, otherwise, FR set.
Onyxia Drops, Cat Upgrades
Onyxia Tooth Pendant.
MC Drops, Bear Upgrades
Fireguard Shoulders Dragon's Blood Cape Heavy Dark Iron Ring - Average upgrade for Warriors, third BiS ring in the game for a Druid tank. Lave Belt (crafted from MC drops) - Better than Taut Dragonhide Belt from BWL for a Druid Tank. Fireproof Cloak - FR set. Medallion of Steadfast Might.
MC Drops, Cat Upgrades
Wristguards of Stability Aged Core Leather Gloves - If your Rogues are all running Combat Swords then this is a solid upgrade for a cat, but ONLY if no Rogues need it.
Once out of MC, you should be in a position to decide for yourself what drops are superior for you.
5. Leveling your Druid, skills, and finisher usage in world PvE.
Presuming we have a Druid at high enough level to use each ability, we'll use 0 AP to make the math nice and easy. Rip should not be affected by armour, it will always do straight damage. FB and Claw are affected by armour, and their damage will be increased by Faerie Fire (Feral).
Q1: Is there ever a time where Claw is better than a 1 point FB?
Short Answer: From an energy usage standpoint, no, from a damage standpoint, yes.
FB will always do more damage per point of energy spent when you compare FB damage to the bonus damage awarded by the Claw ability. However, when comparing pure damage, when you add in the native white damage from Claw, Claw will always do more damage than a 1CP Bite.
If we take a level 60 Druid, with all skill levels, and presume they do an average white hit of 200 damage;
(200+115) = 315/45 = 7 damage per energy point spent with Claw R5. 229/35 = 6.54 damage per energy spent with FB rank 5 at 35 energy.
Q2: Is it better to pool my energy and use FB at 100 energy, or to use it straight away at 35 energy?
Short Answer: Use it sooner and don't waste the pooled energy.
Long Answer: The additional damage from bonus energy is always better off used towards generating more combo points, unless the mob will die before you can use one more ability.
Illustrating with rank 5 FB with 5CPs;
35 energy FB: 817/35 = 23.34 damage per energy spent. 50 energy FB: (817+40.5) = 17.15 damage per energy spent. 75 energy FB: (817+108) = 12.33 damage per energy spent. 100 energy FB: (817+175.5) = 9.925 damage per energy spent.
As you can see, the damage gained compared to the energy spent significantly diminishes the more energy you pool to use with FB.
To go from 35 to 100 energy takes 3.25 ticks. As you need to wait for a whole tick to complete to gain energy, that pushes it to 4 ticks, or 8 seconds, to wait to pool to 100, with 15 energy 'wasted' by going over the 100 energy cap. That 8 seconds gains you 175.5 damage on your FB. Using the above example Druid, that's less bonus damage than 1 melee swing.
Q3: Rip or FB?
Short Answer: R2 Rip > R1 FB, otherwise FB if both skills are within one level of each other.
Long Answer: Typically, a Rip requires all 6 ticks to do rougly equal damage to a FB before 4CP's, or 5 ticks to equal a 4+CP FB, until you get FB rank 3. Rip ticks every 2 seconds, isn't affected by mob armour and cannot crit. FB is affected by mob armour, but can crit, as a melee damage ability for 200% damage. From FB R2 - FB R4, FB remains demonstrably ahead. Rip Doesn't catch up again until R6/FB5 comparison.
Rip R2 vs FB R1;
1CP: 58/11 = 5.27 ticks to equal a 1CP FB. 2CP: 5.22 ticks to equal a 2CP FB. 3CP: 5.2 ticks to equal a 3CP FB. 4CP: 5.187 ticks to equal a 4CP FB. 5CP: 5.17 ticks to equal a 5CP FB.
As you can see from the above, a R2 Rip will always need full duration to equal an equivalent CP FB. However, as you level, the gap closes.
Rip R3 vs FB R2;
1CP: 91/15 = 6.066 ticks to equal a 1CP FB. 2CP: 6.25 ticks to equal a 2CP FB. 3CP: 6.33 ticks to equal a 3CP FB. 4CP: 6.38 ticks to equal a 4CP FB. 5CP: 6.41 ticks to equal a 5CP FB.
Rip R4 vs FB R3;
1CP: 142/23 = 6.17 ticks to equal a 1CP FB. 2CP: 6.32 ticks to equal a 2CP FB. 3CP: 6.39 ticks to equal a 3CP FB. 4CP: 6.43 ticks to equal a 4CP FB. 5CP: 6.45 ticks to equal a 5CP FB.
Rip R6 vs FB R5;
1CP: 229/45 = 5.088 ticks to equal a 1CP FB. 2CP: 5.15 ticks to equal a 2CP FB. 3CP: 5.17 ticks to equal a 3CP FB. 4CP: 5.19 ticks to equal a 4CP FB. 5CP: 5.20 ticks to equal a 5CP FB.
The only times to prioritize Rip over FB is if
a) You can't maintain melee range and need to back off to heal/bandage/LoS an ability (mainly PvP) b) Your opponent has huge amounts of armour, significantly reducing your physical damage dealt.
In all other situations, a FB will give more damage in every fight that does not last more than 10 seconds. If the fight does last more than 10 seconds, Rip will do slightly more damage than the average 5 CP FB. If FB crits, it is always better than the equivalent CP Rip.
The other important factor to bear in mind, is that as you level you get the skills at different levels, Rip usually being ~4 levels before FB. In these cases, the higher level Rip is usually the better choice. To illustrate;
From level 36-39, Rip R3 vs FB R1;
1CP: 58/15 = 3.86 ticks to equal a 1CP FB. 2CP: 3.91 ticks to equal a 2CP FB. 3CP: 3.93 ticks to equal a 3CP FB. 4CP: 3.95 ticks to equal a 4CP FB. 5CP: 3.96 ticks to equal a 5CP FB.
As you can see here, Rip only needs to tick 4 times (8 seconds) to do more damage than the equivalent CP FB non crit.
TL:DR - Faerie Fire (Feral) > Ferocious Bite > Rip > Claw to 5 CP if Rip/FB are within one level of each other.
Spells, When and Why to purchase them.
Claw, Shred, Maul, Ravage all scale with basic white damage. They either have a bonus damage (weapon damage + X) or a weapon damage multiplier (X% weapon damage + Y) which means even a low level ability keeps pace with you into the higher levels. It is important to note that we do not have to worry about weapon damage or dps. This mean our low level feral combat abilities scale as long as we keep increasing our gear, and as our inbuilt damage goes up every level.
We start with Wrath (Rank 1) and Healing Touch (rank 1). This skill list presumes we;
Want to reach level 40 (Dire Bear form and slow mount) and 60 (epic mount) with as much gold as possible in order to make getting our mount as quick as possible.
Want to minimise the amount of useless or situational skills we spend gold on (most expensive part of leveling)
Start with Moonfire before switching to cat/bear. Moonfire is Arcane damage (Wrath is nature and resists much more often) and has the same range as Wrath (30 yards).
Will mainly tank or DPS when grouped while leveling.
Will self buff Mark of the Wild.
I've chosen the two best heals for us as Feral, Regrowth and Rejuvenation. Juvi is an instant cast spell that can be thrown up before switching forms or between shifting, and a rank 4 Regrowth is enough to top 1/4 of a hp bar even into the high 40's/early 50's. Between the two you should be almost unkillable unless you are going one on one with elites or higher level targets. Keep MotW buffed, open with Ravage (Rake before 32) Claw to 3/4 CP's and then FB.
Level 1 (10c)
Mark of the Wild (R1 - 10c)
Level 4 (2s)
Rejuvenation (R1 - 1s) Moonfire (R1 - 1s)
Level 6 (2s)
Thorns (R1 - 1s) Wrath (R2 - 1s)
Level 8 (2s)
Healing Touch (R2 - 2s)
Level 10 (Bear Form - Quest) (12s)
Moonfire (R2 - 3s) Demo Roar (R1 - 3s) Rejuvenation (R2 - 3s) Mark of the Wild (R2 - 3s)
Level 12 (8s)
Regrowth (R1 - 8s)
Level 14 (18s)
Bash (R1 - 9s) Healing Touch (R3 - 9s)
Level 16 (54s)
Swipe (R1 - 18s) Rejuvenation (R3 - 18s) Moonfire (R3 - 18s)
Level 18 (38s)
Maul (R2 - 19s) Regrowth (R2 - 19s)
Level 20 (1g 40s)
Cat Form (20s) Claw (R1 - 20s) Prowl (R1 - 20s) Rip (R1 - 20s) Mark of the Wild (R3 - 20s) Healing Touch (R4 - 20s) Rebirth (R1 - 20s)
Level 22 (60s)
Moonfire (R4 - 30s) Rejuvenation (R4 - 30s)
Level 24 (2g)
Rake (R1 - 40s) Swipe (R2 - 40s) Tiger's Fury (R1 - 40s) Regrowth (R3 - 40s) Remove Curse (40s)
Level 26 (1g 35s)
Dash (R1 - 45s) Maul (R3 - 45s) Abolish Poison (45s)
Level 28 (2g 50s)
Challenging Roar (50s) Claw (R2 - 50s) Rip (R2 - 50s) Moonfire (R5 - 50s) Rejuvenation (R5 - 50s)
Level 30 (1g 80s)
Travel Form (60s) Mark of the Wild (R4 - 60s) Regrowth (R4 - 60s)
Level 32 (1g 60s)
Ferocious Bite (R1 - 80s) Ravage (R1 - 80s)
Level 34 (3g)
Swipe (R3 - 1g) Moonfire (R34 - 1g) Rejuvenation (R6 - 1g)
Level 36 (2g 20s)
Pounce (R1 - 1g 10s) Rip (R3 - 1g 10s)
Level 38 (1g 20s)
Claw (R3 - 1g 20s)
Level 40 (7g)
Dire Bear Form (1g 40s) Ferocious Bite (R2 - 1g 40s) Mark of the Wild (R5 - 1g 40s) Rejuvenation (R7 - 1g 40s) Innervate (R1 - 1g 40s)
Level 44 (1g 80s)
Rip (R4 - 1g 80s)
Level 46 (2g)
Rejuvenation (R8 - 2g)
Level 48 (4g 40s)
Claw (R4 - 2g 20s) Ferocious Bite (R3 - 2g 20s)
Level 50 (2g 40s)
Mark of the Wild (R6 - 2g 40s)
Level 52 (5g 20s)
Rip (R5 - 2g 60s) Rejuvenation (R9 - 2g 60s)
Level 56 (3g)
Ferocious Bite (R4 - 3g)
Level 58 (6g 40s)
Claw (R5 - 3g 20s) Rejuvenation (R10 - 3g 20s)
This has used exactly 2g, 76s, 10c at level 20, 26g, 1s, 10c at level 40, and 51g, 21s and 10c at level 58/60. You can then decide at 60 whether you are going to push for an ultra fast epic mount, or if you are going to buy up some higher level skills and do dungeons first. You can reduce this by a further 2g 1s if you do not get any more ranks of Moonfire after level 10. If you plan to solo the entire time, this can be further reduced by removing Bear tanking abilities, Innervate, Rebirth and Mark of the Wild. If you do skip instances or to only DPS them, then you will probably suffer during the leveling process with a lack of decent blues.
Feral Faerie Fire and Feral Charge are free, as they are spells given by talents.
Talents & Gearing
The first ten level of playing your Druid will go relatively slowly. Wrath, Thorns, your Staff and Moonfire being your only DPS. At level 10 you shoot off to Darnassus/Thunder Bluff for a quick quest which will unlock your first form, the Bear tanking form. Horde can start tanking instances around level 12 with Ragefire Chasm, Alliance around level 16-18 with Deadmines, but by level 20 you will have enough points in Feral to Tank or DPS every instance without having to care about your gear set until you reach the end game dungeons.
At low levels of gearing, before you are fully kitted out, you'll be focused on replacing your grey and white items with whatever greens you can get. Even for DPS, the basic stat priority will be;
Stamina > Strength > Agility > Armour
This is for several main reasons;
While questing, you usually don't have a tank. The more pulls you can make before having to heal and the safer you are the faster you will level.
Nearly all feral abilities scale with our basic white damage as we level, meaning we can prioritise survivability while having a negligible effect on our solo DPS.
We can't reach high levels of crit at low levels and we don't have Blood Frenzy.
The thing to also remember about Bear Form is that it increases our armour contribution from items by 180%, which puts us on an almost even footing with Warrior in low level instancing. We have significantly higher threat, we're relatively easier to heal and keep alive (block is minimal at low level for a Warrior and we have bigger health pools) and we don't have to worry about an item having +Int on it, as long as it is around our level (for the Armour) and has Stamina on it, it is usable. For example;
Compare the Chausses of Westfall and the Tunic of Westfall, the two 'tanky' rewards from the first Dungeon Quest chain for Alliance.
5 stam on each, 11 strength vs 11 agility, 173 armour vs 92 armour. We look worse off, but taking the 180% modifier into account the Tunic actually provides us with 165.6 armour, ~0.55% dodge (~20 agility is 1% dodge) and an extra 22 armour from the agility, giving us a total of 187.6 armour.
From a very simple EH standpoint, we can calculate roughly what each class gets. We have to use very simplified numbers to illustrate the effect (since it is impossible to calculate what the armour % reduction will be for the total char from one, one off piece) by adding the hp and armour and adding the 10% damage reduction from a warrior stance to give us;
(50 + 173)*1.10 = 245 "points" for the Warrior.
50 + 187.6 = 237.6 "points" for the Druid.
The classes are nearly even on pure damage reduction, and while the Warrior will gain a negligible amount of extra block from the strength, we are actually better off at low levels with our scaling due to the dodge. If we can get an excellent low level drop such as the Blackened Defias Armour, we actually outstrip warriors significantly, since they don't really have a corresponding low level blue chest drop.
110 + (92 * 1.8 + 6) = 281.6 "points" for the Druid with the Defias Armour.
Druid leveling drops by instance.
For the following guide;
A neutral quest can be picked up from the same quest giver by either faction. A faction quest can be picked up from either faction, but has their own independant quest giver. If a quest is listed as Alliance/Horde Quest, it means only that faction can get that quest.
Ragefire Chasm (12-18 - Orgrimmar)
Dredgemire Leggings - Horde Quest - The Power to Destroy Savannah Bracers - Horde Quest - Searching for the Lost Satchel Hammer of Orgrimmar - Horde Quest - Hidden Enemies Subterranean Cape - Drop - Taragaman the Hungerer
Deadmines (15-22 - Westfall)
Dusty Mining Gloves - Alliance Quest - Collecting Memories Tunic of Westfall - Alliance Quest - The Defias Brotherhood Miner's Cape - Drop - Miner Johnson Smelting Pants - Drop - Gilnid Blackened Defias Belt - Drop - Captain Greenskin Smite's Mighty Hammer - Drop - Mr. Smite Cookie's Stirring Rod - Drop - Cookie Cape of the Brotherhood - Drop - Edwin VanCleef Blackened Defias Armour - Drop - Edwin VanCleef Blackened Defias Boots - Drop - Trash Blackened Defias Gloves - Drop - Trash Blackened Defias Leggings - Drop - Trash
Wailing Caverns (17-24 - Barrens)
Slick Deviate Leggings - Neutral Quest - Deviate Hides Deviate Scale Belt (crafted) - Neutral Quest - Deviate Eradication Talbar Mantle - Neutral Quest - The Glowing Shard Leggings of the Fang - Drop - Lord Cobrahn Belt of the Fang - Drop - Lady Anacondra Armour of the Fang - Drop - Lord Pythas Footpads of the Fang - Drop - Lord Serpentis Gloves of the Fang - Drop - Trash Glowing Lizardscale Cloak - Drop - Skum
Shadowfang Keep (22-30 - Silverpine Forest)
Grizzled Boots - Horde Quest - The Book of Ur Seal of Sylvanas - Horde Quest - Arugal Must Die Silverlaine's Family Seal - Drop - Baron Silverlaine Odo's Ley Staff - Drop - Odo the Blindwatcher Fenrus' Hide - Drop - Fenrus the Devourer Black Wolf Bracers - Drop - Fenrus the Devourer Wolfmaster Cape - Drop - Wolf Master Nandos Gloomshroud Armour - Drop - Trash Face Smasher - Drop - Trash
Blackfathom Deeps (24-32 - Ashenvale)
Band of the Fist - Horde Quest - Allegiance to the Old Gods Deftkin Belt - Horde Quest - Je'neu of the Earthen Ring (Befouled Water Globe) Naga Battle Gloves - Drop - Lady Sarevess Glowing Thresher Cape - Drop - Old Serra'kis Bands of Serra'kis - Drop - Old Serra'kis Moss Cinch - Drop - Aku'mai Ring of Precision - Drop - Trash Mobs
Stockades (24-32 - Stormwind City)
Ambassador's Boots - Alliance Quest - Crime and Punishment Belt of Vindication or Headbasher - Alliance Quest - The Fury Runs Deep
Razorfen Kraul (29-38 - Barrens)
Mourning Shawl or Lancer Boots - Alliance Quest - Mortality Wanes Monkey Ring or Tiger Band - Neutral Quest - Willix the Importer Ferine Leggings - Drop - Agathelos the Raging Slaghammer - Drop - Trash Wolfclaw Gloves - Drop - Trash Plains Ring - Drop - Trash Mantle of Thieves - Drop - Trash
Gnomeregan (29-38 - Dun Morogh)
Mechanic's Pipehammer - Alliance Quest - Data Rescue Triprunner Dungarees - Faction Quest - The Grand Betrayal/Rig Wars Manual Crowd Pummeler - Drop - Crowd Pummeler 9-60 Oscillating Power Hammer - Drop - Trash Petrolspill Leggings - Drop -Trash
Scarlet Monastery (34-45 - Tirisfal Glades)
Explorers' League Commendation - Alliance Quest - Mythology of the Titans Vorrel's Boots - Horde Quest - Vorrel's Revenge Dragon's Blood Necklace - Horde Quest - Into the Scarlet Monastery Loksey's Training Stick - Drop - Houndmaster Loksey Branded Leather Bracers - Drop - High Inquisiter Fairbanks Mograine's Might - Drop - Scarlet Commander Mograine Ironspine's Eye - Drop - Ironspine Ironspine's Fist - Drop - Ironspine Ghostshard Talisman - Drop - Azshir the Sleepless Ebon Vise - Drop - Fallen Champion Dreamslayer - Drop - Trash Fight Club - Drop - Trash Flintrock Shoulders - Drop - Trash Harbringer Boots - Drop - Trash Mark of Kern - Drop - Trash Warchief Kilt - Drop - Trash Watchman Pauldrons - Drop - Trash
Razorfen Downs (37-46 - Barrens)
Dragonclaw Ring - Neutral Quest - Extinguishing the Idol Amberglow Talisman - Faction Quest - Bring the Light/End Silky Spider Cape - Drop - Tuten'kash Fleshhide Shoulders - Drop - Glutton Quillward Harness - Drop - Trash
Uldaman (41-51 - Badlands)
Medal of Courage - Alliance Quest - The Lost Tablets of Will Prospector Gloves - Alliance Quest - Agmond's Fate Explorer's League Lodestar - Alliance Quest - The Hidden Chamber Talvash's/Jarkal's Enhancing Necklace - Faction Quest - Restoring the Necklace/Find the Gems and Power Source Ironshod Bludgeon - Drop - Ironaya Archaedic Stone - Drop - Archaedas The Rockpounder - Drop - Archaedas Adventurer's Pith Helmet - Drop - Trash Spirewind Fetter - Drop - Trash Stonevault Bonebreaker - Drop - Trash Unearthed Bands - Drop - Trash
Zul'Farrak (44-54 - Tanaris)
Masons Fraternity Ring - Neutral Quest - Divino-matic Rod Lifeblood Amulet - Drop - Antu'sul Jinxed Hoodoo Skin - Drop - Shadowpriest Sezz'ziz Embrace of the Lycan - Drop - Chief Ukorz Sandscalp Sandstalker Ankleguards - Drop - Zerillis Blackmetal Cape - Drop - Trash
Maruadon (46-55 - Desolace)
Zealous Shadowshard Pendant - Faction Quest - Shadowshard Fragments Sagebrush Girdle - Faction Quest - Vyletongue Corruption Sprightring Helm - Neutral Quest - Twisted Evils Mark of the Chosen - Neutral Quest - The Pariah's Instructions Heart of Noxxion - Drop - Noxxion Phytoskin Spaulders - Drop - Razorlash Fungus Shroud Armour - Drop - Meshlok the Harvester Grovekeeper's Drape - Drop - Celebras the Cursed Albino Crocscale Boots - Drop - Rotgrip Blackstone Ring - Drop - Princess Theradras
The Sunken Temple (50-60 - Swamp of Sorrows)
Guardian Talisman - Faction Quest - Into the Temple of Atal'HakkaThe Temple of Atal'Hakkar Atal'ai Spaulders of the Bear - Drop - Troll Minibosses Nightfall Drape - Drop - Dragons Drakeclaw Band - Drop - Dragons
BlackRock Depths (52-60 - Blackrock Mountain)
Penance Spaulders - Neutral Quest - Ribbly Screwspigot Nagmara's Whipping Belt - Neutral Quest - The Love Potion Swiftstrike Cudgel - Faction Quest - Hurley Blackbreath/Lost Thunderbrew Recipe Nightfall Gloves - Faction Quest - Incendius!/Disharmony of Fire Windshear Leggings - Alliance Quest - Marshall Windsor Wyrmhide Spaulders - Neutral Quest - A Tase of Flame Magni's Will - Alliance Quest - The Fate of the Kingdom Conqueror's Medallion - Horde Quest - Operation: Death to Angerforge Thrall's Resolve - Horde Quest - The Royal Rescue Idol of Ferocity - Drop - Roccor Smoking Heart of the Mountain (crafted) - Drop - Roccor Blackveil Cape - Drop - High Interrogator Gerstahn Shadefiend Boots - Drop - Ring of Law Girdle of Bestial Fury - Drop - Ring of Law Dark Warder's Pauldrons - Drop - Warder Stilgiss Magma Forged Band - Drop - The Secret Safe Cinderhide Armsplints - Drop - Lord Incendius Rubidium Hammer - Drop - Bael'gar Warstrife Leggings - Drop - General Angerforge Force of Will - Drop - General Angerforge Naglering - Drop - Golem Lord Argelmach Coal Miner Boots - Drop - Hurley Blackbreath Ghostshroud - Drop - Summoner's Tomb Magmus Stone - Drop - Magmus The Emperor's New Cape - Drop - Emperor Thaurissan Wristguards of Renown - Drop - Emperor Thaurissan Swiftwalker Boots - Drop - Princess Moira Bronzebeard
These are all the best drops to look out for while leveling to 60. Scholomance, Stratholme, LoweUpper Blackrock Spire and Dire Maul are all end game instances you will struggle to find a group for without being level 60, so I will not add them to the list.
There are 3 main builds and one variant build that we can use in PvE content. They are;
Pure Hybrid. Feral DPS. Feral Tank. Feral/Resto Hybrid.
The 'Pure Hybrid' 11/35/5 - Not quite as able to powershift due to lacking Natural Shapeshifter, but still able to tank every instance, every raid, and DPS effectively.
Feral Pure DPS 14/32/5 - Based around Powershifting, this mean you dps to 0 energy, shift to caster, shift back to cat for the 40 bonus energy, and then continue dpsing. It has high mana requirements, and is not an easy spec to play.
Feral Pure Tank 13/33/5 - Less able to solo in Cat, but high survivability, threat and a better Thorns makes tanking a breeze.
Feral/Resto Hybrid 0/30/20 +1 - This is the true 'variant' build, able to dps, tank or heal depending on what your group needs and if you have the bag space to carry around 2 sets of gear. You wont be effective as a pure specced tank/healedps druid, but you will be able to do all non raid activities without respeccing, it's an effective solo spec and cheap to run, so you could use it effectively on an alt. The bonus point goes either in Leader of the Pack or Nature's Swiftness, depending on what you do most often.
You can choose any of the consumables from the below list, keeping in mind that they do not all stack with each other;
Elixir of the Mongoose & Elixir of Giants if not flasking. Mageblood Potion. Demonic/Dark Rune. Major Mana Potion. Winterfall Firewater. Juju Power. Juju Might > Elixir of the Giants. R.O.I.D.S. Ground Scorpok Assay. Elemental Sharpening Stone. Flask of Distilled Wisdom for powershifting, Flask of Titans for tanking.
Thanks for reading! Time for my 5th 60 Druid...
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Week 6: Aaron Jones Sucks. So Do The Rams.

Week 6 Summary

In Preds news, we gave up a tough last-minute goal to lose in LA this weekend, but the 3rd period comeback was inspiring. Our defense is still getting their shit together, and we saw some great progress late last night against Vegas, where we held the Knights to 2 goals while potting 5 of our own in a dominant victory. It was good to see Peks and the defense get a solid result in what’s rapidly become a tough building to play in. And how bout that offense, eh?? The Preds lead the league in goals through six weeks… That doesn’t feel right to say, but it’s actually the case. We are scoring 4.7 goals per game right now! Last night we saw big games from the likes of Kyle Turris, Ryan Ellis, and Nick Bonino, and if these underperforming-their-massive-contract types can contribute like this, we could be in business.
Since the Titans didn’t show up to play this weekend, I’m going to treat them like they don’t exist! Oh, we’re starting Tanny now, sooooo yeah… that’s something I guess.
Well half of the regular season is in the bag! How’s everybody feeling? Draft regrets? I know I have them, but mine are probably not as bad as others. Week 6 was a big ol’ comedown from the insanity of Week 5, when every single team scored over 100. We had FOUR teams fail to make it to triple digits, and one of them was an absurdly lucky winner. Clint’s general run of low-scoring opponents peaked in Week 6, where he scored the second lowest point total in the league, yet won his putrid matchup with Connor. He actually vaults into a projected playoff spot! More on that way down at the bottom. It was a high-stakes week for a lot of teams looking to make moves in the standings. We had four matchups between 3-2 and 2-3 teams, where things could pivot drastically. Many of our managers are just learning who can be counted on to start this season, and of course as soon as you think things make sense, that will change. For example, who knew the Rams offense could be so terrible? The suck of Goff and the Rams hit Doyle's team hard. Also, MNF this week featured Aaron Jones losing the main role to Jamaal Williams to cost Randy dearly only a single week after putting up over 50. It crushed me in my school league. But that’s ok, I stayed undefeated in our league! This is the best half-fantasy season I’ve ever had in over a decade of playing in multiple leagues, so I guess it was due. Some teams over in the Mary-Kate made power moves this week to get to 4-2, but the divisions are looking strangely lopsided at the moment! The Mary-Kate has 5 teams at 3-3 or better, while second place in the Ashley is 3-3. Strangely the point standings favor the Ashley, so it looks like funky matchup luck. Let’s get into the Week 6 recap.

Matchup Rundown

Alex (6-0) vs. Stephen (1-5): The scoreboard and the current standings make this thing look like a joke of a matchup with the 65-point margin of victory, but I promise that Stephen’s team legitimately scared me this week. Especially when Tyreek Hill caught a huge TD pass on the very first drive back from his clavicle injury. Will Fuller repeatedly threatened to have another game-breaker week, but instead broke fantasy hearts everywhere by dropping no less than THREE touchdowns in that game against the Chiefs. Go look up the montage of them, it’s pretty comical. Fuller finished with 9.6, which turned out to be more than two of Stephen’s other receivers: Jarvis Landry and Michael Gallup. It turned out to be a rough week for Stephen. The Browns kept the ball on the ground via Nick Chubb, who had another amazing week for me, while Landry resumed his single digit ways and had his worst game of the year. The Cowboys were all kinds of rough against the Jets, and Gallup’s lack of success shocked me. Amari Cooper left this game early on, so I guess the Jets were focusing on Gallup, but four catches? The Cowboys need to involve this guy more. Lindsay was the only other player to get near his projection, as Teddy continues to handicap this team at QB and Kelce sorely underwhelmed. On my side everything just went well again. It’s weird. Consistently putting up 150+ is not something I’ve ever done, and I keep waiting for a stinker week to bring me back to reality. It hasn’t happened yet! Lamar Jackson pulled down RB1 numbers along with his passing stats, so that’s awesome to have. Chubb had another great week of heavy usage, and I gotta say, I’m not even remotely worried about Kareem Hunt’s eventual return. Chubb will get his, especially near the goal line. Dalvin Cook had his worst week so far against that stout Eagles front, and he still got 13.4. In an epic debut in the PAM lineup, Terry F1 McLaurin caught two long scores and hung up 27 in a FLEX slot for me. He looks like a great early waiver addition that could pay off in the long run. I could go on, but suffice to say the team was rock solid, and this matchup got out of hand by the time Golladay was done. Stephen’s team will be much improved with Tyreek back, and there’s already been a major development after the last two weeks: Stephen’s team isn’t last! That honor goes to Connor, whose season has taken a major turn for the worse.
Alex’s MVP: Terry McLaurin (27.1) - Outperforming the projection by more than any other player on my team, Terry McLaurin was a beautiful last minute FLEX sub by me over Malcolm Brown. He burned the Dolphins pitiful secondary twice for two breakaway touchdowns, and why the hell didn’t they go to him more often than 7 times? Oh, that’s right. That dumbass interim coach in Washington was so determined to run the ball up the middle to set the tone or something that he almost lost the football game by only scoring 17 points. Surely he’ll correct this when Terry has mismatches this bad in the future.
Alex’s LVP: Dalvin Cook (13.4) - No choice but to put Dalvin here when he underperformed his projection by the most, but let me use this as a chance to talk about how stupid ESPN’s projections are. The Eagles were the #1 defense against the run coming into this week and looked every bit the part in Week 6. So why was Dalvin projected the highest he has been the entire season at 22.4? They’ve been projecting him at ~15 against cupcake opponents, and now they take him way up this week?? The projections are absurdly recent historical performance biased, and not appropriately factoring in the matchup at hand.
Stephen’s MVP: Tyreek Hill (25.2) - In a huge development for Stephen’s team, Tyreek “Domestic Abuse” Hill made a glorious return to action for the Chiefs. It was odd how he clearly provided a much sought, reliable #1 target for Mahomes, yet the Chiefs still failed to win the football game. The connection between Mahomes and Hill is obviously still lethal though, and Stephen needs this production very badly. With him getting his RB options back from BYE after this week, I would watch out for this team to be a spoiler down the stretch.
Stephen’s LVP: Jarvis Landry (6.9) - Heyyyyy, he’s back home! Getting back to his disappointing ways of the early season, Landry saw his lowest target total of the season in Week 6. Five targets in this offense aint gonna cut it. Just when expectations were on the rise for Bless ‘Em, he turns in a stinker and burns you for trusting him.

Jess C. (4-2) vs. Randy (2-4): The first of the 3-2 vs. 2-3 matchups, here we had two of the top 5 scoring teams in the league facing off, and the matchup lived up to the hype. Once again, Randy tallies a respectable point total that would have won him a lot of matchups here. Zeke Elliott had his best week of the season with 27.3, and has slowly but surely worked his way up the RB point leader standings to #7. Carson Wentz had another nice week against a tough Vikings matchup and is a top 10 guy at this point. Austin Hooper balled out again, and is the #1 TE in fantasy now! Sadly, with all these positives on this team, the lack of management is knee-capping the potential here. Randy makes the worst lineup mistake we have seen this season in Week 6 in starting Cairo Santos again… That’s right, Randy started a Kicker this week that wasn’t rostered by an NFL team this week. Another fairly heinous error here is his incredibly stubborn starting of Delanie Walker over the talent on his bench. He has Hooper for a TE! It’s been time for Walker to hit the bench for weeks now, especially with the likes of Courtland Sutton (WR #13), Calvin Ridley (WR #20), Curtis Samuel (WR #27), and even DK Metcalf on the bench. We may have already lost Randy despite having a really solid team that hasn’t experienced a single injury. (Seriously, Albert Wilson is the only player on this team that has been injured AT ALL. Crazy. Also crazy that guy is rostered.) His FLEX RB studs were shocking duds this week, though. If Henry and Jones ball out like they can, this team can defy poor management and win any matchup, but that wasn’t the case at all this week. Those two combined for 12.5, and that wasn’t getting it done against Jess. Cardwell has a hell of a team on her hands here. Christian McCaffrey had a mediocre game by his lofty RB #1 standards, but that didn’t matter. David Johnson picked the slack right up with 28.4 and is clocking in at RB #6 on the year. In a week where Hilton and Tyrell Williams were on BYE and Christian Kirk was injured, leaving her with a single active WR (I can’t count Tre’Quan Smith), the Christians managed to post 143.9 points! This was partly due to a clutch streamer at defense in the Broncos (against the Titans ugh) that grabbed her 23.1 points and a big day from the Kicker, but still. The only player to actually underperform in this lineup was Chris Thompson, who had to exit because of a turf toe injury. Aaron Rodgers had decent redemption game to get back into the top 12 QBs, and did it without Devante Adams. And let’s be clear, he’s sorely missing Adams on this team. The Packers receivers suck. So because Derrick Henry and Aaron Jones shat the bed as well as Randy never looking at his team, Jess rolls to 4-2 here and stands at second place in the league with a considerable advantage in the points standings!
Jess’s MVP: David Johnson (28.3) - I’m scared of this team when it gets the double RB1 punch of CMC and DJ going. The two combined for 50 this week, and most of it was DJ. Much like CMC, he’s getting amazing passing game usage, but DJ’s is even more down-field. He made an amazing TD grab in Week 6 where the ball was behind him, and honestly not many receivers make that catch turned around like that. With Hilton and Kirk soon to rejoin this squad, Jess is looking to make playoff moves through the second half.
Jess’s LVP: Chris Thompson (4.1) - It was a disappointing output for Thompson before he exited the game for what turned out to be a turf toe injury in what is likely to be his only call to action for Jess this season. Against the Dolphins, fantasy owners were definitely hoping he could do a little more, but AP got the heavy workload in this one.
Randy’s MVP: Austin Hooper (26.9) - Even as a FLEX play (although he should really be in the TE slot!), Hooper blew the doors off this weekend in that super favorable matchup of the Cardinals. That Cardinals team cannot defend a TE to a degree that is unfathomable. They have allowed over 20 points to a TE in 5 of 6 weeks this season. Hooper is doing this every week though, and has become a huge asset to this Hotel Luxury team.
Randy’s LVP: Derrick Henry (4.4) - Well it’s official. Randy’s 3rd round reach pick on Henry is hurting his team. I loved Henry for fantasy purposes after Week 1, because the Titans offense looked competent that week! Alas, the abysmal offense that calls Nashville home has caught up with him. His highest total in the last four weeks is 13.8, and the 4.4 this week was a dagger to Randy’s chances. After that epic 13.5 point receiving touchdown in Week 1, Henry has totaled just 8.7 receiving fantasy points over the last five weeks combined…

Tootie (3-3) vs. Jessica H. (3-3): So here’s the one I had pegged as our matchup of the week between two fairly high scoring teams fighting for ground in the Ashley division. Unfortunately, it wasn’t very close and Jessica ended up needing a MNF miracle from Kerryon Johnson, which he certainly did not deliver. This was a big get right week for Tootie, but another frustratingly low-scoring result for a Hospital team that has the talent to win every week. Tootie is the 3rd highest scoring team in the league, so some justice for this team was due. Also, getting a win this week might end up being crucial for the Tacklers for a huge reason that I’ll get into later. I can’t talk about the Tacklers without first bringing up the Pats D. The “Pats D is an RB1 this year” posts have been slathered all over the fantasy subreddit for weeks now, and I’ve been slow to accept that it’s real, but holy shit. It’s real. Yet another week is in the books where this D/ST almost singlehandedly won all of their fantasy owners their matchup. The Pats D/ST is the NINTH highest scoring fantasy player on the season including QBs! Not including QBs, they are FOURTH! It’s absolute insanity to see a defense tear up fantasy football like this, and especially one that was hardly touted by anyone in the preseason. Moving on, Matt Ryan continues to burn up the indoor games while desperately attempting to come back in games his teams is losing badly. That success extended to Julio this week, who bounced back from a couple rough ones. Jared Cook actually had a decent game, and has now grabbed TDs in two straight games. Beyond there, the points were sparse for the Tacklers. Mixon (RB #31 at this point) and Cooks both stunk and are looking very questionable for their draft capital. The last player I want to mention is the key one. Alvin Kamara had a weak day, but more importantly has reportedly suffered both high ankle and knee injuries of some sort. The rumor mill has him expected to miss some time with the team going out and signing some RB depth today, along with Kamara being absent from practice. That is not good for the Tacklers, who are hurting at RB behind him. James White and the bench WRs will need to step up if this team is going to make moves towards a playoff position. On Jessica’s side, ugh this was rough. She had the points on the bench to win this matchup running away, but made some highly questionable RB starts. First off, Chris Godwin is amazing. He looks like a legit top 5 WR moving forward and sits very comfortably at #1 at the moment. Kyler Murray is also looking good while taking advantage of some softball matchups. And that’s where the good news ends. I’ve already told her multiple times, so I’ll just put it in writing: I NEVER would have started Sony Michel or Jordan Howard this week. Michel is a shitty running back this season who can’t even take advantage of a massive workload in blowout games, and Howard had a brutal matchup while also sucking at running back. That being said, Michel was fine in Week 6, and he’s actually doing better than Joe Mixon. He got 24 touches, a couple of which were actually catches! Still, Stefon Diggs against the Eagles absymal secondary was a clear start. Diggs absolutely went off as the highest scorer of the week by 13 points for 44.7 on Jessica’s bench. Robby Anderson also looked great with Sam Darnold back under center and was a top 5 WR with 24.7 this week. Yet another blow to this team was the loss of TE Will “Big Montana” Dissly, who galloped off into the sunset upon tearing his Achilles tendon and being announced out for the season. All just super painful stuff. After a brilliant start to the season, Jessica H. has dropped down to .500 football. But hey, this team can get things right back on track with the depth and talent it has. Both of these teams are in the heart of the fight, and I would be shocked if at least one of them didn’t make the playoffs.
Tootie’s MVP: Patriots D/ST (30.5) - Another multi-touchdown game has this unit on pace to be the best D/ST in fantasy football history by far. This level of production just can’t be sustainable, can it?? Looking ahead on the schedule, things should get a little interesting in weeks like Baltimore, Philly, Dallas, Houston, and KC. But hey, the next two weeks are the Jets and Browns, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see them keep it rolling for now!
Tootie’s LVP: Joe Mixon (6) - Somehow Joe Mixon has done enough each of the last several weeks to avoid a ton of scorn from me. There’s been at least one other bigger dud on the roster to distract from his continually underwhelming output this season. That luck ran out this week. Goddamn, what the fuck is this Bengals offense?! The hell is this Zac Taylor guy doing?! You have no AJ Green and no John Ross, why aren’t you leaning on your clear best player in Joe Mixon? The RB snaps for the Bengals (in a game they were in, mind you!) were almost exactly 50/50 between him and Bernard. I love Gio, but that’s just plain dumb. This offense should be heavily featuring Mixon, and yet he received 10 touches. He saved an extreme bust with 2 catches for 29, because without those he would’ve clocked in at 1 point in this game.
Jessica’s MVP: Chris Godwin (26.3) - Godwin was sluggish to get much of any work in the Bucs London game, but once the Panthers opened up a sizable lead, Jameis started chunking it every play in garbage time, and Godwin feasted. When 10 catches for 151 yards is the worst game a WR1 has had in three weeks, you know you have something special.
Jessica’s LVP: Jordan Howard (4.9) - Easy choice, as this start singlehandedly lost Jessica the Week 6 matchup. As a huge Miles Sanders believer I’m obviously biased here, but I think Connor wasn’t off-base in dropping Howard earlier this season. His Week 4 performance against Green Bay saw him play out of his mind in the MNF spotlight, and that was a nasty trick. He doomed fantasy owners everywhere to chase points with him that he simply isn’t going to deliver against good defenses like the Vikings. And guess what, his upcoming schedule is Dallas, Buffalo, Chicago, BYE, and New England. Yikes. He’s maybe barely worth a stash for late in the season.

Tee (3-3) vs. Travis (3-3): Our third 3-2 vs. 2-3 matchup this Week 6 was a massive resurgence week for the Queefs and the exact opposite for the Farts! This would have been an epic beatdown in the other direction last week, but that’s how fantasy goes. After being near the absolute pits in the standings through five weeks, and actually being dead last in points, Tee’s team exploded to win by 46 this week and catapult up the point standings to 9th! Crazy how one week can still make a huge difference at this stage. The story of the Queef team closely resembles the story of James Conner this season. Conner had a fantastic week as the focal point of the Steelers offense with 31 points before he actually exited the game in the 3rd quarter with a quad injury. He barely played in the second half and was the RB #1 of Week 6. Wow. Also, DeAndre Hopkins miraculously came close to his projection for the first week in many, so Tee was finally awarded some much needed points from the guys who were supposed to be his studs all year. Mike Evans got back on track after the goose-egg and put up 20+, despite dropping a gimme TD bomb in the early second half, and Fournette was solid for another week. I thought Tee made a huge mistake leaving Golden Tate on the bench as I watched him run for a long, crazy TD in the Giants Thursday Night game, but Kenyan Drake turned out to be a nice little lineup patch. This roster has issues at QB and TE, but otherwise is fairly stout. On Travis’s side, it wasn’t at all pretty like it was in Week 5. With Josh Jacobs out on BYE in his RB slot, Travis turned to… Ito Smith? Maybe I’m missing something on Ito, but I have to question that start over AP, who was clearly going to get work. Smith achieved a 2.4 in the RB slot on three touches, which wasn’t even his lowest touch count of the season. That start hamstrung the team from the get-go, and benching Russell Wilson for Dak didn’t go well either. Wilson is now the QB #1 in our scoring, and it’s not getting any easier to keep him out of the lineup. Prescott was missing Amari Cooper for most of that game, but he just hasn’t been looking elite for the last 3 weeks like he did earlier. Michael Thomas was his badass self and Larry Fitz continues to be a good start, but it was nothing but duds from there. Expectations couldn’t have been too high for Dede Westbrook, but Zach Ertz only getting 7.6 when the Eagles were throwing like they were? Tyler Boyd with a 4.1 in a game where the Bengals were also down and throwing a ton? Those hurt. The good news is that the insane point total from last week still has Travis with a slight edge in the point standings on a few of the other 3-3 teams, Tee and Jessica H.
Tee’s MVP: James Conner (31) - Easy pick here, even though Tee didn’t even really need him after Travis was done early Sunday. Conner was electric against what appears to be a struggling Chargers D. That unit couldn’t stop a Steelers attack with a clueless 3rd string QB at the helm. I’m not sure if this is more of a reflection of great scheming by the Steelers, great play by Conner, or bad defensive play to be honest, but there’s no denying Conner looked great. Tee has to love that receiving work he got. Hopefully he is healthy moving forward, because Tee needs his best player from last season to contribute like this. The BYE couldn’t have come at a better time.
Tee’s LVP: TJ Hockenson (6.2) - Hockenson has developed a truly nasty habit of dropping touchdowns in his rookie season with the Lions. He did it again on Monday Night, and this was maybe the worst one yet. It’s frustrating to see a guy who could be extremely valuable at a TE position that is kiddie-pool shallow constantly underperform like this. Over half of his fantasy points on the season came in Week 1 against the Cardinals.
Travis’s MVP: Michael Thomas (17.1) - Not a lot to choose from here on Travis’s team this week, so I’ll just go with Thomas, who is clearly the most valuable player on this team. The WR #2 on the season through 6 weeks has withstood the era of Bridgewater better than I could’ve imagined. Another 8 catches for 89 yards isn’t an amazing week by his standards, but it was the best day anyone on this Farts team had.
Travis’s LVP: Tyler Boyd (4.1) - I’m not going to pick on poor Ito any more. He didn’t even have a chance, because ya know, he’s a backup. No, Tyler Boyd deserves this. He was out there an entire football game that the Bengals were losing as the WR1 for the team and managed to get 3 catches for 10 yards. I haven’t had nearly the patience to go back and watch the Bengals possessions in this game, but I’m honestly curious how Boyd didn’t stumble into more yardage than this. It was a severely disappointing week for a guy who was a top 12 WR before this week and projected for over 16 points.

Amanda (4-2) vs. Doyle (2-4): This low-scoring affair was emblematic of the Week 6 action. Doyle was looking to prove that his renamed, WR-heavy team is legit against a patchwork Romosexual squad, and he didn’t even come close. And let’s be clear, this was a real down-week for Amanda’s team. With Sterling Shepard and Evan Engram both out with injuries, plus Beasley on BYE, Amanda’s starting lineup included the likes of Diontae Johnson and Geoff Swaim. Those two combined for a pitiful 4.9 in the heart of the lineup, but thankfully the rest of the team was very respectable. Devonta Freeman had his best game of the year, and Alshon Jeffery turned in a vintage performance with 10 catches! Mahomes and Bell weren’t quite themselves due to an injury in Mahomes’ case and being on the Jets in Bell’s, but they were fine. That’s more than can be said for Doyle’s team. Doyle Rams stack was absolutely brutal with Goff having one of the worst QB games of the season in a lineup this year. After throwing for over 900 yards in the prior two weeks, Goff totaled 78 yards against the 9ers. Subtracting points for sacks and a fumble brought his total for the day to 0.1 Ewww. Kupp suffered along with the whole offense. Doyle’s Chiefs didn’t fare much better, both finishing with single digits. My previous issue with Damien Williams was that he had been horribly inefficient with the large volume of work he was receiving. Well, he fixed that issue by getting 4.5 points per touch this weekend! That’s right, D-Willy’s 9 points for the day came on TWO touches… Andy Reid isn’t committing to any one of these backs, and starting them in the future promises to be challenging. The bright spots were Thielen and Kittle, who each had solid days scoring in the high teens. So in a week where Amanda’s team was vulnerable, Doyle comes up short with a very low-scoring week and falls to 2-4. Amanda on the other hand, makes it through a tough week for her roster, and should have better, healthier weeks ahead.
Amanda’s MVP: Devonta Freeman (26.9) - Devonta is making his new home here in Amanda’s MVP spot. He keeps getting better as the season goes along. The schedule has been favorable, but his usage in the passing game even when the Falcons are behind is encouraging. He caught two touchdowns and reached another level here in Week 6.
Amanda’s LVP: Diontae Johnson (3.4) - This lineup patch was a dart throw to see if he could catch another long-ball TD, and it missed. Johnson has shown potential in his rookie breakout with Rudolph behind center, but having Hodges back there really hurt the Steelers receiving options this week.
Doyle’s MVP: George Kittle (19.5) - Kittle balled out for the 49ers this week and delivered more of what Doyle needs from the TE slot. He’s been a bit hamstrung by Kyle Shanahan’s propensity for running the ball and Jimmy G not being all he was cracked up to be, so it’s good to see him getting back to form even while battling through injury.
Doyles LVP: Jared Goff (0.1) - No mystery here. This was one of the worst performances in terms of efficiency that I have ever seen. He threw the ball 24 times and only got 78 yards… I didn’t think a QB could possibly score so low while playing an entire game and not throwing a single interception, but Goff did it.

Clint (4-2) vs. Connor (1-5): Ahhhh here we are. Can you smell it? This one reeks! What a stinky stinker matchup we had this week between Clint and Connor. We had a true battle of teams trying their hardest to lose, and Connor’s team proved to be awesome at losing. The two lowest scoring teams of the week played each other here, and the fact that one of the these teams receives a win is a damn shame, lol. Connor didn’t quite achieve Shat The Bed point levels here, but not far off. Edelman and OBJ (of all people?!) did not suck on Connor’s team. Everyone else did. Minshew was a terrible QB stream this week, Ekeler lost a ton of snaps to Gordon, Gerald Everett busted along with the rest of the Rams, Josh Gordon was injured immediately in the Pats game, and Preston Williams… Well Preston Williams got 6.5, which is better than I would’ve guessed he would do, so that’s almost a positive until you look at the bench. I know Connor was aware of the mistake as soon Jamaal Williams started seeing work in the Packers game over Aaron Jones, but it only got uglier as that game went on. Jamaal had an outstanding week of 25 on Connor’s bench and would’ve handily won him the matchup if he had been started over Preston. So yeah, not a lot of positives on Connor’s side. He’ll be eager to get Marlon Mack back from BYE to try and scrap a lineup together for Week 7. The victor’s side here was Chris Carson and a whole bunch of bleh. Carson had a third straight 20+ carry week, and this time he found the end zone. He beat his season best with a 27 in Week 6, and that was pretty much it for scoring on Clint’s team. Brett Maher was the 2nd highest scorer with a 13.1, and then Stafford with his 10.8. The Titans D in a game where the offense was shut out was the 4th highest scorer on Clint’s team with an 8.8 haha. Amari Cooper was obviously injured to explain his low score, but what the fuck, Keenan Allen?? Allen was all the way up at WR#1 after three weeks, and has now posted three straight single-digit totals… Something isn’t right with the Chargers offense. It’s almost like the addition of Melvin Gordon, who only put up 7.9 despite being on the field a ton, has this whole offense out of sync. More likely it is the injuries they have had on the O-line, but whatever the case, Clint needs that offense to fix itself quickly. He will need to rely on Allen and Gordon for a large chunk of his points, especially if Cooper misses time and Chark returns to earth. The lineup did enough to beat Connor in this pitiful matchup, so Clint finds himself at 4-2 while also owning the second lowest point total in the league.
Clint’s MVP: Chris Carson (27) - Carson is turning in a dominant stretch of the season here as Clint’s primary horse on the ground. The duo of Cooper and Allen is typically doing most of the work for this team, but Carson has become a steady lock at RB with the usage he is seeing, and he won this week for Clint by himself.
Clint’s LVP: Keenan Allen (5.4) - The low point totals for the likes of Jimmy Graham and the injured Cooper are much more forgivable than this turd Keenan Allen laid out there on Sunday night. It seemed like Rivers was under pressure every single drop back of this game, so maybe that has something to do with why he wasn’t looking for Allen more. It doesn’t make any sense to me. Two catches on six target for this guy seemed out of the realm of possibility after Week 3.
Connor’s MVP: Julian Edelman (21.6) - Edelman saw a prolific target share in Week 6 to the tune of 15 targets. He turned those into 9 catches for 113 yards and now has back-to-back 20+ point games. WR#11 at this point of the season, Edelman is looking more like the reliable WR1 option that Connor thought OBJ would be.
Connor’s LVP: Gardner Minshew II (4.1) - Minshew had his first definitively bad game of his career against the Saints at home in Week 6. He didn’t throw any touchdowns, he threw a pick, and didn’t tally any meaningful rushing stats. It was an all-around dud of a week for the man with the mustache.

Week 7 Preview

Onto Week 7! I have to highlight my matchup with Jess as our matchup of the week since we have a showdown between the top two teams on our hands. Unfortunately the Panthers are on BYE, so no CMC this week, but I am also down Chubb with the Browns on BYE. Should be a good one. Out of obligation to last year’s results I will mention the championship rematch we have between Stephen and Doyle, and boy has this pairing lost some luster. With three wins between the two teams, getting a W in this roommate battle could mean a path to redemption for Doyle or spoiler season begins for Stephen. Amanda (4-2) takes on Tee (3-3) for positioning in the Mary-Kate in an interesting one after Tee’s surge in scoring last week. If Amanda can get her Giants back this week it would be a lot for her chances, since Tee has a couple of studs out on BYE. Travis takes on Jessica H. in a fight between 3-3 teams looking to get back on the winning side of things. Both of these teams have had some boom or bust scoring, so let’s see which teams show up this weekend. Jessica might get Saquon back this week, so watch out! Clint takes on Randy to try and prove his team is legit, and this will probably come down to whether Randy bothers to set his lineup, even with me reminding him every single week. Finally, Tootie has Connor. Looking at season averages, this matchup should be a blowout, but Connor has stayed on his waiver game and has patched his lineup with some active bodies to give him a chance here. If Kamara misses the game and the Jets can improve drastically against the Pats with Darnold playing, look out.
Our second week of four team BYE is upon us, and we have some heavy hitters out here. This week on BYE: Carolina, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, and Tampa Bay.
Good luck in Week 7 everyone!
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