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Mass Effect 2 Cheats, Codes, and Secrets for Xbox 360

Commander Shepard, surrounding whom, the game is said to revolve. There were config tweaks to get some Xbox 360 controller support, but with missing user interface elements, so it required players to switch to the mouse now and then. Mass Effect 2 is the middle game in the Mass Effect series, and the game follows on from the ending of the first game. Superstar v8 next challenge crack. I originally played ME1 through and through four times on the Xbox 360, and didn't have any energy left for a fifth playthrough on the PC for the sole purpose of getting a save-file for ME2.

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Pre-Owned Mass Effect (Xbox 360), Boxed. Mass Effect 2 - The Game Two years after Commander Shepard repelled invading Reapers bent on the destruction of organic life, a mysterious new enemy has emerged. Edit (Classic) Edit (Beta) Flag. Mass effect 2 patch xbox 360. Mass Effect Legendary Edition will include all of the single-player base content and DLC from Mass Effect, Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3, and will even include promo weapons, armour and packs.


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Installing BOTH discs of Mass Effect 2 to the Xbox 360 hard drive.

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[Stormlight_Archive] Do I have 2 copies of Dawnshard?

User mistborn wrote:

If this comes up for other people: a free copy of Dawnshard comes with each leatherbound you bought and each print copy of dawnshard you bought in the Kickstarter.
I make these DRM free because I believe in not punishing the fans who are supporting me in order to try to prevent piracy. I also believe that once you've paid for the book in print, ebooks should come along as well. Unlike audio (which takes a lot of extra work) making the ebook from a print book is quite easy, and only requires a little effort. Therefore, if you pay for the print, I think you should always get ebook too. (This is not something that the major publishers have figured out how to do for various reasons.)
If you have two copies of Dawnshard because of purchases, consider it completely fine by me if you want to give one of them away. Indeed, I believe you should be able to lend ebooks to people much as you can lend print books to people. So I leave it up to you how you want to interpret that. I wouldn't think it fair to charge each person in a household separately for an ebook, for example. One purchase should be enough to support the author. So if you live in the same household, or commonly share libraries with someone, go ahead and let them read this book too.
I'd of course prefer you not distribute the book widely. That said, unlike how ebooks work in many places, I would rather you consider the text of Dawnshard yours for eternity. You supported the creation of the book--and if in 50 years you've lost your copy for some reason and want to read it again, my goal is that you'd be able to email me or my estate and just get a new copy sent to you. (Or, though I don't like piracy for artist rights reasons, I think this would be a case where you should feel no moral qualms at all putting on an eye patch and sailing the high seas.)

User Grayfox4 wrote:

I'd be interested in your take on audiobooks. They require a lot more work to make than making an ebook, disregarding the writing process of course. Will we see a time when purchasing an audiobook will get you the ebook?

User mistborn wrote:

I certainly wouldn't mind this, but the trick is that often ebook and audiobook are produced by separate companies. In many cases, though, they're under the same umbrella corporation. I'd like to see bundles that include all three formats for a reasonable price, but the publishing industry has had more trouble making this happen than other industries. (This is because DVDs and the like are shrink wrapped, while books commonly are not, so putting codes in them wouldn't work--unless the codes were sealed in some way, which I've encouraged the publishers to investigate.)
So we've got some work to do still in the industry to figure this all out.

User Shardstorm88 wrote:

I wish this was the case for video games as well. For example, I've purchased Mass Effect on Xbox 360, PC and PS3, along with the books. If I could have bought some $300-400 pack of ANY future Mass Effect media I'd have done it. Even if one title could come with game codes for each platform, a higher cost would be justified! The only instance of this I'm aware of is something like Humble Bundle offering codes for multiple platforms/launchers.
I have all the Cosmere books in print AND audio and adore reading along as it's read to me! It would be fantastic to bundle them.

Brandon commented:

I really think I'll be able to do this sometime in the future. For now, we have to do what we can in a limited way, like bundling the Kickstarter books with an ebook of Dawnshard.
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How To: Move your Mass Effect 2 Xbox 360 save over to PC (prep for ME3!)

Since some people asked how to do this, I'll whip together a quick tutorial. I have no idea how to add inline images, so I'm screwed there, hopefully my descriptions are good enough to help you through.
None of the tools used are my creation, I have nothing to do with ANY of them, I'm simply listing what you'll need, giving links, and trying to speed up the process!
Things we'll need:
Step 1: Plug in a usb drive to your 360 and format it to work with the xbox. On the Dashboard go to System, get to your hard drive, Under Games find Mass Effect 2, MOVE the character you want to transfer to your removeable drive. YOU CANNOT COPY ME2 SAVES it will only let you move them entirely. Your save will be fine after the process so you can eventually move it BACK to your xbox if you're so inclined. I TAKE NO RESPONSIBILITY IF ANYTHING HAPPENS TO YOUR SAVE. I've done this with 3 characters and have had no issues. Remove your USB (turn off your xbox to prevent red rings :D).
Step 2: Plug your USB drive into your pc, no Mac support at this time as far as I know. Open USBXTAFGUIv44, Under File click Open First USB Drive, if it's the only USB drive you have attached, or do it manually. Click the selection Data Partition and keep clicking each drop down until in the right pane it shows the file labeled as CHARACTERNAME#_CLASS_DATE, it will also have a content title "Mass Effect 2". Right click this file, and click Extract, choose a destination, and Save. Close USBXTAFGUI_v44, you're done with it!
Your save is now safely duplicated on your computer!! REMEMBER WHERE YOU PUT IT!
Step 3: Open Modio, Click OPEN SAVE, find where youput your save file and open it. A new window will open showing all the contents for that character(AutoSave, Chapter saves, and each individual save you've created). Rich click any of these files and go to EXTRACT ALL, Create a folder(i used my characters name and class to label it) and save. All indivual files are now in that folder in .xbsav format. HUZZAH!
Step 4: We're almost done, let's do this! Head to http://legion.cal24.pl/me2/index.php/site/index, create an account or login, at the top of the page click my saves(this is where the magic happens!)
Click the Choose File Button, find the folder where you stored all the individual save files. Pick one(easiest to go in order) and click the Upload button. On the left where it says My Saves your file should be showing With character name, and i think it's the character level. Click PC Export and it should auto download for you.
!!NOTE!! One sticking point; any output file is automatically labeled "SaveExport.pcsav" and loses it's original name, you want to rename them to whatever they were called prior to uploading(eg: AutoSave.pcsav, Save_0001.pcsav, etc.) so remember the name of the file you uploaded, find the recently output file and name it the samething(they are usually output to your web browsers default download folder, so check there if you can't find it.
I recommend either dropping these recently output/relabeled files, with .pcsav extension into a new folder or into the same folder as your xbox saves, whichever is easiest for you to keep track of. We'll be moving them shortly. Repeat the upload/convert/rename process for each file you want to bring to your pc(autosaves, forced saves, chapter saves, anything you want).
Step 5: COOL, all our xbox saves are now PC format saves, time to get 'em in the right place.
Browse to your ME2 pc folder, I'm pretty sure it defaults to: Local / User / NAME / My Documents / Bioware / Mass Effect 2 / Save.
Create a Folder there labeled as it was earlier in the "CHARACTERNAME_#_CLASS_DATE" format, and drop all your .pcsav files into it.
DONE, boot up ME2 on PC and play as your 360 character.
Note: If you completed DLC on the 360 version that you DO NOT HAVE on pc, your character will likely be unplayable, but I'm hoping will import into ME3 fine. You can also start a new character based off of an import of that one, have all the completion bonuses intact(currency/resources/etc.)
If you don't HAVE ME2 on pc, first off why the fuck not? Second, I don't know if you'll be able to manually browse via ME3 to find a save file, but one would hope so.
Hope this helped people get their characters moved over. Only a little over a month til ME3 comes out, hopefully I'll see some of you online!
If you have issues, you CAN message me, I do work full time but I'll try and respond to help anyone that needs it.
Also, this is my first real post, other than some shitty picture links and some comments here or there, I'M FUCKING READY TO GO DOWN IN FLAMES!
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