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I have never met a microtransaction-dependent game I liked. I don't want to bash; I want to know what makes a GOOD f2p/microtransaction model

An important edit: this is not a question about f2p. It's in the title and I can't change it, but can we not go there please? I want to talk about microtransactions.
I don't want to hate on microtransactions; I want to learn what actually works.
On one hand, I like TF2. I got it with the Orange Box and have intermittently played it ever since. Even as a free-to-play game, it's not half bad. The stock weapons are balanced, most other weapons can be easily acquired by trading, and few are game-changing upgrades. The higher-value items are mostly cosmetic, and if I hadn't already forked over $20 for the game, I probably wouldn't mind spending a couple dollars on a hat if I thought it looked cool. (I've still bought keys, paint, and such for trading, but none of these items actually affect my gameplay experience.)
On the other hand, the model I've seen with games like World of Tanks, Moon Breakers, Uberstrike, and Freefall Tournament is that you start with inferior equipment and earn tiny amounts of "monopoly money" while getting stomped by higher-level players. (World of Tanks is the only f2p game I know of that has a decent matchmaking system.) To get a better edge on the playing field, you either have to pay cash or grind for hours... while getting stomped. It's not fun.
My experience trying a microtransaction-dependent (or "f2p") typically goes like this:
  • Trailer says "look at all this cool stuff you can find*!"
  • Game says "Here is a splash screen, now here is a piece of shit. You can pay $5.99 to make it a less shitty piece of shit, or you can play with it until you get used to sticking your hands in poo."
  • I uninstall because "your experience will suck unless you pay us" is not a convincing marketing strategy.
Undoubtedly I am biased. I'm also an aspiring game developer, so the idea of people continuously generating revenue is enticing.
So, in your experience, what's an effective microtransaction model? What are the best items/upgrades/whatevers to offer? What are the best pricing schemes? What have you seen, and actually LIKED?
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Looking for help recovering a memory

So, i didn't know where to put this but, I remember play this game that was a free to play shooter that you have to pay some money to get guns but, you can rent them for 1~2 days. also, cosmetics were available.
I can't really say much about the game because I don't remember much about it but, it had multiple game modes, a pretty minimalistic art style. Sorry if this post doesn't make a lot of sense.
Edit: The game is pretty old, like 5~6 years.
Edit 2: The game was Uberstrike. It was found by JustToComment- thank you to everyone who helped. :D
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