FSB and IMF publish 2020 Progress Report on G20 Data Gaps

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A real reason to Abolish the Police

So it's no surprise I don't like the pigs. I'm an anarchist, Though I've personally never had a bad encounter with a cop, I've still grown to dislike the institution of policing for their enforcement of unjust laws and ineffective to combat actual crime. In this post I'll prove to you beyond a shadow of a doubt that the police are about as useless as male nipples. Let's get it crackin
So it's common knowledge that police exist to protect us from criminals right? Right? Well no actually not.
The Supreme Court itself has on several accusations determined that the police have no duty to protect you. The thing the cops exist to do they don't have to do. Don't feel too bad though. Even if the cops were meant to protect you, they do an awful job of it.
Wow can you believe it. The police force which supposedly exists to protect you isn't required to do that, and they'd do a poor job of protecting you even if they were.
But hey, at least the cops aren't thieves, right? Right? Wrong!
The American police through a system called Civil Assest Forfeiture steal from citizens. In the year of 2014 the cops took more than the criminals did.
So where does this leave us, this leaves us? I'll tell you this leaves us with an institution that has to obligation to protect us, with no ability to protect us and steals from us more than the supposed criminals. You maybe asking why do the police exist then. I'll tell you.
The police exist to pacify you for the establishment. They're defenders of the status quo, every major movement in US history has had to suffer abuse from the police. From the strikers at Haymarket, to the suffragettes to the Civil Rights protesters to the gays at Stonewall to the Occupy protesters, and finally to BLM. If you're apart of a movement that wants change for the better, you can best believe standing on the opposite side of you will be the police in riot gear.
So now you may be wondering why we need the police. And the answer is we don't.
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Has anyone seen the "Informing Worcester" AKA "OpenData" website the city maintains?

This site includes a growing amount of raw data about the city and city services, including the city budget, police incidents, weekly COVID antibody test statistics, gov't employee salaries, GIS map data, etc. HOWEVER, it's almost impossible to find if a city employee doesn't direct you there.
Long Version:
I'm working with some members of City Council and the City Manager's office to publish some of WPD's reports on citizen complaints and use of force on the City website for transparency purposes. All the data is technically public, but to see it you have to (1) read the WPD Policies and Procedures, (2) find out that these records are required to exist, and (3) submit a records request. (Lucky for y'all, I already did that and I want to share. Link here for copies of what I received.) One place that's been proposed for the data to be "published" is this Informing Worcester website.
The website itself appears to be about a year old. That's when the earliest uploads happened, anyway. Then nothing for a while, until 5 months ago they uploaded the budget. Then a few more things 4 months ago, and they've just recently added a bunch more from different departments within the past month or two.
What's interesting to me is that this isn't actually hosted on the City's website. It's technically on a separate platform called "OpenData," and the only link I've been able to find from the main City of Worcester website to this "Informing Worcester" site is from the Online Maps page.
Essentially, if you wanted to get info about the City, and you went to the City website, there's almost zero chance you would find what you're looking for, even though it's all being compiled into this ironically named system. The optimist inside my brain thinks that the City will do a proper roll-out for this site with press releases, social media, etc. once they've uploaded a critical mass of data, but the pessimist in me thinks we've already passed that point, and the City has no interest in actually "Informing [the residents of] Worcester."
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