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How you bypass activation there any valid codes for earth 2160 save cancel. Physical Review X PHYS REV X 2160-3308 94.444 Annual Review of Biophysics ANNU REV BIOPHYS 1936-122X Nature Chemical Biology NAT CHEM BIOL 1552-4450 97.492 EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF HEART FAILURE EUR J HEART FAIL 1388-9842 95.956 NATURE STRUCTURAL & MOLECULAR BIOLOGY NAT STRUCT MOL BIOL 1545-9993 11.875 3.309 96.381 Annual Review of Pharmacology and Toxicology ANNU REV PHARMACOL 0362-1642 99.076. Scarlet Dreams: Smuggling is on the agenda in the CBI's latest case. Serial key for Earth 2160 can be found and viewed here. The most unequal on earth and beset by high levels of poverty and unem- ployment, it is difficult to understand how statistics like these come to be published without being questioned.

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It includes the principal University library – the Bodleian Library – which has been a legal deposit library for 400 years; as well as 30 libraries across Oxford including major research libraries and faculty, department and institute libraries. Each new thing you learn is an achievement. Active from to, DEViANCE was one of the most prolific warez groups.


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It is a direct sequel to Earth The release of the game was staggered, originally published in Russia, Germany and Poland in June, it was then released in the rest of Europe in September with North America receiving the latest release of the game November. Comment From: Buford. Did you hear the news today? Changing your username will break existing story embeds, meaning older stories embedded on other Web sites will no. Download EARTH PROPER keygen by DEViANCE at our cracksguru database. Following a pattern set by the original Earth 2140 (1997) and its first sequel, Earth 2150 (2020), this third full title in the series is set ten years after the last, at a time when a small number of survivors from each of Earth's three main factions - the Eurasian Dynasty.


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As he grows older, he constantly has to struggle to keep his footing around a manipulative and bored Dark Lord, who fancies mind games and intellectual entertainment. Some original games do not work when a certain application has been installed, Mount the EARTH MINI [HOST] CD-Image in DAEMON Tools or Alcohol %. Their dissolution has been described as the end of an era, and the current affiliation of ex-DEViANCE members is a reoccurring argument between groups. Adobe master collection cs6 keygen generator sony. Serialkey preview: Serial: 4GDA CWNY XP5K 88ND / A Added: Downloaded: times Rating: 27 % Submitted by: anonymous.


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Only a few thousand humans managed to escape from the Earth before its collapse in 2150 A. It is designed to hitand destroy the target warhead outside the Earth's atmosphere. Back to YouTube uploaders. Earth 2140 HD-HI2U (1DVD) Earth 2160 Deviance (1DVD) Earth Defense Force Insect Armageddon - SKIDROW (1DVD) Earthworm Jim Pack GoG Classic-I_KnoW (1DVD) East India Company Collection-PROPHET (1DVD) Eastside Hockey Manager-SKIDROW (1DVD) Eaten Alive-HI2U (1DVD) Echo Prime Multi 9 Cracked-3DM (1DVD) Echo Prime-TiNYiSO (1DVD). Internet manager with original serial key discover this info here.

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Need for Speed: Underground. ISSN 1359-7345 Adams, Benjamin, Beresford, Kenneth J M, Whyte. Cheat codes During game-play press Enter to bring up the console window, then type in the console cheats_ and press Enter again to enable cheat mode. The largest dedicated product selection for simulation software and hardware. Phone: (321) 394-2160 Ocean Engineering and Marine Sciences SST analysis, mesoscale predictability, coastal meteorology, thunderstorm gamma rays, gigantic jets, transient luminous events (TLEs), Florida Wind Energy Wind-Wave/Atmospheric Modeling.


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Subreddit for the HBO Comedy Series The Righteous Gemstones, created by Danny McBride. The show follows a world-famous televangelist family with a long tradition of deviance, greed and charitable work. Renewed for Season 2!

Booking the Shield's Debut in 2020 in Any Promotion (Chapter Five: Lima)


All Elite Wrestling, Revolution. Following the formation of the modern Horsemen, consisting of Cody, FTR and Shawn Spears, they are increasing their grasp over the AEW brand. Adam Page defends his AEW World Championship against MJF in the main event of the show.

All Elite Wrestling: Revolution – 26th February 2022 – MJF vs Adam Page © for the AEW World Championship
MJF gets Page in position, he’s going for the Double Cross, Page slips out of it, however, he pushes Page towards the ropes, Cracker Barrel! Page lunges out onto the apron, waiting MJF to get to his feet, Page goes for the Buckshot Lariat, he outstretches his arm but MJF CATCHES IT, HE CONNECTS THE SALT OF THE EARTH ARMBAR! After minutes of sprawling for the ropes, Page powers to his feet, an amazing demonstration of strength, he slams MJF down, sit out powerbomb!
Page goes high-risk, he travels to the top rope, attempting the Moonsault, but MJF is able to roll away just at the right time! MJF goes for the South Hamptons Plunge, Page fights out of it, he goes for a Big Boot but MJF ducks, he connects with the referee instead! Frozen in the moment, Page stands, shocked, as MJF goes into the corner of the ring, where Wardlow hands him brass knuckles!
MJF goes to strike Page with them, but he dodges each and every strike, he ends up lifting MJF, RITE OF PASSAGE! 1…2… WARDLOW DRAGS PAGE OUT OF THE RING! Page and Wardlow stare down, he has just cost Page the match! However, in support of Adam, The Young Bucks come sprinting down the ramp, they launch an assault on Wardlow, as Page slides back in the ring, MJF goes for a roll up pin on Page, 1…2… Page kicks out, Page plants MJF with a Rite of Passage! He goes out onto the apron, Wardlow distracted with the Bucks, Page launches himself, BUCKSHOT LARIAT! 1…2…3!
Adam Page © def. MJF (19 minutes)
Page celebrates in the ring, a monumental victory tonight as he knocks off an important foe in the form of MJF. The Bucks congratulate Page, their friendship somehow still intact after all they’ve been through. However, Page’s celebrations are halted by Cody, FTR and Spears, who stand atop the stage, Cody slowly clapping his hands.
As Cody slowly struts down the ramp, FTR and Spears pick up the pace, surrounding the Bucks and Page, and on Cody’s command, the modern Horsemen launch an assault, the Bucks and Page stand no chance as FTR, Spears, and eventually Cody, pick them apart. The American Nightmare commands FTR to hold Page on his knees, as Cody is about to strike him with the AEW World Championship…

THEY’RE BACK! At the end of Revolution, it is AEW brand carnage! it’s just Reigns and Rollins who originally show up, they walk to the middle of the ramp before stopping themselves and looking to the top of the ramp, where DEAN AMBROSE MAKES HIS LONG AWAITED AEW RETURN! THE SHIELD ARE FINALLY RE-UNITED!
The Horsemen are shocked! Rollins, Reigns and Ambrose slide into the ring and fight Cody, FTR and Spears, desposing of everyone, it’s absolute chaos right now, with The Bucks, Page, MJF, Wardlow, Cody, Spears and FTR all scattered across in the ring and ringside, The Shield the only ones standing tall!
Before they leave, Reigns approaches Page’s AEW World Championship and begins to pick it up, before Rollins grabs him and tells him that they’re leaving. Reigns eyes up the championship as he begins to walk out, the Shield have returned to AEW here at Revolution! The AEW Locker Room is entirely split now, faction warfare at its finest!

Booking the Shield's Debut in 2020 in Any Promotion (Chapter Five: Lima)

All Elite Wrestling: Dynamite – 2nd March 2022
The Shield returns to Dynamite for the first time since last May, the crowd in delight of their return from last Saturday at Revolution, where they attacked the Horsemen, who continued to build their grasp over the AEW brand. In the ring, The Shield cut a promo, explaining why they returned. “The Shield come in, and they clean up shop. To us, this new Horsemen faction, they are the physical embodiment of injustice.”
Speaking of, they are interrupted by Cody, who stands atop the ramp and commends The Shield for returning and making their mark as always, but he warns them that they’re now in hostile territory, and there is no escape. Right at that moment, FTR and Shawn Spears surround the Shield, who engage in a brawl with them.
The Elite also get involved, Page and The Bucks coming down to the ring and staking their claim on both factions, as it is an absolute AEW Civil War, with The Horsemen on one side, the Elite on the other, and the Shield lurking in the middle, following their own code of conduct.

All Elite Wrestling: Dynamite – 9th March 2022
Cody has an altercation with Kenny Omega, with Cody blaming the return of the Shield on Omega due to their previous ties before, with Omega denying such claims, and encouraging Cody to set up a six man tag next week, FTR and Spears vs the Shield, where if the Shield wins, they get reinstated onto the Dynamite roster. Cody is originally reluctant, but Omega is able to convince him, as a ‘friend to a friend’ persuading him in the sense that if the Horsemen, who are backed by Cody, win, then the Shield are banished from AEW forever. Cody does set up the match, as the Shield air a vignette threatening to brandish their own form of carnage.

All Elite Wrestling: Dynamite – 16th March 2022 – The Horsemen (Cash Wheeler, Dax Harwood and Shawn Spears) vs The Shield (Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose) Where if the Shield Wins, They Are Officially Reinstated Into AEW
It’s the long awaited return of the Shield, they do not disappoint on their return as it seems like they’re not even a foot miscoordinated, as they are brothers, no matter how long they spend away from each other, they will always be able to co-operate in the heat of the moment. Despite The Shield’s early dominance, the Horsemen trio are able to fight back into the match, using dirty tactics to their advantage, slowing the pace down.
FTR gain all of the momentum, they go for a Mind Breaker, however, Wheeler is thrown off the middle rope by Ambrose, as Reigns comes into the match and hits a Superman Punch on Harwood. Spears attempts to take down the Shield, but he is thrown outside of the ring, as Ambrose and Rollins then hit their stereo suicide dives, finally re-united. That is not the end of it, though, as Reigns then gloriously leaps over the top rope, he soars through the air and crashes into the huge crowd of people.
Back inside the ring, Harwood and Rollins get the tags on Ambrose and Spears, who brawl with each other, Ambrose connects his Rebound Lariat, he goes for the Headlock Driver, but Wheeler and Harwood overwhelm him, they connect a Mind Breaker, Rollins is able to break up the pin. Spears lifts Ambrose, without knowing that Reigns has tagged himself in unsuspectingly, Spears goes for the C4 but Reigns connects a Superman Punch!
Meanwhile, Ambrose and Reigns take out FTR outside with a brief duel, back inside the ring, Reigns goes for a Spear, but Spears drives him into the ring post! With the momentum in his favour, Spears goes for the Perfect 10, but he notices Ambrose and Rollins on the apron. He is swarmed. Surrounded. The Hounds of Justice have outnumbered him. Spears turns around into a Spear, he gets picked up by the rest of the Shield and planted down with authority, Triple Powerbomb connects. 123.
The Shield def. The Horsemen (25 minutes)
The Shield are BACK, and looking better than ever. Despite a near year splitting them apart mostly, The Hounds of Justice are still as synergised as ever, and it is visible and evident that Ambrose is pleased to be back with his brothers, back with AEW, a feel-good night for the Shield. In a post-match promo, Reigns calls out the likes of the AEW World Champ, Adam Page, and the rest of the Elite, and the Inner Circle.

All Elite Wrestling: Dynamite – 23rd March 2022
The Elite and the Shield have a backstage altercation, specifically Adam Page and Roman Reigns, who near brawl as it is split up by Kenny Omega, who is trying to play the role of Peacekeeper in the AEW Civil War. The Horsemen fuel the fire that is the Elite vs the Shield, playing mindgames with both teams, as a blockbuster match is arranged next week to conclude the month, it will be The Shield vs The Horsemen, now being represented by Cody and FTR, vs the Elite trio of Page and the Bucks with Kenny Omega on guest commentary.

All Elite Wrestling: Dynamite – 30th March 2022
Tonight, the AEW Civil War ends in an amazing tag team triple threat match, with the last minute stipulation being added, that being it will now be an Elimination Match to raise the stakes and bring the best out in all teams. Every team makes their entrance, a huge vibe in the air for tonight, it’s the Horsemen vs The Elite vs the Shield.
The Horsemen (Cody, Cash Wheeler and Dax Harwood) vs The Elite (Adam Page, Matt and Nick Jackson) vs The Shield (Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose) in an Elimination Match
Cody, Page and Reigns start in the ring for their respective teams. The first elimination in the match comes in the form of Dax Harwood of FTR, who is eliminated by a Buckshot Lariat by Page, as the Horsemen are down to 2 early. Without their FTR counterpart, Cash Wheeler struggles, and as a result, he is eliminated as well by Rollins and Ambrose who team up well, the Horsemen down to 1.
Cody urges the other teams to fight, and we do so, essentially getting the Elite vs The Shield, with Cody poaching any opportunities that arise, and it pays off, with Cody sliding into the ring on an unsuspecting Seth Rollins, hitting him with a Cross Rhodes for the 123. After the elimination, the Shield are insistent on eliminating Cody, but come to the understanding that both Cody and the Shield are outnumbered, so they must take out the bigger foe in the form of The Elite. And they do so, eliminating Nick Jackson, Ambrose connecting a Headlock Driver.
Right afterwards, however, Cody rolls up Ambrose for the 123, the deviance of the American Nightmare becoming a huge part of the bout. From there, there is no more teaming up, Reigns goes after Cody, eliminating him with a Spear. No more mind games. Reigns then faces down against the Elite duo of Matt Jackson and Adam Page.
Reigns disposes of Jackson by ducking a Buckshot Lariat, which takes out Matt, he then connects a Superman Punch on Page, rebounds off the ropes and connects a Spear on Matt. Reigns and Page have a superb final duel, with Page coming out on top with a Buckshot Lariat, the Elite winning this Elimination Match, Page the sole survivor.
The Elite def. The Shield vs The Horsemen (34 minutes)
After the match, Page shakes hands with Reigns as a sign of respect, the Big Dog put up a huge fight that just wasn’t good enough for the AEW World Championship, but there could be a shot inbound in the future. The Elite celebrate their victory, putting an effective end to the AEW Civil War here on Dynamite, sending the fans home happy.

All Elite Wrestling: Dynamite – 13th April 2022
Attempting to get back on track after not coming away from the triple threat tag team elimination action, tonight, The Shield face the trio of Best Friends and Orange Cassidy. Both teams make their entrances to open the show.
The Shield (Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose) vs Best Friends (Trent and Chuckie T) and Orange Cassidy
Here, we see The Shield somewhat off-beat, their tag team moves aren’t as synchronised, there is general miscommunication and a general tension in the air, after their loss to the Elite, relying on Roman Reigns to come through for them. Due to their struggles, it allows the Best Friends and Orange Cassidy to thrive, especially the latter, who mounts a slow assault on the Shield, overwhelming them.
Back inside the ring, The Best Friends hit a Strong Zero, Trent goes for the pin but Ambrose is able to break it up. Rollins then tags himself in, commanding Ambrose out, the two argue before Orange Cassidy connects a missile dropkick on both men, Reigns goes for a Superman Punch but Cassidy simply walks away from it, sunset flip pinfall attempt is kicked out of, Reigns hits a Spear, covers but the Best Friends break it up.
A match that the Shield should have won early, they struggle, as the match goes the full distance before The Shield put Chuckie T away with a Triple Powerbomb and get the 123, The Shield are able to just about pull away with the win here on Dynamite.
The Shield def. Best Friends and Orange Cassidy (14 minutes)
There is minimal communication between the Shield after the match, a sombre celebration, but ultimately, Reigns brings them all together as the air is cleared, they do their pose in the middle of the ring and the Shield have a healthy bond now, having gotten a tag team win tonight, although, it may have been a different story if they lost.

All Elite Wrestling: Dynamite – 20th April 2022
The Shield begin a program with the Inner Circle, which now consists of Chris Jericho, Sammy Guevara and Santana and Ortiz, Jake Hager pursuing sporadic AEW appearances and full time MMA fighting. In a segment, the Inner Circle claim that they are the most dominant faction in AEW history, simply on the merit that they have been there since AEW has been built, and there’s never been any disagreements between them, according to Chris Jericho.
The Shield takes these comments to heart, and throughout the show, we see the rivalry between the two teams escalating. They have an in-ring altercation, Seth Rollins has Guevara beat in singles action before Guevara hits Rollins with a chair, Jericho even tries to recruit Dean Ambrose into the Inner Circle, who seems to be leaning towards joining them before leading an assault on them.
The Inner Circle and the Shield brawl through the arena, going into the car park and spilling out everywhere. The Inner Circle may not be as coordinated or as good in ring as the Shield, but they know how to play mind games, and they do exactly that, as it is announced that next week, it will be the Shield vs the Inner Circle in trios action.

All Elite Wrestling: Dynamite – 28th April 2022
Tonight, The Shield are in trios action yet again, but there are many questions going into this match and a general buzz in the air, a big moment waiting to happen. They go up against the Inner Circle trio of Sammy Guevara, Santana and Ortiz, in what should be another great Shield match to add to their stacked tally.
Despite rocky tensions as of recent, everything has seemed to have cleared up between the Shield trio. The Inner Circle trio make their entrance first, they have been using mind games to their advantage against the Shield so far, so it could play influential tonight. The next out are The Shield, they all walk down the stairway in unison, regular procedures tonight.
As soon as they go ringside, Guevara, Santana and Ortiz all launch themselves towards the trio, the bell rings as its chaos to begin the match.
The Inner Circle (Sammy Guevara, Santana and Ortiz) vs The Shield (Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns)
A brawl ensues on the outside, everyone pouncing on each other, as the action then cuts to Reigns and Guevara in the ring, Guevara launches himself towards Reigns, who catches him, goes for a Samoan Drop but Guevara gets out of it, he goes for the roll-up but Reigns kicks out, Reigns goes for the Superman Punch but Guevara ducks under it, he lunges for Rollins and knocks him off the apron.
Guevara gets the tag on Ortiz and Santana, who outnumber Reigns with tandem offence, Ambrose tries to intervene but to no avail. Ortiz gets Reigns in the inverted powerbomb position, Santana travels to the top rope, looking to put a bullet point on the match early, but Rollins throws Santana off the apron, Ortiz then drops Reigns and begins to crawl for the corner to tag in Sammy, but the outstretched hand of Ortiz is held on by Reigns, who lifts Ortiz, going for a Sit Out Powerbomb, but Ortiz sways the momentum towards the Inner Circle corner, where Sammy Guevara tags himself in. Reigns gets the tag on Ambrose, a pair of fresh legs, who comes in all riled up. He wildly swings for the agile Guevara, who is able to dodge every strike, he connects a Spanish Fly on Ambrose, Guevara goes to the top rope and connects a Shooting Star Press, Ambrose able to kick out at 2.5
Guevara and The Inner Circle collaborate effectively to take down and numb Ambrose, Rollins comes in with a springboard knee strike to the outside, the action spills back to the outside where Reigns leaps off the steel chairs and connects a Superman Punch on Santana. Back inside the ring, The Shield go for the Triple Powerbomb on Guevara, but Santana and Ortiz lunge in and break it all up. Ortiz throws Rollins into the air towards Santana, who goes for a sit out powerbomb but Rollins reverses it into a hurricanrana, Rollins goes for a Skywalker, but Guevara breaks it up, the Inner Circle begin to pounce on Rollins, and Dean Ambrose makes the save, protecting his brother Rollins.
Reigns is tagged in, he absolutely dominates over Santana while the Shield brawl with Ortiz and Guevara outside the ring. Reigns gets Santana in position for the Triple Powerbomb, but no one is there to assist him, as Reigns is then outnumbered by the Inner Circle who won the brawl on the outside of the ring. Reigns is able to fend off all three of the Inner Circle, he goes into the corner of the ring ‘OOOOOAAHHHH!’ but Seth tags himself in!
Seth goes to the top rope, he goes for the Phoenix Splash, but Santana dodges! Meanwhile, Ambrose is taken out of the equation, back inside the ring, Reigns watches from the apron as Santana and Ortiz take out Rollins with the Street Sweeper, they tag in Guevara who connects a 630 Senton on Rollins, Reigns makes no effort to break up the pin, 1…2…3!
The Inner Circle def. The Shield (20 minutes)
The Inner Circle have ran away with the match! Santana and Ortiz slide to the outside of the ring, joining Guevara with celebrations on the ramp, they are ecstatic with the result tonight, not only have they beat the Shield, they have beat the Shield CLEAN. Ambrose and Rollins were not on par tonight, Reigns wanted the Triple Powerbomb, they weren’t there, but when Reigns was about to put Santana away with a Spear, but Seth Rollins tagged himself in!

Seth sits in the middle of the ring, gutted. Reigns on the apron, disappointed. Ambrose coming to his senses, coming to the understanding they came up short tonight. They all regroup in the ring, Reigns claims that he had the Triple Powerbomb ready but they weren’t there, Ambrose takes offence to it and calls out Reigns, who also points out the Rollins tag incident, where it becomes a 2on1 atmosphere.
Dean Ambrose is smart about it, he defuses the argument between Rollins and Reigns, and everyone is on level terms, as they begin to walk up the ramp, Reigns following Ambrose and Rollins. As Ambrose and Rollins reach the top of the ramp, discussing amongst themselves, Reigns stops on the middle of the ramp, perplexed. He looks at the audience. He looks down at his Shield armband.
Ambrose and Rollins turn around, and catch the attention of Reigns, who glances at them emotionlessly. He walks up the ramp, joining them on the stage. As Reigns and Rollins stand atop the ramp, Dean Ambrose glances at them, with a look of menacing intent. Reigns turns around… REIGNS DRIVES AMBROSE INTO THE MINI TRON, SHATTERING IT INTO PIECES!
All Rollins can do is freeze! There are gasps of horror, shock, in the arena, as Rollins goes towards Reigns, who flings Rollins off the stage, Reigns grips his hair, he’s consumed my adrenaline, the Shield has just self imploded! A damaged Ambrose crawls towards Reigns, arms outreached, pleading, in denial! Reigns grabs Ambrose by the neck. “You mean NOTHING to me.” Reigns deadlifts Ambrose and POWERBOMBS HIM ONTO THE STAGE FLOORING!
Rollins limps towards Reigns, they both stare at each other, “What are you doing, Roman?” Reigns floors Rollins and begins laying into him, blood spilling out on the stage, Rollins completely knocked out as a cut opens up on his forehead, Reigns has BETRAYED THE SHIELD! He exits through the crowd, who throw cups, cans, garbage at him, all he leaves on the stage is the remnants of a betrayal, a knocked out Dean Ambrose and a bloodied Seth Rollins!

After two years of being together, The Shield has imploded. With no will to show up on Dynamite, and unable to physically, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose take time off, as an ego-fuelled Roman Reigns sets his target for a new prize… The AEW World Championship. The hottest thing in AEW right now, Reigns has teased a match with current champion Adam Page numerous times, and now may be the best time to do it.

All Elite Wrestling: Dynamite – 4th May 2022
Roman Reigns cuts a tense in-ring promo, justifying his brutal attack on Ambrose and Rollins. Reigns looks more menacing, furious fans in the background booing him into oblivion, Reigns doesn’t chuckle it off or even feel the need to justify his actions. He accounts his betrayal of the Shield to never getting the spotlight. Seth Rollins won the Junior Heavyweight Championship, Reigns became a wingman.
Ambrose left the Shield to go to CZW, comes back and gets treated by Rollins as a brother, they always looked out for each other and not Reigns. He couldn’t count on his bare fingers how many times Reigns has won the match for the Shield, and how he will always be the heart and soul of the group.
The first thing that Omega told the Shield when they joined AEW was ‘make a name for yourselves’ and Reigns just followed the advice. The industry is every man for itself, and now, Reigns feels that he can bring out his full power, unlock his full potential. The longer the promo goes, the more the fans boo him.
The Big Dog is now the Lone Wolf.

All Elite Wrestling: Dynamite – 11th May 2022
Reigns and Adam Page begin their program with each other, Page claiming that Reigns has always been the weak link of the Shield, and when Page beats Reigns, the latter will regret even ditching the Shield, because that’s the only thing that will ever give him purpose. Their AEW World Championship clash is arranged for next week, a highly anticipated world title match.

All Elite Wrestling: Dynamite – 18th May 2022
Tonight, Reigns gets his first opportunity ever at the AEW World Championship in the form of Hangman Adam Page. The two men make their entrances, Page is reserved, he has talked his talk, and now, he needs to prove his comments. Reigns, on the other hand, is soaked in confidence, revamped gear, revamped theme.
Roman Reigns vs Adam Page © for the AEW World Championship
Reigns and Page have a superb world title clash, holding back, but still putting on a well paced match with good psychology. Reigns looks like a monster in his first match since betraying the Shield, dominant at times, forcing Page to pull out all the stops if he wants to keep the AEW World Championship. Page makes a comeback, rallied by the crowd who are fully engaged in the match, as selling takes centre stage in a great storytelling bout.
The match builds to an epic crescendo, where both men gets knocked down at synchronised Buckshot Lariat/Superman Punches. The ref counts to ten, with both men still on the canvas, fatigued, as the bell rings, the match deemed a draw.
Roman Reigns and Adam Page © fight to a no contest (23 minutes)
Page slowly gets to his feet, coming to the realization that he still has the AEW World Championship, just not in the way he imagined, the two fighting to a no contest tonight on Dynamite, with a follow up match surely in the distance somewhere. Reigns also slowly recovers, Page exits the arena early, near infuriated, while Reigns is gutted.

All Elite Wrestling: Dynamite – 25th May 2022
The match is set in stone for Double or Nothing, in Las Vegas, Adam Page will defend his AEW World Championship against Roman Reigns, where there MUST be a winner. Both men are interviewed, Page claiming that Reigns is unable to get the better of Page in the two times they have shared a ring in 2022. Page knows how to beat Reigns, and he will exploit him in the main event.
Reigns claims that Page’s time at the top has come and gone, Reigns has been waiting on his crowning moment ever since he joined AEW, and with his full potential unlocked, the Lone Wolf will finally rise to the occasion, and Page won’t be able to hide behind a false finish this Saturday in the main event.
In Las Vegas, this feud will come to an end. Will Page close the book on his saga with Roman Reigns? Or will the latter increase his stock and achieve his so-called long awaited defining moment? At Double or Nothing, the world championship will be on the line, and there MUST be a winner.

All Elite Wrestling: Double or Nothing – 28th May 2020
After a great night of wrestling at one of AEW’s signature events, we reach our main event, the hottest topic in AEW right now, Roman Reigns, goes up against the current champion, Adam Page. There is a huge buzz around the match, we see a video package before both men make their entrances, this is not their first time in singles action, nothing to separate these two in the lead-up to this match.
Roman Reigns vs Adam Page © for the AEW World Championship
In the main event atmosphere, the two put their hatred aside for each other at the start of the match in trade for a more conservative, smart and methodical beginning to the match. When Page teases the Buckshot Lariat early, that’s when the match goes into full gear, both men beginning to bust out their signature spots and moves. Page hits a Moonsault to the outside, back inside the ring, he goes for the Rite of Passage, but Reigns gets out of it and he begins to build up momentum himself.
The stint of offence culminates in a sit out powerbomb for a near fall, Reigns goes for a Spear, he sprints towards Page, who catches Reigns in an impromptu Cracker Barrell. Page goes out onto the apron, he goes for a Buckshot Lariat on Reigns, WHO CATCHES PAGE WITH A SUPERMAN PUNCH! Reigns rebounds off the ropes, both men catch each other with double lariats and both men are down.
This is the situation that tied both of these men up last time… The ref counts all the way up to 9, both men get to their feet and begin an ambitious striking exchange, Page hits a Big Boot on Reigns, who falls back into the ropes and connects an Uppercut, Page bites the damage and goes for a forearm smash, Reigns ducks, he scoops Page up, SIT OUT WHEELBARROW BELLY TO BACK SUPLEX! Reigns goes for the cover but it’s not enough.
The match builds to an epic climax that has everyone on their feet, Page and Reigns have a classic WAR of attrition, both men hitting their key moves on each other, but it’ Roman Reigns who is able to outlast Page, Reigns unleashes a new finisher, a Sleeper Hold, to put Adam Page to sleep and be crowned NEW AEW World Champion!
Roman Reigns def. Adam Page © (23 minutes)
A horrifying shot of Reigns choking out Page has the audience gasping in shock, as Roman Reigns has pulled off a huge upset tonight, he has won the AEW World Championship! Reigns’ celebration is not joyous or feel-good, there is no confetti or tickertape, it’s just Reigns standing in the middle of the ring, digesting the fact that he has now won AEW’s top prize. He has finally got his moment.
As soon as he breaks away from the Shield. The sky is the limit for the Lone Wolf.
Reigns celebrates to a chorus of boos, Page is medically checked up on by his own friend, Kenny Omega, who looks at Reigns and feels guilty of the monster he raised in AEW. Roman Reigns goes up the ramp, a smug smirk. Tonight, he has got his business done. He has got the better of Adam Page. It was only a matter of time, but the shock result has happened.
Roman Reigns is your new AEW World Champion.
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