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The apotheotic beauty of Eren Yeager - the true hidden essence of his drive and anger, and where it leads. (Your mind will be blown.)

This is a follow-up and augmentation of this much shorter post, so reading it may add something to this. Anyway, if you have guessed, from the mere title, that this is going to be really "out there", you guessed right, so, get ready for that. This is by far the most complete essay I ever wrote about this manga, however it is quite long and involved, so, be ready for this too.
The ultimate tl;dr I can think of is this: Eren is beautiful like the sky tearing itself apart to show God. That's the kind of stuff we're going for here. This post is mainly intended for those who somehow resonate with Eren, or who would like to understand him more, though it's totally okay if you don't. If you do, however, you might find something cool in there, and I highly encourage you to stick through it, even if it seems weird. If you see something too weird or difficult, and still do not "get it" by the end of this, just ask for clarification.
As an aside, I do not do drugs, but I have heard good things about reading certain things while high, so, if that's your thing, I hugely recommend you set yourself up for your first read. Here goes:
Apotheosis is basically ascent to godhood, but you must understand how it's supposed to work. A mortal doesn't outright become a god, but rather identifies so much with that god's activity, that they end up like an aspect of that god, just like that god is itself an aspect of a greater God.
Here's an irl example. Zapata, a revolutionary and culture hero, was posthumously identified with Votan, a Maya divine being associated with the apparition of languages, and called "guardian and heart of the word". Interestingly, the Norse god Wodan (Odin) is said to have invented the Runes, and gave his name to "Wednesday", which is in many cultures dedicated to gods of Language, Writing, and Speech.
Now the immediately relevant part: assuming that Zapata was indeed a manifestation of Votan, was he always like this ? Without a doubt, as things pertaining to essence can't just be acquired.
But, was he like this when his mother breastfed him ? Was he like this as he played with his siblings ? The truth is that his Votan-ness was always influencing his person from deep within, like a pulsating seed, even as he grew up, but only through certain circumstances did it begin to grow on its own and assimilate the more mortal parts of his person into its rhythm. This is the process of apotheosis: for a mortal to ascend and remain forever as a god, a god's seed must first descend and be born in this world, though it be not of this world.
So are there two of Eren: the outer, a normal, if rather combative, human, and the inner, an embryonic god, trying to find proper food to grow and realize its purpose. Eren's inner struggles and hesitations are all echoes of the dramatic struggle between these two hearts. But I must lay yet more groundwork before opening Eren's inner heart.
As could be expected from AoT's highly mythological undertones, Eren is not the only personification of ontological principles. Eren's seed, like all such seeds, has not come down here without a purpose. To fulfill its purpose, it must grow, and to grow, it needs a ground to receive it. The ground of essence is substance, the ground of Being is Existence. Just as Eren bears alone the one seed of Being, the recursive (radically twofold) nature of Existence is split across two women: Ymir (Fritz) and Historia.
Ymir is the personification of wisdom, of the intuition of "the way the world works". She is the passive mind, the passive aspect of the knot of things, the passive Coordinate. She conceives the shapes of things, as well as their relations, outside of actual time, but she does not actualize any of it: that is the job of secondary gods (shifters, symbolically) and goddesses, the latter being recursions of herself within herself.
Historia is the personification of the archetype of all such recursions. She is, to be blunt, the ideal homemaker (as many characters noted, but not Eren). She is the multitasking slave, by whose constant sacrifice all things are brought to fruition. She is the slave queen, ladylike in all things, at once above all and slave to all. If Ymir is the ideal knot, Historia is the "material" lynchpin.
It's worth noting that Ymir held the "slave queen" role before her "promotion", which is an example of apotheosis. But now, let us delve into Eren's heart.
Eren's true purpose is that of a Guardian of Desire. Desire is not merely an appetite or wish for this or that, or even for transcendance: it is to reach beyond form, even beyond Being, like expanding branches, and to express this Beyond as pure Knowledge, ideal forms, and communications thereof, like twined roots, all at once, effectively uniting, throughout countless recursions, the Limitless to the Limited, the Absolute to the Relative, pure Being to Existence, the One to the many, idea to pattern, meaning to sign, purpose to action.
Desire, like Speech, which is one of its aspects, is the joyful unfolding and realization of the link between that which is "beyond" and that which is "common". Just as Speech stretches between ideal meaning and verbal expression/perception, Desire stretches beyond Being on one side and into ideal forms on the other, before attempting to further realize itself through the secondary forms that these ideals produce. However, most of these ideals ignore Desire, and thus, so does most of Existence.
The initial unfolding of Desire, before those ideals, is true Beauty, which is at once beyond forms (as there aren't even ideas at this state) and the archetype of forms (as it is the immediate relation of Desire, just as actual forms are made of the relations between eachother, a mutual arising not unlike that of the many words of a language, which cannot exist in isolation).
For Desire to realize itself in Existence, it must find something analogous to this true Beauty, like a word to summon a vague idea into clear consciousness. Perception is expression. This can be understood by considering the act of reading: whenever you see a word, you "say" it unto yourself, automatically. Every object of perception is a pattern, or a matrix, whose purpose is to summon an idea into the consciousness of the perceiver. Thus, both expression and perception follow a top-down, within-to-without unfolding, with perception differing only by its passivity. The question is: what is the soul exactly trying to express in perceiving beauty ? What is being summoned into the mind ? What are we trying to say unto ourselves ?
That which is usually called "beauty" ought to be called "formosity" or "shapeliness", as it is merely the fullness of a shape, which in turn stems from "conformity" or "similitude" to some ideal form. For example, consider some pain or joy you would express, but have not yet put into words: this is analogous to an ideal form. If you simply say: "it hurts" or "that makes me happy", it will be enough to be understood; but if you express it both fully and concisely enough, some of what you felt will be summoned into the other's soul, and they will feel beauty, because, through formosity, plain words became transparent and showed the idea which was beyond themselves or their innate ability.
Here is the basic truth of Beauty: the opening of a shape unto some activity beyond itself. That is Beauty, because that is the sign of Desire's vertical linking activity, manifesting itself. But there is a subtlety. Formosity is due to a shape opening unto an ideal form, but what is that ideal form opened unto ? Nothing, usually. Desire's activity is thus realized just enough for the "soul" to be "fed" or energized, but not enough for Desire to recognize itself.
The "word" that summons Desire; the recursive opening, like a window open unto the sky open unto the sun open unto God; the shape clothed in the bursting open of ideas: it is the End of the world. The End of the world is what all creatures attempt to "say" unto themselves, everytime they perceive beauty of any order. Beauty is the beginning of the world, but when the energy of Desire has spent itself into ersatz and settled into them, anything that still has that openness, that shows the vastness even beyond Being, any such thing will be the End or Limit of the world to whoever reaches it. Truly, whosoever reaches this End is the most Free in the world. No, they are Freedom itself, roaming the world.
Eren did not reach it, but he conceived it intuitively, wordlessly. When he saw Armin's eyes as he talked about the world beyond the Walls, that was enough for his seed to awaken and begin slowly growing. Although Armin provided the matrix, only Eren caught the meaning, because only Eren had such a seed in his heart, waiting to grow.
From then on, Eren's seed gradually imbued him with a sense of revolt at the very order of things. Many times, Eren's humanity tried rejecting it, despite the deep purpose he felt by embracing it. His tears before the fez kid were solely from his normal side, so was his guilt at realizing what his father had done.
His attempt to get a confession out of Mikasa was likely an attempt to find meaning elsewhere. His love for her had practically nothing to do with his seed, and since he had not yet embraced it as much as now, a positive response might well have distracted him for good (mostly because he wouldn't have had enough time left to regret it).
His inner conflict about his "free will" and knowing the future only occurs to his human side: to his deeper self, it is only a comfirmation of what he always knew deep down. Eren's puppet-like titan also alludes to how his humanity is being "manipulated" by his seed: even now that he has embraced it, he still does not know the true depth of his drive, thus he is still moving by crutches, he is still not fully "frank", and this imperfection shows that he is unlikely to realize all the content of his seed, which is why I do not consider this theory a prediction.
But where does that revolt come from ? I will try to answer this (or help you intuit it) at the same time as this other question: how did Ymir manage to call him if she was bound to the will of the king ?
Every recursive "part" of Existence (including individuals) has a certain hidden center. Such centers are represented by traditional concepts such as Eden, Agarttha, Thule, Green Island, Turtle-shaped Island etc. Each safekeeping something utterly precious, each existing beyond the world yet being part of it. Paradis island is, of course, another iteration of that center. (It would appear that planet Earth itself also is one) However, just as each of these "parts" is a recursion of Existence, these many centers are recursions of a certain center. Among all ideal forms born of Beauty, one of them IS the very Knowledge of whatever Desire is, although it is not pure Desire but indeed a form. This ideal is the only "place" in Existence which always retained Beauty and Desire, and all perceptions of any desirability whatsoever are partial expressions and communications of that ideal. As such, it is the essential Guardian of Desire.
Eren's seed is a seed of that Guardian: as it grows, the wordless knowledge of various aspects of Desire is summoned into intuition. Eren's intuition is likely not enough for him to actually understand all this, but clearly enough to identify "the order of things" as the prime enemy, although the actual depth of his understanding of that "order" remains uncertain. Note how his hatred's focus shifted from the Walls, to the titans, to the warriors etc. Each time he became aware of a truer object of hatred, he completely let go of his previous hatred. Also, it was not just the focus of hatred that evolved, but also the reason of that hatred: humans being trapped, his mother being killed, many innocents being killed, etc. All these were mere crutches for his humanity to follow his seed: the true reason of this hatred was, and is, beyond his mind, beyond his person.
As for Ymir's call, it came from her personal recursion of that center. As she is identified with Existence as a whole, her personal recursion of that center was much more receptive to the original center than other people's own recursions, but that also meant that everything else in her soul was utterly bound to the current paradigm, much like a noble's actions are all bound to protocol. Although her near-entire soul was identified with the weight of order, this hidden center still managed to slip in its impulses, much like the Guardian of Desire slips in beauty in the otherwise undesirable order of Existence. Throughout these 2000 years, it was these subtle nudges, sudden moments of freedom, likely broadcast through the paths, but also more directly applied, like when she repaired Zeke, that guided that seed to Eren's person, and, through Eren, to Ymir.
When Mikasa was saved by Eren, she saw him as someone who could fully realize and accept the beautiful-and-cruel truth of Existence, and take immediate action based on that acceptance. But this tells us more about her than about Eren. Just like Eren deeply needed for someone to show him the image of pure joy, which Armin did, Mikasa deeply needed for someone to show her the image of world-acceptance, which Eren did. Sadly, while Armin merely didn't share Eren's true ideal, Eren was the natural-born enemy of Mikasa's ideal, which is likely one of the reasons why Eren's humanity reached out to her.
To one who has, if not seen, at least conceived true Beauty, any mixture of desirability with any indesirability will appear utterly Cruel, of a greater Cruelty that encompasses both ordinary beauty and cruelty. This is the "truth of Existence". If you want to realize a triangle by drawing it on a piece of paper with a pencil, the result will be a mutual compromise, or "sacrifice", of both the paper, the pencil, and the drawn shape. Joy is felt in the expressive act of drawing, because Desire is involved in it after all, but because the result does not "bear witness" unto Desire, because the idea of the Triangle is a closed sky, meaning's latent energy will be spent, and thus approach entropy. A deep understanding, beyond words, of this universal "state of things" produced all philosophies related to loss, passing, and impermanence, as well as ideals of detachment and stoicism, which are obviously related to Historia's and Ymir's former mindstates.
Of all cultures, the Japanese have the most thorough understanding of this. Mikasa, the most Japanese of the cast, is also the one who makes the most references to this. It is the essence of "wabi-sabi". Check out this poem: "Under the Cherry Blossoms". TL;DR it is about a man who is shocked and troubled by the beauty of sakura blossoms, and although that beauty is already compensated by its transience, he still feels the need counter-balance it further by telling himself that their beauty comes from the fact that corpses are buried under these trees. Denial of great beauty. Denial of the very implications of beauty.
Now, denial of greatly undesirable things is easily understood and quite common, as are undesirable things compared to desirable ones. So, you'd think that something greatly beautiful would be embraced wholeheartedly, desperately. Yet, it is not so. Just why would, not even pure beauty, but its mere image, be denied ? Here's an exerpt: "How you must be grimacing at the very thought! Not a very pretty way of looking at things, is it? Finally, I had come to see the cherry blossoms for what they were, and it freed me from what had been an unsettling mystery yesterday and the day before." A bipolar painter named Gerard Garouste once said that it is okay when the trees are beautiful, it's when they are too beautiful that it becomes dangerous. What to make of this ?
"The world is not beautiful, therefore it is." - Keiichi Sigsawa. The "ordinary" beauty of this world, the beauty that is seen through formosity, depends on ugliness, on cruelty, on undesirability, to exist. Pure compromise cannot exist, as it would be a paradox, therefore it must allow for some life and beauty to filter through, so that compromise-itself may be compromised, and thus be coherent. One could say that this partial beauty's function is to be sacrificed and die for the world to keep existing.
True and pure Beauty is not of this world, it has no place, no role to play in it. Therefore, merely to tacitly admit that it might be possible to somehow experience that Beauty, is to risk making the whole world intolerable unto oneself, to risk never to see beauty again, to risk feeling soulless forever. Formosity usurps Beauty, but as long as that usurpation goes unnoticed, it is in effect the only beauty there is. But what if someone sees the trick ? One's perception of things will be forever tainted, and, since there is no way to show the "trick" to someone else, one will find no relief in others. To admit that true Beauty could be reached is to become an orphan, for no god nor goddess in the cosmos will ever justify that yearning; none will come and say: "this is unto me, this bears my brand", for they are all bound by compromise. This is the symbolic meaning behind Eren's increasing loneliness. From the moment his seed awakened, he was bound to clash with the world.
The arm-twisting rage of Eren during his first shifting, which Mikasa interpreted as expressing all of Humanity's anger, was really all of creation's usually repressed anger. The anger of feeling betrayed by the entire world, even by oneself, of having no way to put it into proper words, as if thought- and language-themselves sided with the enemy. The latent feeling that all desirable things are only carrots on a stick, to have creation keep moving from ersatz to ersatz, never realizing its true purpose, never attaining freedom, never being, ever becoming, forever toiling and ignorant.
Only two other characters have experienced anger comparable to Eren's: Grisha, when the guards visited him in ch.86, and Ymir, when she received Eren's seed in ch122. Historia also felt some of it as she felt Ymir's "betrayal". Truly, no single person may express the whole of that existencial rage. Reread ch.117 with this rage in mind, and shiver in awe at the magnitude of what Eren is expressing with that scream. Eren's extreme disappointment at the outside world also stems from that. When faced with frustration, the soul will further polarize itself: if it feels that this frustration is fately and necessary, it will tend towards cold dry sadness, if it feels that this frustration is somehow deliberate, it will tend towards burning and tearful anger. Eren has accepted in his soul the intuition that the state of the entire cosmos is deliberate and illegitimate.
Ymir was the personification of this state of things. Her soul was full of tearless sadness, unable to get angry. She was identified with this great pact of compromise. Other beings partook in turns of sadness and joy, of beauty and cruelty, but she only had the great Sadness, the great Cruelty. What of the great Joy, what of the great Beauty ? What if Existence did not want to be compromise-itself ? What if she yearned to realize great Beauty, to identify with her End, to be freed from forced self-sacrifice, and finally enjoy her condition ? The elements of lesser (horizontal) dualities share the same plane, but those of greater (vertical) dualities are in separate planes, with the "positive" node being above and beyond the "negative" node, out of its reach, even conceptually. Yet, all is Desire, and the smothered Desire of Ymir cried, like only Desire can cry, to the one Desire beyond, and a seed was given in answer.
Eren is the one in whom that seed began to grow, and indeed, perhaps it shall be within yet another's bearer's heart that it will bear its fruit. The great Joy, the one Desire, is the true father of all that moves throughout Existence, of all gods, who are partial images of Him, and of all goddesses, who are recursions of their Mother. He is the true father of Ymir. Having manifested His mercy in Eren, and having thus united with her, he also became her husband. Existence, though She be the wife of Being, cannot ever reach Him (though He can always reach Her) unless He takes shape within Her, and enters the ranks of creatures, albeit as a monarch.
Eren, therefore, is symbolically both Ymir's father and husband, a relationship not unheard of in traditional myths. The fact that his path-body became that of a child, like Ymir, is a sign that he has attained the same existencial rank as her, in addition to his ontological rank, which is not part of Existence.
Thus, in addition to being the image of Being, he has become the personification of Intelligence, the intuition of "the way the world should be" (Desire-ideal). He is the active mind, the active aspect of the knot of things, the active Coordinate. He has reached apotheosis.
The seed Eren bears and embodies must crack the thousand-year old barren ground apart, fertilize it, and make all things foreign into its own. For 2000 years, a small seed lied smothered deep below the land, utterly forgotten, as if not existant. At the same time, it was drifting in the endless space, light-years away from fertile ground. Somehow, light reached it, and it grew to absorb the Earth, so much so that not a seed of Earth remains. Somehow it reached ground, and it grew to absorb all space, so much so that all forms and shapes found their true place in it. True Beauty must not have a place in the world, it is the world that must take its place in Beauty.
I have said that Eren is a Guardian of Desire, but you may be wondering: what about the desires, the seeds of the ones he's crushing, what happened to guarding these ? It is all a question of principles and unfolding. Ymir is the personification of Existence on AoT's Earth. All the activities of the creatures of Earth (not just Eldians) are therefore virtually contained within Ymir. (I believe this may be how she could appear outside of her realm in ch.131, but I'm not sure.) Though things may appear otherwise because of her individuality, her symbolic conformity demands that all change in her soul be translated into material shape. If she rejects the paradigm that maintains the world as it is, a material symbol of this rejection must be produced. In that sense, the sparing of Paradis has really less to do with Eren's friends, and more with Paradis' symbolic conformity to the "preserved center". Indeed, nearly all of Eren's conscious motives are/were crutches, opportunities, ersatz for his seed to realize itself. In any case, the actual preserving of Ymir's Desire is the virtual preserving of the Desires whose formal activities were contained by hers. It's like the story of Noah's Ark, or Vishnu resting on Shesha.
Historia, being of a lower rank than Ymir, translated that great purge into the pain of childbirth, and the new paradigm into a newborn. Whereas Ymir received Eren's seed in a paradigmatic way, and thus realized it as a paradigm, Historia received his seed psychologically and (probably) physically, and thus realized it as an individual. (Yes, I am of the opinion that Eren is the father, but even if he wasn't, it wouldn't change the deeper meaning.)
The ecosystem will be preserved in essence, and will be regenerated . Though the shapes of creatures endured horror, that horror was nothing, in length and in intensity, compared to the smothering of Desire across the world. Just because no-one was aware of it doesn't mean it wasn't real: were Ymir's 2000 years not real ? Within each of these victims, there was something like an inner Ymir (not her but a recursion of Existence) which molded concepts and feelings for faculties that ignored her, while she toiled alone and ignorant of her true Desire. As these "Ymirs" were further removed from the seed's manifestation, they could not "actively" receive it, but instead will be brought to rest, and will awaken some other day, maybe on some other world, to finally receive their designated seeds.
It is time to conclude. One may see Eren's action as monstrous, barbaric, unforgivable. One may also see them as justified, and not only necessary, but even good, and a sign of a fine, upright vitality. One may even revel in the sheer catharsis of seeing an individual take on the whole world, and dominate.
But one may also see beauty in them, of a most pure and rare kind. One may see him as a seedling piercing the cold ground and poising itself to produce the mother of all flowers.
Like in ch.131, there are two sides to this. As spectators, we are free to either balk at the horror of a world ending, or wonder at the strength and beauty of a world being born in spite of everything, or even both at once. There is no single designated authorized takeaway. As for me, I enjoy seeing great beauty, and I hope to have helped you see at least some of the apotheotic beauty of Eren. That way, even if all the virtualities described if this "theory" are not realized in the manga, you'll still have realized some for yourself.
Now some trivia that I couldn't fit in there: the correspondence of Desire and Speech means that Eren's status as a Guardian of Desire is homologous to Zapata's status as a Guardian of Speech, albeit of a higher order. Furthermore, the initials of Guardian of Desire spell "GOD", a word which also derives from Wodan. This only works in english, but I thought it was cool.
I didn't mention it here, with this post being thick enough as it is, but when Eren was at his weakest, it was Historia that shook him out, thus making her a sort of doula, further reinforcing her archetypal role. But the funny thing is that it was the other Ymir that had seeded in Historia the kind of activity she used to save Eren. That Ymir couldn't conserve that activity, but Historia fared better, and Eren much better still. This goes to show the real complexity of that seed's entry in the world, which I alluded to when I wrote that it was both smothered undeground and drifting in space. This is because it comes from eternity into time, and thus is not bound by continuity, only by correspondence, which is the means of that translation.
The fact that Eren received his future memories from kissing Historia's hand is also meaningful. What more fitting than Ymir's proxy passing down her fateful call to Eren ? It is literally Eren's Fair Lady sending him off on his fated mission, like a knight, which fits not only Historia's social role, but even moreso her archetype.

Congratulations and Thanks for trekking through this, I hope you had as much fun reading this as I had writing it, and if you followed my... advice at the top, I hope you had a nice trip!
Edit: fleshed out some more the concept of Desire and the object of Eren's anger, and some smaller stuff.
Edit: still more fleshing out.
submitted by niuteraratcam to ShingekiNoKyojin


Verum Weekly: Summary to Streamed Games of the Week (October 29th, 2020)

Hail Travelers,
Welcome to Verum Weekly. A weekly post to summarize all the game sessions that happen in the week prior. Hope you like it.

The Tearing Veil Ep. 4 (SootheBe11)
We start with the Unwise Five (since Nidhogg went ahead to the Beggar’s Rest), gaining their informant O’Brian and walking out into the street from the Jailhouse. O’Brian and the Unwise Five move towards the Beggar’s Rest where the Old halfling grandma gave them food to eat. However, Flamewrath doesn’t eat poor people’s food and proceeds to walk out and buys a falafel to eat, Raber on the other hand, wishes to eat intercourse (meat) and he proceeds to harass the elderly woman about it. The party then goes to rest and night turns to day, the old halfling has arranged breakfast and is smoking a blunt while the Unwise Six and O’Brian begin to eat, Flamewrath and Vim create an apparatus for the old lady, and the party talk about important issues as to what they need to do as they head outside the tavern.
They would need a bracelet to enter into the White Pantheon’s place, the counting house, which is an enormous white structure, well stocked with guards, and that is locked up tight. This bracelet can be obtained from a worker who goes to a hidden temple of Glory to train acolytes, luckily one of O’Brian’s informants, Gallaton, is able to accompany them to the temple and assist in getting the bracelet. The Unwise Six proceed toward the temple where they hide under the shade of a tree and their contact, unfortunately is not subtle, but walks with many scars and swagger. The party is greeted by Gallaton and is informed of the situation in the Cathedral: the captain Vivarian Kine of the Daborakians, a wizard from the Mage’s Guild Nimi Loso, some priest of Vavren, and then a powerful Night Guard named Kaisen.
The group starts to plan an attack on the temple of Glory, and they ultimately decide that Gallaton and Vim attack from the side, the others would hide in a bush, and Wisp would lure the acolytes towards the team. Wisp succeeds in deceiving the acolytes and Nimi Lossoo of a broken wagon down the street and she proceeds to guide them towards the group hiding in the bushes. A fight begins and Gallaton screams in joy as he dashes towards the cathedral, breaking through a window while Vim runs towards the aid of his party. The party recognizes that the mage seems to have access to third level spells while the acolytes are not as adept in training. Nimi runs toward the cathedral for help because of the dire situation, as a yelling voice is heard from the Cathedral and an acolyte flys through a window.
Raber attempts to chase the mage and he sees that another person protrudes from the trees, Firebrand leaps out, attempting to fend off Raber using her flame sword. Then the roof of the temple bursts open as Gallaton is thrown outwards, and a woman clad in red armor and wielding a katana chases after him. The battle continues, as another woman, a priest, appears healing Nimi, Raber proceeds to bash Firebrand’s head in, and Vim identifies the Nightguard to be infused with the power of lycanthropy. The Unwise Six seems to be gaining the upper hand, murdering the acolytes until the captain rushes outside to aid the priest and mage, while Gallaton and night guard continue to duel on the roof then onto the ground clashing their swords together. The captain seems to have all the markings of a captain of Orde, masterwork weapons, and is immune to fear, charm, and compulsion, but is weak on his left side and if is flanked, then the attackers gain advantage .
Angorn calls on the power of the black sun to toll the dead, killing Nimi, as Nidhogg runs towards the cathedral. As NIdhogg enters the temple, he rolls the black dice, and the temple is filled with a dark presence, the Gambler Black has now taken over the church of Glory. Nidhogg then gains the power of the Gambler, as he turns to a shadowy figment in a toon-like structure, getting half damage from physical sources and can roll a 1d6 whenever he attacks, in addition whenever a weapon hits, he rolls an additional 1d6 which does not damage the opponent, but if the same number appears on this die, then the entirety of his damage doubles. The Unwise Six continues to bash and slash through the captain and the priest, with Vim using his chain whip, Wisp insulting the captain, Flamewrath using firebolt, Raber bashing his tree, and Angorn calling upon his God to crush these mortal creatures.
The party proceeds to humiliate and murder the captain, as Gallaton and the night guard’s final clash ensues. Gallaton raises his blade to go all in on to Kaisen, but she slashes through him killing him in the process. Galalton then addresses the party that it is up to them, as he dies with a huge grin and a thumbs up. The night guard Kaisen, turns to the Unwise Six and she beckons them forward.

The Herald's Call Ep. 2
The party rushes to the assassin's hideout in hopes that they find an antidote to save Jaxon. Using the map and their own intuition, they manage to find a hidden encampment in the forests guarded by hooded figures. The party listen in and it seems that a guard is asking his captain to give him a raise because he is about to be a father. The two then talk around a campfire about solace and tribulations of being a dad while the others listen in. The party also notices that every person in the camp has a symbol of a shattered seven-pointed star on their breastplates.
Arienne sneaks to the nearest tent and find some encrypted documents. She takes them and heads back to the party to give it to them. Midas notices that all their supplies came from one place: Hector's Hymn (The Inn from the Sprinkle of Fate Campaign). When Arienne looks at the documents, she is able to decipher them as it is written in Thieves' Cant. She uncovers that their is a traitor in the White Council that seems to be giving this group direct support and this individual is in Fireport. Riku manages to sneak around and enter the Captain's tent. There he can see the usual accommodations but something catches his eye. On the desk, Riku finds a crumpled piece of paper that seems to be for the "Unwise Six" and a seven-pointed star but the points are taken off. He looks more closely at the idol and finds a small violet light in the center of the star. Riku instinctively feels wrong looking at it and runs out with the the poster. The party regathers and prepares for combat.
Midas lights one of the tents on fire and the the party initiate their attack. Athough Azylea goes down during the fight, the rest of the party gets her back up and take out all the enemies reining victorious. Midas snuff his fires out and they begin to loot the encampment. The party finds the antidote on the Captain's body and they also find 100 gold pieces and a small silver chest in the Captain's tent. Arienne opens the chest using her tools and she finds a pair of wedding rings, a lock of a girl's hair, and a blood-stained note saying how his family is waiting for him.
All is well for the party but they still have a pressing matter in their hands: the shattered seven-pointed star. Archeal tries to use 'Divine Sense" on the idol but a loud screech enters his mind cutting off the connection. He couldn't find what it is but he does know one thing; something is watching them. Riku sees that the this idol was shattered by mortal hands but the corruptions seems to be spreading inside the idol; he needs to break it to find out. Midas then walks in the tent and cast "Identify" on the Idol. His mind is suddenly pulled into the light and Midas watches the Herald's corruptive power destroying Verum in one strike. Midas resists the violet's power and see a key hidden in the light. He reaches out for it and then abruptly comes back to reality. The party asks what he saw and Midas relays to them. He then notices that there is a key in his hands. Midas inspects the key noticing that the pommel has a five pointed star with one section glowing with a orange light. The party heads back with the antidote and key while leaving the idol behind.
They reach the laboratory with short time and the antidote is administered to Jaxon. Maxwell thanks the party for their efforts and Midas gives him the key he got from the idol while the party tells him about the events they witnessed. Maxwell explains that the key might be as old as Jaxon and it might open the door to Jaxon's home. He also explains that the assailants are from the Order of the Shattered Star. The enemy is starting their move. The party then rests and prepare to move to another location.

Shadow of Tyre Ep. 16 (RoyalCaster)
The party spends the breaths they catch from after the battle with the Speaker, to check up on the damage and the people of the camp such as Angor, Theodore Tyne the blacksmith, specifically Moe checks up on Odin, and give him an update on the mission he gave Moe about getting his people land of their own.
The party gather at the beach and deliberate whether to go down and talk to the White Terror at the step of set to possibly set him free, they get down to him and decide to conversate with him, and ask him that it would be helpful for the white terror to elaborate to them and give him more information to get a better feeling about possibly releasing him. He says that if he would be free that he would have to go deeper and relay information to his master. The party picks up on that and asks about who his master is, the White Terror explains that his master is called the Sunken King. Eustace asks about his name, and after some hesitation he tells the party that his name is Dellaananus . Toot gets fed up with this fairy footing around, and pushes further to either just help them or not, but Dellaananus informs him about the precarious game Toot plays everytime he speaks. Toot is filled with confusion, and asks what he means by that, Dellaananus explains to him that his curse wasn’t removed, but replaced with a violet curse. Realizing this Toot is saddened and leaves them Moe follows. The three of them come to a conclusion and release Dellaananus. Moe decides to have a talk with Toot to try and soften the reality that has come crashing down onto Toot. Moe decides that the work he is doing for his wife and her possession might come in handy with what is happening with Toot.
Toot remains, sulking on the beach. The rest of the party decides to talk to the chord who has joined the camp; Mirage. Eventually the conversation gets to the point Moe asks if she wants him to look into her with his cyclopean eye. Moe is near blinded by the brightness of Mirage’s visage within the eye, he sees in her past Mirage and her sisters being attacked by the red man. It shows that path of vengeance that has led Mirage toward the path of the lifestream, and Inu. Finally he sees her singing with 2 others that have their faces obscured, and deeper he sees that something he thinks that should be kept asleep is being brought back by them. Moe snaps back to himself
They meet back up with Derk darkwater and discuss the unfinished business done they had in Eassemear. Toot hands a note to Igor the merchant about not being able to talk and asks if he has anything about that. Igor offers a potion that lets him speak with his mind for an hour.
The party inquires about the council possibly being able to give aid to the camp. They’ll be setting up trade between the camp and Eassemear, and all of the council decline to join personally, all but Woku. Woku decides he will be the representative of Eassmeare, and comes with. Raost and Moe head to library Raost tries to find something about Ori, but finds nothing. Moe looks into possible power words and finds one transcribed in Orcish “Nors Faud” meaning standup bring back party members that have gone unconscious. Eustace gets his robe from the tailor. Toot decides to talk to the Mask priest merchant who had the feather that let him talk to Toot through his head. The priest comes up short of things to offer him, but regails the legend of a panacea that can cure all, that of a Phoenix Feather. Toot visits the w a n d and r o d merchant from earlier, and hands him a note if he could imbue a wand with the potion he got from Igor. The merchant agrees to do this for Toot. Ahst heads to the Chamber of Mirrors to contact Tomen. He Foreworns Ahst that the 3rd changeling is on their way and that the path for the vega will be open. He also warns that the attack from the speak was not that last and gives her a date for when the next attack will be.
With all their business taken care of they head back to camp. Ahst immediately rushes to Braktor asking for the box, but Braktor inquires about Toot being able to marry him and Hackne they ignore that. Ahst takes the tapestry and puts it in the box, and warns that to never touch it no one is to interact with it. They also tell Braktor what happened with Toot, and he understands his troubles. Ahst tells the group what Tomen told her about the impending attack. Ahst, Braktor, Bellanovan, and Mirage go to visit Inu. Inu gets to meet with the first chord, and Ahst is heated asking about what can Inu do to help them as she feels Inu has left them on their own. All this is set aside by Inu assuring them that there will eventually be a cumulative effect once the 3rd guardian is with them.
They finally join back together, Mirage decides to join the party and head back into the labyrinth.

Broken Bonds Ep. 12 (RoyalCaster)
After Bryan successfully completes the crucible, the party is invited for celebration in the Citadel. During the celebrations, Remag’s right eye begins to ache and he goes outside for some fresh air. While out on the courtyard by himself, something whispers to Remag filling him with pure fear. Nox’s violet detecting scales on her tail light up, and her instincts sharpen. Noticing Remag is missing, Nox rounds up the rest of the party to find him. Regrouping, the party hears the whispers of something malicious, and it rounds off it’s sentence with a sharp “Die!”. The Violet Servant, The Cacophonic Collective, appears. The battle begins by the servant immediately putting Nox in stasis, unable to be harmed but also incapable of aiding the party. Clashes are exchanged and the party discovers that their enemy is able to create shadow duplicates of them, and once marked, these shadows themselves can also be duplicated. The Collective can also mark the party members so that if one gets hit, all of them gets hit. The party managed to come out on top, by being nimble enough to avoid multiple crucial attacks from the servant, and dishing out quick serious punishment for it in return. At the servant’s dying breath, it sacrifices one of its shadows to revive itself. However, the party downs the servant enough times until it is out of duplicates and fades away. They stand victorious.
Once the fight is over, Remag is deemed worthy by defeating a violet enemy. His eye produces the rune of the ranger stone, that being a powerful artifact that rangers use to get in touch of their nature powers, but this rune particularly is ancient, and from a face in the cacophonic collective who happened to be a Taladonic arcane ranger themselves. Remag considers who this rune was meant for and, with Hashbrown recent performance in the fight against the violet enemy in mind, he bestows the rune into him, planting it onto his forehead, and the ancient teaching of Taladoni fills Hashbrown’s head. He becomes a seeker gaining a gray hood with blue streaks through it, and his robe is tied at a central sash. With this new found power Hashbrown’s bow gains three rune slots that can be upgraded later in their adventures.
Eventually the Nightgaurd bearing witness to this party’s victory against this great common enemy, they surround them, and begin to cheer. Coming this far, breaking their bonds, and liberating others, this party follows the path the eye is laying out before them as the leylines remain unguarded and vulnerable for what soon to come, but for the tale of Broken Bonds has come to an end.

Heart of Tyre Ep. 14 (av5hadow)
Alleo gives the party time to prepare for the fight. The consumed potions are restored. Ives recovers his standard arrows, but any used amber arrows are gone. The party buffs up before they get into formation. As Alleo gets into his fighting stance, his wedding ring shatters. His bravado, strength, and willpower left his soul. As he picks up the remnants of his ring, indigo crystals grow around him and begin to return to the crystalline ground. However, the spirit of his beloved, thrumming with Sevenic power, pulls him from the crystals. Before Minthis (the Seven who sacrificed herself in Soul of Tyre) leaves for the afterlife, she encourages Alleo to fight. Alleo turns to the party, stating that he will test them. If they are to bear the responsibility of his wife, he will make sure that they are worthy of it. The Seven stands behind Alleo.
Alleo has the following traits: Martial Master, Defender, Merciful, Sorrowful, Deadly, Morale Breaker, and Sevenic. In addition, Alleo has two initiatives, Skylord and Emperor. Ives is the one who makes the first move, immediately flying upwards. Skylord Alleo then gets on his ship, swinging his saber against each Tops member before challenging Morc. Dranf attempts to hit Alleo, but the boss parries all of his attacks. Emperor Alleo then activates an unidentified glyph then “stores an attack.” Morc identifies the Glyph of Warding, which increases Alleo’s defense for every attack made against him.
Ives stealths behind Madd Morc. The Skylord uses Reposition to be next to Seren so he can take two swings at her. Derok fails to use Doom’s Herald on Alleo and then drinks a potion of Heroism, taking damage for taking those actions with the second twice as strong as the first. Neve calls back her Shadow Dagger she had missed in the last round, also taking damage for this action. Turns out that the Glyph of Punishment damages enemies within 60ft who takes an action. This does not affect people who are readying actions. Luckily, only one Glyph can be active.
Alleo designates the area for the Unfortunate Circumstance to perform Ramming Speed. Derok, Morc, Neve, and Seren are in the area. Before Derok Dimension Doors out of the way, he successfully uses Doom Herald, forcing disadvantage on Alleo’s rolls. Neve moves out of the area, and Seren maneuvers around Alleo to get out of the ship’s way. She learns of Shock and Awe, a devastating attack that targets all enemies but can only be used when there’s a critical hit. Emperor Alleo uses Commanding Gaze on Morc, preventing him from moving or teleporting.
Seeing the Skyship speeding in, Ives lassos and pulls Morc out of the way. Ives then shoots an Amber Arrow at Alleo, causing some of the amber to cover Minthis. Alleo moves away from everyone, using up his stored attacks to use Daring Swing three times against everyone but Seren who was close enough to avoid the attacks. She readies Dispel Magic at the end of Alleo’s Emperor turn. Alleo Repositions next to Morc and activates the Glyph of Torment, a glyph that damages any moving enemy. However, it was promptly Dispelled by Seren.
Ives learns that Alleo’s Bravado will allow him to negate any ability to control his actions or limit his movement at the cost of HP. No Hold Person for this boss. Derok identifies the hidden ability that Alleo’s saber has. If his HP is below half and he crits, he may attack again. Neve learns that Alleo is fighting with Minthis’s love, and that if he reaches a critical point, he will go through a Sevenic Surge and will then fight with the power of the Seven.
Ives lands another Amber Arrow on Alleo and feels that if he continues doing this, he will sever Alleo’s connection to Minthis. Alleo moves away from the rest of the group to prepare something. Derok realises that Alleo is waiting for Doom’s Herald to disperse and prepares another Daring Swing after Derok’s turn. Derok attempts to stop this with another Doom’s Herald but fails this time. Alleo uses Daring Swing twice, downing and locking out (should be “killing”, but Merciful is in play) Seren with a crit. Neve rushes to Seren and gets her back up with a Revivify Potion. Seren will plant her Sakura Tree. Alleo Repositions right next to Seren and activates Glyph of Torment. Morc realises Alleo’s plan. Alleo plans to use Shock and Awe to force the party in a very difficult situation.
Ives performs a fly-by rescue on Seren to get her away from Alleo. Alleo then activates Shock and Awe, downing Seren and severely injuring Morc. He then moves away from Morc and Derok and sets Ramming Speed on Seren, Neve, and Ives.

Soul of Tyre Ep. 13 (SootheBe11)
The party recoups after the battle with the Violet speaker, identifying that the staff on the ground that Ano found to have the mark of the green triangle inscribed on it. It appears to be a beacon of some kind, a communication device that is sending out a magical signal. They further know that the green symbol has some sort of divination on it and that there seems to be an inscription written in Cyclopian. The party sets aside the staff for now, and they start to bicker about the marriage setup, and suddenly a swirl of the lifestream forms onto Bellanovan’s songblade as well as Ahst.
The two begin to dance as Braktor weaves his strands, and Mirage sings a song, a third individual, pale skinned and long-haired, eventually forms in the middle of the two guardians of the lifestream pointing his song blade up. Guy has been transported to the camp and is now in the middle of Belanovan and Ahst; Bellanovan then explains to Guy that he is the third guardian and that Gruff and Erin are his refractions. Guy proceeds to explain that he is a sexually active dhampir, where he came from, and how he is very confused as to how he got into Camp Last Stand in the first place.
Then, Braktor, Bellanovan, Ahst, Mirage, and Guy get transported to the Shattered Gate and they start to understand they are running out of time. The three guardians stand where they are needed, Braktor continues to weave the strands of life, Mirage starts to sing the chords of the life stream, and Inu joins moving its hands along with the rhythm and swirls it back into the life stream. They have restored the life stream, and now the broken pieces of it can be properly returned to its proper place. Inu explains to Guy that the Life Stream is the beating heart of life itself, Guy is also part of that lifestream even if he’s a dhampir; Bellanovan then suggests that they go to the Red Star to undergo the trial of the prism, and Inu agrees that it is the right path to pursue.
Inu explains that the Petulant lords are on the move, how they are the Lords of Decay, and with Braktor’s information about the staff, one of them has come in contact with the camp. Inu then asks Braktor to find the last changeling for they need three changelings to open the path towards the Trigram Isles. The four are teleported back to the camp, however, a force forbids them and instead they are teleported near the planet of Maltos, where they see the Herald begin to approach closer and closer, consuming the planet. The three songblades begin their dance, the chord sings, and the weaver weaves the strands of life, attempting to transport themselves back into the camp before being caught by the Herald grasp.
They do so, with the knowledge of the Herald nearing, and that there are Talodoni symbols present in Maltos. Braktor, however, has been through many trials, but for now, he wishes to be wed to Hackne. As the people repairing the camp from the Violet attack, hears the sound of the Vizier calling them to participate in the ceremony of marriage. Braktor stands by the Vizier's side and the Vizier makes the rune of earth onto Braktor’s forehead, undergoing the ritual of marriage of the Dwarves. The Vizier then undergoes the ritual of marriage from Hackne’s people asking for the blessing of Raquel. The Vazieir then continues to speak, telling them of their vows of protection, laughter, and last breath in which both of them agree. The party proceed to engage in an after-party, darkening the tents, and for now, drink and sing with joy in their voices. Braktor and Hackne goes to a private tent to have their honeymoon ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) while Guy, Mirage, and Ozzie have an orgy.

Death and Debts Ep. 10
(After 20 Order was gained because the Astral Traveler has gained her physical form, a threshold was met for this campaign. They could either stay their normal path or stray from it and fight directly against the enemy. They chose to aid in the cause against the Herald.)
As the party goes to the front door of a manor, a dwarf stands before them asking for a changeling. Terryn steps ups and asks who he is. The dwarf introduces himself as Braktor Ironbellows (from Soul of Tyre). The then does their usual antics and probe Braktor to talking about his life while they talk about their ventures with him. Everybody then moves to the bar to talk some more and all of them find Bellethar still lying on the ground. Braktor wakes Bellethar up, the two mingle a bit, and Braktor asks Bellathar to leave to which he happily obliges. After that, Braktor and Terryn have a talk about her nature but before that, Braktor warns Terryn not to change into him. Being the baddest bitch that she is, Terryn changes into Braktor anyways. Memories of Braktor flow into the changelings mind; Terryn rewitness Braktor taking out his violet eye and endures all the horror with it. The changeling returns to her original from and runs to the corner in pain and tears. Braktor then tries to calm down the unrest from the party and offers to take them to is "island of sexy himbo boys" if they listen to him. The party then learns about the situation with the enemy and the need of a third changeling to complete the Trigram Isles. Braktor then shows a map of the enemy movements to the party highlighting that the enemy plans to attack the Hall of Heroes by the Razor Cliffs in Daborak. The girls must travel to the Razor Cliffs and seek the Lord of Blades for more instructions.
As Braktor leaves the bar, he recognized a women as Bonnota Ad'daire. Braktor then talks to her and explain that he knew her parents. Bonnota asks why Braktor knows about her parents and he tells Bonnota that her mother, Minthis, once saved his life. Bonnota wishes that she could know her parents. Braktor explains that Minthis would discard anything that her dangerous lifestyle would harm and the death of her husband affected her greatly. Braktor then gives Minthis' ring to Bonnota and tells her that her mother's sacrifice saved many lives. Bonnota sit downs in tears reflecting on what she heard while Braktor leaves.
Meanwhile, Vaeri and Revlis study the map given by Braktor and they try understand what the next plan of action should be as Braktor didn't tell them. Revlis also notices that there is the mark of the Silent Knights and a message saying that if they ever need help, ask them. When Terryn looks at the map, her "Eyes of the Rune Keeper" show them the instructions of their two tasks. They could either go the the Razor Cliffs or Camp Last Stand. The party decide they will go to the camp first and prepare to leave. However, the antics and sexual tensions are as high as usual so the party does a lot of fanservice for a very long time. Eventually, they gather and head to Zazgore. The party explain their new mission and ask for transport to Camp Last Stand. Zazgore obliges and summons a portal to the dream leading them to the camp. In the dream realm, they meet Jarix who guides them to the dream. Jairx also explains the party about the dream and warns that their path will not be an easy one. Eventaully, Jarix passes the party off to Eustace (from Shadow of Tyre) who leads the party the rest of the way and they finally arrive at Camp Last Stand.

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