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Cracked 9Dragons, Nuker Problems

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Build Repository - Dungeons & Dragons Online

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The Journey of Nine Dragons: December 2020

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How's this character for a new player first time through? Also, what Mage fits my playstyle best?

I've played DnD type games forever but nothing that actually followed the official ruleset - so all the stat differences and skills are a bit confusing. Stat numbers/dice rolls seem REALLY important which is new to me.
I watched a few char guides - decided to do a solo class not multi or dual. Here is what I rolled (goal is ranged dps). I got a 91 total roll which I think is good?
I'm also interested in Wizard, but there are so many Mage options I don't know which fits me best. I like raw magic damage not utility or benifitial spells - like an elemental nuker with fire/ice/wind. What sort of char should I go for that playstyle? Dragon Sorcerer looked cool.
What do you guys think?
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Grand Summoners Maintenance Update- Weeks of 10/12 - 10/25

Grand Summoners Maintenance Update- Weeks of 10/12 - 10/25
Hey Summoners,
After a packed week of reruns, we're finally being graced with some new content. This update is arriving in a couple days, make sure to get all of the "important stuff" from the Ninja events and farm those Type-0s!
Anyway, let's see what we have in store for us this week:
Maintenance update for 10/12
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Forte (Dark, Human):
Stats Level 90 Max Tasmon Equipment Slots
HP 6884 +999 5* Physical
ATK 2941 +451 5* Support
DEF 2210 +341 4* Magical

Awoken Forte
Skill: 2000% Dark DMG (Physical). Increases own Arts by 12. 9s CT, 800 Break
Arts: 10000% Dark DMG (Physical). When hit, increase own Arts by 100 if enemy is in Break (only once). For 30s, decrease Enemies' Dark Resistance by 10% (stackable). 1100 Break
True Arts: 30000% Dark DMG (Physical). For 10s, increase Dark Allies' DMG by 65%, and Human Allies' DMG by 65%. 3100 Break
  • Allies' Break Power 10% UP.
  • Allies' Critical DMG 30% UP.
  • Increase all Allies' Arts by 50 at the start of quest (only once).
Awakening Materials:
1x Phantom of Ragsherum (Ragsherum)
2x Code XTF Eraser (Exploding Boi)
1x Fragment of Elpneumas (Green Dragon)

True Weapon- True "Assault Rifle Sable" (5* Physical):
9000% Dark DMG (Physical). For 15s, increase own Physical DMG by 30%. If user is Human, increase Physical DMG by an additional 30%. 50s CT, 900 Break
  • When equipped by Forte, increase DMG by 30%, Skill CT Recovery by 50% (only once).
  • Increase Accuracy by 20%.

Thoughts on Forte:
Forte is exactly what the nuking meta needed. Currently, there is some competition between the elements when it comes to "best nuker", but Forte should be the final nail in the coffin for any element that even tries to compete with Dark.
Offering a potentially ridiculous 130% DMG buff to her allies, Forte makes other nuke support units look like a joke. Given her innate synergy with DKane and DFen, this Dark Unholy Trinity will be decimating any foes that look to stand in their way.
It's also worth noting that her 50 Arts to all Allies passive DOES stack with Dark Fen's, therefore, bringing these two will make your nukes go so much quicker with just how much innate Arts DFen and Forte will be supplying.
"But nuking is niche!!!!"
Whoa, hold on there, chief. You're kind of right, nuking isn't always the most practical solution to powering through content, but given how easy most content in the game is, and how unreliant the Dark Trinity is on Critical DMG, I'm more inclined to say that Forte, DFen, and DKane will have no issue bypassing any potential nuke roadblocks. They just work so well together, that most of the content in the game will be bowing down to these three.
Of course, nuking is tough to do without the best possible equips, so Forte will likely end up being a veteran unit, though the Arts passive and Support slot should allow her to see some moderate use on anyone's team.
Another weakness in her kit is lack of sustain. Some bosses can dish out as much damage as Forte and company can deal, and Dark Nukes do not have the kind of sustain required to do anything besides just one-shotting a boss.
Her slots are amazing for her role, she offers tons of damage/nuke support, instant arts to jump-start a comp, and hell, she's pretty cute too. Forte is the absolute epitome of a well-designed unit, and she'll definitely make an impact on the GL meta when she drops soon.
Personal Rating: S-

HeroFest DarkFall

Banner units from left to right: Lozze, Dark Fen, Forte, Dark Kane, Rasaou
The madlads actually did it! A near-full mirror of JP's Forte banner!
Anyway, this is one of the best banners that we've had in a while, so buckle up, and let's see what we have in store for us.
Lozze is starting us off, and honestly, he isn't too bad. Offering the same amount of Art Gen as Fen (same type too), Lozze is a solid alternative to Fen, in the content where Fen doesn't really have the chance to do much. Lozze's main issue is with his slots (being all physical) and with how widely available Fen is. Most new players pick Fen up on their 10th day of playing, making Lozze almost obsolete right from the get-go. Still, he has his place in the meta, due to the sheer power of Water in this game.
Dark Fen is up next, and hoo boy is he still insanely good. Dark Fen offers a ton of utility aside from great Art Gen that his non-evil counterpart is known for. He offers solid slots, decent damage, a nice Accuracy buff, and instant Arts at the start of a quest. There isn't much else to say about DFen, he's sought after by many, and will likely always be relevant in the meta.
Forte is great, I won't talk about her much here but keep in mind: she's a unit primarily geared towards veteran players, and she's going to be essential for Dark nuking in the future.
Dark Kane is also amazing, and I personally think he's due for a bump in tier with Forte's arrival into GL. He boosts his Allies ATK, does a ton of damage on his own, has some great slots for his role, and best of all, has some crazy swift animations. He's still a veteran unit due to his nuke-centric kit, but as a strong DPS unit, he could see use in anyone's account.
Finally, we have Rasaou. Quite honestly the worst unit here, Rasaou is actually not too bad. Yes, his kit is insanely niche and all over the place (like what the hell is up with his stat allocation?!), but I, and many others, have still gotten him to work on some stages. My personal favorite stage to use him on has to be Aesis. I made a no-taunt tank team work without nuking, solely due to the sheer amount of utility that Rasaou's kit provides. Still, he won't see much use, given his limited applications, but he isn't quite an F tier unit, like the tier list would have you believe.
Will there be an alch banner? Probably not, but who knows. If there was ever a time to reintroduce alch banners, this would be it.
The Verdict: If you're missing Dark Fen, Dark Kane, or Forte, give this banner a pull. It'll surely be worth your while, though only pull once as per usual.

Forte Step-Up Alch Banner

Step-Up Alch Banner
What's this? An alch banner?! Whaaaaaaaaa--?!
Well, hold your horses, because it's something new. I'm not sure if a banner like this has existed in JP, but for now, it's safe to assume that this banner will be rather diluted. How diluted will it be? Not sure, but don't get your hopes up. Unless the rates for Step-4 skyrocket to 15% or higher, it's not worth it, since the odds on 10k banners were around 14% for 10k alch.

The Great Awakening: HF DarkFall

True Equips available: Diamond Chakram, Stratega, Sabre Machinegun, Nanashi
Another pretty solid equipment banner to back up the already-amazing unit banner.
Diamond Chakram sucks. There isn't much to say about it. Even with Equipment nukes being a thing, oftentimes, this equip is just going to be a wasted slot due to it's mediocre DMG buff/animation.
Stratega is great. Not many Magic nuke equips exist, so Stratega is quite valuable in that sense. Acting as a magic version of Rishley's Bikini, Stratega will keep your team's DPS up in slow roll comps or nuke comps. It's just great to have in general.
Sabre Machinegun is another great equip. Increasing Human users' Physical DMG by 60% is nothing to sneeze at, as it synergizes well with units like DKane and Forte herself. Pick this one up if you manage to pull Forte.
Finally we have Nanashi. Nanashi is great on DKane, and other Dark units with a Physical slot, increasing the user's DMG by 50% for a short duration. It also has a high multiplier and a quick animation, for equipment nukes and whatnot.
The Verdict: DFen, DKane, and Forte all do much better with their TW. If you have a crystal surplus and any of the three mentioned above, go ahead and pull once. At the very least, you'll walk away with a Rainbow Gem.

Forte's Event

Two new equips: Sabre Machinegun, and Forte's Boots
Assault Rifle Sable (5* Physical):
8000% Dark DMG (Physical). Increase user's DMG by 30% and Break Power by 50% for 10s. 70s CT, 800 Break
  • Increase Accuracy by 10%.
Worth farming at least one of these. The DMG increase isn't bad, especially for something free, and the Break Power could be nice with comps that rely on break-nuking. Furthermore, the accuracy passive, while not anything spectacular, could be nice to have for pesky bosses like Mines Tonetaurus.

Forte's Boots (4* Magical):
3000% Dark DMG (Magic). For 8s, increase user's Skill CT Recovery by 30%. 30s CT, 600 Break
  • While near-death, increase Evasion by 5%.
Not as good as machinegun, but still worth farming one of, in my opinion. Skill Recovery is niche, but has seen moderate use in dungeons like Aesis.

Dark Fen and Dark Kane's Events

Dark Fen and Dark Kane's events are returning this update, and there are some decent equips to farm here.
Stratega has a free version available here. It isn't as good as the TW version, but still worth farming one of to MLB.
Nanashi has a weaker version of itself as well. Same deal with Stratega, due to the innate power of the True Equip, the weaker version is still going to be solid enough to warrant farming at least one of.

Forte's Login Bonus

Runs from 10/11 - 10/22
We also have another login bonus this week. Login everyday to pick up 50 Crystals, a Unit LB stone, a 5* Unit Ticket, and a Luck Gem!
As always, once more information rolls out, this post will be updated accordingly. If you spot any mistakes above, be sure to let me know down below.
Thanks for reading this far, and good luck in your summons this week!
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