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Respect Matt, Natalie, Lance, Anna: [Epic Battle Fantasy] main characters

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Tier: Superhuman and at least building busters. Up to continental durability.
About Epic Battle Fantasy: [EBF1] Once upon a time there were these two heroes named Matt and Natalie. Matt was a guy with long blonde hair who liked swords. Like a lot. And Natalie was the fanservice character. They went on an adventure to defeat zombie 'Goku' (yeah, srsly, right?) in turn based combat, who was threatening to engulf the entire Universe apparently (even though I think zombie 'Goku' is a surface wiper at most).
[EBF2] Well zombie Goku was slain but then his body blew up big time and that caused all sorts of problems with the environment and habitability of Earth. So this guy named Lance decided to seize the opportunity to rule da world, yay!
[EBF3] Then Lance was defeated by our two heroes and then they teamed up and went on adventures together. And of course they'd stumble across a sealed god-monster and awaken it too, why wouldn't they? So the god-monster stole our three heroes' powers then they regain their powers then defeat the god-monster who was consuming all the life energy on Earth.
[EBF4] Oh, by the way there's a new girl now. HeR name's Anna and there's something about resurrecting an evil God and she thinks our previous protagonists are behind it so she forces them to help her unresurrect the god-cat thing (blah blah blah blah blah blah, who actually plays these games for the story anyways?)
Matt (Swordsman)
Description (From the wiki):
He is definitely the brawn of the group, and not the brains. He displays a happy-go-lucky personality, is impatient and prone to taking reckless actions (such as poking sealed Lovecraftian horrors and eating obviously poisonous things), and has a disregard for long-winded procedures and intellectual activities (such as solving block puzzles in Epic Battle Fantasy 4). He will also eat almost anything (numerous comments on foes regards how well he thinks they will taste once cooked, even including the toxic-blooded Sand Worm). Also, Matt is the second most morally ambiguous character in the group, right after Lance, as he holds absolutely no qualms towards looting innocents' houses and killing any foes that stand in his way. This puts him at odds with Natalie and Anna, as depicted well when it came to eating/taming Wooly Mammoth.
  • Normal Attack - Just one of Matt's sword swings can cut through thick flesh.
  • Tremor, Quake, Cataclysm - 50, 110 and 210 power physical earth attacks respectively. Earth spikes and earth swords come up from under a foe.
  • Tundra, Iceberg - 100 and 200 power physical ice attack. Ice is conjured from underneath a target.
  • Fume, Eruption - 100 and 190 power physical fire attacks respectively. Flames and fire pillars come up from underneath the foe's feet.
  • Light Blade, Holy Sword - 110 and 200 power physical holy attacks respectively. Matt's love for swords have given him the power to create them from nothing.
  • Nettle - 60 power physical poison attack. Poisonous plants are summoned from underneath a target. Targets may become poisoned.
  • Life Drain - 80 power physical poison attack. A stabbing attack that steals the health points of the target.
  • Revenge - A sword swing that does more damage if the user is low on health or if allies are dead. Element and effects depend on the swordsman's weapon.
  • Unleash - 120 power physical attack. Matt releases the power within his weapon and attacks with it. Element and effects depend on the swordsman's weapon.
  • Legend - 260 power physical attack. A 9 hit sword combo that makes the performer tired afterwards. Element and effects depend on the swordsman's weapon.
  • Quick Slash - 100 power physical attack. A normal attack with enhanced speed and accuracy. Element and effects depend on the swordsman's weapon.
  • Swift Slash - 70 power physical attack. A sword lunge sweeps the battle ground dealing damage to any foes near him. Element and effects depend on the swordsman's weapon.
  • Cleaver - Limit break! 620 power physical attack. Matt slashes at a target 5 times and switches target if a target dies. Element and effects depend on the swordsman's weapon.
  • Ragnarok - Limit break! 450 power physical attack. 5 giant blades are summoned to be dropped on top of every foe.
Other techniques:
  • Temper - A spell that increases physical attack power by 70% and makes the target brave.
Natalie (Mage)
Description (From the wiki):
Natalie portrays a stereotypical cutesy, tree-hugging girl, yet despite this she is still knowledgeable on any number of things. She is often at odds with the guys of the group over moral grounds, but not being the de-facto group leader (Matt), she has little effect. As she explains to Anna, she has learned to tolerate his less-than-moral quirks over the years. Though occasionally naive, she is more thoughtful compared to Lance and Matt, often trying to prevent them from unwise actions that could result in their death, and is often annoyed by their stubbornness and idiocy. Prior to Anna becoming part of the group, Natalie was the most righteous member of it, and probably the wisest (though that is not saying much given the wisdom levels of the two guys).
  • Normal Attack - 60 power magic attack. Natz bonks a foe with her staff causing a bonus spell to trigger. Her strikes are strong enough to smash rock. Elements and effects depend on the mage's current weapon.
  • Lucky Star, Star Shower - 150 and 90 power magic attacks respectively. Damage is randomized. One or many gold stars are summoned to be dropped on one or many foes.
  • Fire, Fireball, Firestorm - 50, 120 and 80 power fire magic attacks respectively. Fire is cast on top of one or multiple foes. Targets may become burned.
  • Thunder, Thunderbolt, Thunderstorm - 50, 120 and 80 power thunder magic attacks respectively. Lightning bolts come down from above hitting one or multiple foes. Targets may become stunned.
  • Ice, Iceshard, Icestorm - 50, 120 and 80 power ice magic attacks respectively. Ice is cast on top of one or multiple foes. Targets may become frozen.
  • Shine, Judgement - 120 and 220 power holy magic attacks respectively. A ball of light is cast on top of a target or a pillar of light erupts from under them. Targets may become weakened.
  • Pulse, Pulsar - 140 and 120 power dark magic attacks respectively. A dark pulse is cast on top of one or multiple foes. Targets may have their magic attack debuffed.
  • Spectrum - 130 power magic attack. Elements and effects depend on the caster's current weapon.
  • Genesis - Limit break! 250 power holy magic attack. A huge pillar of light engulfs the battle ground hitting all foes and possibly weakening them. All allies are revived or are given auto-revive status.
Other Techniques:
  • Regen - Summons a slime bunny to heal all party members a bit and give them regen status.
  • Charm - A spell that increases magic attack power by 70%.
  • Kyun - Limit break! 70 power healing magic. All active allies are healed and their attack power and defenses are increased by 50% per stat. All foes may have their attack power and defences decreased by 50%.
Lance (Gunslinger)
Description (From the wiki):
In EBF2, Lance was a "well-intentioned extremist" character who believed the world would be better off under his rule. After his defeat at Matt and Natalie's hand, he no longer seems to try taking over the world, though his army is still around and he still occasionally wears Nazi-esque uniforms. Lance has a socially awkward attitude around women and has a fondness of military weapons, vehicles, and arnaments. Despite being even more lecherous than Matt (in the forest, he "accidentally" lifts Natz's skirt, in the desert, he tries to get her to take her top off, and imagined her naked in EBF4 in Goldenbrick Resort), he can be quite intelligent, as shown in EBF3 when he explains The Rift to Matt and Natalie in accurate context. His perverted attitude is often encouraged and supported by Matt.
  • Normal Attack - 100 power physical attack. Lance hits a foe with his gun blade with enough power to split stone.
  • Snipe, Double Shot, Unload - One bullet from Lance's hand gun can can kill a bear or make a rock golem crumble. He can shoot 6 bullets in one turn but this overheats his gun, lowering his attack stat. Elements and effects depend on the gunner's weapon.
  • Tank Guns - 120 power physical bomb attack. Lance's tank shoots its machine guns, pelting all foes in an area.
  • Crush - 100 power physical attack. Lance uses his gun to bash a target, dispelling them. Elements and effects depend on the gunner's current gun.
  • Hyper Beam - 240 power magic attack. A powerful beam attack that hits all foes. Takes time to charge. Elements and effects depend on the gunner's current gun.
  • Poison Gas - 50 power poison magic attack. Lance calls in air support to pelt all foes with canisters of tear gas.
  • Flame Shot, Flame Burst, Bullet Hell - 70, 70 and 170 power fire magic attacks respectively. Incendiary shots that may burn the targets and can hit one target, all of them or all of them while concentrating damage on one.
  • Plasma Shot, Plasma Wave, Plasma Field - 70, 70 and 170 power thunder magic attacks respectively. Electrically charged shots that may debuff the targets' evade and can hit one foe, all of them or all of them while concentrating damage on one.
  • Dark Shot, Antimatter - 100 and 180 power dark magic attacks respectively. The attack can hit one target, all of them or all of them while concentrating damage on one.
  • Oblivion - Limit break! 450 power physical bomb attack. A tank is dropped on the enemies then is blown up. WRYYYYYY!
  • Nuke - 500 power fire magic attack. A nuclear missile is launched in the middle of the battle area. Effects depend on the game's version. It may hit all foes and allies or only foes. It burns everyone and may poison everyone.
Other Techniques:
  • Medipack - 60 power healing technique. A medipack is dropped from the sky onto one ally. This heals their injuries and removes status problems.
  • Scan - Lance uses his scouter to scan a foe for weaknesses.
Anna (Archer)
Description (From the wiki):
Anna is a cheerful girl, who enjoys nature and is seen petting a small Bush monster in her idle animations. Her meeting the party and suspecting them to have stolen an important artifact initiates the plot of the game. She is the driving force of the plot, dragging Matt, Natalie and Lance along on her quest to recover the jewels before they can be used for evil. She is easily the most moral and just character in the series. Her righteous nature puts her at odds with Matt's tendency to pilfer the houses of innocents, but since everyone else seems to be used to it, there is not much she can do to oppose him. Unlike Natalie, she is not depicted as a fanservice character and her breasts are relatively small. She often makes references to Natz's large breasts, asking her what she eats, whether she can see them, or even reacting spitefully to her, saying that she earns respect without needing a well-endowed chest to do so. She is often jealous of Natalie because the latter always steals the boys' attentions without even trying.
  • Normal Attack - 100 power physical attack. Anna uses an arrow head to slash a target with enough power to slice through thick flesh. Elements and effects depend on the archer's weapon.
  • Piercing Shot - 110 power physical attack. Anna can shoot arrows hard enough to smash rocks. Elements and effects depend on the archer's weapon.
  • Combo Shot - 200 power physical attack. 3 arrows are shot at one target. Elements and effects depend on the archer's weapon.
  • Arrow Rain - 90 power physical attack. Anna shoots 3 arrows into the air then many more arrows rain from above, hitting all foes. The arrows are strong enough to smash rock. Elements and effects depend on the archer's weapon.
  • Frost Arrow - 140 power physical ice attack. Shoots an arrow of ice at a target that may freeze them.
  • Spark Arrow - 180 power physical thunder attack. Shoots a charged arrow strong enough to one shot a water dragon.
  • Aqua Arrow - 200 power physical water attack. Shoots an arrow of water that wets a target.
  • Soul Arrow - 180 power physical holy attack. The shooter copies the buffs of the target.
  • Log, Lumber - 70 and 220 power physical earth attacks respectively. Logs are summoned to hit one target from underneath.
  • Gust, Whirlwind, Hurricane - 50, 120 and 90 power wind magic attacks respectively. One or many targets are struck with a wind strong enough to kill brown bears and knock over trees.
  • Ivy, Vines - 50 and 180 power physical poison attacks respectively. Poisonous plants are summoned from underneath a foe.
  • Mother Nature - Limit break! 350 power poison magic attack. Poison magic spreads across the battle area hitting all foes and blessing all allies.
  • Mighty Oak - Limit break! 450 power physical earth attack. Summons the Mighty Oak to beat down and jump all over all targets.
Other Techniques:
  • Renew, Refresh - 50 and 80 power healing magic respectively. Heals one ally and blesses them.
All (Applies to all characters)
  • [All] Plasma Cage - 120 power thunder magic attack. An electric cage is cast around one target, stunning them.
  • [All] fire Spin - 50 power magic attack. Burns all foes in an area and debuffs their magic defense.
  • [All] Holy Fire - 140 power holy magic attack. White fires are cast on a single target. This may dispel the target and/or decrease their magic defense stat.
  • [All] Blizzard - 170 power magic ice attack. Snow is cast on the target that may freeze them or debuff their accuracy.
  • [All] Icicles - 180 power physical ice attack. Icicles are dropped on top of a target, the attack does randomized damage.
  • [All] Acid - 180 power magic poison attack. Acid is cast on the target that may poison them or debuff their magic defence.
  • [Matt, Lance, Anna] Spark, Big Spark - 80 and 190 power physical thunder attacks respectively. A ball of lightning is summoned from the ground to hit a target.
  • [Matt, Lance, Anna] Sawblade, Triple Sawblades - 100 and 230 power physical attacks respectively. Sawblades are thrown at the enemy, they ignores defense buffs and may kill the target instantly.
  • [Matt, Lance, Anna] Sand Dune - 160 power physical earth attack. Sand erupts from underneath a target. The attack may decrease the target's accuracy.
  • [Matt, Natz, Lance] Airwave, Shockwave - 130 and 100 power magic attack respectively. Blasts foes with air. Can target one or all foes in an area and the attack may stagger them.
  • [Matt, Natz, Lance] Dark Flare - 160 power dark magic attack. Dark explosions are cast around a single target. This may dispel the target and/or decrease their magic attack stat.
  • [Matt, Natz, Lance] Talisman Seal - 60 power physical holy attack. Seals are formed around a target that syphons them and debuffs their magic attack.
  • [Matt, Natz, Anna] Hellfire - 220 power fire magic attack. The caster opens a portal that spits out fire at a target. The fire may make the target go berserk.
  • [Matt, Natz, Anna] Sacrifice - 420 power dark magic attack. Hits a single foe but the caster dies after using it.
  • [Natz, Lance, Anna] Hailstorm - 60 power ice magic attack. Hail stones fall on to the heads of all foes and allies.
  • [Matt, Anna] Freight, Screamer - 100 and 70 power dark magic attacks respectively. Can be cast on one or all foes. This attack may weaken the targets' magic defense.
  • [Matt, Anna] Geyser, Flood - 70 and 180 power physical water attacks respectively. Summons a gush of water from underneath the enemy. Both attacks wet the target.
  • [Matt, Anna] Bamboo Trap - 180 power physical poison attack. Poisonous bamboo sticks are summoned from underneath the foe to stab them.
  • [Matt, Lance] Power Metal - 60 power wind magic attack. Summons speakers that blasts all foes with 180db of music and heals all player characters.
  • [Matt, Lance] Giga Drill - 150 power physical earth attack. A large drill is summoned from under a foe. It does more damage if the foe is defending or has buffed defense or magic defense.
  • [Matt, Lance] Air Strike - 150 power bomb magic attack. Lance calls in air support to drop in one of three bombs. Second. Third. Matt can perform this attack, but not as well.
  • [Natz, Anna] Gaia Seed, Gaia Bloom, Gaia Blossom - 50, 100 and 80 power earth magic attacks respectively. Can be cast on one target or multiple targets and may cause the targets to become tired.
  • [Natz, Lance] Bubbles, Bubble Blast - 80 and 70 power magic attacks respectively. Hits enemies with bubbles of water. Can target one or all foes in an area and may debuff their attack stat.
  • [Natz, Lance] Blast, Big Blast - 120 and 80 power bomb magic attacks respectively. The caster causes an explosion to suddenly occur on top of one or many foes. Targets may become staggered.
  • [Natz, Lance] Black Hole - Limit Break! 500 power dark magic attack. A dark ball is created that targets everyone in battle and may instantly kill.
  • [Natz, Anna] Toxic - 50 power magic poison attack. Toxic bubbles are cast around a target that may poison them.
  • [All] Rapture - Limit break! 480 power magic attack. Targets all foes. Element and effects depend on the caster's weapon.
  • [Matt, Lance] Death Metal - Limit break! 400 power wind magic attack. Summons a large speaker set-up that blasts all foes with music and heals all player characters.
  • [Matt , Lance] Ion Canon - Limit break! 400 power thunder magic attack. A space laser that hits all foes. Does less damage and is non-elemental in previous games.
  • [Matt, Anna] Annihilate - Limit break! 10 power physical attack. An arrow or a sword lunge that targets all foes and has a high chance of instantly killing all targets.
  • [Matt, Anna] Power Blast - Limit break! 520 power physical attack. An arrow or a sword lunge that targets one foe and hits all. Element and effects depend on the caster's weapon.
  • [Natz, Anna] Tsunami - Limit break! 400 power water magic attack. Summons a tsunami that slams into all foes and wets them.
  • [Natz, Lance] Supernova - Limit break! 600 power fire magic attack. Causes a huge fiery explosion that targets all foes and allies.
  • [Natz, Anna] Absolute Zero - Limit break! 200 power ice magic attack. Debuffs all foes' evade and freezes them.
Other Techniques: healing, stat boosting, etc
  • [All] Heal & Healmore - 100 and 50 power healing magic respectively. Heals most, if not all, injuries of active party members.
  • [All] Syphon - A spell that syphons all foes in an area, preventing them from using magic points.
  • [All] Dispel - A spell that dispels all foes in an area, canceling their buffs and defences.
  • [All] Cleanse - A spell that cancels an ally's debuffs and heals their status problems.
  • [Matt, Natz, Anna] Purify - A spell that cancels the status problems of all active party members.
  • [Matt, Natz, Anna] Guardian - A spell that buffs an ally's defense, magic defense and evade by 70%, 70% and 35% respectively.
  • [Matt, Natz, Anna] Berserk - A spell that makes a foe or an ally go berserk.Their attack power increases but they become uncontrollable.
  • [Matt, Lance, Anna] Lock On - Buffs the accuracy of one ally by 70%.
  • [Natz, Lance, Anna] Cloudburst - Summons rain that wets all foes and allies.
  • [Matt, Lance, Anna] Bind - Drops a net on all foes in an area, debuffing their evasion stat by up to 50%.
  • [Matt, Anna] Reflex - A technique that boosts all active party members' evasion stat by up to 70%.
  • [Natz, Anna] Revive - 80 power healing magic spell. Revives a dead ally or gives auto-revive status to a living one.
  • [Natz, Lance] Barrier - Creates a barrier that buffs the magic defense of all allies by 70%.
  • [Natz, Lance] Debilitate - A spell that debuffs the defense of all foes in an area by up to 50%.
  • [Natz, Lance] Solar Flare - A flash of light that decreases the accuracy of all foes in an area by up to 50%.
  • [Lance, Anna] Protect - A spell that buffs the physical defense of all allies by 70%.
Reflexes: bullet timing
  • Each of the main EBF cast have a wide collection of weapons based on the parent weapon of their choice. For example, Matt has a fire sword, ice sword, thunder sword, dark sword and many many others.
  • Weapons will usually increase the power of certain skills and spells of that element. Example: Matt's G*bson EB0 guitar is a wind weapon that boosts the power of all wind skills.
  • Each weapon has different stats on them. These stats do things like increasing (or even decreasing) the player's attack, magic attack and/or speed stats. They may also augment the user's maximum health and/or magic points. Example: Lance's Heavy Claw is a weapon that increases health, attack and defense but decreases speed.
  • Most weapons give elemental or status resistances so the character takes less damage from that element or are less likely to be afflicted by that negative status ailment while using that weapon. Here we see Anna's ice bow reduces the damage she takes from ice attacks by half. It also makes her immune to being frozen solid. But it also makes her take 30% more damage from fire attacks.
  • Some weapons perform skills on their own in between turns or after an attack was performed. Example: Lance's Accelerator gun can cast Speed Up between turns, making an ally experience time slower than the foes. It may also charge the Hyper Beam automatically. Example: Anna's Thorn Bow can summon vines between turns or after she attacks.
  • Some weapons may also inflict status problems on foes. Example: Anna's The Departed bone bow can doom targets to die in 3 turns.
The heroes may fit their equipment with mythril shards, said to be an unbreakable material. They also may upgrade their equipment using seemingly random things found on the corpses of the monsters they've killed: like steel, gold, chain links, springs, silk, liquid ice, solid water, sea shells, cupcakes, rubies, diamonds, wood, bottled darkness, talismans, snowballs and others.
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This Week At Bungie 12/13/2018

Source: https://www.bungie.net/en/News/Article/47536
This week at Bungie, we began our celebration of the Dawning.
This year, the party is about more than just snowballs and Nova Bombs. Eva Levante has returned with a whole new way to spread some seasonal cheer. Mixing and matching various ingredients, you can become a Legendary Baker and earn some sweet loot along the way.
Image Link
There were a few hiccups when the doors opened, but the skies have cleared, and now we’re set for a wonderful winter festival. Season of the Forge kicked off for all players of Destiny 2, and Ada-1 opened the doors of the Black Armory for those who seek to reforge the lost weapons of the Golden Age. Fun to think that we’re just getting started.
This week, we bring you news of updates and current investigations going on at Bungie. Let’s dig in.

Black Armory Investigations

Since the beginning of Season of the Forge, we’ve been monitoring the pulse of your gameplay. Some issues have been discovered since Black Armory and the Dawning, and we’d like to give an update on some of our highest-priority issues.
Scourge of the Past
  • 24-hour completion:
    • We are currently investigating an issue where qualifying players were not properly rewarded the Scourge of Nothing Emblem, nor the associated "Best of the Best of the Best" Triumph for completing the raid within 24 hours.
    • Once addressed, players will be properly credited and receive appropriate rewards.
  • Revive Tokens:
    • We are currently investigating an issue where tokens are not removed appropriately when reviving team mates. This issue has been present since the launch of Destiny 2, but reproducing the issue for investigation has proven difficult. In Scourge of the Past, this seems to be occurring much more frequently.
    • If you have encountered this issue, please post a report to the Help forum detailing your experience.
Black Armory: Forges
  • Missing Weapon Frames:
    • We are currently aware of an issue where weapon frames may be lost from inventory. We have identified the cause and are currently developing a fix.
    • Until resolved, we recommend holding only one weapon frame from a specific forge in inventory at any given time.
  • High-Value Targets:
    • To unlock the Gofannon Forge, players must defeat a high-value target on Nessus for a specific quest step. Currently, only the player who lands the finishing blow is credited with defeating the enemy. We are currently developing a fix for a future update.
  • Postmaster:
    • We have identified an issue where Ballistics Logs and Modulus Reports do not recover to the postmaster. We are currently developing a fix for this issue, targeted to release in January. Until resolved, players should ensure they have appropriate space in their inventory, under both Pursuits and Consumables.
  • Fastidious Miser:
    • There is currently an issue where some players are unable to unlock the Fastidious Miser Triumph, even when fulfilling requirements. We’ve identified the root cause, but this issue will not be addressed next week. We are currently planning for a fix to be deployed in January.
2.1.3 Preview
Next week, we’re deploying an update to address various issues in the game and bring a few minor quality-of-life updates into the fold.
  • Players under 600 Power will begin to receive higher-powered rewards when completing Director Challenges
    • Developer commentary: This change is being made to build upon changes in Update 2.1.2, where we increased Power rewards from Prime Engrams.
  • Fixing an issue where players did not receive the Harbinger’s Echo Sparrow when destroying all Ahamkara Eggs in the Dreaming City
  • Fixing an issue where players who joined an in-progress forge activity would not receive rewards
  • Fixing an issue where weapon frames would be removed from inventory when completing a different forge
  • We have a fix planned in 2.1.3 to address issues affecting damage from 1000 Voices on PC
    • Right now there is an issue where the weapon is doing more damage than intended at higher frame rates on PC. After Update 2.1.3, functionality will match between all platforms
  • Fixing an issue where Season 5 shaders dismantled slowly
  • Fixing an issue where players who did not earn the Crucible Solemnity shader could not complete the Crucible Badge
  • Fixing an issue where players could not retrieve clan XP rewards from Hawthorne under certain circumstances
  • Veterans of the Hunt Bundle
    • Once Update 2.1.3 has been deployed, players should expect to receive this package later in the day. Stay tuned for updates.
As covered last week, Heavy Ammo changes will also be applied to the Competitive playlist in the Crucible.
Player Support is continuing to monitor the #Help forums for reports of new issues. Make sure to check out their recently created articles covering all vital information and known issues in Destiny 2. See the Player Support Report below for an update.

Holiday Calendar

During the Dawning, you can look forward to more than just cookies and snow. Players who are keen to dish out pain in the Crucible have something delicious to play through the end of the 2018. Even if you aren’t a Legend, we’ve got some fun in store.
Began: December 11, 2018
Ends: December 25, 2018
You read that right. Two full weeks of Mayhem are on the books. If you’ve been missing this mode since the launch of Forsaken, you have ample time to sink your teeth into the chaos. Get out there and fight.
Iron Banner / Increased Valor
Begins: December 25, 2018
Ends: January 1, 2018
Lord Saladin is visiting during the Dawning, but isn’t coming for cookies. He’s come to oversee the power enabled combat of the Iron Banner. With Season 5, you have new armor to earn, and two Year 1 weapons returning to the fold with random rolls.
Video Link
Image Link
Bounties will function as they did at the end of Season 4, granting powerful rewards and unlocking rewards for direct purchase from Lord Saladin. Double Valor will be enabled from December 25 through December 28, followed by triple Valor from December 28 through January 1.

Live Investigations

Image Link
Our Player Support team at Bungie is comprised of individuals who are dedicated to tracking down issues that you may be encountering in the field. They dive deep to get the right information to teams that can take action.
This is their report.
Destiny 2 Update 2.1.2
This week, we deployed Destiny 2 Update 2.1.2 to players. This update introduced changes to the Prime Engram economy which accelerates leveling for players who have not yet achieved 600 Power. It also resolved an issue with Annual Pass purchases for Forsaken owners.
Following the deployment of Update 2.1.2, Destiny 2 services encountered a series of issues which resulted in elevated CENTIPEDE, CHICKEN, GUITAR, MONKEY, and WEASEL errors. Following the conclusion of this maintenance, services stabilized, and these errors returned to their normal trends. Players who have continued to encounter these errors following this deployment should report them to our #Help forum.
Destiny 2 Update 2.1.3
Next Tuesday, December 18, Destiny 2 Update 2.1.3 is scheduled to go live.
While the timeline for this deployment has yet to be finalized, players should follow us at @BungieHelp on Twitter or monitor our support feed on help.bungie.net for the latest information as soon as it is available.
Regional Connectivity
Earlier this week, we investigated player reports regarding elevated ELDERBERRY, FIG, and GRAPE errors in Destiny 2, most notably from players in the northeastern United States.
Upon investigating these errors, an issue was identified with a regional internet service provider which caused disruptions for players who relied on their services to connect to Destiny 2. After identifying and escalating the root cause, we believe that issues causing these elevated errors are resolved.
For information on known service issues as they are discovered, players should follow us on Twitter at @BungieHelp or monitor our support feed on help.bungie.net.
Eva’s Return
On Tuesday, the Dawning launched for all players of Destiny 2. While Destiny Player Support is continually monitoring for player reports in the #Help forum, we have already published a list of Dawning-related vital information and known issues here. Here’s a brief overview:
  • Eva's Holiday Oven and Eververse Baker's Bundles: Dawning ingredients required to create cookies, including those purchased for bright dust from Eververse Trading Co., will be removed from player inventories when the Dawning ends on January 1, 2019.
  • Vital Information: Bake Burnt Edge Transit Cookies! Players cannot make Burnt Edge Transit cookies after discovering all other recipes and will become blocked from completing hidden Triumphs which require this cookie to be baked and turned in.
  • Claiming Triumphs: Unearned or unclaimed Triumphs for the Dawning will be removed when this event ends. Players should claim all Triumphs before the Dawning ends on January 1, 2019.
  • Pursuit Inventory Space: It is recommended that players have open space available in their pursuit and consumables inventory to receive new quests and items for the Dawning. Some items received for the Dawning may not go to the postmaster if players have insufficient inventory space, and will be lost.
  • Dawning Items Already Claimed: We are investigating player reports that some Dawning items in the Winterdrift Engram are showing as claimed even if the player has not yet found or received them.
  • Dawning Sparrow Lore Tab: The "Dawning Cheer" Sparrow will not have a lore tab until Destiny 2 Update 2.1.3.
  • Dawning Cheer Sparrow: Players will only be able to pick up Glimmer dropped by the "Dawning Cheer" Sparrow if they have completed the Dawning milestone for Eva Levante.
Players who are looking for general information regarding the Dawning should also see our Dawning Guide.
Destiny 2: Forsaken and Season of the Forge Known Issues
In addition to the items listed above, Destiny Player Support is tracking the latest issues reported by players on the #Help forum. Provided below is a brief overview of the latest known issues in Destiny 2: Forsaken and Season of the Forge.
  • Legend Rank and Enhancement Cores: We are investigating an issue where Enhancement Cores are no longer being awarded to players for achieving Legend rank in the Crucible.
  • One Thousand Voices: The explosion from One Thousand Voices doesn’t do full damage against the Scourge of the Past raid boss, Insurrection Prime, because its weak points become blocked after firing.
  • Dunking Relics on High Framerate PCs: Players on high framerate PCs will be launched into the air if they jump while dunking carry objects, sometimes cratering them into a roof.
  • Raid Destination Map: Players will not be able to see other players on their destination map in the Scourge of the Past raid.
For the latest known issues as soon as they are available, players should visit our Destiny 2 Known Issues and Vital Information knowledgebase article.

The Forges Are Lit!

Image Link
Need a quick break from your pinnacle endeavors or from the forge grind? Sit back, relax, and check out these fun videos from the community at large. One for fun, the other for fun, and well… any video you see in this section is handpicked on the basis of fun. Enjoy!
MOTW: 3 player Scourge of the Past completion
Video Link
Runner up: What? WHAT?! WOW.
Video Link
Runner Up: Up high!
Video Link
Runner Up: Kill clip… on a sniper?!
Video Link
If you’d like a shot at the Lens of Fate emblem, make sure to submit your video to the Creations page on bungie.net and include #MOTW in your title.
I don’t have exact numbers, but Master Rahool is currently overwhelmed by the amount of Burnt Edge Transits being brought his way. Whether you’re a master or a novice when it comes to culinary arts, we hope you enjoy this year’s Dawning festivities.
I’ll be taking a quick break next week, but Cozmo will be here to bring you the final This Week at Bungie of the year. Throughout the holiday season, your friendly neighborhood Community Managers continue to collect player feedback, Player Support will be investigating issues, and we’ll all be working together to keep you informed. May your holidays be filled with cheer, and we hope to see you out there in the wild.
A quick shoutout before we go: Cheers to Anodyne for this amazing Community Creation. The Dawning is a wonderful time to cherish the friendships you’ve made through Destiny, new and old.
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