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I am 29 years old, I make $80,000, live in Cleveland, and work as an attorney

Retirement Balance: ~$28k in a Vanguard 401(k) from an old job; ~$14k in a pension with my current job (I contribute 10% and my employer contributes 13%, but this balance only reflects my contributions)
High-yield Savings: ~$8k
Regular Savings: ~$800
Checking Account: Varies...I usually put all of my expenses/purchases on my credit card and pay it off either in full every month or more frequently based on how my statement end date and balance reporting date interact. I don’t like to carry a large balance in my checking account.
Student loan debt: ~$113k. I consolidated for PSLF and at this point don’t know exactly what $ amount is from what degree, but this is primarily from law school with a relatively small portion leftover from undergrad. I got a decent scholarship for undergrad and close to a full ride for law school.

Monthly Take Home: $4185 (unless there are three paydays in a month, as I’m paid every other week)
Pre-tax Deductions…
Retirement: $622.40
Health Insurance: $98.80
FSA: $125
Transit Pass: $95
Employer-paid benefits cover the rest of my health insurance, vision and dental, life insurance, and disability insurance.

Rent: $950 for a 2-bedroom apartment.
Savings Contribution: ~$1200 (mostly to HYSA - I have a savings account linked to my checking account that I keep a small balance in mostly because I don’t want to close the account.)
Student Loans: $61 (This is goofy...it was previously significantly higher, and I just recertified my employer and reverified my income, so I’m expecting that it will be significantly higher again when that goes through. I’m making qualifying payments for PSLF, and whether my payment is $61 or way more than that, it’s manageable, and I consider myself lucky to have a job with a qualifying employer that pays well and that I mostly like.)
Donations: This is kind of a hodgepodge. I’m a (cheap) ACLU member with a $55 annual donation. I’m also a Friend-level member of the Cleveland Museum of Art, which is $125 for two years. Beyond that, I do one-off donations randomly throughout the year to organizations based on which dumpster fire seems to be the worst at any given moment, and I donate to political campaigns randomly as well. The most recent example of this is $25 to Elizabeth Warren a couple weeks ago. I also try to donate my time - specifically, about 4 hours a week is spent in a mentoring program through a local organization, and in campaign season I try to canvass on a regular basis. (For the midterms, I did a shift or two probably every other Saturday...not that you would know it based on the Republican almost-sweep of statewide offices in Ohio.)
Gas and Electric: Varies wildly by season, but on average around $150 together
Wifi: $45.99 (feels like a scam but my options are limited)
Phone: $94.24 for my iPhone installment payments and plan (also feels like a scam)
Netflix: $9.71
Hulu and Spotify: $10.79
NYT (online and crossword): $7.47
Amazon: $119/year
Credit Card Fee: $95/year (this is the first year that I’ve had to pay the fee, so the jury’s still out on whether or not I think it’s worth it)
CSA: $300 for 20 weeks
Indians Season Tickets: ~$6,500 for a full season for 4 tickets (This was initially a shared expense, but for this season for a variety of reasons it’s an individual expense - this season is paid off.)

Day 1 (Monday)
6:20 First alarm goes off...I’m at the apartment of the guy I’m seeing (R.) and I’m trying to curb my bad habit of sleeping in more when I’m at his place. We both snooze for a bit. Eventually he gets up and starts packing (he’s going out of town for work this week), and finally I get up too.
7:30 We leave his place and stop to get coffee on the way to my house. We both get cold brew, he gets a cinnamon roll, and I get some kind of vegan morning muffin that is delicious. It’s his turn to pay. He drops me off at home.
8:00 I quickly get ready...it’s a quiet week at work, so I put on jeans and a casual top, pack up miscellaneous lunch stuff, use a Neutrogena face wipe, TJ’s hyaluronic acid serum, CeraVe moisturizer, and some makeup (CoverGirl bb cream, Glossier cloud paint, Maybelline mascara, Pixi brow pencil and Boy Brow). I’m out the door just in time to catch a bus to work. I read (The Peacock Emporium by Jojo Moyes - so far, so meh) and listen to music (mostly Lizzo) on the bus.
8:45 Run into one of my favorite coworkers on my way in, and we chat for a bit. We haven't seen each other in a while and it's nice to catch up.
9:00 I settle in and start work...I realize that I left some things at home (that I very ambitiously brought home with me on Friday with the best intentions of doing a little work over the weekend), so I take that as a sign that I should work on a different project. I finish my coffee and resist the urge to make a cup at work. I don’t resist the urge to finish off a bag of cashews in my desk. I see an email that someone brought in scones for a colleague’s birthday, so I have one of those as well.
11:00 Apparently this is going to be a weird day for me, food-wise. I snack on some TJ’s crispbreads with goat cheese. I also take a break and order Boy Brow and Brow Flick from Glossier - I’ve been basically out of Boy Brow for a while but haven’t pulled the trigger to reorder...I’m intrigued enough by Brow Flick to finally do it. $32.40
12:30 I have some books on hold at the library, so I head out to pick them up. It feels like it’s been gray in Cleveland for ages, so the sunshine is very welcome.
1:30 Someone comes in to ask me a question about a project I’ve been working on for months (after I inherited it from a former coworker) that I thought was finally off my desk...his question is one that I had months ago and was brushed off by other people, but hearing someone else ask the same question has me rethinking the whole thing and kind of derails my afternoon. I snack on some cherry tomatoes and try to get back on track.
4:50 I head out and walk to take the train to the house of the boy that I mentor once a week. At his house, I’m informed by his older sister that he’s in the hospital. I get some details from her and make plans to visit him later this week, and head home. A lot got lost in translation, so I’m not really sure how worried I should be, which means that I’m pretty worried.
5:45 I stop at the grocery store on the way home and pick up lemons, heavy cream, and sugar snap peas. $7.97
6:30 At home, I turn on music and start making dinner: lemon linguine with fresh pasta (bought not made...I only wish I was a fancy pasta bitch) and a green salad with CSA veggies. It is perfect and one of those meals that makes me wish every meal could be like this as I’m eating it. I turn on the Bachelorette after I eat and sort of half-watch...so much cringing. (I don’t pay for cable because it’s 2019, but my dad gave me an old pair of rabbit ears he had hanging around, so I am able to watch some network tv: I mostly use this for The Bachelor(ette), Jeopardy, Meet the Press, and sometimes the Today show when real morning news via NPR feels too heavy.)
10:00 I lounge around for a little bit, start listening to Lovett or Leave It, and then get ready for bed. I watch the season premiere of Younger and then pass out.
Daily total: $40.37
Day 2
8:30 I have a vague memory of waking up at 7:30, but apparently my body had a different idea because I get up at 8:30...I’m usually on the bus by now...I quickly call an Uber, get dressed (I’m wearing a dress today to try to will the universe into sending warmer weather - one of my favorite midi-length sort of polka dot dresses with a long fuzzy cardigan and white Keds), brush my teeth, put on a little makeup, make a smoothie, and run outside. (The Uber was far away, I promise I had plenty of time to do this while waiting.) My Uber driver is very chatty and very pleasant. $9.80 with tip
9:00 I get to work, check in with my secretary who went home sick yesterday, and get settled in. I drink my smoothie (a peach, a banana, a few strawberries, many blueberries, chia seeds, coconut milk, and a couple handfuls of spinach) and drink a La Colombe draft latte can that I threw in my lunch bag.
11:00 I realize I haven’t had any water yet today (unusual) so I fill up my bottle. I also send my boss an email confirming that it’s okay that I work from home tomorrow. I work from home probably once every six months or so, usually if I have an appointment or something at an inconvenient time. This is the case for tomorrow - I have a dentist appointment (that I have no memory of scheduling) at 11:50, and it’s right down the street from my apartment. Honestly, I’ve been daydreaming about trying to work from home more because I tend to be more productive.
12:00 Lunchtime! I definitely sometimes feel (at least at work) like I’m just counting down the minutes until my next meal. I have a repeat of last night’s pasta and salad dinner at my desk and even though I’m at my desk and it looks beautiful outside, it is the opposite of a sad desk lunch. I do a little online window shopping (I have a few things in my shopping cart at Aerie and Everlane...my common practice is to put things in my shopping bag and visit them periodically until the siren song becomes too much and I eventually order them, OR I change my mind about them and empty the cart.)
4:30 I can’t take it anymore and head out. Also, it’s a beautiful day and I didn’t really take a lunch break so I feel a deep need to just get outside. I take the bus straight home.
4:45 At home, I go back and forth between gardening and cooking, listening to podcasts as I work (Here to Make Friends, Pod Save the People, Pod Save America, and Fresh Air)...I do a little weeding and pruning and put some plants in containers. I also boil corn (and use my corn cob tool thing for the first time), make quinoa, roast some potatoes, and make coconut collard greens (I throw in the rest of the spinach I have as well.) I have some quinoa and greens with two fried eggs and some sliced dried thai chili pepper for dinner with a grapefruit seltzer and eat outside on my porch. I also make brown butter chocolate chip cookies for a coworker’s birthday tomorrow, and I eat too much dough/too many cookies in the interest of quality control. At some point, I talk to my mom on the phone for a few minutes.
9:00 p.m. I clean up the kitchen and get ready for bed with skincare - Neutrogena cleansing oil, toner, serum and a few drops of a facial elixir from a local brand (it’s basically an oil blend), and moisturizer) - and brushing and flossing. I fall asleep to Schitt’s Creek.
Daily total: $9.80
Day 3
4:45 No idea why I’m up this early, but I embrace it, first by laying in bed and scrolling through Instagram while listening to NPR, and later by making coffee and having some with cookies and a book on the porch. Eventually I decide I should start getting ready, so I come inside and turn on the season premiere of Good Trouble. I remove my nail polish that was chipping and weirdly discolored (I ordered my favorite Essie shade on Amazon because I’ve been unable to find it in any stores, but I’m thinking maybe I won’t do that again…) and put on some Nail Envy. A little dry shampoo, a little skincare and makeup, two slices of Gouda cheese, and I’m ready to go. I read more and listen to the Women in Pop Spotify playlist on my way to work.
8:30 I settle in to work...I’m only going to be here for a few hours, so I knock out a few small things while I’m here. (I never heard back from my boss, and I remembered that it’s my coworker’s birthday and I had committed to making cookies, so I decided to come in for the morning.)
11:10 I head out to the dentist appointment. This is just a routine cleaning, so it doesn’t take very long, it’s pretty painless, and I don’t owe anything.
12:45 I go across the street to get a cold brew from a new coffee place I’ve been meaning to try - it’s meh - and I eat a purse Larabar, fully negating the clean teeth feeling. $5 with tip.
1:00 I’m in the market for a new bike, and I’m close to the bike shop, so I stop in. The guy working is super helpful, and I end up test riding two models...I like them both a lot, and of course I like the one that’s more expensive significantly more. He gives me a card with his info and the info for both bikes, and I make plans to come in and give the preferred bike another try with some adjustments. This is something I’ve been meaning to do for AGES but thanks to a combination of terrible weather, a busy schedule, and anxiety, I’m just now getting around to it. I walk home, sweaty and happy.
1:45 I heat up the leftover greens and quinoa, reapply sunscreen and put on a hat, and eat on the porch while listening to Keep It. I do some work and continue snacking on buffalo pretzel thins and the potatoes I made yesterday. I also snack on about half a sleeve of Thin Mints.
6:15 I’m kind of drowsy, so I call an Uber to take me to my ceramics class. $6.90 with tip.
6:30 Class goes fairly well! This is the third session of classes I’ve taken in a row, but this is mostly handbuilding, which is new for me, so it’s been an interesting journey. I paid for the class months ago.
9:00 It’s beautiful out and I’m feeling more energized, so I walk home. I talk to my dad for a bit on the walk. At home, I immediately shower and get in bed with my book, a seltzer, and the rest of the buffalo pretzel thins. I fall asleep reading.
Daily total: $11.90
Day 4
8:00 Apparently I forgot to set alarms...I wake up from a bizarre and sort of terrible dream for the second time this week. I’m kind of foggy, so I slowly get up and start getting ready for the day: I turn on NPR, make a quick salad and dressing for lunch, have some iced coffee and cheese and thin mints (breakfast of champions), brush my teeth, get dressed, put makeup on, don’t put much effort into my wild hair because it’s drizzling, and run out to the bus. I listen to music and read on the bus per usual.
8:45 Get in and settled at work...I see two empty tupperware containers on my desk, and I’m glad the cookies were a hit yesterday.
9:45 I make myself a cup of (crappy) work coffee. I share a tiny Keurig with three other people and I hate everything about it but still use it every so often.
10:45 I take a break to snack on some cucumbers and scroll through Twitter and unsurprisingly end up regretting it. I have some baseball tickets for sale on Stubhub, so I check on them and make sure they’re priced okay.
12:10 I have my salad for lunch...unfortunately, the goat cheese I was going to add to it that I had in the work fridge has turned, so no cheese for me. I remember that I had two slices of cheese for breakfast and decide it’s probably for the best, aside from the food waste. I had forgotten how much I love fresh corn in summer salads. I also have two TJ’s crispbreads.
2:15 I have a box of raisins out of what I think is mostly boredom. This is pretty quickly followed by more crispbreads, and another box of raisins. I’m having a tough time focusing on pretty much anything, and I’m in kind of a foul mood but can’t pinpoint why.
4:45 I head out and walk to CVS to see if I can find something fun to take my mentee. I end up with three boxes of candy, a bottle of the aforementioned Essie that I haven’t seen in stores in ages, and two bottles of the B12 vitamins I take (I ran out a few days ago and I haven’t been to CVS since, and even though CVS is generally expensive, the vitamins are basically always buy one get one free or half off.) No luck as far as a toy or game. ($22.22) I get on the bus and end up getting off a few stops before the hospital to go to a dollar store - success! I should’ve just counted on this to begin with. I get Uno, a Spiderman coloring activity book, and a box of crayons. ($9.07)
5:45 I mostly avoid getting lost and make it to his room. He seems pretty good (although understandably bored), and he is excited by the candy and the Uno. We play for a bit, and talk for a bit, and then a magician stops by to do a few tricks, which he LOVES. We make plans for me to visit again on Monday.
7:30 I get back on the bus to head home. One bus transfer and one hour later, I’m home! And exhausted. I take the trash out, take a quick shower, and then make dinner: Velveeta shells and cheese with steamed broccoli and a lot of Frank’s. Shells and cheese is a reliable comfort food for me. Love that liquid gold. I eat about half and then put the rest in a container for lunch tomorrow. I also decide to make some cold brew with a Starbucks kit that my mom gave me a while ago. It has a vanilla fig flavor packet, which is something that I would usually throw away because I like my coffee to taste like coffee, but she loved it and we have pretty similar tastes (when it comes to coffee and a lot of other things), so in the jar it goes. I’m a little bummed when I read that it’s supposed to steep for 24 hours (I don’t know why I’m surprised because when I make my own cold brew I let it steep for 24 hours…) I was counting on Friday morning cold brew, but it’ll have to wait.
10:00 I read for a bit and pass out pretty quickly.
Daily total: $31.29
Day 5
7:40 I’ve ignored my first few alarms, but it’s time to face the day. I get up, boil water for coffee, and eat a Larabar. I feel like really leaning into the casual part of casual Friday, but I’m meeting up with my cousin for a lunchtime lecture thing, so I put on high-waisted skinny jeans (Target’s finest), a vintage pale pink short-sleeved button-up blouse with a sort of scalloped detail, and my Everlane loafers. I also make an effort to actually tame my hair by straightening a few pieces, and do my normal skincare/makeup routine. Because the lunchtime thing will take up more than an hour, but I’m still planning to leave at my normal time, I call an Uber. The driver and I talk about how much some neighborhoods have changed and how many silly expensive new residential properties are going up everywhere. $9.52 with tip.
8:30 The first thing I see when I walk into my office is a tiny spider climbing up a web onto a beam. I don’t do well with spiders, and I know that I’ll only be thinking about when and how he’s going to land on my head and won’t be able to concentrate, so I go off in search of something to get him with. I come back with a sad-looking broom, and after climbing up on a cabinet I realize I can’t deal with it, and a coworker kindly offers to do the deed. Once the spider is taken care of, I take advantage of the broom and tackle some cobwebs that I’ve noticed for a while but have been out of reach (I work in an old building and we have very high ceilings and some weird internal architecture - basically, ideal conditions for cobwebs and probably respiratory problems.)
9:00 It’s payday, so I transfer money to my HYSA and pay my credit card bill. (I basically put everything on my credit card because I’m addicted to reward points, and then pay it off periodically - not immediately after I purchase things, but I time it around my statement date and the date that the bank reports to credit bureaus so that I’m never carrying a huge balance.)
11:00 I eat my leftovers with a generous amount of Cholula on top because that Larabar was not enough to hold me over.
11:45 I head over to the location of the lecture, check in, and save a seat for my cousin. Turns out it actually is a luncheon, so I supplement my mac and cheese brunch with a lovely salad with teeny vegetables on top, some rosemary foccaccia, and a vegan chocolate coconut raspberry dessert thing. I also have a cup of coffee because I have no self-control. The event is about the state of the Great Lakes - there are three speakers and we agree afterwards that two were pretty great and one was less great.
1:30 Back at work, and counting down the minutes until I can leave again because it’s so nice out!
4:45 I head out...at home, I change and freshen up a bit, and then I take an Uber to R.’s house. $10.08 From there, we walk to my friends’ house and get another Uber from there to the game. $7.56 with tip.
7:30 At the game...my friend buys me a beer, R. buys me a veggie dog, later my friend buys me another beer, and I buy myself a mushroom melt. $2.50 We win!
10:30 Lyft back to my friends’ from the game, and then R. and I walk back to his place. $12.68 with tip
Daily total: 42.34
Day 6
8:30 I wake up, kiss R. goodbye, and head home. It’s a quick walk, a 20ish minute bus ride, and a 10-minute walk and then I’m home. At home, I try some of the cold brew (it’s not great, and one of the bags breaks so I have to strain some grounds out.
11:30 My mom picks me up and we head to pick up our CSA shares. I also get a bag of radishes. $1.50 As per tradition, we stop and get iced coconut water lattes. They also have oat chocolate cookies and I can’t resist. $11.10 with tip.
12:45 My mom drops me off at home. I put away veggies and then start cleaning/organizing/doing laundry. My sister is coming to stay with me for a bit, and I’m using it as an excuse/reason to sort through some things and (hopefully) get rid of some stuff.
3:30 My dad picks me up and we head downtown to the game. He gets a beer and brat for himself and a water and peanuts for me. Later, I get us both waters. $9.00
7:30 We win again! Dad drops me off at home. I do a little more laundry and tidying, and then I make burrata with snow peas from Smitten Kitchen. (It’s SO GOOD. Highly recommend.) I eat while watching season 1 of Fleabag. I also have some chocolate chips because balance. I switch over to Schitt’s Creek and end up passing out on the couch.
Daily total: $21.60
Day 7
7:30 I wake up on the couch and immediately go brush my teeth. Then I make coffee and scrambled eggs. I watch a little of the Today show, do more laundry and organizing, and then watch Meet the Press.
11:00 I turn on Schitt’s Creek, update this diary, and eat more Red Hot Blues than I should. (Side note: this is a thing that I’m pretty sure I learned about from Money Diaries...they are delicious and addictive.)
12:00 I head outside and do some gardening. I finally get everything in the ground that I’ve been meaning to, and it’s looking pretty good!
1:30 I shower, paint my nails, eat a big salad, and get dressed/put on makeup and sunscreen. R. picks me up and we go to his place and he calls an Uber from there.
4:00 We meet up with two of R.’s friends. It’s a beautiful day outside and the people-watching is excellent. I get a grilled cheese and a couple beers. R. and I also split two pina colada drinks because they come in a pineapple and we are easily tempted. We take turns buying drinks. $20
7:00 Our friends drove, so we all head back to R.’s place. We hang out for a bit before deciding that pizza is in order, so we go to a place nearby. I order a pizza to share and beers for R. and me. $29.36 with tip.
8:45 We say goodbye to our friends and R. and I walk back to his place. We watch an episode of The Sopranos and I make it through most of the episode before falling asleep on the couch, so we head to bed.
Daily total: $49.36
Weekly Total: $206.66
Food and Drink: $74.93 Clothes and Beauty: $54.62 Entertainment: $11.50
Home and Health: $0 Transport: $56.54 Other: $9.07

Reflections: I think this was a decent week for me, and fairly normal. I was very aware before doing this diary that UbeLyft are one of my spending weak spots, so that was not really a surprise to me, but I’m still a little disappointed in myself. In fairness to myself, I’m saving money by not driving/having a car, but still. Also, slightly troubled out that the weekly spend ends in 666...
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Brooklyn Regional Report: Playing PSY-Frames Drunk

Alright, everybody, here we fucking go.
Decklist: http://i.imgur.com/q4zOArX.png
Night before the Brooklyn regional, I'm practicing with my PePeronis deck with my squad and it's just not cutting it for me. Not inducing the right level of rage in others. Not enough fun to just straight-up dick around with. I mean, my friend playing fucking Satellars even managed to get a win in against it. That's just irresponsible on my part, Satellars don't deserve to think they're good.
So what do I do for the Brooklyn Regional? Decided to take PSY-Frames. Why the fuck not?
We roll up to regionals way too goddamned early in the morning, so I forgot my playmat. Fully accepting that I'm going to look like a piece of garbage scrublord anyway, I pull my newly pink-sleeved PSY-Frames (PINKFRAMES) out of their nice little sturdy Ultimate Guard box and shove them right into a damaged Ultra-Pro black box that's too shitty to even close properly anymore. We arrive, and I shed a single tear as I buy a second Omega because if I'm gonna be a dick I'm not gonna half-ass it with only 1 PSY-Memelord Omega, and write my decklist out on the form in pen, realizing, with a shrug, that when I add up the card totals, that I'm running a 41 card deck.
Jesus Christ. It's gonna be a long day.
So whether I'm ashamed or proud of the fact that I lost my Konami ID before the event, I don't know, I get in, and pull jack shit from my entry packs. Seriously, what the hell is a Shiranui Spectralsword? We just don't know. i make sure I've got my side deck that I made up as I wrote it out on the form, which is a 15 minute process to remember even what the hell I wrote, make sure I've got my deckbox in one pocket and flask in the opposite, and somehow navigate the dick-to-ass sea of 496 guys and 4 girls to find out what table I'll be sitting at and only moving numerically downwards from.
Good shit.
Round 1: Monarchs
Sweet son of a monkey's ass, am I lucky to get someone who doesn't know what he's doing. I talk to the dude, he's this real friendly mate who hasn't played the game since 2012, and his friend passed him a monarch deck to fuck around with for the day. Dude doesn't really know what PSY-Frames do enough to even get mad when I make a habit of saying "negate destroy summon driver" and he's reading his own cards most of the time cause it's all a bit new to him. Really nice guy though. Felt a little bad for my 2-0 but I mean, trying to start strong. Guy manages to tribute summon once in the second game for an Ehther, I beat the fuck over it with an Omega + Circuit discarding Gamma to hit for 1k, we go into time, he summons Edea only to realize he's out of targets in deck cause I killed the shit out of all 3 Eidos, and it gets run over by Omega as well for me to win by 3k in time.
Record: X-0
Round 2: Monarchs
This dude just wasn't really fun. Taking the game too seriously, kind of being a dick, tbh. I lose game 1 cause I keep forgetting my Wind-Up Rabbit should come back, and he hits me with a Prime Monarch in attack mode for game. Pretty sad. Game 2 I just don't really give a shit and he gets it easy with a Royal Decree. Happens. The real win here is that after this match, it's 12, so the bar in the lobby opens. I go to get some drinks.
Record: X-1
Round 3: Dinomists
Feeling a lot more energetic from depressants introduced to my bloodstream, I sit down across from this guy who's just really nice! It's a great time, I love Dinomists myself which really isn't good for him as I know exactly how to dismantle his plays, but I mean, that's Dinomists, and more importantly, that's PSY-Frames. Really nice guy though, we just have a great time and swap info and chill for the rest of the day. Absolutely love making friends at tournaments, which is exactly why I play the most douchey and hated deck possible. Also manage to make friends with a lot of the people around, as they're having fun watching my tech actually put in work, as I, well, dick around the whole time. During the match I feel really bad for this dude next to me, he's playing Infernoids versus this Kozmo player that is just very clearly a total dick - to start the match the nice guy shuffles his opponent's deck and accidentally, like, flips the deck, so he happens to see the bottom card in passing. The opponent immediately gets SUPER pissed and calls a judge over, clearly looking to get him penalized for "cheating" and shit, even though it's clear the dude's like 16ish and just trying to play a damn children's card game. To make matters worse after the judge is like "no there's clearly not penalties for that you giant fucking cock," they get selected for a random deck check, and unfortunately the nice player makes the same mistake a lot of people make of having a couple random cards (pulls from entry packs, trades, whatever, shit that doesn't even belong in his deck) in his deckbox, so he gets a game loss, which just sucks. Really hate when nice players get fucked over by dicks, or arbitrary rules. Like, yeah, I get it, keeping other cards by your deck could really allow for cheating, and yeah, judges can't just be flexible, but circumstances just really made a bad time even worse for the dude, and I did my best to cheer him up when his match was over.
In any case, game 1 passes by with Beta obviously putting in the most work to shit on the Battle Phase and keep Rex from doing his thing, and game 2 goes about the same way, but I don't even need the field spell this time, as my friend and opponent quickly realizes why you shouldn't side Imperial Iron Wall against PSY-Frames, the hard way. I side out Solemn Strike for Ultimate Providence (a friend watching gets super mad at me for this but I'm just laughing and telling him it's super pro) and grab Pendulum Storms as well, but they just don't cut it as my friend never really establishes scales anyway, after he uses Wavering Eyes.
Record: X-1
Round 4: Pure Burning Abyss
This guy just very clearly knows what he's doing, and I make friends with him super quick too. We spend ages waiting for the tournament to start, and make bets over who's going to buy the other drinks when we finish the match, and I joke that I'm playing with a handicap of using only 5 extra deck cards (2 omega, 2 zeta, 1 black rose dragon) because it's all I've summoned today. The guy's a really good player, though, and knows how to play against PSY-Frames. Game 1, he manages to fill board with BA monsters as I draw a Gamma and Delta with Maxx "C", and then, instead of just making the Dantes, switches all of his monsters to attack, successfully gambling on me not having a Beta. A turn later, still without a Beta, it's game. Game 2 goes about the same way of him simply knowing how to maneuver, and me not seeing my sided Soul Drain. We head to the bar after for drinks and trading, it's a great time.
Record: X-2
Round 5: Burning Abyss Phantom Knight
This guy, luckily, does not know at all how to play against PSY-Frames, however, I just do not open too well against him each time. Game 1 I keep repeating dumbass shenanigans until he finally scoops, looking at the clock and realizing the road we're on leads to me winning. Game 2 I side Imperial Iron Wall cause I'm tired of his banish effects, and he's stuck for quite a while when I make a Yazi for the first time in my entire damn life, and he realizes he doesn't really have that big of a way to get over it, attacking a couple times into Quaking Mirror Force and getting a little sadder each time. Game 2 goes into time with him almost getting the win for a match draw, but I luckily pull through for the win.
Record: X-2
Round 6: Mermails
I'm fucking starving by now, so I go down to get some food, and finally find the vending machine, so I get to mix my own drinks without giving the bar all of my money. The entire time I'm playing this guy I have a cardboard box of fries and chicken in my lap, and a judge keeping a close eye to make sure I don't put my cup on the table.
This guy kinda knows what he's doing, but I also just don't really open too well, so he's able to find his way through a lot of my hand traps. Game 1 he takes pretty easily but I still stall for so long that come game 2, we're going into time, and by summoning a Maxx "C" (people always get really mad when you summon a Maxx "C," so it's a good time) in attack mode and swinging a couple times, protecting it with Quaking and Zeta's effect, I manage to tie up the life points at 1300 exactly in turn 5 of time, resulting in an actual game draw. The shitty thing is a judge made an incorrect ruling, saying that if I banished Red-Eyes Flare Metal Dragon with PSY-Framelord Zeta, I'll still burn for 500, even though he's not on the field with materials, so, you know, nice to know we're not playing by actual accurate game mechanics. Match win goes to him, as he took the win game 1.
Record: X-3
Round 7: Monarch Quantum Knight
This guy's a real nice dude from Boston who had a rough night and drove for 4 hours, and I tell him that my team is leaving, so I'm honestly probably gonna give the win to him. Game 1 I give him a run for his money but he gets it with monarchy shenanigans, but come game 2, my friends start coming over and telling me they might want to stay, my friend might place in top 8, yada yada, so suddenly it might be in my best interest to start winning again - it's wildly unprofessional to have like 4-5 people behind me that I'm talking to so much as I'm playing, so it's a wonder a judge didn't come over and give me a warning, but, well, cool. They all get to watch as I manage to get out the good old double-Omega and win game 2 with literally 3 seconds on the clock. I'm cheering and my friend is literally just playing air horns on his phone, but I've made good enough friends with the monarch player that he doesn't mind and is laughing along with the rest of us.
Game 3 begins already in time, neither myself nor my opponent have been siding or chose to now, which comes back to bite me in the ass when I keep drawing Maxx "C". Oh well. I stall hard enough that neither of us do damage, however, turn 4 is mine, and when I realize there's a judge sitting there watching, so I'm not gonna be allowed to just hand this guy the win if the match actually ends in a draw, I do the drunk, children's card game equivalent of running myself on my own sword, by leaving a Wind-Up Rabbit out on field against a full board of monarchs and Quantums, fully protected by Quaking Mirror Force and PSY-Framegear Beta in hand, and do nothing as he attacks, because I'm not about to tell a father who's driven 4 hours that he can't place because I want to get a match draw before I leave for the night.
Really good dude, we make friends and see each other a few more times before we leave, sadly he goes on to leave early as well, getting a loss the next match.
Record: X-4
Round 8: Kozmo
I can't find my friends to leave, so I decide to sit down and see what my next opponent is playing - it's Kozmo! Finally! I get to fucking play Kozmo! The easiest goddamn matchup in the meta right now, because Kozmo is SUCH A BAD DECK!
Game 1 is super bullshit because the dude is INSANELY impatient, trying to jump ahead of chain links before they've resolved, and I finally realize he just doesn't truly understand how a lot of chains work once they're higher than link 2. However, the fact is, Kozmos go minus with just about every single play they make, ESPECIALLY if they're getting negated nearly every time they move by me opening really well, and the hardest part of the game, for me, is just explaining to the guy why I get to do what I'm doing. At some point I ask him how much LP I'm at, he says 500, which is shocking to me because I was pretty sure I didn't let attacks go through, I think he thinks I still took damage when I dodged with Beta, but to be honest, whatever. I win with those 500 LP after some shenanigans with Black Rose Dragon during his turn, and making a billion Omegas and Zetas. Game 2, I don't bother siding, because I feel like it's funnier that after game 1, in a huff, the dude pulls out his side deck and examines every single card, seeming like he's really putting thought into ratios n shit, and I just seperate my extra deck cards, shuffle up, and plop my deck into the middle of the table to be cut. I would side Imperial Iron Wall, but to be honest, I don't think I need to at all, cause, well, to be honest, Kozmo is a joke against PSY-Frames. He pretty much gives game 2 his all, I have no idea what he even sided but if he saw it I just didn't notice. All of the PSY-Frames put in work, and so much of the time I keep having to explain "no, take that move back, I have an activation window and I'm negating your shit" because it just keeps failing to occur to him that I do. One play I black rose in his turn, activate its effect, he chains Call of the Haunted to grab Goodwitch, and then tries to activate her effect MID-chain to protect herself. I'm just straight up gleeful when he angrily calls a judge over, because there's no better feeling than already knowing you're right. He then, after having it explained he can't do it, tries to activate her banish effect, and it's like, okay, really? The game just ends pretty damn fast, not even going into time, and it's an easy 2-0 for me. He's a little sour and I grab the match slip to sign it, check off that he won, and congratulate him on the win, at which point he realizes that I've just been fucking around the whole time, and we shake hands and make friends. Sometimes it's kind of shitty to get those opponents that only make friends if you give them the win, but you know what, considering he's also X-4, he's probably been having a rough day enough that I totally excuse it.
Record: X-5-Drop
So that's that, and my squad heads the fuck up out of there, as I realize it's like 9:30 and we all just want to be back on campus cause it's Saturday night and I'm out of alcohol.
All in all, a real good fucking time, I loved all of the friends I made during this event and who knows, I may pop by Nats, because what fits into the theme of a drunk belligerent PSY-Frame player more than showing up uninvited!
Actual Deck Profile:
3x PSY-Framegear Alpha
Obviously necessary at 3, he's the easy summon/searcher, and also, is the only way to get Black Rose Dragon during the opponent's turn. More about this in the next one.
3x PSY-Framegear Beta
Everyone's favorite, or least favorite, depending on if you're the one playing PSY-Frames or not. Also must be at 3, very important for surviving the Battle Phase. Always make sure you're not using Beta on something that can't be destroyed by effect, unless you REALLY need to stave off that attack, because if he doesn't destroy the monster, he does not end the battle phase. The reason you can't use Beta to get Black Rose Dragon during the opponent's turn for Black Rose's effect is because the Black Rose would be summoned during the Battle Phase, which Beta would then immediately end, and because Black Rose reads "WHEN... YOU CAN..." you miss timing, so you'd be left with it on the field for no effect. Luckily because Circuit summons in a different chain than Alpha's searching, you don't miss timing with Alpha.
3x PSY-Framegear Delta
Obviously necessary in a format with Pendulums and Monarchs, and hitting Emergency Teleport hurts Kozmo a TON.
3x PSY-Framegear Gamma
Obviously necessary. Probably the best one to topdeck late game, besides Beta.
3x PSY-Frame Driver
Best card. 2500 beater. 3meta5me.
3x Cardcar D
Great fucking card, obviously, cause you don't play during your own turn. Combos beautifully with Pot of Duality.
2x Maxx "C"
Great main deck card, cause it's only scarier when you're drawing into more hand traps on the opponent's turn. Kinda sucks against Monarchs, but at least you can get a draw off Edea summoning Eidos, Mithra (which is NOT inherent, so you could also just fuckin' Gamma it), or Prime Monarch summoning from grave.
1x Effect Veiler
A lot of people have asked me why I would main Veiler when I'm already running a deck full of hand traps, but the trickery here is that people think, since the PSY-Frames require having no monsters, that when I have monsters, they can get away with anything they want. Having Veiler and a strong trap lineup is a good way to remind them you're still not going to let them play the game.
1x Wind-Up Rabbit
Wind-Up Rabbit, besides just dealing extra damage or removing tiny problematic monsters (like my friend's Fossil Dyna he still thinks is a good card), gives the opponent an imminent threat. A lot of opponents like to think "Oh, it's PSY-Frames, if I do nothing, they can't win!" Wind-Up Rabbit and PSY-Frame Overload remind them that this is false.
3x PSY-Frame Circuit
Obviously needed at 3. I definitely won one game purely because an opponent forgot the secondary effect makes any PSY-Frame in the hand Honest when a PSY-Frame is battling. A 5000 ATK Zeta can change a game.
3x Psychic Feel Zone
A necessary 3-of to summon Zeta and Omega (or if you want, Thought Ruler), and it's the only way to summon Overmind Archfiend. Great fucking card. 3 can be a little bricky, many games you'll NEED it to be your topdeck, especially if your opponent is intelligent and gets rid of the field spell when they can. If the opponent sides Imperial Iron Wall, you may want to side this out.
2x Psychic Path
Insanely good, if this wasn't restricted to Psychics, obviously, it would be hit immediately if it even was released in the first place. However, 2 is too bricky. If the opponent sides Imperial Iron Wall, you may want to side this out.
3x Pot of Duality
Super important, as you don't REALLY need to special summon during your turn, unless you're relying on a Feel Zone. Combos extremely well with Cardcar D, especially late game.
1x Raigeki
I mean, it's a good card. Thinking of cutting it out. Nobody likes unsearchable cards that aren't combo pieces. But it's a good card.
3x PSY-Frame Overload
Absolutely essential game 1, removing all of the opponent's cards face-down permanently is practically a win condition in itself. The banish effect searching any "PSY-Frame" card from grave is also absolutely ridiculous - one of my monarch opponents super fucked up by using Thestalos to send Overload to grave, because they were so afraid of its board effect that they either forgot or didn't read that it had a grave effect.
Sometimes I side out 1 or 2 in later games of the match, because people like to think Imperial Iron Wall hurts the deck, and this is the only archetypal card it hurts, besides the Framelords. I also like to side Iron Wall myself, but it's still fucking awesome for when that card's not on board. I was even able to use it to play around a Royal Decree, because even though its effect was negated, I was able to banish PSY-Frames for use in Feel Zone, and when he used a Stormforth, I was able to banish my own Omega just so he couldn't use it, and I could retrieve it with my second one.
2x Quaking Mirror Force
A fucking amazing card in this deck, and in this format especially. Monarchs like to think they're safe if they have March of the Monarchs, Kozmos like to think they're running a good deck, Mermails sometimes like to think they can OTK through backrow, and this card reminds them they're all wrong.
1x Solemn Strike
I was borrowing this card from a friend. It's obviously very good, sometimes I would side it out as it's not specifically good for PSY-Frames as a supporting card, but it's just really good, obviously.
1x Torrential Tribute
A great card that also makes for some really cool shenanigans, especially because you can do things like activating it when you summon Omega, then chain Omega's effect, so you wipe the field, but Omega will come back next turn.
Extra Deck:
2x PSY-Framelord Omega
The most important synchro in the deck, I ran the deck with only 1 until this tournament, but getting 2 only reinforced the thought that 2 is super necessary, as it's insanely easy to get and insanely difficult to play against.
3x PSY-Framelord Zeta
The second most important synchro in the deck, obviously. To be honest one of my favorite things about him is just simply his graveyard effect of bouncing back both himself to the Extra Deck and a "PSY-Frame" card from the grave to your hand.
One of my favorite plays from the tournament was using Psychic Feel Zone to get a Zeta, then, because it was in defense mode, tributing it for a Driver so I'd still have an attacker, and I could grab a PSY-Frame back from my grave. And I didn't get to face Infernoids, but the best thing is when they summon Tierra and you get to send all of your Zetas to grave, to retrieve 3 cards and plus like CRAZY.
2x Black Rose Dragon
A challenger to Zeta for second most important synchro in the deck, the opponent will ALWAYS be surprised when they've extended pretty hard, then you summon Black Rose off of an Alpha during their turn due to Circuit's effect (the bonus is you either search another Circuit off of Alpha, or Black Rose destroys an Overload so you can search for Circuit from its banish effect).
1x Overmind Archfiend
Psychic Jesus himself. He's supposed to take a Psychic Tuner + 2 or more Psychic non-tuners, but because Feel Zone isn't a true synchro summon, you can summon him through its effect. Typically the play is to return Omega and Alpha/Beta to grave to summon him, then use his effect to banish Omega, so if he dies, you summon Omega. You can also summon him by returning a banished Zeta and Gamma/Delta, but in that play it's almost ALWAYS going to be better to use Zeta's graveyard effect, unless, I dunno, you're going to somehow kill Overmind yourself to guarantee he can summon that Zeta again.
1x Thought Ruler Archfiend
Absolutely necessary if you're only running 1 Omega, but as I was running 2, I never summoned him. He's just another level 8 target for Psychic Feel Zone or Circuit, and he has a decent enough effect. I've always wanted to use his life-gaining effect to win a game that's gone into turns due to time, but it didn't happen yesterday.
1x Black Rose Moonlight Dragon
A great card to summon against decks like Fluffals, Shaddolls (rip), or synchro decks like Speedroids that rely completely on big-ass high level monsters that are vulnerable to bouncing.
1x Clear Wing Synchro Dragon
Just an all-around great card against decks that rely on high level monsters effects, like Fluffals or Artifacts, or on targeting with monsters.
1x Odd-Eyes Meteorburst Dragon
REALLY great in the mirror match, though I was definitely the only PSY-Frame player at this regional. Also good against Kozmo, because they live for the Battle Phase, but as Tincan is starting to almost phase out Farmgirl, that's not as good.
1x Stardust Dragon
Only reason I play this over Stardust Spark Dragon is because Stardust removes himself from the field, allowing me to use more hand-traps.
1x Yazi, Evil of the Yang Zing
Essentially a mini-Leo with a 2600 body. Meaning Burning Abyss doesn't really have that many plays against him without Acid Golem, Phantom Knight shit, or Raigeki, which is a fact I should have remembered when facing the pure BA variant I saw. With the exception of Ignister and Diamond Crab King, PePeroni's Extra Deck doesn't have many outs either, which came in handy more against old PePe than new.
1x Crimson Blader
Great against Mermails, Infernoids, Fluffals, Kozmo, etc, etc, etc, and you know exactly why.
Removed right before the Tournament: Number 11: Big Eye
I removed this for the second Omega I bought directly before registering, however I'm looking to throw him back in to replace something I got no use out of, like Meteorburst, Black Rose Moonlight, Clear Wing, or Stardust. He's hilarious to get out with two Zetas, as detaching a Zeta will allow you to retrieve a PSY-Frame in grave, and steal an opponent's monster. In a practice match leading up to the regional, I won a pivotal game of a match against Mermails by summoning Big Eye... the irony is he got Solemn'd immediately, however, my friend had a lot of plays he wanted to make against a board with two Zetas, but when I retrieved a Beta and Delta from grave using the Zetas that were sent there, they all completely fell apart and I easily won. I don't know if he would have helped during the regional, and yeah, he was definitely added as a joke, but the strategy is pretty solid.
Side Deck:
In PSY-Frames, your entire main deck is practically a side deck, so I like running things that supplement the deck more than hurt other decks. However, some hate cards are obviously just important additions for the meta.
2x PSY-Framegear Epsilon
The reason Epsilon isn't mained and is generally considering a terribad card, besides the unpopularity of traps in most meta decks, is that the opponent is almost never going to activate a trap card while you don't control monsters that isn't something like Solemn on a hand trap, which is spell speed 3, so you're fucked. Makes amazing anti-side though when people flip floodgates like Mind Drain or Vanity's in the Standby Phase, or when they chain Vanity's to a PSY-Frame activating cause they think they're clever.
1x Maxx "C"
I've never really sided this in, but then again, it's kind of just there for DracoPals, which I didn't see yesterday at all. I'd probably take it out for something else, but I was pressed for time writing my decklist cause I was drinking the night before when I meant to do it.
1x Effect Veiler
Great side against decks that are hurt by Veiler, which is almost all of them. If I had the space I'd probably try to main this second one.
2x Ultimate Providence
This card is HILARIOUS tech in PSY-Frames, I threw it in just for fucking fun, then when it started working, I was a little amazed, but the theory behind it is solid. It's a solid negation card when your opponent thinks they're safe because you have monsters on board, and the absolute BEST play with it is when you activate a PSY-Frame and the opponent activates Solemn, you chain this and discard Overload. Not only do they pay a pretty big LP cost only to have your PSY-Frame still come out and wreak havoc, but also, you get to banish Overload the next turn for a search, so it's a minus that totally replaces itself with damage to the opponent and a new card.
1x Quaking Mirror Force
I almost ALWAYS sided this third one in because it pulls its weight so well, so I'm thinking it's probably going to find its way back into the main deck, because I don't like Raigeki that much and I have to give Strike back to my friend.
1x Mask of Restrict
I only had one - managed to trade for a second one before the tournament but my decklist was already turned in.
2x Imperial Iron Wall
Side in if Kozmos actually managed to give me any trouble (which they never do), but I didn't even see them until round 8 when I was already X-4. It proved its usefulness, however, against Phantom Knights, but Phantom Knights aren't really a threat either. It's still very useful to keep in a side deck, and typically you take out Overload, Feel Zone, or Path for it, as they become far less useful with its addition. A lot of people think PSY-Frames are actually hurt by Imperial Iron Wall, and are shocked to find out they're not really. All of the PSY-Frame hand traps and the Driver that they summon are banished at the end of the turn they're summoned, however, with Iron Wall, they obviously are not. Many players also were surprised to find out that they wouldn't be destroyed or sent to the grave or something of the sort, but it doesn't say anything in their text about that, so they aren't, allowing you to easily synchro summon the next turn. Beta truly shines with Imperial Iron on the field, he can destroy a monster and end the Battle Phase, and typically the opponent won't have a way to get him off the field for the rest of the turn, so you can just make Black Rose, and then Imperial Iron Wall isn't even an issue anymore.
1x Soul Drain
I sided this against Burning Abyss and Phantom Knights, but never ever saw it, sadly. it also probably would have made for good tech against Monarchs, but I didn't use it as such.
2x Pendulum Storm
Good against Odd-Eyes Magicians, DracoPals (only kind of) and other random pendulum decks. I sided it against Dinomists but in retrospect it was really bad against them as they'd just negate it with one of their scales, which they're obviously going to have out if I'm Pendulum Storming.
1x Dark Hole
Originally a card often in the PSY-Frame main deck, it's a decent addition now against decks that completely rely on board presence. I didn't ever side it yesterday so it'll probably come out, I was just pressed for time and had it lying around.
1x Twin Twisters
I totally just added this cause I was pressed for time as I was registering. I never sided it and never really planned to.
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