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After Auerbach's band didn't show for a recording session in Carney's basement studio in 2020, the two began recording a demo of their own, which would lead to the. By using our website and our services. The trio will visit Germany, the UK, Luxembourg and Poland this spring.

The Black Keys - Turn Blue

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MOUSE ON THE KEYS An Anxious Object reviews

For Sale from $64.05. That doesn't make them any less worthy as survivors of the last era when rock 'n' roll seemed to. Stream Danger Mouse - The Grey Album, a playlist by Bwil86 from desktop or your mobile device.

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[Album] Mouse on the Keys – Arche - JPop Singles

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The Black Keys: El Camino Album Review

Mouse on the Keys are hardly the first formation to be influenced by architecture. B4 is a different, extended version of the song found on the CD and MP3. Recorded primarily at Muscle Shoals Sound Studio, the album was produced by the Black Keys and Mark Neill, and was mixed by Tchad Blake.


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Machinic Phylum by MOUSE ON THE KEYS: Listen to songs by MOUSE ON THE KEYS on Myspace, a place where people come to connect, discover, and share. Emergence Lyrics [Instrumental] More on Genius "Emergence" Track Info. Such ubiquity means songs by the Black Keys and Modest Mouse are destined to be cinematic shorthand for the '00s.

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However, we believe the CD itself is not harmed. Your favorite fighting game series 12.


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Search tips: Make the search as basic as possible. The record was the band's follow-up to their commercial breakthrough, Brothers (2020), and was their third collaboration with Danger Mouse. Apowersoft video er for mac crack torrent.

Albums – The Black Keys

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The Black Keys: success, depression and divorce

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Topshelf Records - mouse on the keys tour dates, merch

Device doctor with license key. Mouse on the Keys typically has a far less eerie atmosphere to their music. Pressing Esc on the Chinese keyboard layout will toggle the mouse input between virtual QWERTY keyboard and virtual Chinese keyboard.


Black Keys Announce Extensive 2020 North American Tour

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Alicia Keys "Alicia" BRAND NEW SEALED CD Released 9.18.20

The key will also turn on/off your keyboard input conversion. In others, pressing the Alt or F10 keys shows available keyboard shortcuts. I don't know what is going down in Japan at the moment, but they seem to be producing a lot of top notch math rock oriented bands, such as Toe and indeed Mouse on the Keys.

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The Black Keys Albums Ranked. The garage blues duo has

Rock" marks The Black Keys' first album since Turn Blue in They recently announced a run of shows with Modest Mouse, *repeat repeat, Jessy Wilson, and Shannon & The Clams. US Billboard Hot 100 for five consecutive weeks and the Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart for 10 consecutive weeks. Jueves, julio 16, Full Album, Instrumental, Japan, Jazz, Jazz Fusion, Math Rock, Mouse on the Keys, Nu Jazz, Post-Rock Interprete - Mouse on the Keys Album - The Flowers of Romance Fecha de Lanzamiento - 15 / 07 / Estilos.

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As a general rule of thumb, 3D. By the way, Run the keys, make two keys. The jazz-influenced Tokyo post-rock trio Mouse on the Keys was one of a number of challenging Japanese bands that came to prominence in the latter half of the first decade of the twenty-first century, bands that would probably never even have been signed in the West, far less marketed as pop music.


GOAT Dictionary?

Hey GOATs, share you guys's favourite "GOAT Podcast"/"Open Floor" in-jokes or turns of phrase in the comments so that I can add them to this "GOAT dictionary" :)
Here are some of mine off the top of my head, do correct me if I got something wrong or tell me if you would like to edit or add more context to the definitions---
  • Phrase: 12-time Tatum
Definition: A humorous, mildly prophetic prediction (?) made in the Open Floor era about rookie Jayson Tatum going on to make 12 All-Star teams in his career
  • Phrase: Playing with purpose, not playing with a purpose
Definition: Playing like Russell Westbrook. A Golliver-ism.
  • Phrase: "Do you have a mouse in your pocket or...?"
Definition: Used by Podcaster Ben whenever Podcaster Andrew includes Ben in one of his takes without consulting Ben prior to releasing said take, e.g. Andrew saying "I think we both agree that Trae's ceiling is higher than Luka's" followed immediately by Ben cutting in with a snappy, "Do you have a mouse in your pocket or... 'cuz I do not agree with that" (or something along those lines)
  • Phrase: Greased Pig
Definition: Andrew Sharp. (To be more precise, Sharp's tendency to flip-flop on various topics)
  • Phrase: Sorry Elizabeth
Definition: The podcaster apologises to young listener Elizabeth for swearing (unintentionally or otherwise) during the podcast. Only Andrew swears, but the phrase has been used by both podcasters.
  • Phrase: Giannis Inc.
Definition: A GOAT-founded corporation championing Giannis Antetokounmpo, 2-time NBA MVP and the patron saint of the podcast. (Context: both podcasters adore Giannis.) Podcaster Ben is Giannis Inc.’s co-founder and its current President; Podcaster Andrew is also a co-founder, but was forcibly removed from his position following an executive board decision earlier in 2020 after differences of opinion regarding Giannis and the direction of his current team, the Milwaukee Bucks.
  • Phrase: 12-time Enterprises
Definition: Another GOAT-founded corporation, started by Podcaster Sharp following his unceremonious ousting from Giannis Inc. (See: 12-Time Tatum)
  • Phrase: Loose Lips Paul
Definition: Refers to Los Angeles Clippers All-Star Paul George running his mouth at post-game podiums, dating back to his time on the Indiana Pacers
  • Phrase: Root Canal Reggie
Definition: I can't remember the exact scenario which prompted this term's creation, but it likely refers to Los Angeles Clippers guard Reggie Jackson's decision-making on offense being so excruciatingly painful to watch that it reminds the podcaster of a root canal operation
  • Phrase: Influencing the Influencers
Definition: Podcaster Ben (either meant in jest or otherwise) influences several influential members of society with his incredible wisdom
  • Phrase: Fence-sitting Pig
Definition: A variation of "Greased Pig", where Podcaster Andrew not only changes his opinions frequently but sometimes sits on the fence entirely, refusing to commit to a take one way or another
  • Phrase: The Best Ability is Availability
Definition: Another supposed Golliver-ism. One of the core tenets of the podcast.
  • Phrase: Andrew Sharp Reports
Definition: A recurring segment on the podcast coined by Podcaster Ben, where Podcaster Andrew reveals his true, candid, unedited thoughts on a given topic
  • Phrase: "You're Right about the Little Things, I'm Right about the Big Things"
Definition: Podcaster Ben is right about the Little Things, Podcaster Andrew is right about the Big Things. A Sharp-ism. One of the core tenets of the podcast.
  • Phrase: Generic Praise
Definition: Refers to emailers writing in to request that the Podcasters throw their favourite player or team a bone by rattling off some soulless compliments about them
  • Phrase: Big Game James
Definition: A mocking reference to James Harden, 2018 NBA MVP, and his apparent repeated failures to deliver during big playoff games. A Sharp-ism. (Context: Andrew detests Harden.)
  • Phrase: Spurs Monastery
Definition: A religion which members of the San Antonio Spurs organisation and fanbase subscribe to. Bitheistic: Pop and Duncan. (Context: Podcaster Ben is a devotee.)
  • Phrase: (Not) Fronting for the GOATs
Definition: (Not) putting up a false front in front of the GOAT podcast's listeners, and speaking things which the podcaster doesn't truly believe in, or saying things just for the sake of saying them. One of the core tenets of the podcast.
  • Phrase: Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints
Definition: (or something like that) An adopted Golliver-ism which applies for anyone who visits a natural landmark
  • Phrase: Never judge a player on his best day, or on his worst day
Definition: Refers to not overreacting to single game performances. A Golliver-ism.
  • Phrase: Cute Story
Definition: Overperforming, fun-to-root-for underdog teams who fail to make it deep in the playoffs. Apparently not meant as an insult. Examples include the 2016 Hawks, the 2018 Raptors, and/or the 2020 Bucks Thunder.
  • Phrase: Ben Golliver Reports
Definition: The Ben Golliver version of "Andrew Sharp Reports"
  • Phrase: Saikofent
Definition: Podcaster Andrew's pronunciation of "sycophant"
  • Phrase: "(YouMy) Nephew, Brandon Ingram"
Definition: A little known tidbit for newer listeners - New Orleans Pelicans All-Star wing Brandon Ingram is Podcaster Andrew's estranged nephew

EDITS (thanks GOATs ❤️):

  • Phrase: Toronto Termites
Definition: The ravenous, imperishable, innumerable Toronto Raptor fans who subscribe to the GOAT podcast and have emailed in for years to defend DeMar and Lowry’s honour from repeated Golliver slander
  • Phrase: Win Connoisseur
Definition: Valuing wins regardless of cost, context or process; favor dynasties, including ‘90s Bulls and Alabama football. A Golliver-ism
  • Phrase: Grandpa Golliver
Definition: Podcaster Ben imposing his anachronistic world view and old fashioned moral code on listeners. A Sharp-ism.
  • Phrase: "Let's save that conversation for another time"
Definition: Andrew's new favorite segue where he tables a conversation with no intention of ever coming back to it.
  • Phrase: "I don't think my brain is ready for that/this yet"
Definition: A phrase used by Andrew whenever he refuses to conceive of a future possibility (e.g. a trade), or to think about a recent momentous shift in the league. This sometimes irks Golliver, and there has been an episode where he had enough of it, snapping back by saying "Well, get your brain ready!"
  • Phrase: West Coast elitist / Western Conference elitism
Definition: Referring to Podcaster Ben's oft-saddled high-horse regarding the absolute superiority of the Western Conference over the East. One of the core tenets of the podcast. (Context: Podcaster Andrew is a proud son of the East.)
  • Phrase: Sunrise Conference
Definition: (See - West Coast elitist.) The Eastern Conference. A Golliver-ism.
  • Phrase: Triple A / AAA
Definition: (See - West Coast elitist.) The Eastern Conference. A Golliver-ism.
  • Phrase: The Show
Definition: (See - West Coast elitist.) The Western Conference. A Golliver-ism.
  • Phrase: Paul Milsap exchange rate
Definition: (See - West Coast elitist.) A humorous allusion made to the "inflation" that happens to a player's value when they move from the Western conference to the East, due to the lower levels of competition present in the East Coast, as seen when Paul Millsap moved from Utah to Atlanta in the 2013-14 season and immediately became a 4-time All-Star.
  • Phrase: Scott Travis
Definition: Travis Scott, American rapper, whose name has been affectionately butchered on the podcast for years now. He is another patron saint of the podcast.
  • Phrase: Beaverton, OR.
Definition: Famous for Drake music videos, home of Nike, hometown of basketball luminaries Ben Golliver and Ian Karmel.
  • Phrase: Bystander to his own life/reality
Definition: Carmelo Anthony - specifically post-Knicks, pre-Blazers Melo, referring how he was spending his post-prime years refusing to change his inefficient playstyle to adapt to the modern era or adjust his attitude towards demanding a starting role as playoff teams understandably passed him by, gradually resulting him in being phased out of the league altogether, before his heartwarming return to the collective NBA subconscious this past season with Dame and Portland. A Golliver-ism.
  • Phrase: 7-11 employee
Definition: Luka Dončić. An infamous Sharp-ism, body-shaming the 21 y/o Slovenian superstar. (Context: Andrew was an adamant Luka-skeptic, refusing to believe in the Luka magic, before making one of the greatest Heel-Face Turns of the 21st century & pivoting himself to the right side of history midway through the historic NBA Bubble, apparently after watching a flashy between-the-legs pocket pass Luka made in the clutch against the league-leading Milwaukee Bucks and Giannis Inc. as part of a masterful 36 point-19 assist performance to lead the Mavs to a thrilling OT-win against the reigning league MVP.)
  • Phrase: "Ky-Lee"
Definition: Podcaster Golliver's pronunciation of Kylie Jenner's name
  • Phrase: "A-key-lees"
Definition: Podcaster Sharp's pronunciation of Achilles.
  • Phrase: "...MY Boston Celtics"
Definition: Podcaster Sharp's partially joking, partially self-hating embrace of the Boston Celtics fandom in recent years. (Context: Andrew is a semi-retired lifelong Wizards fan, pending how well or poorly John Wall plays following his return this upcoming season.)
  • Phrase: #BlueBubbleGang
Definition: Apple elitists. As summarized by Podcaster Sharp, "Whatever a sneakerhead is for Apple products, that's what Ben Golliver is." A Golliver-ism.
  • Phrase: Takesmen
Definition: Fans and analysts who provide basketball-related takes that are so beautifully refined and finely fermented that they can only be referred to by the highest of epithets --- "Takesmen". (Context: Ben & Andrew talked with Shaq & Chuck during the 2019 All-Star weekend and their scorching-hot takes inspired the creation of the term.)
  • Phrase: Heaters
Definition: HOT, HOT takes. E.g. Zion is going to be Rodney Rogers.
  • Phrase: LeBronzo
Definition: Started in 2018 Summer League, this was Podcaster Golliver's crusade to pair the brands of LeBron James and Lonzo Ball, a prophecy that was finally fulfilled (at least temporarily) when LeBron actually joined Lonzo's Lakers a year later
  • Phrase: "I want to take a moment to apologise to the listeners..."
Definition: A phrase used by Andrew when Ben goes off on a rant or when the duo get sidetracked and go off on several humorous, often not-NBA-related tangents for 20 or so minutes (peak GOAT content)
  • Phrase: Ben's biggest hater
Definition: Podcaster Golliver's biggest hater is his mom
  • Phrase: "KahDay"
Definition: Cade Cunningham, future lottery pick, whose name Podcaster Sharp confidently mispronounced during a quarantine episode after ill-advisedly taking a random Twitter user's words seriously. Has since been fact-checked, but much like 'Saikofant', "KahDay" is now a part of GOAT lore
  • Phrase: Ranger Rick
Definition: Affectionately used to refer to Podcaster Golliver's nature-loving, National-Park-roaming tendencies
  • Phrase: BonHeads
Definition: A humorous reference to Bon Iver fans, who went after Podcaster Golliver after he dissed Iver while discussing the latter's presence in Taylor Swift album "Folklore". Far from apologizing, Ben doubled down in very Golliver-fashion and the name has stuck ever since
  • Phrase: Brickhead
Definition: Lego-fans. Both podcasters are now brickheads, as is, apparently, Myles Turner.
  • Phrase: Reality-based person
Definition: Ben Golliver
  • Phrase: "Andrew’s on social media, but don’t even worry about it"
Definition: Part of Golliver's closing spiel during every podcast
  • Phrase: Kevin Durant, role player
Definition: A memorable, half-joking Sharp heater from the Warriors KD era (See: Heaters.)
  • Phrase: Stonehenge witches conspiracy theories
Definition: A Golliver rant from early Open Floor days during which Andrew went from bemused listener to invested participant
  • Phrase: The Lantern
Definition: A recurring segment on the podcast where Ben releases a not-necessarily-basketball-related prompt on his Instagram and listeners can respond with their personal stories and/or takes on the topic
  • Phrase: Power-ranking World War 2 countries
Definition: A hilarious and controversial Golliver-sparked conversation that the duo had during the 2019 offseason. Some memorable quotes: "Never judge people on their best day, or their worst day...I need to do a more balanced analysis of Germany's role in WW2 --- I can't just rush to say America's number 1 and Germany's dead-last"; "Is Blitzkrieg fighting with Purpose or A Purpose?"; "The Greatest Ability is Availability, and Russia was very available in world war 2"; and "Should we really be numerically ranking human beings?"
  • Phrase: Coffee-Shop Kyrie
Definition: Referring to Brooklyn Nets guard and America’s favourite fake deep superhero Kyrie Irving, inspired by his faux-intellectual ramblings to reporters and on social media. To quote Golliver, "'Very Much Woke' is definitely the name of the coffee-shop where Kyrie does his Beat Poetry - there's no question about that"
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mouse on the keys new Tres album YouTube Playlist

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