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Recap of what happened - this is for everyone that is asleep and wants to know what went down on this legendary night

**This thread is now closed. Go to this thread if you want to keep up to date with the livestreams.
If you want to read a pretty much play-by-play of the Vine/Instagram leaks, read below.
Thanks everyone!
Instagrams of leakers:
STREAMS WILL BE ADDED SOON! For now, here is the 12 minute Twitch stream:
Okay so here is a quick recap of this amazing night.
Beware: Spoilers ahead!
For most of the leaks, you can look to Jsticks11 on Vine. He leaked 12, 6 second clips of GTA V before his console got banned.
Also guys, he has said that he will have longer videos up tomorrow on his Instagram.
"I will have a Instagram made tomorrow so there can be longer videos for my supporters appreciate the the support" - Jsticks11
Instagram profile - http://instagram/jsticks11 **That one is just to back up his vines. Here is the real one: http://instagram.com/jsticks559
You can see them all at his profile here - Vine link. (This is getting a 502 error at the moment, but should be up soon.) (The link it back up, but I have made it into a bit.ly because reddit formatting doesn't like the in the link)
Or, if you like, you can download them in one ZIP file here in case they take his Vine down - [AnonFiles link] Download to the zips below!
There was also a second leak by someone who was also able to get a copy early. Unfourtunatley, this was taken down from YouTube. Someone did, however, download it and upload it here
- https://mega.co.nz/#!dJpz2DzK!C998pyxSEjg6lBRwciRef12MeqINs3sQSy2HxFjvppk.
For all deleted ones below here, they are all saved in the ZIP file at the top. Please go there if you wish to see them. Everything else is still up and will be added to the ZIP tonight.
There have been two new ones uploaded as well -
Two trevor ones -
First one - https://vine.co/v/h10em7PnQhu Deleted
Second one - https://vine.co/v/h105lKOlDJu Deleted
I will add these to the ZIP soon.
Okay, now we have part of the opening scene:
https://vine.co/v/h10rUuDETPj Deleted
Another video of some free roam.
https://vine.co/v/h10DgWrJ3Pa Deleted
Video of the ingame phone:
https://vine.co/v/h10FmQgz7FP Deleted
Clip of him shooting people in free roam
https://vine.co/v/h100b13Ht7t Deleted
Three more videos -
Hookers - https://vine.co/v/h109ujHlU9n Deleted
Getting busted - https://vine.co/v/h10VbmI95OI Deleted
Homeless area - https://vine.co/v/h10LieFVYZg Deleted
Franklin punching a guy in a chair - https://vine.co/v/h1EZl67KHuJ Deleted
Quick map clip (we've already seen this) - https://vine.co/v/h1EKuY0zgje Deleted
Car wash clip - https://vine.co/v/h1EqJvXa50i Deleted
Car damage - https://vine.co/v/h1EMJ37UgiX Deleted
Ammunition store - https://vine.co/v/h1EeHM73Lij Deleted
9/12/2013 - All the deleted ones have been added to the ZIP at the top.
Swimming clip - https://vine.co/v/h1YOdqH91HO Deleted
View from the top of the Ferris wheel - https://vine.co/v/h1Yv62O5KIA Deleted
Some fighting - https://vine.co/v/h1Y3QXtO6ZX Deleted
Radio selection - https://vine.co/v/h13aqxFmigD Deleted
Instagram Info - https://vine.co/v/h13qDe3dEVd Deleted
1st Instagram - http://distilleryvesper1-5.ak.instagram.com/753088621bc911e3ba1322000ae91369_101.mp4 Deleted
Lester's house - Vine link Deleted
Convertible - Instagram Video Link Deleted
Airplane taking off - Instagram Video Link Deleted
Grove street - Instagram Video Link Deleted
A new player has joined the arena! Instagram user "dabzombi" seems to have gotten an early copy and is posting videos. (Updated at 8:12pm GMT and 3:18pm CST on Thursday)
Using the slow-motion feature while driving over people - Instagram Video Link
Crashing into stuff part 1 - Instagram Video Link
Crashing into stuff part 2 (actually driving off a small hill) - Instagram Video Link
Great car damage footage, you can stop worrying - Instagram Video Link
More car damage - http://instagram.com/p/eLK0f9Qy1v/
Scooter crash - http://instagram.com/p/eLLhUBwy21/
Plane stuff part 1 - http://instagram.com/p/eLUKytQyz7/
Plane stuff part 2 - http://instagram.com/p/eLUYHkQy0L/
Rolling down a hill - http://instagram.com/p/eLWxBQwy3
Jet ski - http://instagram.com/p/eLYF7GQy5F/
"chasing a deer" - http://instagram.com/p/eLb6sqQy-f/
over the hood shot - http://instagram.com/p/eLkqHVQy7P/
getting chased http://instagram.com/p/eLoC3FwywO/
fork lifting a car - http://instagram.com/p/eLq0_hQy0j/
PLANE CRASH - http://instagram.com/p/eLshyuQy3q/
car in water - http://instagram.com/p/eLtWM_wy4y/
We got another new guy! Instagram name: koolaidboyd.
Sick punch! - http://instagram.com/p/eKygDcj7dI/
That dog scene... - http://instagram.com/p/eLALzYj7SO/
Strip club - http://instagram.com/p/eLKp8Wj7S2/
dead - http://instagram.com/p/eLfXUTj7Tq/
custom car before and after - http://instagram.com/p/eLbix6D7eS/
drop the hood - http://instagram.com/p/eLp67eD7UZ/
Another new guy: Alex egett on Vine and Instagram
GTA 5 Guns: Vine link
GTA 5 car custom: Vine link
Climbing to the top of something: Vine link
Franklin smoking: Vine link
Police chase: Instagram link
Sex mission? NSFW: Instagram link
Michael smoking: Instagram link
Heist - http://instagram.com/p/eLd3eJDzSL/
Bike heist - http://instagram.com/p/eLeDlmDzSd/
strip club part 1 - http://instagram.com/p/eLezNqDzTu/
strip club part 2 - http://instagram.com/p/eLfI_1jzUN/
strip club part 3 - http://instagram.com/p/eLfYLkDzUo/
fighting - http://instagram.com/p/eLgOElDzVx/
If I missed anything else, please let me know!
EDIT: Guys, I just wanted to say that it was a pleasure to be a part of this community tonight. I have never followed a game this closely and I am extremely excited for this game.
Of course, this couldn't have been done without the help of Jsticks11. He was the first leaker and he gave us real gameplay footage before anyone else (except for R* and all the other official gameplay trailers of course).
His console is banned now. He literally cannot use it. If anyone knows of any way that we can help him, please say something. Also, if you want to get in contact with him, the only way I can think of is possible his Xbox Live profile or his Vine. The xbox live one is more unlikely because of the ban (although it is a CONSOLE ban so that may not affect his account. I am unsure on this.)
He can, in fact, use it. Just not online. He truly took one for the team. He is our hero.
Here is his Xbox Live profile-
and just search "Jsticks11" on any Vine app.
Thanks guys, it's been real.
EDIT 2: I made a thread for helping Jsticks11 here. - Thread link
EDIT 3: Added the two new Trevor leaks.
EDIT 4: Added the intro/opening scene from Jsticks11.
EDIT 5: Added new video. Expect several more videos guys!
Jsticks11 - "I'm going to start with a lot more free roaming videos next I really appreciate it the support you guys have given"
EDIT 6: Added in game phone
EDIT 7: Added shotgun shooting video
EDIT 8: Added clips of hookers, Franklin getting busted and the homeless area
EDIT 9: Added Franklin punching a guy clip and the map clip
EDIT 10: Added car wash clip
EDIT 11: Added car damage and ammunition store clips
EDIT 12: Added swimming and Ferris wheel clip
EDIT 13: Added fighting and radio selection clips
EDIT 14: Added 1st Instagram and Vine video with instagram info
EDIT 15: Added Lester's house
EDIT 16: Added convertible instagram vid
EDIT 17: Added airplane taking off from Instagram and grove street video
EDIT 18: Added dabzombi stuff
EDIT 19: Added stream and more dabzombi crash videos
EDIT 20: Added more videos + koolaidboyd stuff
EDIT 21: Added more videos and the alex profile
EDIT 22: Adding a lot more videos and working on streams
submitted by greeneggsandhamsam to GrandTheftAutoV

I just finished watching The O.C., here are my thoughts:

I used to love watching this show when it was only on TV as a kid, but now I finally finished watching it from the start to end. Here are my quick thoughts on seasons:
Season 1: It's absolutely amazing season, honestly. It have many cool early 2000s things, the great characters, great atmosphere, fun stories, almost everything. Pilot is surprisingly good, it feels like a short feature film made. The Chrismukkah episode is easily the funniest and my favorite episode. It is full of heart, has many great moments and because of this episode Seth Cohen will always be my favorite character.
Season 2: I think it's worse than all seasons, but I still liked it. It had some of great moments, but I didn't enjoy Lindsay's storyline that needed to end around half of the season. She was boring anyway, and Caleb wasn't likeable character either. The Seth/Zach storyline where they are fighting for Summer was OK, but when Ryan's brother appeared in, all that since was interesting and getting better. Alex as Olivia Wilde was the best thing though. It made me think Alex was the only one person who could make Marissa more mature person IMO. Overall, it's still a good season.
Season 3: It was clearly better than the 2nd season, just in my opinion. I love how it gets darker and darker, it was tense and depressing season. One thing that I couldn't stand is Johnny. He's like a sloppy/bad version of Oliver from the first season, he was the worst character and had the worst storyline IMO. I'm glad they killed off his character. And the end of this season was.. quite surprising and unexpected. I won't say it ruined the show, it have a great twist, but I felt it was a bit rushed and Ryan could do something. I felt so sad for Marissa, especially when you think that Cooper and Barton's career died at the same time.
Season 4: First half was quite good, second half felt really empty like the writers didn't know what to do with the show anymore. Chris Pratt was really entertaining to watch though. The final episode, especially last 10 minutes was just absolutely beautiful. The final shot is perfect too.
The O.C. is generally better than Gossip Girl. Gossip Girl had some more likeable character and better sets, but I was just mad by how mess the last two seasons are. The O.C. is just more normal and realistic show.
Let's talk about the characters:
I think Seth Cohen was easily the best character and own this show. He had many funny moments and hilarious quotes. But I also love Summer how she much changed since the first episode. Julie was just entertaining character to watch, she was hot milf. Sandy was just the best. I liked Ryan, but I hated how they always asked him for help and acted like he's the protagonist in GTA. Marissa never grow up and always annoyed me when she couldn’t be without boyfriends for an hour and thought her life is already over, but I loved how she never meant to hurt someone (well, maybe except her mom) and she was always there for help. I honestly felt her anger in some moments too. I think her character is well written, she showed us nobody's perfect. It's sad to think it was one of her last good projects to do for. She was so stunning back.
So, that's all my thoughts. Love this show!
submitted by prolelol to TheOC