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A Roadmap for Current Content (v.2.3.100)

Edit on Sept 17, 2020: Added information/changes from v.2.4.100. Still a work in progress.
  • Roadmap
  • TL;DR Chart
  • List of Bonus Bosses
  • Links to Summon Recommendation Guides
  • Miscellaneous Notes
Greetings on behalf of the Church of Isuka! This time we're adding stuff from Goddess of Time Vol 2 Part 1, Cat Battles, and the new First Knight side episode. As always, let me know if you notice anything incorrect or missing, or if you feel some things should be moved around.
The Hopefully Most Efficient Method for "Finishing" the Game:
※ Important Note: Aside from the Two Knights and Azure Rebel side episodes, everything else that is not part of the Main Story is optional. This means that if you do not want to fish, mine, or do Otherlands, etc., you are free to ignore those parts of this roadmap.
  1. Start the game
    1. As soon as you have control, open up the Menu, go to Other, and Activate ID Transfer. Screenshot your Transfer ID and password and then e-mail the image to yourself. This way you can recover your account in case of catastrophic failure. The Transfer ID is permanent and reusable.
    2. For the tutorial summon, it is recommended you choose Bivette as your character. Other popular options include Miyu and Ciel. All three have 5 star potential and can unlock bonus content specific to them, but Bivette has the most use in combat.
  2. Complete the Main Story up to Chapter 2
    1. If you haven't created a Transfer ID yet, go do it NOW. Linking to Facebook doesn't count. Linking to Google Play doesn't count. You are still at risk of losing your account if you need to reinstall.
    2. Open up the Menu, go to Inbox, and grab your 20 Chronos Stones. Open up the Menu, click the '+' at the top of the screen next to your Chronos Stones and grab your free 10 Chronos Stones from the shop. Remember to do this every day from now on for 30 Chronos Stones per day.
    3. Open up the Menu, go to Records, go to Symphony, and begin the prologue for the Persona 5 Collab: Bound Wills and the Hollow Puppeteer.
  3. Complete the Main Story up to Chapter 4 which should unlock the orange icon side quests. I recommend doing all the side quests in an area for the Chronos Stones before continuing on. In addition, finish any blue icon character quests available to get Chronos Stones (and later unlock more powerful abilities on the Skill Board).
  4. Complete the Main Story up to Chapter 8. At this point you should have enough Chronos Stones for your first 10-pull. Pull on whichever banner you want. Your main goal is simply to get enough useful characters to form a 6-man team.
  5. Complete the Main Story up to Chapter 11 (characters should be around level 20)
    1. Go to Acteul near the Man-Eating Marsh. Begin the 1000 Year Ark to unlock fishing and begin to slowly fish pools at your level (If you're trying to fight a turtle, you've gone too far). Ponds refresh every half hour.
    2. Begin spending your Green Keys on Hard Another Dungeons in the Blue Door (H-AD).
      1. Doing main story dungeons (such as H-Moonlight Forest, H-Industrial Ruins, H-Nadara Volacano, etc.) will get you EXP, materials for equipment, tomes and scripts for upgrading certain characters from 3 stars to 4 stars, and a 10% chance at light/shadow in specific dungeons for specific story characters.
      2. Doing the H-Sealed Realm: Transitory Time Space (commonly called the EXP dungeon, found by tapping the purple icon to the top right) gives you about 1 million EXP, EXP badges, and EXP scrolls. However, you will not get any materials, tomes, scripts, or light/shadow.
    3. If you get a White Key at the end of a dungeon, it unlocks the White Gate (Phantom Crystal Dimension). Go run it immediately because you can only have one White Key at a time. It will give you git and character upgrade materials as well as unlock the Paw Stamp Album. Once you have the Paw Stamp Album, make sure to talk to any cat you come across inside the PCD.
    4. Begin fighting Uquaji (found at the far left door next to the fishing spot in the Spacetime Rift). He comes back every 24 hours with a few more levels.
    5. Begin filling out your Cat Catalog (obtained after returning to the Moonlight Forest).
  6. Complete the Main Story up to Chapter 13 (characters should be around level 32)
    1. If you've completed the Persona 5 prologue from Step 2, go to the Baruoki Tavern to start the Persona 5 Collab event. Complete the entire Collab to get 5 star Joker and 5 star Morgana. Make sure to get all the badges from the dungeon (including a +20% EXP badge!) as well as their level 60 personal weapons.
    2. Go to Unigan near the gate to the Karek Swampland. Complete the Two Knights side episode until VH-Miglance Labyrinth (Unigan) is unlocked. Begin spending your Red Keys here to start getting the rewards.
      1. IMPORTANT NOTE: Once any Red Key dungeon has been unlocked, it is recommended that you continue focusing on the Main Story up to Chapter 25 while making sure to spend all your daily keys, both green and red. The sooner you finish the Main Story, the sooner you can begin collecting Tsubura's Gems (see section 12.9/12.i).
    3. Go to Elzion Gamma District. Complete the Lost Tome side episode until Treasure Quests are unlocked. Continue to work through this episode as your level allows.
    4. If you have Miyu, begin Other Story: Little Princess' Little Big Adventure in Miglance Palace. Each chapter refreshes after 22 hours. (As of v.2.4.100 there is no longer a waiting period) Just go as far as you can and if you find yourself underleveled, put it on hold and come back later.
    5. Keep fishing.
  7. Continue the Main Story
    1. Once you hit level 40, go to Elzion Theta District. Complete IDA Part 1 until VH-Saki's Dream World is unlocked. Stop spending your Red Keys on Two Knights and begin spending your Red Keys here instead to start getting the rewards. Make sure to also do all the bonus activities related to IDA Part 1 (see here).
    2. Farm the two overworld Horrors in Miglance Labyrinth every 6 hours to finish off Two Knights and get all the rewards. They are located down the well next to the Unigan Tavern on floors 2 and 5.
    3. After completing IDA Part 1, complete the 1000 Year Ark until VH-Dragon Palace is unlocked. Begin spending your Red Keys here to start getting the rewards. Don't forget to check the sparkles hidden throughout the dungeon for black pearls. The number of stacked turtles at the start of the dungeon will let you know how many there are. Make sure to also do all the bonus activities related to the 1000 Year Ark (see here).
    4. Begin challenging Azami and Cerrine. They start at level 40 and respawn every 6 hours (As of v.2.4.100 there is no longer a waiting period) with 10 additional levels up to a maximum level of 80. Azami can be found in the Serena Coast. Cerrine can initally be found on the 2nd Floor of IDA School H Block after you complete IDA Part 1, but will move to the 3rd Floor Classroom for 2nd-4th fights and the Sky Terrace for the 5th fight. Defeating them will recruit them to your roster.
    5. Did you remember to keep fishing?
  8. Complete the Main Story up to Chapter 16. Begin challenging the Flame Eater (Gariyu). It starts at level 40 and respawns every 6 hours (As of v.2.4.100 there is no longer a waiting period) with 10 additional levels. It can initially be found in the Zol Planes but will move to a different location every time it respawns. You can find the locations here. Defeating it will allow you to fight Gariyu to recruit him to your roster.
  9. Complete the Main Story up to Chapter 18. If you have Ciel, begin Other Story: Foreign Skies and the Ship to Freedom in Elzion Gamma District. Each chapter refreshes after 6 hours. (As of v.2.4.100 there is no longer a waiting period) Just go as far as you can and if you find yourself underleveled, put it on hold and come back later.
  10. Complete the Main Story up to Chapter 21 (characters should be around level 45)
    1. Visit the various locations offered on the Riftbreaker's main deck to unlock access to Nilva and Rucyana Sands (which leads to Zarbo). In Zarbo, go into the rightmost house on the center lane and tap the straw dummy (it does not have an exclamation mark) to gain access to Sarupa and Charol Plains.
    2. Begin the Time Mine side episode. You'll want to stop by here every half hour or so when the sparkles respawn.
    3. Go do the hidden quest chain for the Adamantine Weapon. You can only get one weapon and your decision is permanent so choose carefully.
    4. If you don't see yourself continuing the story anytime soon, use your Green Keys in H-Tower of Stars to farm levels and materials needed for level 52 and 60 equipment. Otherwise, use them to farm points for side episodes other than the 1000 Year Ark.
    5. Are you still fishing?
  11. Complete the Main Story up to Chapter 22
    1. Go to the Unigan inn. Begin the First Knight and the Holy Sword side episode (requires completion of Two Knights). Completing this side episode gets you a free 5 star character, Deirdre. Make sure to also do all the bonus activities related to the First Knight (see here) which can reward you with things like VC grasta, armor, and a second Adamantine Weapon.
  12. Finish the Main Story (characters should be around level 55)
    1. Go to Unigan near the gate to the Serena Coast and unlock the Royal Theater. You can cast your characters in different roles of a play and you are awarded chronos stones the first time you get a Disappointing, Excellent, or MAX review for each play.
    2. Go to Baruoki in the Mayor's House and do the two part quest chain beginning with To You of Days Long Past to get the ULTIMANIA Hammer. It can be upgraded through fighting specific enemies so keep an eye out for them as you continue to play.
    3. Go to Baruoki in the Mayor's House and do the quest for The Cat's Tale Beyond It's Territory. This will let you explore new locations as Varuo. You can get grasta and cat equipment this way.
    4. After doing Step 3 above, go start the Cat Battles. Your goal is to finish the quest "Dance the Paw-Rondo!" located in a hidden extended area east of Last Island. If you have Bivette, come back after finishing the quest to unlock a second quest and additional Cat Battles. Finishing the second quest will unlock Bivette's 5 star potential and leveling cat!Bivette to level 40 will give you enough Flame Witch Psalms to upgrade Bivette to 5 stars.
    5. If you have not gotten all the rewards from the Two Knights or IDA Part 1 side episodes, use your Green Keys to finish collecting points.
    6. If you do not have any side episodes to farm, use your Green Keys to farm H-Ruins of Rucyana for levels, EXP scrolls, git, and scripts.
    7. Begin spending your Red Keys to farm VH-Moonlight Forest, Industrial Ruins, and Nadara Volcano for levels, materials, tomes, scripts, and (if you're doing VH-Industrial Ruins) light for Amy. You also want to try and get the Sun Tome, Empress Tome, and Flame Lord Tome from these VH dungeons respectively.
    8. You will also unlock the VH-Sealed Realm: Transitory Time Space and Ephemeral Time Space. Doing VH-Transitory Time Space gives you about 1.7 million EXP, EXP badges, EXP scrolls, and a chance at treatises. Doing VH-Ephemeral Time Space gives you about 800k git, Git Badges, Gold Lumps, and a chance at treatises (it is recommended to wait until after Chapter 51 when you gain access to Gold Weapons). However, neither of these dungeons will give you any materials, tomes, scripts, or light/shadow.
    9. You will begin earning Tsubura's Gems for completing VH dungeons. You might want to consider saving 400 of these in case you need to buy treatises for an AS sidegrade. Any extras are best used to buy Red Keys to run additional VH dungeons. On average, this is superior to buying Chant Scripts with them. You can earn up to 120 of these a week.
    10. Finish the Lost Tome side episode if you have not done so already to get Sophia to 5 stars.
    11. Finish challenging Azami and upgrade her to 5 stars.
    12. Finish challenging Cerrine and upgrade her to 5 stars.
    13. Finish challenging Flame EateGariyu and then upgrade him to 5 stars.
    14. Begin to fight the original bonus bosses for the achievements/Chronos Stones (Goblin King, Red Dawn, True Chronos Menas, Imbrium Basin). Note that Red Dawn and Imbrium Basin are part of the ULTIMANIA Hammer upgrade quest so you might want to hold off on killing them until you reach that point.
    15. Once you reach around level 60, if you have any characters that are capable of getting a Manifestation Weapon, go do the initial battle in the Spacetime Rift located in the room furthest in the back. Once you get the weapon, keep it equipped on anyone in your currently active party so it gains EXP up to level 10. The fastest way to level them is through the Sealed Realm: Transitory Time Space AD. The current list of characters able to get a Manifestation Weapon are: Anabel, Azami, Bertrand, Cerrine, Cetie, Deirdre, Dewey, Ewan, Felmina, Gariyu, Isuka, Laclair, Lokido, Melina, Mighty, Myrus, Nagi, Shanie, Shion, Suzette, Toova, and Tsukiha.
    16. The fish ponds miss you. T_T
  13. Begin Ogre Wars, Part 1 (requires completion of Two Knights) (characters should be level 60+)
    1. Once you get to Konium, talk to the trader in the tavern. Collect all the Cruel Angel's gear and begin upgrading the Staff and Necklace. You can find a map for all of the special materials here.
    2. Go to the Elzion Cargo Station. Complete IDA Part 2 (requires completion of IDA Part 1) until H-Mayu's Dream World is unlocked. Begin spending your Green Keys here to get all the rewards. Make sure to do all the bonus activities related to IDA Part 2 (see here).
    3. Go to the Charol Plains towards the north end of the map. Complete the Celestial Tower until H-Dogma Tower is unlocked. Begin spending your Green Keys here to get all the rewards. This side episode has extremely high requirements for the final rewards despite the recent buff so feel free to take your time once you've finished the side episode.
    4. Finish off Other Story: Little Princess' Little Big Adventure. If your team is lacking 5 star units, run VH-Forest of Forgetfulness (Miglance Palace) until you have enough Princess Psalms to upgrade Miyu to 5 stars.
    5. Finish off Other Story: Foreign Skies and the Ship to Freedom. If your team is lacking 5 star units, run VH-Hanging Garden (Garden Island) until you have enough Melodist Psalms to upgrade Ciel to 5 stars.
    6. You have new fishing pools in the Ancient Battlefield and Snake Neck Igoma so take advantage of them.
  14. Finish Ogre Wars, Part 1
    1. Spend just enough Green and Red Keys to run H- and VH-Snake Liver Damaku in order to finish upgrading the Cruel Angel's Staff and Necklace to +10. Don't run this dungeon again unless you literally have nothing to do.
    2. If your team is lacking 5 star units, buy as many Dragon Bearer Psalms as necessary to upgrade Aldo to 5 stars.
    3. Just keep fishing.
  15. Begin Ogre Wars, Part 2
    1. Once you get to the Haunted Cheateau and Toto Dreamland, collect all the Toto's gear and begin upgrading the Ring. If you use Renri, upgrade the Ax. If you use a bow-based support (e.g. Ciel), upgrade the Bow. If you use a hammer-based healer, upgrade the Hammer. If you use a spear-based tank, upgrade the Spear. You can find a map for the locations of the Toto marks to get the weapons here. You can find a map for the locations of the armor here.
    2. If your team is lacking 5 star units, buy 10 Brawler Psalms and upgrade Amy to 5 stars.
    3. Just keep fishing.
  16. Finish Ogre Wars, Part 2
    1. Go to Ratle to unlock the jump rope minigame in Konium and Baruoki.
    2. Hopefully you've finished the Time Mine side episode and collected all the rewards. If not, keep working at it.
    3. Go to the Riftbreaker's main deck. Complete the Azure Rebel side episode until H-Former KMS HQ is unlocked. Begin spending your Green Keys here to get all the rewards.
    4. Go to IDA School H Block outside the IDEA Operations Room. Complete IDA Part 3 (requires completion of IDA Part 2). No keys are required. Finishing this episode rewards you with a an extremely powerful yet free level 60 5 star character, Mana. After finishing this side episode, take your time grinding out the rest of your friendship points in Lord of Mana to collect all the rewards.
    5. Go to Rinde and begin Devilishness Revived (requires completion of Celestial Tower). This event consists of a series of battles that respawn every 6 hours (As of v.2.4.100 there is no longer a waiting period) in a different location. Do this 5 times to unlock Cyrus's 5 star potential. Feel free to move on and come back later if the fights are too difficult.
    6. Begin Rebirth of the Beast King. This event consists of a series of battles in different locations with no cooldown between battles. After the 5th battle, you unlock Guildna's 5 star potential. Feel free to move on and come back later if the fights are too difficult.
    7. Begin IDA Part 2: After Incidents in the Elzion Cargo Station (requires completion of IDA Part 2). This event consists of a series of battles that respawn every 6 hours (As of v.2.4.100 there is no longer a waiting period) in a different location. Do this 5 times to get AS Saki. Feel free to move on and come back later if the fights are too difficult.
    8. Begin One Other Ordeal in the Elzion Theta District (requires completion of the Azure Rebel). This event consists of a series of battles. The first three can be done with no cooldown while the last two each spawn 6 hours after the previous battle. (As of v.2.4.100 there is no longer a waiting period) After the 5th battle, you unlock Riica's 5 star potential and personal weapon. Feel free to move on and come back later if the fights are too difficult.
    9. Go do the hidden quest chain to upgrade your Adamantine Weapon. You can only get one type of upgrade and your decision is permanent so choose carefully.
    10. Go to Unigan and begin the AS Gariyu questline (requires completion of all three of his character quests as well). The first three battles and the last two battles can be done back-to-back but there is a 6 hour delay between the 3rd and 4th battles. (As of v.2.4.100 there is no longer a waiting period)
    11. Just keep fishing, fishing, fishing...
  17. Begin Tales from the East: Return of the Goddess of Time
    1. Go to the Izana Tavern and start investigating the rumors. It takes the guy 30 minutes to finish investigating each rumor.
    2. Go to Narsham and participate in the minigames to farm Silver and Gold tokens. Silver Tokens can be traded for souvenirs. Collecting all the souvenirs will only reward 5 Chronos Stones so it's not quite worth the time investment. Gold Tokens can be traded for Gold Weapons that boost the amount of gold earned in battle. It's best to equip these weapons before entering the Ruins of Rucyana or the Ephemeral Time Space.
    3. What do we do? We fish, fish, fish... (There aren't any new fishing locations so just keep fishing the old ones).
  18. Finish Goddess of Time
    1. Begin to equip your main units with Cherry Blossom weapons and Discipline/Tempered armor (crafted from materials that come from the new zones in Garulea) and then start upgrading them. For weapons, the Staff, Sword, Bow, Fists, and Hammer are all worth upgrading. The Katana is worth upgrading if you have Elga or AS Shion. The armors increase max HP/MP. Note that there is only one Master of the Attic (Horror), which means you can only get 1 Steel Mouse Skin every 6 hours.
    2. Use your Green Keys to farm Present Garulea Continent AD for high level Grasta. Even if your light/shadow level is low, you can still collect Junk/Paint Materials/Cat Emas inside the dungeon to trade for rewards.
    3. With Present Garulea Continent AD unlocked, you should also start buying Green Keys with Tsubura's Gems from the Nopaew Emporium.
    4. Oh ho ho! How I love to fish!
  19. Begin Goddess of Time Volume 2 Part 1
    1. Make sure to do all of the sidequests as you progress the story. One of them in Chapter 61 will give you a Jadeite of Attack plus a Power of Agony (Lance) grasta.
    2. After Chapter 55, you will gain the ability to create VC grasta from your unused upgrade tomes at the present time Cat Shrine.
    3. After Chapter 58, you will gain Strawboy. If you level him up to at least level 60, you can return to Zami to reincarnate him. Each reincarnation increases his starting level by 1 (up to a maximum of starting level of 60). Each reincarnation at level 80 will also increase his light value by 1.
    4. After Chapter 60, you will gain the ability to create True VC grasta at the future Cat Shrine. To unlock this ability, you will need to complete a short quest requiring the collection of 88 charms. A map of the charm locations can be found on the wiki here.
  20. Finish Goddess of Time Volume 2 Part 1
    1. Once you finish collecting all the limited grasta from Present Garulea Continent AD, switch over to farming Ancient Garulea Continent AD instead.
    2. Begin to equip your main units with Dragon Bone weapons and Active/Silence armor (crafted from materials that come from the new zones in Garulea) and then start upgrading them. For weapons, the Ax and Bow are worth upgrading. The Hammer is potentially worth upgrading. The armors increase HP/MP regen while in reserves and have the same stats as the Discipline/Tempered Armor.
    3. Buy or farm any remaining Psalms needed to upgrade your story characters. This should be done together with VC grasta farming.
      1. If you haven't already, buy or farm Aldo's remaining Dragon Bearer Psalms and upgrade him to 5 stars.
      2. If you haven't already, buy or farm Amy's remaining Brawler Psalms and upgrade her to 5 stars.
      3. If you haven't already, buy or farm Cyrus's remaining Brave Storm Psalms and upgrade him to 5 stars. Note that this is low priority and you can save your Red Keys/Tsubura's Gems if you don't plan on using him.
      4. If you haven't already, buy or farm Helena's remaining Xeno-Legion Psalms and upgrade her to 5 stars. Note that this is low priority and you can save your Red Keys/Tsubura's Gems if you don't plan on using her.
      5. If you haven't already, buy or farm Guildna's remaining Sovereign Psalms and upgrade him to 5 stars. Note that this is low priority and you can save your Red Keys/Tsubura's Gems if you don't plan on using him.
      6. If you haven't already, buy or farm Riica's remaining Gratinel Psalms and upgrade her to 5 stars. Note that this is low priority and you can save your Red Keys/Tsubura's Gems if you don't plan on using her.
  21. Endgame stuff (in no particular order)
    1. Use your Red Keys to finishing collecting all the rewards from the side episodes. Afterward, use your Red Keys to farm for story character light/shadow to reach the AD reward thresholds (Ruins of Rucyana: 96, VH-AD: 120, Otherlands: 180, Present Garulea Continent: 240 and 360).
    2. While you can try to farm for VH-Otherlands weapons, farming for Grasta in Present Garulea Continent AD provides an easier and faster power boost for the same number of Green Keys. If you still want to farm VH-Otherlands, your choices are: Baruoki, Ratle, and Elzion. Which one you do depends on what weapons you want and what team composition you have. While difficulty is subjective, I'd rate them Baruoki > Elzion = Ratle (from hardest to easiest). I recommend farming upgrades for either Bulk Faust (for Amy) or Aceto Vita (for any staff users). Note that there are Eastern/Eight Demon weapons with similar (but slightly weaker) effects for far less grind.
    3. If you have finished leveling your Manifestation Weapons to level 10, go back and do the second fight to finish powering them up. This fight will be much more difficult!
    4. Go to Konium and talk to the elder to refight the armors from Rebirth of the Beast King to upgrade the Sword of Despair.
    5. Go to Purgatory and refight the Elementals 3 times each to upgrade the elemental weapons.
    6. Finish fishing by catching all the Lake Horrors and then go fight Leviathan.
    7. Go fight level 90 Flame Eater while you're at it.
    8. Finish 1000 Another Dungeons to fight the Nameless Girl.
    9. You didn't forget about Uquaji, did you?
    10. Fight the Present Garulea Eight Demons from the rumors to get their weapons. (Guide courtesy of u/Living_Green)
    11. Fight the Antiquity Garulea Eight Demons after solving their riddles to get their weapons. (Guide courtesy of u/EdenBoy03)
    12. Fight the remaining superbosses: Insula Ventorum, Mimi, Rotte Rivel, Zennon Shadow, Melvillithan, Regenwurm, Terra Nivium, and the Baruoki Mayor. Note that Insula Ventorum is part of the ULTIMANIA Hammer upgrade quest so you might want to hold off on killing it until you reach that point. Farming Rotte Rivel and Regenwurm is the most efficient way to get everything from the Cat Road vendors in Moonlight Forest and Sarupa respectively.
    13. Finish all your collection achievements (including the armors from H-Otherlands).
    14. Finish leveling and upgrading all your characters.
    15. Find all 100 cats and level them all to level 50 through cat battles. Don't forget to go back to the Spurr-ace Colony to fight the Four Heavenly Kitties.
    16. Reincarnate your Strawboy all the way to 255 light.
    17. Go back and finish getting max friend points for every companion in Lord of Mana, even if you've already gotten the final chant script, for bragging rights.
    18. Fully upgrade your fishing gear and catch 150 of every single fish including the Lake Lords and Rinde Sunfish.
  22. Mourn the loss of your social life as you wait for the next patch to drop.
※ Important Note: Aside from the Two Knights and Azure Rebel side episodes, everything else that is not part of the Main Story is optional. This means that if you do not want to fish, mine, or do Otherlands, etc., you are free to ignore those parts of this roadmap.
Too long? Here's a (not fully comprehensive) TL;DR in chart format (thanks to u/stmack):
Level Main Story (Completed) Side Episodes Events with Timers Green Keys Red Keys Miscellaneous
1 Chapter 2 Persona 5 Prologue Set Transfer ID
20 Chapter 11 1000 Year Ark Fishing H-AD Orange and Blue quests
32 Chapter 13 Persona 5 Little Princess
Two Knights Miglance Labyrinth Miglance Labyrinth
Lost Tome Treasures and Auction
40 IDA Part 1 Miglance Horrors Saki's Dream Saki's Dream
Azami Dragon Palace Dragon Palace
Chapter 16 Gariyu
Chapter 18 Foreign Skies
45 Chapter 21 Time Mine Tower of Stars Adamantine Weapon
Chapter 22 First Knight
55 Finish Story Cat Battles Finish Side Episodes VH-Moonlight Forest Royal Theater
Ruins of Rucyana VH-Industrial Ruins Ultimania Hammer
VH-Nadara Volcano Cat Beyond It's Territory
60 Ogre Wars Part 1 IDA Part 2 Mayu's Dream Cruel Angel's Gear
Celestial Tower Dogma Tower
60+ Finish Ogre Wars Part 1 Snake Liver Damaku Snake Liver Damaku Upgrade Aldo to 5 stars
Ogre Wars Part 2 Toto's Gear
Finish Ogre Wars Part 2 Azure Rebel Devilishness Revived Former KMS HQ Upgrade Amy to 5 stars
IDA Part 3 Rebirth of the Beast King Jump Rope
IDA Part 2: After Incidents Upgrade Adamantine Weapon
GoT Part 1 Present Eight Demons
Finish GoT Part 1 Present Garulea Continent Finish Side Episodes Farm Eastern Weapons
GoT Vol 2 Part 1 Farm Strawboy Materials
Endgame Antiquity Garulea Continent Finish Side Episodes Farm Eastern Weapons
Farm Light/Shadow/VC grasta Fight Bonus Bosses
List of Bonus Bosses:
  • 1.0 Bosses
    • Goblin King (Moonlight Forest, deepest area, requires Goblin Loincloth)
    • Red Dawn (Zol Plains, northeast corner)
    • Imbrium Basin (Last Island, northwest corner)
    • True Chronos Menas (Records Room Chronos Umbra, Elzion Pathway boss room)
    • Flame Eater (Corinda Plains, up the southwest vine, requires recruitment of Gariyu)
    • Leviathan (Ocean Palace, requires completion of Ocean Palace and victory over all Lake Lords)
    • Nameless Girl (Spacetime Rift, requires completion of 1000 Another Dungeons)
    • Uquaji (Spacetime Rift, westernmost door)
  • 1.5 Bosses
    • Insula Ventorum (Hidden passage behind Macminal Museum, requires key from final room in the museum)
    • Mimi (Toto Dreamland)
    • Zennon Shadow (Records Room Ogres Spike, boss room)
    • Melvillithan (Ogres Spike, east of Dominion Spire, requires Resonance Box)
    • The full power 4 Elementals in Purgatory without using the items (there are no actual rewards but they're still a fun challenge)
  • 2.0 Bosses
    • Rotte Rivel (Moonlight Forest, extended area east of the healing point, requires travelling there first as Varuo)
    • Regenwurm (Cat Road, extended area in the northeast corner of Sarupa, requires travelling there first as Varuo)
    • 8 Demons (Present Garulea, all over the place, requires talking to rumor monger at Izana tavern first)
    • 8 Demons (Antiquity Garulea, all over the place, requires talking to man in Gadaro first)
    • Terra Nivium (Sky Fortress Eeza down the elevator, requires code from KMS)
    • Baruoki Mayor (Baruoki, complete all the tutorial missions given by the mayor and find the cane in Moonlight Forest)
    • Celestial Mushroom (Rippling Forest, hidden area immediately east of the exit of the northern most map)
    • Berserk Tempered Hound (Parallel Unigan Underground Path)
F2P Summoning Guides:
Miscellaneous Notes:
  • Go set up your Transfer ID right now if you haven't already. You have been warned!
  • Use your food! You can always get new food by resting at an inn.
  • Only use your chronos on pulls! If you die in battle, you can force close the game and reload before the battle as long as you don't go past the defeat screen.
  • Gear isn't an exceptionally big deal before endgame. Just wear what you can get. If you're running Another Dungeons, you should be getting a decent amount of materials. Also, look into getting the treasure chests hidden behind Horrors to lessen the amount of materials you need to grind. Once you get past Chapter 26, the Cruel Angel's and Toto's gear should last you until the Eastern continent.
  • These are the best dungeons for battle EXP outside of the EXP dungeon:
Dungeon Total EXP EXP w/o Horrors
VH-Snake Liver Damaku 662094 558318
VH-Riftbreaker 641835 540567
VH-Toto Dreamland 634225.5 525421.5
VH-Beast King's Castle 611173.5 507397.5
VH-Miglance Castle 609550 513310
Additional useful links if you need more details on anything mentioned above:
  • Added links to GL and JP notice APIs
  • Added links to F2P summoning guides
  • Added new Bonus Boss section
  • Added First Knight side episode
  • Added Cat Battles
  • Added Goddess of Time Vol.2 stuff including Antiquity Eight Demons
  • Added the Sealed Realm: Ephemeral Time Space
  • Revised some wording
Edit: Changed wording regarding Cat Road vendors as pointed out by u/emanresuthcin
Edit: Changed wording regarding AD names for Forest of Forgetfulness and Hanging Garden as pointed out by u/Durzel_Whitesteel
Edit: Fixed typo for Terra Nivium thanks to u/Typical-Cookie, fully updated guide to 2.3.100
Edit: Added AS Gariyu questline thanks to u/_cHiKiTo_.
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[PROMO] Recent update and evaluation of Punishing: Gray Raven

This post is to give information about Punishing: Gray Raven (PGR) as it has been released for more than 4 months already in CN, and about the game’s characteristics for deciding whether you might be interested in the game or not.
  1. PGR: what the game is
  2. History and current status
  3. Differences from HI3
  4. General guideline
PGR: what the game is
  • Punishing: Gray Raven (战双帕弥什) is a fast-paced action mobile game with gacha element similar to Honkai Impact 3 (HI3). In fact, there are so many similarities between them that you can say that PGR is yet another HI3 copycat, but its popularity is growing rapidly in CN so there must be something worthy to look up to.
  • Gameplay in general: instanced stages with enemies that you have to fight them in real time. You can have up to 3 characters but you will control one character at any time. Each stage has time limit of 5 minutes so the battle is usually short. No auto-combat.
  • Gacha element: you have two main gacha pools, the character gacha and the weapon gacha. There is a pity system: for the character gacha, 100% pity rate for new S rank characters, 70% for old rate-up S rank characters (two different banners). For weapon gacha, it’s 80% pity rate for rate-up. You will 100% get “any” S rank character or a 6-star weapon on pity, but not necessarily the rate-up item. Duplicates will become character fragments which can be used to upgrade the character.
  • Story: There is a cybernetic virus outbreak in the near future that wipes out human civilisations. The virus is said to be from human’s research into forbidden technologies, and not only can it kill any human, it can also cause robots to go berserk. You are a team of cyborg-like soldiers called Constructs, who retain human minds to avoid being infected, sent to Earth’s surface after the rest of humanity took refuge in a large space station. Your mission is to reclaim Earth back from the virus-infested world.
History and current status
  • PGR has been released in CN since 5th Dec 2019. Since then, there is a major scandal about false gacha rate advertisement and “over-rewarding” new players then taking back the reward. You can read it all here (https://www.reddit.com/gachagaming/comments/ediuwv/promo_the_whole_situation_with_punishing_gray/). Since then, there have been review-bombings on PGR’s Taptap page and several lawsuits in CN against the developer, Kuro Game.
  • Despite the fact, PGR has continued to maintain its revenue in CN in a large fraction of that of HI3. Here is the table of PGR’s revenue since inception (assuming CNY:USD is 7:1).
(Unit: USD mn) PGR HI3 (worldwide) Compare %
Dec-19 37.1 22.8 162%
Jan-20 27.7 48.8 57%
Feb-20 9.3 21.8 43%
Mar-20 12.7 22.9 55%
Apr-20 9.0 27.6 33%
May-20 8.1 22.8 35%
(Source: https://space.bilibili.com/179948458)
  • Part of the reason why the scandal has been pretty much forgiven is that Kuro has improved various aspects of the game, as followed:
  1. Kuro has given away an S rank selector to all players, including new accounts. The selector will let you choose the oldest 5 S rank characters.
  2. After S Lucia’s release (she is a physical damage dealer) in Jan 2020, there were complaints about the potential power creep since the new character was so strong, while at the same time most elemental damage dealers were lacklustre. Kuro then released a patch which greatly buffed most elemental characters, especially the older S rank characters. As of April 2020, there are many characters whose performance is very close to S Lucia.
  3. Kuro has increased the pity rate of any NEW S rank character banner from 80% to 100%, meaning it becomes the full guarantee rate.
  4. Players now can choose their own desired rate-up A rank character in the general gacha pools. Rate-up A rank characters have 80% chance to appear every 10 pulls, except for a new A rank character which as 100% chance.
  5. Kuro has introduced the sought-after lock-on button, which let players to change the targeted enemies at will.
  6. All S rank characters will eventually return as rate-up in a separate banner, including S Lucia. The expected inclusion time is around 3 months after debut, for now.
Differences from HI3
The following write-up will assume that you know a bit about HI3’s gameplay in general, but I will explain it as clear as possible for others as well.
  • PGR’s combat system is a combination of HI3’s system and FGO’s command card system. On the similarity to the command card, each character in PGR has skill orbs with 3 different colors: red, blue, yellow. Each orb color will execute a different skill for a different character. You will gain more skill orbs from normal attacks, even if the character is in the back up. Consumption of 3 skill orbs with the same color will execute the most powerful version of that skill, including additional effects. Moreover, many characters have their unique “core passive” which will result in special abilities when you consume the right string of skill orbs.
  • PGR characters can trigger “slow motion” for a brief period after successfully dodge an enemy’s attack, similar to HI3’s ultimate evasion. However, all characters will perform slow motion after the successful dodge, unlike in HI3 where different characters will have different effects from ultimate evasion.
  • Moreover, and more importantly, PGR’s dodge system has “stamina” limit similar to Dark Souls system, so players can’t freely dodge all the time. The three characters in your team will have their own dodge gauges, however.
  • There is “QTE” system similar to HI3, but when it is used in PGR, a character in the back-up line will perform their special ability while you retain the control of the different character in the battlefield. This is different from HI3, where its QTE system requires players to switch the controlled characters. Also, the condition of QTE in PGR is simple: 3-orb consumption of the right color. In addition, PGR characters will perform another ability when switching into the battlefield as well, similar to HI3’s QTE, but it isn’t called QTE here.
  • There are three character types in PGR, but there is no rock-paper-scissor system. The three types are (1) assault type, (2) tank type, and (3) healer type. Assault characters are usually main damage dealers, with almost nonexistent support abilities except for few characters. Tanks are the characters who can apply various debuffs on enemies, and are usually tanky as you might expect. Healers can provide buffs and debuffs as well in addition to healing. Tanks and healers use separate gears that can stack up the different buffs and debuffs.
  • There is an equivalent to HI3’s stigmata called memories in PGR. The biggest difference is that all memories of all rarities are entirely farmable. There is no 6-star memory in the gacha pool even.
  • Weapons are more or less similar to HI3’s, quite rare and exclusive. However, the difference between the signature weapons (6-star) and the farmable 5-star weapons is not large (20-30% damage increase but no playstyle change). Moreover, up to three of any 5-star weapons can be consumed to enhance another 5-star weapon so that their damage will be closer to that of 6-star weapons. Don’t expect 5-star weapons to be easily farmed, though.
  • There are the equivalents to HI’s abyss mode and the memorial arena mode, which are weekly activities in a semi-PVP way. The difference is that PGR’s premium currency rewards (for gacha pulls) are from participation only, meaning there is no need to perform better than other players.
  • Currently, there aren’t a lot of content and activities in PGR compared to HI3 right now as you might expect. Also, Kuro is adopting Arknights’ strategy when it comes to daily grinds, so a player can expect to finish grinding daily within 1 to 1.5 hours. You can spend up to 4x more stamina for faster clearing and rewards.
  • Aesthetic-wise, PGR is similar to Nier Automata and Arknights: sleek and clean UI, few uses of vibrant colors, and many robotic parts on character designs. The main story’s overall atmosphere is quite mature and serious. The music genres are mostly trance and EDM.
  • The currently most complaint issue is the bad server connection quality, which makes co-op missions unenjoyable even for CN players.
General Guideline
  • The cost of a gacha pull is 250 black cards per pull. The pity count for character gacha is 60 pulls (40 pulls for the first time), and the pity count for weapon gacha is 30 pulls.
  • F2P players can expect to earn at least 1,200 black cards per week, or around 5,000 black cards per month. This means F2P players earn 20 pulls per month.
  • There is a monthly card which gives 100 black cards everyday for 30 days. It costs RMB 30 (approx. $4.2) to buy. This means a low spender can expect to earn 8,000 black cards per month, or 32 pulls per month.
  • As the current expected period between introductions of new S rank characters is 2 months, this means you are required to save 60 pulls every 2 months if you aim to have all the future S rank characters. A low spender will save 64 pulls by two months so that shouldn’t be an issue. A F2P player may need to forgo a new S rank banner after pulling another banner before, however. This also assumes that the player is willing not to pull any weapon gacha at all, which is still viable for endgame content.
  • For new players, you will receive an S rank selector. DON’T immediately use it. Wait and continue playing until you are at least commander level 40, so you will earn enough black cards and gacha tickets for 40 pulls. This is to avoid getting dupes that you don’t like. After you get an S rank character from the guarantee pull, you can use the S rank selector by this rule of thumb: if you get an Assault character, you should choose a support character (especially S Liv) from the selector. But if you get a support character, you should choose an Assault character from it.
  • For those who want to install and play PGR, we recommend installing the Bili Bili version (https://www.biligame.com/detail/?id=102242) as it is easier for a foreigner to spend money through Paypal. You still need a fake Chinese ID and name, however, which you must register through Bili Bili website (http://my.biligame.com/smz/).
  • There is an active discord community (Link: https://discord.gg/2GskDea). We have a small collection of fan-made guides and translations, which are still in progress.
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