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Welcome to Rocket League, lets get started! (a comprehensive guide)

Welcome to Rocket League

I want to welcome all new players to the world of Rocket League, a fast paced and physics based car soccer game that is super fun to play at any skill level.
To help you get started I’ve created a comprehensive guide to all things Rocket League. I’ll be going through everything you need from your first goal to becoming the highest rank in this game: Supersonic Legend.
The first step we’ll take is going through the games interface and explaining the basics of the game. Please take note that the latest update was just released and some things might be slightly different or net yet updated on any of the links I added.
For returning players: A quick link to a good post about Epicgames account linking and trouble shooting.

Menu and Options

Main menu << See image
  1. This is the main menu, we’ll focus on Garage, Inventory, Play, Training and Options.
  2. Your banner, Avatar, Avatar border, [TEAM TAG], Profile name, XP level and XP progress bar.
  3. Rocket League news ticker with the latest news
  4. Rocket League Friends List and your RocketID (watch this explanation) *slightly outdated
One of the first things you’ll want to do is choose a car body and make it your own. You can do this in the Garage menu. There are a lot of ways for you to customize your car in Rocket League, there are different bodies, wheels, decals, boost, toppers, trails, antennas and more for you to create your own unique car setup. You can customize,manage and save your presets so you can quickly switch between them.
Choosing your first car body will probably be based on visual preference first, whichever one you think is the coolest looking car. When you get the hang of the basic controls you’ll want to try out other car bodies because they all feel a bit different. There are visual differences in car bodies but there are also 6 different hit boxes where the handling, height and length of the car is different. You’ll find that the difference between the Breakout and the Octane is much bigger than the difference between the Octane and the Road Hog. At the start the car body choice doesn’t matter that much, later on when you get better you’ll see that most players use the Octane or Dominus (or cars with those hit boxes). You can read more about car bodies and hit boxes at the bottom of this post.
The more you play, the more items you collect via drops or through other means. With the inventory you can manage them although this is a very basic and still underdeveloped part of Rocket League. You can archive items or tag them as favorite, sort and filter on quality and attributes. Rocket League customization items are a world on it’s own with online fashion advice subreddits and a buzzing trade community. If you want to know more about item quality, certification, colors and the communities around this then read the Rocket League Items and Trading section down below.


There are six tabs in the Play menu: Casual, Competitive, Tournaments, Training, Extra modes and Custom games.
Casual is where you’ll start out in the beginning to play car soccer with friend or other players from your region. It’s all about quick games and having fun, you can join and leave mid-game without penalty but it’s appreciated when you stick around (even if you’re a goal down). Casual doesn’t have ranks but it does try to match you with players that are on the same skill level.
Competitive is where it gets serious and you battle other players for MMR points and try to get a higher rank, you’re expected to really try your best to win the game for your team. You get a rank per playlist (1v1, 2v2, 3v3) so you can be Bronze in 1’s but Gold in 2’s. When you start out in Competitive you first have to play 10 placement matches before you see what rank you are. There is a option here called Arena Preferences where you get to like and dislike certain Arenas which makes it less likely or more likely you encounter them. I only use the global settings and don’t bother with a setting per playlist.
Tournaments are where you'll be able to compete in official Psyonix tournaments and win items or sign up for player generated tournaments. Tournaments have been recently revamped and you'll find more info on it from the official news item.
Training is very important in Rocket League, it is the fastest way to improve at the game and get the hang of all the different mechanics. Starting out you’ll want to do the tutorial and the Goalie, Striker and Aerial training. When you’ve got some basic understanding on the core mechanics you can practise hitting the ball around in free-play or try out one of the many community made training packs. Same with the Rocket League items, there is a whole world out there on training, best practises and fastest ways to improve. I’ll expand on those in the FAQ, tutorial and guides section. But before you worry about that first be bad at the game, be bad and laugh your ass off at the hilarious situations you’ll be in with your teammates. Or you know… lose yourself in this list of training packs.
Extra modes
Extra modes are fun variations on Rocket League. Snow day is with a puck instead of a ball, Hoops is like basketball, Dropshot is a mode where you have to break the floor tiles to score and Rumble is like normal Rocket League but with cool power ups. Hoops is the only 2v2 mode, the others are all 3v3. Try them out as they all ask a slightly different set of skills.
Custom games
This is something you will want to check out especially when you are starting out in Rocket League.
  • Exhibition and Season mode Here you can battle it out with and against bots which is a great way to improve your gameplay and measure how you much you are improving. You'll start out 1v1 against an easy bot and gradually increase the difficulty, at a certain point (many hours later) you will be able to 1v4 bots with ease. Be sure to switch it up though because playing against bots is very different than against real players.
  • Private match is where you can join or host a match with friends or when you are in a LAN party
  • Workshop (steam only) has some great community driven content to have fun and improve. There's more information on this in the Mods and Applications section below.


Ok time to go and look at all the settings you can play around with. I won’t go into too much detail because Pro players Squishy Muffinz and Scrub Killa have made really great videos on this where they walk you through all the settings and explain what they do so I can’t recommend that enough! Watch Squishy Muffinz and Watch Scrub Killa.
You can leave the most on default but the two of the most changed settings on this screen are
  • Text chat
Specify what kind of text chat you want, all, quickchat, team or off. Sometimes you’ll notice it can be relaxing to actually turn this off for a while.
  • Cross-platform play
My preference is to only play with players on the same platform (pc) because there is a slight difference in the kind of players you encounter. Also you can’t actually communicate with other platforms other than through quick chat so keep that in mind.
  • Game stat display level
Sometimes too much information can be annoying and distract you, find your personal preference.
Probably the most changed settings in Rocket League. The default settings are just plain wrong so make sure you adjust these to your personal preference as soon as possible. Starting out in Rocket League most players prefer to have sort of a birds eye view, high angle and distance. This setting is great for your awareness in game but do really hurt your precision when hitting the ball. It’s fine to start out with a higher distance and angle though but you’ll soon want to edge more towards the ‘pro settings’. I mean there’s a reason the pros use it. Don’t be afraid to adjust these settings throughout your time playing because your personal preferences might change over time.
  • Camera presets are not really used, wide angle is the only one that’s playable.
  • Camera shake is something you’ll want to turn off… OFF!
  • Field of view you can put on 110, this gives you the most awareness.
  • Distance is something you can play around with but remember that the further you are from your car the less precision you have when hitting the ball. Being to close to your car will hurt your awareness though so try and keep this between 260 and 310. Also keep in mind that the Stiffness also affects the distance (more stiffness = closer to your car).
  • Height should be anywhere from 90 to 120. Height and Angle affect each other so if you have a high angle you can have a lower height.
  • A high Angle gives you a better view on what’s behind the ball but can affect your ability to hit the ball in the right spot. Especially when you start air dribbling you’ll find that a higher angle is not to your advantage. Most players keep this between -3 and -5.
  • Stiffness can be anything from 0 to 1. Most players use between 0.35 and 0.75 but there are some that have it all the way to 1. More stiffness means that your camera is almost fixed to your car, less stiffness and you’ll notice that on low speeds you are close to your car and when you’re boosting the camera moves a bit further away.
  • Swivel speed is how fast your camera moves when looking around and
  • Transition speed is how quickly the screen transitions between car and ball cam.
  • Invert swivel inverts the swivel direction on your camera controls.
Here you can adjust controller sensitivity and deadzone but it’s better to leave this on default until you’re a bit more comfortable with the game and then experiment with sensitivity and deadzone.
Controller bindings
In Rocket League you can change all the controls bindings you want. The default bindings are not ideal but configuration of the controls is purely based on your own preferences. What I have changed is Powerslide and Airrol on L1, boost on R1, jump on X and ballcam on square just to make sure I have access to everything simultaneously. I will link you to a list of all the pro controllers settings so you can find a logical setup for yourself
There are a bunch of interface options you can adjust here which are mostly self-explanatory. I like to increase the nameplate scale to improve my view on the opponents and force default team colors because I’m old and don’t like change ;)
  • Consoles
Video settings on consoles are purely cosmetic and dependent on personal preference, they do not really impact how the game runs on the console. If you think you can do without the weather effects then disable them. If you want to improve your experience on your console then I recommend connecting it to a monitor and making sure the console is connected to the internet via a wired connection instead of wireless.
  • PC
Choosing the right video settings on PC can make a huge difference though and with all the different setups it's important to make sure Rocket League runs as smooth as possible. There is so much to say about this that I'll just share some really interesting links with you guys. This ranges from simply optimizing the in-game setting to changing the .ini file and Windows graphics settings.
You might not realize this but sound has an important role in this game. Hearing opponents boosting or jumping can help your decision making on the field. It might all be overwhelming in the beginning but soon enough you'll notice you are reacting on sound cues rather than visual cues. So play around with the settings and try to minimize the sounds that are only distracting or unnecessary.
Quick chat is the only way to communicate cross-platform but is also super useful to quickly inform teammates or compliment them on a play. You can set up different quick chats in settings and some of them are really helpful in-game: I got it!, All yours, Centering!, Thanks!, Nice one!. Others seem really positive like Wow! and What a Save! but you'll soon learn that they will be used just as often when you make a mistake. Don't worry about that because even after playing this game for 2000 hours you will still make mistakes and people will still be salty about this. So don't worry about mistakes, they are part of the game. Toxic behavior shouldn't be though so don't be afraid to disable chat.

Starting the play

3, 2, 1, Go!

Now that you've got the right controls, video and camera settings you're ready to hit the Rocket League arenas and score some sick goals. First thing you'll want to do is just have some fun playing solo or with a team. Get a good feel for the game and score some bangers!
When you realize how much fun this game is and you want to climb the competitive ranks you'll want to improve as quickly as possible. The tutorials section below will help you out greatly, I've tried to create a list of the best content out there to help you improve quickly. Apart from the best settings and controls there is something far more important that you'll need: A positive mind set.
Before I leave you with all the great content below I want to give you one more bit of personal advice:
Be a good teammate and opponent.
We are all here to play a game and have fun, be positive, supportive and adjust to their playstyle as best you can. The more players do this the better the online experience will be and you're a part of that! Be forgiving of your own and other players' mistakes, you’ll all be making a lot of them so it’s going to be tiresome to get tilted all the time. Remember the human! They all have their own stuff to deal with, Rocket League might be a way for them to escape that so make it something where they feel welcome. We all get tilted sometimes and that is OK... it’s just in the way you handle that. When you realise you’re getting tilted take a step back and do something else, play a less tilting game or go outside and take a break. It will keep you from bombing your rank or getting banned.
If nothing else, be the teammate you’d want to play with. Good luck out there and see you on the field!

General information

Setting you up with all the sources of information about Rocket League. If you have a question be sure to check out the official Rocket League FAQ section. When you can’t find the answer there then hop on to the subreddit and ask away.

Rocket League

Link Description
Rocketleague.com The official Rocket League site, they have a great support page with FAQ section
Rocketleagueesports.com All you need to know about Rocket League Esports
Twitter Rocket League's twitter account is a great place to stay informed about small patches and server problems
Facebook Psyonix shares community highlights and news items here, just don't look in the comments.


Link Description
Rocket League The main Rocket League subreddit.
Rocket League Esports The sub dedicated to RL Esports, you'll see a lot of pros on here joining the discussion.
Rocket League Exchange Want to trade items? This is a good subreddit to start getting into trading.
Rocket League Fashion advice Post (or steal) some design ideas here so you can look extra fly while flying.


Link Description
Fandom Wiki A Rocket League Wiki with lots of information
Liquipedia A lot of information on Rocket League Esports

FAQ, tutorials and guides

The game has been out for 5 years now so there is a ton of information out there already. I’ve made a selection for you to get started, make sure you also check out the content creators section because they keep you updated with the latest meta. I will advise against hiring a coach before you hit high Platinum or Diamond because it’s just a question of getting in the hours and following the guides and tips below.
FAQ What is MMR What are item certifications
What are Ranks What are item rarities
What are Hit boxes What are season rewards
What are Rotations What are server regions
What is Boost management How do I trade items
All the mechanics How do bans work
Guides and tutorials From Dignitas From Reddit/other
Getting started in Rocket League Huge list of Rocket League tutorials for Beginners and Advanced
Take your gameplay to the next level An In-depth Guide to Becoming Good at Rocket League
Top 5 training packs - concistency A Guide to the Metagame: Momentum, Pressure, and Defensive Tips
How to defend your backboard All Rocket League moves / skills with descriptions, links to tutorials, and organised
Skills you need to reach GC Playing the Last Man Role: A Guide for All Skill Levels
Dribbling (And How To ACTUALLY Do It Well)
A comprehensive guide to reach Grand Champion
Gregans guide to rotations
Advanced Guide to Boost Management and Flow
Improving through Training Packs

Items and Trading

Some people just equip a standard car and never look back, the rest of us buy, trade and sell items to get the car setup we prefer. Titanium White and Black colored items are often the most valuable but don’t let anyone tell you your cobalt AnimusGP is less cool.
Link Description
Rocket-league.com Garage A great website to trade with other players
Rocket-league.com Shop Here you can see what’s in the Rocket League shop right now and previously
RLinsider.gg Check the item prices here
Exchange subreddit A subreddit for trading
Reddit post A post on how not to get scammed, what to look out for
Item list What are rarities
What are certifications How do you trade in
What is the item shop What is the Esports shop
What are season rewards What is the Rocket Pass

Mods and other applications (PC)

If you are on PC there are some really great tools out there that make playing Rocket League a whole lot better. Training with BakkesMod installed saves you so much time and GifYourGame is a great tool to make cool highlights you can share fast and easy. BakkesMod might only work with steam client and not with the Epic Games Client
Link Description Tutorial
BakkesMod A must have mod for Rocket League, insanely good Watch tutorial
BakkesPlugins The plugins that you can install on BakkesMod
Workshops (Steam) If you have the game on Steam client you can install workshop maps Read how to
Air race Mod A really cool Air Race Mod Watch trailer
Rocket League Tracker A in-game overlay that shows you player tracker information Screenshot
GifYourGame A app to instantly create gifs of your goals
Outplayed Same as GifYourGame but different, auto records all goals
Ballchasing.com Upload an analyse your replays, has a cool 3d replay viewer FAQ
Calculated.gg Like Ballchasing but with a slightly different approach

Rocket League Esports

I have already shared the Esports websites but to get a good idea on how much fun it is I really recommend watching these:

Content creators

Rocket League has some great content creators, this list isn’t complete but I think I’ve included the best known channels.
Name About Youtube Twitch
Amustycow Inventor of the musty flip and has some great tutorials - RLSpotlight link link
Athena One of the biggest female RL streamers - RLSpotlight link link
Fluump Need a Top10 list? search no more! - RLSpotlight link
Gibbs Mr Rocket League Esports link link
SubparbutinHD Tutorials, Montages and Gameplay link link
ItsJSTN Pro player famous for his Game7 overtime goal in the RLCS8 final link link
Jessie Fails to fall in to any category link link
JHZER Pro player and Freestyle king - RLSpotlight link link
JohnnyBoi_i Great guy and great content - Get your 1v1 showmatch fix here link link
Jon Sandman High energy and positive, first with a million subs -RLSpotlight link link
Kronovi Veteran Pro player link link
Lawler Esports commentatoanalyst. link link
Lethamyr The definition of content creator link link
Rizzo Pro player link link
Rocket Science Everything you didn't know you needed to know link link
Scrub Killa Pro player and known for his 1's domination link link
Sunless Khan Really cool and diverse content, known for his 'Why you suck at rocket league' series - RLSpotlight link link
SquishyMuffinz Pro player link link
Thanovic Great tutorials link link
Virge Pro Rocket league coach link link
If there is anything important I missed please contribute in the comments so I can add it when I post this again a few days after the release of F2P, have fun!
TLDR: Git gud NoOb!!
submitted by markednl to RocketLeague