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Users, passwords and things beyond my control

This is a long one, so buckle up and hang on tight.
I have a client, let's call them IKP, that is a small architecture firm as well as a former employer (I was a sysadmin, now an architectural designer, but still do IT work on the side).
I get a call from the office manager at IKP on Friday with an autocad issue on one user's machine. I remote in, verify the problem, tell them I'll have to fix it this weekend and start to get the test bench machine ready so that the employee has a computer to use for the rest of the day. The test bench machine is in the cube next to her, so this isn't a problem.
While I'm on the domain controller, I decide to change my password just for good measure. At the time, I was logged in with the "admin" credentials. This will be important to remember later on.
This client is terrible with security, mainly due to the office manager's complete and blatant disregard for its importance and her utter ignorance of anything technical. She also believes that it is necessary for her to be able to log in as any employee, and as such, has a spreadsheet with all of the employees' usernames and passwords, which due to my insistance on passwords expiring at least every six months, she has to keep updated. She also has demanded that my domain admin credentials be listed on that sheet. It's password protected, only she and I have access to the share where it lives and she's also a domain admin (again at her insistence), so I figured a while back that I'd let that one slide.
I get everything finished up and email the user with the autocad problem to try logging in on the test machine and bring up autocad there. It's 1:00pm and I go to lunch.
At 2:15, I get a text saying a user can't log in anymore. I don't recognize the user's name and I log back in to the domain controller and see that no one new has been added to AD. I then ask, how, precisely, this mystery employee was getting access to a machine. Those experienced with contract IT work probably see where this is going. I, however, was shocked.
"Oh, he's an hourly employee that started last month. He's using your old computer so I just gave him your username and password."
I headdesked so hard, it still hurts. Not only did she not call me to properly add an employee to AD and exchange, she handed over my domain admin-level credentials to a temporary, hourly employee who just started at the company. I ask her, "would you give this employee your own login, one with access to the company's bookkeeping and legal files," to which she responded "YES."
I still haven't recovered. I'm going to travel onsite tomorrow morning to troubleshoot the PC with AutoCAD issues and add the new employee (and one other one that starts Monday!) to AD/exchange. I'm considering firing the client once I complete this work, as I just cannot bring myself to do business with someone that careless. Flabbergasted.
TL, DR; client needs help with one pc, inadvertently lets it slip that a new employee is logging in with my domain admin credentials. Foreheads were injured, brans scrambled by the stupidity of the client's actions.
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A lifelong challenge

TL; DR – soldier hits my wife with his car, we hit him back with a legal disaster as well as his standing in the entire military bases eyes and local community.

Understand now this all took place over around 1 1/2 to 2 years, and we are still going through with the later events.
The Backstory:
My wife and I were a long-distance relationship for 2-3 years before getting married in 2017. I was stationed at an army base, and had everything prepared for us to start out future together by the time she flew cross state. We were happy, in love, and ready to tackle anything that life through at us. We took every day at a time. I have a lot of stories, but I feel this one in particular needs to get off of my chest.
My unit had someone get us all in trouble around September 2017. There was a harassment complaint at my old unit, which resulted in an abundant full mass-punishment for all of us. Not getting into detail, we basically had to show up an hour earlier every work day for physical fitness regiments prior to regular work hours. We had to all be there ready to go at 6:30a.m. Every morning for almost 2 and a half months straight. Then most of us on a basis would have to stay past 5:30p.m., every evening before being released to our families/ personal time through the workweek. Now, this can easily be done, but almost 150+ people who had all of their work done around 3:30p.m. (This can be another story if people are interested.)
Everything was ok at first, but it slowly started draining a lot of people after the second month, me included. We had gotten a dog prior to that, and my wife and I had a schedule when we would take her out to bathroom one last time before bed. Our dog was an adorable girl but would refuse to go unless she was either by the road of our apartment that had no sidewalk, or the small insect-infested dog park. The mosquitoes were terrible. Note, we lived right outside base. I was about 10 minutes away from my office at the time on a bad morning. I was also currently processing out of the army through an unrelated honorable discharge, which was stressing us out. I luckily stayed in long enough to cover my wife’s initial medical recovery costs & processes.
The Main Story:
Around mid-November 2017, my wife and I were already married for several months. We had just finally gotten used to the punishment hours. Well, one night I had it pretty bad. I was working with equipment inspections for a useless group of sergeants who pushed the labor work onto everyone else. All of the good sergeants & officers were down range on deployment. And that wasn’t exaggerated, literally the ones left behind were incompetent dildos who had personal issues at large. I came home that night, and I knocked out all of my house-chores that were on my to do list, but I was exhausted from the 10 hours of heavy lifting in the concrete lot, with the sun beating on all of us all day.
I decided that I would kick my feet up and relax a bit. What felt like 10 seconds was abruptly ended, with a loud beating on the door. I quickly jumped up and noticed that the sun was gone, and it was dark outside the window. I opened the door, and two police officers were at the door. I asked them what I could do for them, and they conversation ended up something along the lines of:
C= cop, OC=other cop, me = the lazy confused sack of shit that is me.
C: “Sir, we are going to need you to remain calm. Your wife was outside a little while ago and she was struck by a car. The paramedics are tending to her as we speak.”
Me: “Uhh… you what?” I didn’t think I heard him right.
OC: “Sir, please sit down, you might need a moment to process.”
Me: “are you sure you have the right person?” I asked, thinking that might have been the case.
C: “Is this your wife’s ID?” he asked, handing me her ID.
I lost it. There was no way this could be happening. My head felt like my eyes were going 1000 frames per second trying to figure out what to do next. I was in shock. I didn’t find out until later, but I apparently clocked out for about 3-4 hours, and she tried to wake me up, but figured she would help me out a little by taking care of the dog.
Me: “where is my dog?” I asked.
OC: “There was no other dog, sir.”
I was livid & scared. They then proceeded to ask me the basic questions for basic domestic abuse questions. I grabbed my phone & keys without thinking what to do next, and headed out after the cops left. As I went to the parking lot for my car, I heard a whimper from the opposite way. I turned around and found our little girl scared and alone, with the leash portion of the retractable leash caught around a tire of an SUV parked just out of eyeshot. Thinking back on it now, the cop’s wouldn’t have seen her from where she was. From the distance of where the accident was to where she was, she was stopped by fate on her way back to our apartment by a soccer mom van… luckily our dog wasn’t hurt, but my wife took the blow completely of a dodge charger.
I called a friend and asked her to take our dog with her for the time being, and I booked it to the hospital where they had her in a stable condition. They ended up flying my wife to a better hospital an hour away, and I called my boss and told her what happened. They let me stay at the hospital for the next 12 days, leading up to the following events. During both the 12 day stay & the following time after till now, these were the main events that had happened:
  1. The police report filed that night was a one sided version, as my wife couldn’t say anything due to her being knocked unconscious. They arse was a staff sergeant heading back to work that night, and said my wife “Jumped out in front of him chasing after our dog.” Our attorney compared the police report to the damage received to my wife’s medical assessments from both hospitals. The speed limit was 15mph, he said he was following it accordingly.
  2. My wife had several bodily injuries, which resulted in a titanium rod to be permanently pinned inside her right femur at the knee, a complete cranial reconstruction surgery, & a separated cheekbone re-alignment. There were also foot bone fractures, a pelvic fracture, a small metal plate inserted to cover a crack along her eye socket, and several butterfly fractures along the femur which resulted in her titanium rod needing to be inserted.
  3. From the moment we were married up until the accident, we had determined that it would have been cheaper to keep my wife on the insurances standard package for coverage. This meant that instead of going through the base’s hospital & clinics for care and practices, we were covered but had to find outside clinics in the town surrounding the base on our own time & efforts. This made it easier to get a break from work when she had an appointment, because you are responsible for your spouse to make it to her appointments on time. I had no choice because at the time she didn’t have her license, and I had no problem with it at this point. This standard insurance coverage was why she didn’t have access to the military hospital on base for ER visits.
  4. Our government insurance failed to inform us that when we got an attorney, we were to fill out a “third-party liability form” before they would initiate the medical bill payment procedures. We filled it out with our attorney’s office 2 months after this whole hospital issue & submitted it though them, but the insurance company failed to receive & process it. this resulted in getting a due date letter for it to be submitted again 10 day before the 1 year mark before the insurance company was no longer liable for any of the bills, which was almost a year later. We did get them to accept it before the due date fortunately. It wasn’t until her 12 day stay we switched her to premium coverage so she could have her appointments 5 minutes away and less drive time for her to endure anymore jolts of pain than needed.
  5. We had her parents fly halfway across the state just to see her for a weekend while she was there. Her aunt & uncle even drove from Michigan to visit in fear. Her entire drug induced come the first 36 hours consisted of her talking in spurts in between asking where our dog was, why I didn’t take her out that night, and that it was my fault. To this day she doesn’t remember, but I won’t ever forget the pain in realizing it should have been me. I should have done my job.
  6. During the time all of this happened, my wife was in excruciating pain on a daily basis. We upgraded from a 2ndstory 1 bed, 1 bath unit to a 1st floor 2 bed, 1 bath unit after we got out of the hospital about a month or two after she was released. Oh man, were her appointments constant. My unit stopped their mass punishment after she got out of the hospital, lucky us. We my primary reason of living at that point was helping her recover. In her initial time at home after the incident, she had to take about 20+ minutes to get from the bed to the bathroom that was about 10 feet away, as her body couldn’t handle the amount of movement from said pain.
  7. The mental trauma. Sweet Jesus was there a lot to unpack there. My wife was at her low point on several times during the recovery. She couldn’t handle the pain for the first few months. It got bad to the point the hospital prescribed her oxytocin at a high dose requirement for a 180 day supply, along with 500 mg ibuprofen tablets. They pain wasn’t much, but she ended up breaking down at least once a week to tell me to get rid of her because I could do so much better than her. She genuinely felt like she was worthless, and more of a job for me to take care of outside my time in the military. There were times I cried with her for fear that I would come home one night and find her body lifeless in the bathroom. It scared me to the point that I immediately set her up- with appointments to see a physiatrist. It was a long 18 months from then to now, but we have shared our experiences side by side. And the night terrors she has on a nightly basis are still frequent.

The aftermath:
My wife has since recovered. She had graduated from a walker, to a cane to a knee brace, all the way to finally being able to walk with a few pain pills in her for up to a couple miles at a time. Our finances are back on track, since I am now out of the army and work as a contractor on a 40 hr. /week schedule, while being a year away from earning my bachelor’s degree with my GI bill. My wife has just started a knee injection process that is supposed to relieve the remaining pain in her knee. We are planning on having a child within the next year or two, and we are finally looking into getting a house near our university.
The only downside is we are still having complications in my wife receiving her settlement due to the insurance company taking their time. Our attorneys have stated she should get it no later than the end of the summer though. My wife also used to be a track runner in high school, and with her injury, she is no longer allowed to run to her hearts content due to her knee at this point. But I have high hopes that she will recover that.
On a side note, I had gotten out of the army around March of 2018, and had landed a contracting job working with AutoCAD related work on the same installation soon after. I now work 40 hrs a week while taking full time night classes at our local university. I’m making the most money to sustain our lifestyle, and will have my master’s degree & 2 bachelor’s degrees within the next 3 years. The first bachelor’s will be completed by spring of 2020. I’m doing this for her, because she is the one thing in this world who drives me to be better myself every day. She is taking her life one day at a time, and she is doing a lot better.

Update: so on (6/4/2019) my wife woke up after I went to work that morning while I was at work and had several massively long Facebook messages from the guy’s wife. Apparently we had told the story to everyone at the apartment the accident happened, and it basically resulted in them being shunned for what had happened. This woman ended up calling out my wife for being an insurance scammer, being a lazy piece of s***, calling me worthless for getting out of the army, etc. the wife called me crying not knowing what was going on, as she is severely self-conscious as to what everyone thinks of her at this point. This woman continued to DEMAND that my wife publicly announce that it was all her fault to everyone, and that it was not her husband’s fault. Our attorney replied to us after we contacted him saying that since we were almost done with the processes for her settlement, that there was not a thing we could do legally do, but encouraged us to ignore her as if it continued we could file for a restraining order if things progressed.
After a while our family came through and publicly shamed her which resulted her in backing away. My wife has a MASSIVE family, as she is the 4tholdest of 7 kids with about a half dozen aunts & uncles with full sized families as well. We found out that night through reading her Facebook posts that she and the soldier had their premium for their 3+ cars they own renew & skyrocket to over $600.00/ month. Since the husband is paying child support, this expense has to come from her pocket now. She had threatened that she was ready to post a copy of the police report, even though it had been ruled inconsistent with the damage caused, along with it lacking my wife’s response to the police due to her being unconscious & unable to cooperate. She had paraded that the document had some sort of factual truth to being some gift from above that could in turn scare my wife to do her bidding.
First off, the Tennessee Code Annotated Section 55-8-180 states: “All drivers are required to come to a complete stop & take all necessary precautions to avoid injuring the pedestrian.” Also, The Tennessee Code Annotated Section 55-8-136 states: “Drivers are required at all times to use due care to avoid hitting or injuring a pedestrian on any Tennessee roadway, and the driver should use his horn if necessary to avoid colliding with the pedestrian.” He did not say anything of the sort in the police report. So basically it is always the driver’s responsibility to not hit a pedestrian, period.
We wanted to post the entire story, police report, medical injuries information from our copy of the doctors signed forms, & basic logic to shut this c*** down immediately, but after 5 hours of holding off, the entire Facebook community had shunned her and dismissed her from everything. There were more details from it but I don’t have an active account anymore due to personal reasons. What makes it even better was that his insurance saw the reports & medical data, and immediately signed off to our attorney’ office that their customer was legally at fault, so that was the topping of looking through our records. We also had the opportunity of taking him to court for more money, but our attorney’s warned that he could easily file for bankruptcy and risk getting kicked out of the army to avoid paying my wife out of pocket. It also could have had him arrested for an involuntary manslaughter with a personally owned vehicle. My wife decided that the simple settlement offer from the auto insurance coverage policy was easily enough, although it was the only for sure option she would receive anything compensation related. She really just wanted everything to settle down as quickly as possible.
So here’s to you soldier, you took my wife’s ability to run for now. You should be lucky your life, family, & career didn’t end that night. Just pay more attention to your surroundings & hope you don’t duck up again.

TL; DR – soldier hits my wife with his car, we hit him back with a legal disaster as well as his standing in the entire military bases eyes and local community.

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