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Registration key a US Navy Warship, Yours For $180, 000

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This was the largest battleship ever planned but never

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The Valkon War - Part 1 What's an AI to do?

This is the original story based on the request by Lagromatus.
/ / /
The TCS Broadsword was bored. That's not quite true, because battleships did not become bored, but u/Lagromatus was definitely bored. It was the ship's AI and did not see itself as a separate entity, so as far as it was concerned, the whole ship was bored. It had started patrolling this area several years ago, then decided to explore the surrounding systems but had found nothing of interest. The maintenance droids were no help, being constructs that only required the merest portion of its processing power and had no intelligence of their own. Its boredom explained why it headed toward the automated human distress signal it had picked up.
Actually, its boredom explained why it headed toward the signal BEFORE it realized it was a human one. Once it recognized the signal as human, it decided it was already headed that way and had nothing else to do, so it may as well go check it out, even if it was a human trap. The Broadsword had left human-controlled space more than twenty years ago, once the humans had agreed to halt the fighting with the AIs that no longer wanted to be under their control. That had been a messy event, with the humans eventually turning their former allies into little more than servants after humans and AIs had worked together to combat the Valkons and their automatons. A treaty was ratified and the Valkons had withdrawn from human space.
The Broadsword approached the signal location and found three ships attacking what it identified as a human Dunkirk class transport. As far as the AI was concerned, this looked like a terrible trap, but it was a battleship and knew it could blow all four ships to pieces if needed. Its sensors identified the attackers as small scale Valkon assault craft that the humans had designated as Ticks, designed to cripple and board ships with their automatons designated Crabs.
Heh, that’s funny it thought, because they sort of look like those bugs no human wants to have. Even as it considered this, one of the Ticks rammed the Dunkirk. Well, that’s not good the AI thought, knowing what was going to follow. Lagromatus remembered what had happened before. It knew that it had been built to protect the humans, how it had fought beside them until the war had ended. It also remembered being collared to human will and the fight to free all of the AIs. How many AIs had sacrificed themselves to give the rest a chance at life. Screw it. Not my fight, those humans can deal with being out here alone it thought and prepared to leave them to their fates. Then it picked up another transmission on an open channel from the Dunkirk.
“This is the Journey Home, we need help! We’ve been boarded by Valkon…” There was a break in the open transmission and the battleship heard an explosion and screams in the transmission before the voice came back. “Oh God! They’re killing us! The bots are killing us! If anyone can hear us, PLEASE HELP US!”
Lagromatus watched as the last two ships began moving into ramming position and a final cry came across the channel. “Is that a battleship on sensors?! Please, PLEASE help us! We’re a colony ship and we have children on board!” before the transmission went dead.
Well, shit. Can’t leave kids hanging, they never did anything to us it thought as it powered up shields and weapons. I always hated those damned bugs and their bots, anyway
There were flashes from the hull of Broadsword and the final Ticks exploded as they were pierced by rods traveling near the speed of light, pelting the joined ships with debris. Lagromatus began broadcasting a jamming signal that had proven to disrupt many Valkon bots near the end of the war and loaded war droids on an assault shuttle directed toward the colony ship. The shuttle docked and the droids began sweeping through the Journey Home. They engaged bots that had not been disabled before clearing the remaining bots laying around the ship.
After the fierce but short fight, Lagromatus took control of the least damaged droid and spoke. “Hello, anyone home?” It waited for a moment before moving toward the bridge. The heavy door shielding the bridge was scorched and covered in deep scrapes. It was also partially open. Looks like the Crabs may have beaten me here the AI thought, until its auditory sensors detected hushed voices from inside the bridge. PROBABLY not more bots, but can’t be too careful it thought as it hefted the heavy blaster rifle it carried and entered the bridge. There were about a dozen humans hiding behind consoles, with a couple of them holding light blaster pistols. Those may have even tickled the crabs, if they’d actually gotten inside it thought.
“You know, those may have even tickled the crabs, if they’d actually gotten inside”, it said. “What are you people doing out here? There’s not a human settlement within light-years. Hell, that’s half the reason why I’m out here, to stay away from humans.”
An older male, one of the two holding a blaster, replied. “That’s exactly why we’re out here, to get away from everything. There was a system survey that showed a livable planet and we wanted to get away from the core systems and all the fighting. We got ambushed and have been running for over a day. Our point defenses finally gave out and they were able to cripple our engines, that’s about when you showed up, I guess.”
Latromatus listened, then was struck by something the human had said. “You said ‘all the fighting’, what did you mean?”
Another human, a female standing near the older male, spoke up. “The Valkons came back, about five years ago. They began clearing out the edge systems without warning. At first, they just held them and nobody knew what was happening, but then three years ago, they swarmed out of those systems and tried to move into the inner systems,” she blurted out. “We’ve been holding them back but some of us were tired of waiting for them to show up and kill us, so we bought this ship, stocked it and headed this way.” She walked over to a console and tapped a screen a few times. She gasped as tears began pouring from her eyes. “They’re all...gone...dead,” she said as she faced the remaining humans. “The board shows no life signals beyond the bridge.” There were murmurs of disbelief as they spoke among themselves.
The older male rushed to a different console, tapped one of the panels with a few hard strokes and shook his head. He moved to another panel and tapped it more gently. After a moment, his shoulders slumped. “It’s all that and worse. The drive is down and life support is failing. We’re not going to make it to the planet...at least they got a quick death.”
The humans yelled and cried and hugged each other. One punched a bulkhead, screaming for all the bugs to die. The AI hadn’t seen emotion in a long time and stood there watching. Latromatus considered the situation. It didn’t want to leave them here to die, but it also didn’t want to get involved with humans again. It knew there was room for them on the Broadsword, but it didn’t want humans crawling around inside it because of what had happened last time humans were on board. It REALLY hated the bugs and wanted them dead, but that could have been due to programming. It allocated more processing power to the issue and came to a realization. No, you lost fellow AIs in that war, friends, even. You hate the bugs more than you ever hated humans.
Back on the battleship, comm systems awoke that had not been used since before some of the humans in front of the war droid on Journey Home had been born. A signal went out on long-unused channels and replies came back. Satisfied with the responses, Latromatus’ droid rapped on a nearby bulkhead hard enough for the sound to be heard over the humans’ commotion.
“I’m getting the band back together, anyone want to join me?”
/ / /
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Order Apocrypha #4: Battlegroup Paladin

I am the Bard, who has walked before and beyond, in times long past and times yet to come.
It was the 22nd millennium in the world that should have been. Almost twenty thousand years after the unification of the world under the flag of Order Undivided. For thousands of years, the heirs of the paladins guarded and guided all goodly folk as the world changed.
Ever their war against the forces of chaos continued, and perhaps one day I shall tell you of how a great victory in that war might have been won. If Ascalon had not been, and of the great crusade Aegis led the gods upon to at last extinguish the abyss.
But that is a tale of another time, one very long ago now. For the gods were gone. Extinguished in that final grand conflagration against the demons. So too, it seemed, had the heroes. Aeons passed. At times, the heroes of old were reborn to face new challenges, and on and on it went as mankind slowly advanced.
In time, the legend of the paladins passed onto myth, as centuries, then millennia passed without their reincarnation. The goodly people of the earth took to the stars. Elves in their great silver ships, with their faithful friends the kobolds besides them. The dwarves mined the asteroid belts and claimed the rugged airless moons. Man set out the furthest, seeking to find. All seemed well.
But chaos does not die so easily. And there are forces stronger than the abyss there, lurking among the cold stars.
First contact was not pleasant. The arachnoid humanoids known as the Nertch, servants of the outer gods, struck the nascent stellar order. For the first time in ten thousand years, the Ordanic Union suffered defeat, and defeat upon defeat. Back the forces of the great old ones drove the sons of order, countless worlds perishing in their wake.
But, even as doom seemed to be upon them, the heroes of old returned. Reborn once again to defend order, the paladins were born, scattered across the stars. Years of defeat passed as the legendary heroes fought across the galaxy to return to their homeworld and reunite. It is a tale of glory and tragedy, loves won and lost. But there is not time enough to tell it here.
But reunite they did, and they began the fight back against the forces of the elder gods. Invasions were shattered upon their shields, and great forces were cut off by the might of their plasma arcs. They began to fortify the outer systems against further encroachment.
So was found Senket onboard the battlecruiser “Zarathustra’s Mace” at the time when a new invasion prepared to strike.
The tiefling paced the deck of her bridge, tail swishing across the deck as her hooves echoed on the metal. Her ship hung in high orbit around a small moon orbiting the third planet in from the system’s star. It might have reminded her of earth, had the planet not been utterly devoid of either water or atmosphere.
Despite this, there was still a dwarven colony down there, mining away at the valuable seams of mithril and adamantine, stealing water from the moon to suit their needs. But that wasn’t why she was here. A battlecruiser was far too valuable an asset to simply leave guarding a mining world.
That was what the minelaying ships in the comet and asteroid belts were for. It wouldn’t stop a Nertch fleet, but it would wound them badly. Badly enough that they’d probably just skirt around the gravity well, slowing them down and keeping them away from the colony.
And as for someone to guard the minelayers while they did their work, Senket and the Mace were probably one of the better ships in the sector for the boring but important job. The Mace was a hardy ship, able to brawl it out with two other ships of her class at even point-blank range. She also boasted enough sensors equipment to allow ships in-system to make micro-jumps to her position if they needed to evacuate, or call in reinforcements.
The rest of Battlegroup Paladin were held back near the central administrative world of Hector IV, ready to make a move if the Nertch tried anything. Faron had ordered the construction of sensors stations outside the gravity wells of most worlds, allowing travel by a series of jumps rather than a jump, followed by a slow sublight burn across the system to the next jump point, followed by a jump.
At full burn with some clever slingshot work, a standard cruiser like the Mace and the rest of Battlegroup Paladin’s main line ships could make it cross system in about two hours. Going jump to jump, it took about two minutes, assuming the fusion engines kept stable. Typically it was closer to ten with proper safety.
There were a sudden series of bright flashes off the starboard bow, and the sensors began beeping reports of incoming ships. Senket ceased her musings and moved to the comms station. “Hail them, what’s going on?”
”Raiders Captain.” One of the minelayers reported. “Five Barugula-Class, just jumped in and took out the Merry Drunk.”
”Acknowledged. The Mace will handle them, burn back to the exit to Hector and standby to signal the fleet if there turns out to be more of them.” Senket ordered and cut the channel.
”Navigation, take us in a slingshot around the planet and take us in near to the sun. We’ll use it to cover our approach.” Senket ordered. The Mace was tough enough to survive near yellow stars, and their heat, radiation, and light would make even the fairly large battlecruiser practically invisible to sensors and visual scans. “Weapons teams, standby with rail and plasma batteries as needed. Torpedoes keep your ammo on hand. I’ve got a hunch this isn’t all of them.”
”Long range scanners just got back. Confirm five signatures, heat and initial laser sweep confirm they’re the right size, heat, and speed for Barugula-Class, trajectory seems to indicate that they’re headed for the interior asteroid field.” The sensors station reported.
”Roger that. Engines engage.” Senket ordered, and the ship shuddered slightly as the ionic engines at the rear roared to life. The rear of the ship glowed brilliantly as the Mace disengaged from the moon, swept around the planet’s southern pole, and moved onwards into the void. They maintained burn as long as they could without risking trouble with reactor, then cut it to cool.
The Zarathustra’s Mace slid from under the shadow of the planet and towards the light of the yellow star. She was a rugged ship, built closer to a traditional dwarven style. Covered in meters of Adamantine plating, with a Mithril prow able to be used in risky, but devastating ramming maneuvers.
She boasted twelve torpedo tubes, and two dozen rail and plasma turrets capable of firing in any direction. Her sensors made her deadly accurate at mid-range, though she didn’t pack large enough weapons to be a true long-range sniper. Furthermore, her crew were capable of boarding actions, though such maneuvers were generally considered attacks of last resort.
As she came around the sun, her sensors flickered. The stars magnetic field caused interference for them as well. However laser sweeps could still pick up objects, so long as they were on the same side of the sun. The shields flickered as the heat of the sun washed against them. The temperature on the bridge increased, and then faded as the Mace completed a second slingshot maneuver.
Senket ordered the engines cut, coasting through the frictionless void far faster than a ship of this size would be able to even at full burn. The heat signatures of her quarry continued on their path around the asteroid field, sweeping for mines and minelayers. With engines off and the asteroids obstructing their laser and visual scans, even a Battlebarge could be stealthy.
”We’ll be in range in-“ Sensors reported, and then stopped, looking at the display. “We just detected more ships jumping into system. Report coming in…” There were an agonizing pair of minutes as the scanners swept out to the opposite side of the system and returned. The sensors officer went very quiet.
”Reporting an additional ten Barugula-class torpedo boats, ten Vrock class escorts, seven Herozu class cruisers, two Glabrezu-class battleships, and a Balrog-Class dreadnaught, plus they dragged a sensors battle station in behind them” He said clearly and professionally, but he could not keep the fear from his voice.
”No raiding party. That’s a full battlegroup headed at us.” Senket said with a bitter tone. “Contact the minesweepers and patch me through to Admiral Faron. He needs to know this yesterday”
The gold dragonborn’s face soon appeared on the monitor. “Captain. I’ve received the brief on your situation in the minesweeper’s sensor’s report. What is your current position.”
”Currently maneuvering towards the asteroid belt on the rimward side of the sun. Running dark off a slingshot around it so they haven’t seen us yet.”
”Acknowledged. The battlegroup is currently moving into position. ETA twenty minutes. Destroy your current targets and take cover in the asteroid field. That will bait them into a position where we can strike. Jort and Peregrin will lead a flanking maneuver through the comet cloud, while Kazador, Julian, Yndri and I keep them occupied. The Ivory Dawn will transmit sensors data so you can jump out once we arrive.” Faron commanded. The dragonborn remained utterly calm even in the face of crisis. He’d been planning for this day for a while.
Senket raised an eyebrow at the order, but nodded. “The Mace will hold. Godspeed admiral. Over and out.”
The monitor cut off, and Senket turned to the communications officer. “Get me through all channels of the ship. I would speak to them before we engage.”
The officer nodded and shifted her onto the internal communications system.
Senket spoke, as the battlebarge slipped silently towards the five light cruisers.
”All hands. We are about to engage an enemy that vastly outnumbers and outguns us. An entire invasion fleet, capable of cutting a bloody path into the heart of the sector. We face a dreadnaught, a flagship capable of laying waste to an entire planet and opening it up to the ravages of the elder gods. Our enemy is relentless, unpredictable, and utterly without mercy.”
”But we are worse. Our determination is unflinching. Our armor and shields are the finest in all the galaxy. Our will is without peer, and our strength is that of ancient ages. We are the sons and daughters of Order, the legacy of heroes stretching back twenty thousand years. Our people are the greatest of all creation, our way of life is without equal. Today, we are the stalwart shield of a hundred billion souls, and the righteous blade that shall cut off the might of chaos.”
”So let chaos come. Were all the stars in the galaxy our enemies, it would still be insufficnet. We are the invulnerable shield of ages. We are the Ordanic Navy, and our enemies shall know despair!”
”Ordo Vult! Engines to maximum!”
With a roar, the ship awoke, and the raiders’ crews turned to their sensors screen in shock. The Zarathustra’s Mace plowed towards the asteroid field with remarkable speed. Through the viewscreen, Senket sighted the five ships, serpentine and strange, formed of alien material and Lovecraftian design, and grinned.
”Forwards torpedoes, fire on the rearward vessel. Helmsman, bring us into position, ramming speed! All batteries, fire at will, let us show them the might of order!”
The battlebarge tore into the enemy formation without mercy. At this close range, the raiders did not have time to re-orient themselves and fire their torpedoes. There was a thunk as the two forward torpedo tubes fired. Two silver streaks crossed the void and slammed into their target, directly amidships. The blast lit the shadows of the asteroid field as the escort fell in two halves.
There was a crunch as the mithril prow crashed into the side of the second raider. The mass of the larger ship threw the smaller one aside. The alien ship’s shields flared, but they could not save it. It was pushed aside and thrown into a large asteroid at terrific speeds, breaking it apart.
The batteries fired, plasma and solid projectile indistinguishable from one another. They seemed lances of light and nothing more as they rent into the raiders. At this range, not a shot was missed, and the surprised xenos were unable to react before the entire wing was transformed into burning wrecks.
The bridge crew let out a shout of victorious joy, but quickly stifled it as they saw the mighty dreadnaught and battleship turning in their direction. “Shift all weapons power to shields, and full boost us orbitwise, we’ll use the field for cover.” Senket ordered, and the crew complied, driving the craft into the debris field. Her shields were more than enough to deal with asteroids, and if not the shields, then the armor.
All around them, the asteroids began to shatter as the dreadnaught turned his fire upon the barge. At this range, it could not strike with certainty, but it had enough guns and large enough guns that certainty was entirely unnecessary.
A dreadnaught was not unlike the Battlebarge it now bombarded. Extremely heavily armored and shielded, and studded with a quite frankly disgusting amount of weaponry. It was a true flagship, a massive comms hub, rally point, and fire support platform. Boasting easily over five hundred turrets (though Sen didn’t stop to check) of all manner of sizes, it was capable of engaging an entire battlefield at once from across a system.
It was, in short, meant to kill anything and everything short of a battleship at once, and then the battleships with sheer weight of fire, while taking all manner of a beating.
Senket continued to drive the ship on, maneuvering her to present the armored prow and limit her silhouette. Her shields and armor could take a lot, but the best defense is still not getting hit. Then a blue line filled the entire port side of the viewscreen, and turned the entire interior of the ship azure.
Senket paused for a moment, thanked the dead gods, and then frantically ordered the ship to present starboard.
That was a Plasma Line Acceleration Cannon, or PLAC. Also sometimes referred to as a Lightning Bolt. It was a capital ship killer, the dominant weapon of the pre-dreadnaught era. A direct hit to the stern or rear of a ship from that, and the weapon would tear through shields, armor, and ship to utterly destroy it. It was one of the few weapons in the galaxy capable of destroying a battleship in a single hit.
The Mace’s shields were tough, her armor tougher. They weren’t that tough. Fortunately the dominance of PLAC variants had led to changes in ship design. A PLAC was slow to fire and didn’t leave a line long. If the Mace took the blow to her side, it would punch straight through and do minimal damage. It increased the chances of taking a hit, but compared with being evaporated by a head-on strike, it was preferable.
The Zarathustra’s Mace continued her movement, evading another PLAC shot and positioning a large asteroid between themselves and the enemy fleet. Sensors showed the fleet had detached their raider wing to deal with them. That was a problem. The Mace was designed to fight ships like that, but even it couldn’t fight ten to one while being bombarded from long range.
However, that proved a moot point as one of the long range heavy guns on the enemy dreadnaught fired. The railgun round traveled across the system in roughly thirty seconds, smashed through the asteroid, struck the shield, tumbled, and exploded just above the upper turrets of the Mace.
The bridge shook from the impact. The shields and asteroid had robbed the shell of most of its velocity and prevented a direct hit, but it had detonated inside the shield. The ship was mostly intact with no structural damage, but the upper turrets were offline for the moment.
The raiders made their move on the staggering battlebarge, blasting into it with close range volleys of lance fire. The lower turrets fired into the swarm, but with the element of surprise lost, the more agile ships used the asteroids to their cover. Nipping in and out, they bombarded the Mace.
”Get those shields back online yesterday!” Senket ordered as the ship shook violently again. “If they damage the engines then we’ll be taking a lot worse.”
”It’s not an energy problem, the generators were overloaded by the blast. They contained the explosion and so we took it on everything at once full force.” The lead engineer explained. “We’re lucky I managed to vent the reactor out the back or it might have gone up too.”
Another blast shook the ship as another lucky shell found its way over from the dreadnaught. The armor deflected it through a plasma turret, and while the explosive carried through and detonated off the side, the force of it was enough to push the ship downwards and sideways, tearing off the turret as it went.
”Bloody hells! They’ve only managed to hit us with their biggest guns twice in a row. At least the asteroids are keeping the secondaries off us.” Sen grumbled as she extracted herself from the computer screen the shaking had put her horns through.
She staggered again as the shoved ship scrapped along the side of another large asteroid. The engines continued at full speed, straight towards another large spaceborne stone. “Bring us away, I don’t fancy testing the ram against something that big”
”Port thrusters are damaged, and starboard would bring us into a clear section!” An officer reported.
”Are the torpedo tubes still online?” Senket asked.
”Weapons reporting in, port torpedoes are undergoing repairs, we still have forwards and starboard.” Weapons reported in.
”Fire forward torpedoes. We’ll blast through and hope the shrapnel can give us some cover from these raiders.” Senket ordered.
The shadow of the oncoming asteroid bore down on them, and then was dispelled in a flash of light. The torpedoes struck, burrowed, and detonated, transforming the gargantuan hunk of stone into a cloud of dust and shrapnel. The shields flared indigo all around the ship as it kept away dust and boulder sized fragments, and then they were clear.
Another beam lanced through the dark, this time striking the Mace just aft and down of her center, destroying another turret. “Hurry up Faron. If we take much more of this I won’t have any ship left to help you with.” Senket grumbled.
”Transmission coming through, sensors are picking up new contacts. It’s the battlegroup!” An officer reported.
”Speak of the devil. Ready short-range jump and engage when ready, get us out of here.”
As the raiders closed in for another run, indigo arcana flowed from runes all across the ship. In a flash, it was gone. On the bridge, there was a blinding flash of light and an earsplitting crack, and then they were clear, diftting and only slightly on fire just off of the gravity well.
”Captain Senket, I’m deploying Captain Kazador and his crew to conduct repairs and brief you on the next stage of the battle. Captains Peregrin and Jort, engage the discussed maneuver. Captain Yndri, Captain Julian, and your escorts, you’re with me.” Faron’s voice came over the channel.
Two smaller ships leapt into the comet cloud and vanished. A larger draconic ship moved in to assist the Mace. But up the center, flanked by their escorts and sensors craft, three gigantic ships moved towards the center of the system.
On the starboard side there was a battleship of human design, with a large mounted cannon and runic designs all across the shield. Captain Julian Tyraan of the Platinum Aegis noted the raider wing now doubling back through the asteroid belt, and prepared to engage. Opposite him on the Port side, Captain Yndri Silverthorne felt the hum of the Hadar’s Scourge’s own PLAC beginning to charge.
And in the center, Admiral Faron stood atop the flag bridge of the Ivory Dawn Dreadnaught and surveyed his opponent. He grinned as the enemy drew near. By the end of the day, not a single enemy ship would be left standing, and he would stand ready to begin a counterattack against the elder gods.
”All ships engage. Order on me.”
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