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One of my [33/M] closest friends [19/M] and my ex-wife [30/F] were having an affair. I'm angry at her but I feel sorry for him.

Hey, everyone. The title was hell to come up with. Damn.
All ages in brackets are ages now, not in the past, which is where some of this story will take place.
Alright, this is probably gonna be long, so the title will also serve as a TL;DR.
Also, there are a lot of people involved, names have been changed to protect the innocent and the guilty alike. There will be a good bit of backstory here before we get to the meat of what happened. If someone thinks it's irrelevant, I'm sorry.
Backstory: around 4 years ago my ex and I moved down to Florida to spend the winter (my work is seasonal and I get 4 months off per year) with my mom.
While we were there, my ex insisted on attending the church my mother's husband is the pastor of. We did so, and I found out that my cousin's/adoptive brother's wife's family attend this church.
I end up striking up a conversation with Coby [23/M], my sister-in-law's (?) brother. He is significantly younger than I, but we have a lot of the same interests, so I invite him over the next day to spend some time watching shows we had bonded over and play video games.
He accepted and came over, ended up spending the night, and in the morning we found out his family had imploded overnight. His mother and father had fallen off the wagon the evening he was with me, and had used meth again for the first time in 20 years.
His brother, Chris [19/M], had been found laughing his ass off, high as heaven on weed, and his sister Savannah [21/F] was missing for hours(it came out later that she had been banging her boyfriend, whom her father had explicitly banned her from seeing).
Coby asked if he could spend a few more days at my place until his family had calmed down. I had an extra room and no friends in town, so I asked the ex and she agreed, so Coby stayed a few more nights that turned into three months.
I enjoyed having him, as did my ex, and I taught him the finer points of my business, how to cook, and even helped him make his ex-girlfriend jealous when she attended the church one week. We became best friends quickly, each knowing that we mattered kore to one another than almost any one else. (Yeah, you might say it is kinda gay, and I pity men who don't have close friendships with their friends)
Cue my mother deciding to get involved and trying to force Coby out of my house because of the implied impropriety of an unmarried man living in my house with my ex and I.
I shut that down quick, and told my mother that the day she pays a single bill in my home is the day she can make rules in it or tell me who may sleep on my couch. I also told her that if I could not trust my wife she would not be my wife, and that my ex never would. I was wrong, but so was my mother, but more on that later.
Coby stayed with the ex and I until spring, which is when I went back home to my northern state because my work season was about to start.
Cut to a year later, and Coby had convinced his now sober father that he could do my business, and he wanted to try, and what better place for that than my state, in my city, less than a mile away from my house.
I was ecstatic. Coby and his father came up and spent a month showing his father the business. His father realized there was really good money in it, and went all in and moved his family up for the season. Savannah had gotten married to the off-limits boyfriend, Adam[25/M], and he came up too, and brought his little brother, Justin[18/m].
My ex, Chris, and Justin all became fast friends, and Chris' shyness was a thing we could all laugh about, even Chris. He had big dreams, and he and I became friends as well, so much so that I asked his father if Chris could work for me during the summer, and not only would I pay him, but I would make sure he learned all he could from me.
His father agreed and Chris lovingly became known as SarcasticNinja's bitch. If I needed something, I called Chris. Chris spent nights at my house, went to work with me in the mornings, and was an all around help.
We began playing Dungeons & Dragons as a group 3-5 nights a week, and everyone became closer, except Savannah and I. We each couldn't stand the other, but were cordial so that we didn't cause problems in the group.
The year ended and Coby's entire family went back to Florida after season closed, and things calmed down for the winter.
Real story: Until this spring. Coby and his entire family came back and announced that they were moving here permanently.
Again, I was overjoyed, and helped them find a house. Chris and Justin were spending nights at my place, because I'm the early to bed early to rise type, while my ex suffers from insomnia and the two boys were young enough to barely sleep and still be able to work the next morning. Our routine was to play DnD until around 11 pm, then I would go to sleep, everyone else would leave, while my ex, Chris, and Justin would stay up and talk, or watch movies.
I noticed that my while my ex was frineds with Coby and Chris' mom, when she went to do "girly" things like shop, or manicures, or whatever, she wouldn't take her, but would instead call Chris and Justin to go with her. A few eyebrows were raised by other people, but again, if I couldn't trust my wife, she wouldn't be my wife, so I didn't care.
Then I got a diagnosed with optical nerve occlusion, and my weekly migraines were suddenly explained. I was prescribed marijuana, and my ex, having been a pothead in her younger years was happy to show me how to roll, and to give advice on bongs and such.
Turns out every single one of my friend group were potheads at one time or another, and every once in a while they would join me with their own weed, except for Adam, who had seen drugs destroy his family and wouldn't touch it, but didn't mind if we did.
The affection my ex was showing Justin during this time was getting problematic. During one of our DnD sessions, they held hands through the entire session, saying they had made a bet to see who would let go first. Turned out later that it was a red herring planted, on purpose, by my ex.
She was after Chris, and not even he knew. Chris is painfully shy, socially awkward, and clams up around women he is actually interested in. He had none of these problems with my ex, because he wasn't really interested.
One morning I woke up to find my ex not in our bed. This was not in any case unusual, as her insomnia usually led to her watching TV until she passed out on the couch at around 4 am. I got up and dressed for work to find Chris, Justin, and my ex all sleeping on a makeshift bed in front of the TV.
Savannah came to me just before this and told me she didn't like how my ex treated Chris, saying that they were getting a little close for her tastes. At this time, we were both making an effort to be nice to one another and another friendship between her and I became a thing. We have actually gotten extremely close since all this went down, and I now count her and her husband among my closest friends.
I said nothing, suspected nothing because I trusted her, woke them up, and told my ex to go to our bed, dropped Justin off, then Chris and I went to work.
The next day one of my exes family members called her phone to ask me to do something for them, and she gave me the phone. I needed to use her phone screen so I placed them on speaker and began doing whatever it was they asked. During this call, Chris texted her. Something benign, I don't remember what, and I swiped the notification away so I could see the entire screen, but I messed up somehow and opened their text logs.
There were two messages from him. Both benign, but I know that they've been texting and calling one another for over a year. That made me suspicious, but I figured she's just one of those people who deletes her texts. To confirm this, I opened the thread between her and Justin. 6 months of logs. Opened hers and mine. 4 years of logs. Okay, something is wrong here.
I called Coby and asked him to meet me so we could talk. When he did, I told him what I'd found. I asked him to look into this for me, saying that if I started asking questions and something WAS going on, it would stop and I'd never know. He agreed, and told me he would tell me when he found something.
July 7th, almost 3 weeks later, Coby called me and told me to come pick him up. I did, and he asked me to take him to the gas station near our houses.
He waited till we had parked, and then in a calm clear tone told me that Chris and my ex were fucking. He didn't know how many times, but that Chris had admitted it to him. He couldn't find any proof like I had asked for, so he went to Chris and told him that I was getting her text logs from our cell phone provider and if there was something in there I wouldn't like it would be better if I found out before.
Chris broke down and admitted that my ex had come to him while he was sleeping in my couch one night after we had smoked and he woke up with his dick in her mouth. Him being a 18 year old virgin that is socially awkward as all get out, he went with it and they had sex.
I believe this only because I know Chris. He clams up around women, and is too socially awkward to remind me that I haven't paid him for the day.
Coby told him to tell his parents, and then called me. That is why I love Coby the way I do. He could've covered for his brother, but didn't because he valued my friendship.
I got Chris on the phone and asked him to confirm what he had told them. He did, and told me that they had done it twice, once that night while he was still high and barely remembers it, and another time a few nights later.
I went home and, set my phone to record, waited for my ex and confronted her with what I knew.
She automatically told me that Chris and his entire family were lying because they wanted to get rid of her for whatever reason. When I asked her about his confession she told me that Chris had told her he liked her a few weeks back and she rebuffed him, and he got angry. She decided not to tell me so I wouldn't kill him, even though that kind of anger is far outside my character and she knows it. A week or so later he tried to kiss and her and she pushed him off, and he got really angry and told her that he would destroy her marriage.
I asked her about the deleted text messages and she said that after he got so angry she was afraid he would hurt himself or her, so she flirted and sexted with him to keep him happy while she worked at getting rid of him and didn't want me to find them. I didn't have on my boots so I told her to stop shoveling shit at me and tell the truth.
She insisted that she was and to prove it she ran into the kitchen, grabbed a knife and sliced her forearm horizontally 3 times, deeply.
I called an ambulance, stayed far away from both her and the knife, and when the cops came i made sure they saw my hands and I told the officer that I hadn't touched the noise, she had done it and I had audio recording of the fact.
She tried telling them it was me, and I showed them the recording, and they didn't even consider coming after me.
The shitshow that followed went on for weeks, the first thing my mother actually said to me was "I told you so." My entire family wanted me to get her back, that her "one mistake wouldn't happen again" and that I should cut Coby and his family out of my life for Chris daring to fuck my wife.
Now that the long story is done, my ex and I are done. Completely. Totally.
Chris however, remains a conundrum for me. I know he betrayed me as well, but I know this kid. He would NEVER go after her, his ex-girlfriend literally had to look at him when they met and say "I like you, you're my boyfriend now, give me your number."
I know that it takes two to tango, but if the blame is being laid, 75% can be laid at her feet, 15% at his, and 10% at mine for not realizing that the relationship was failing long ago due to my being a workaholic and her being starved for attention. Not that it's an excuse, but I I'm at least partially to blame.
In my mind, he's just a kid who got taken advantage of by a pretty girl and didn't know what to do so he went with it.
I need advice. The old saying that you have two families, the one you're born to and the one you choose is relevant here, because his family has become mine as well, even before all this came out. I don't know if I can be his friend again, but I feel bad for him, and his family makes sure that we are never in the same house, much less in the same room. It kills me that they have to tiptoe around this.
I just don't know what to do.
submitted by SarcasticNinja1775 to relationship_advice