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The definitive guide for LP5 heat, battery, and power management!

So I struggled the first couple weeks with heat management on my LP5 and it took a lot of research and trial + error before I finally got my temperatures under control. Hopefully this can help you out too.
To obtain better battery and thermals the objective is to get your 'PKG Power' to as little watts as possible.
Under 1w when idling, around 2-4w when browsing the web and 10w+ for gaming.
Also, ideally achieving 35-45 degree CPU idle and 70-80 degree GPU under load.
Edit: Proof GPU temp is green, CPU temp is blue, PKG watt is circled in red.


I installed a fresh version of windows after not getting a desirable PKG power with just throttle stop. The important thing to mention here is when doing a fresh install LET WINDOWS INSTALL VIDEO DRIVERS. Do not manually install drivers yourself. Go to the windows update center and let it install both Nvidia drivers and intel HD drivers. I and many other have had issues with manually installed drivers, I don't know the cause for this but it's something other users have confirmed helps.
Another thing you can do that will help is installing a Windows 'Slim Build'. This will be up to your personal preference for security and 'piracy' concerns. I tend to think windows is pretty insecure in the first place and I buy my own Windows keys so I'm not worried about being a 'pirate' or whatever.
The TeamOS-hkrg website is a good place to find such builds I personally use "Windows 10 Pro 20H1 v.2004.19041.264 x64 EN-US Slim 13th May 2020" by Gollapudi. You can also just use a regular clean Windows ISO from MS or there are tools that let you slim down a Windows ISO yourself.


This is how you will be limiting the power draw of your CPU and monitoring your PKG power as well as checking if your GPU is active or not.
I used the exact settings from this thread to achieve 5-7w idle PKG on a fresh Windows install with automatically installed drivers.
Make sure you have undervolting completely disabled in BIOS for throttlestop to function properly.
I have only changed a few settings to monitor if the GPU is active at a glance. In throttlestop under option I have changed these settings. This allows you to see if your GPU is properly idling. If your GPU temp shows as 0 in the taskbar then it means it is properly idling.
HWinfo64 is a good utility for telling if your undervolt is applied properly or not.
Also this will make it so that throttlestop starts on boot.

-BiWin SSD

The stock SSD in these machine is super hot and draws too much power to get the PKG we are after. I replaced it with a regular 2.5 SSD I had laying around that ran much cooler. The BiWin SSD runs about 55 degrees whereas the 2.5 runs at about 30 degrees. This is a massive help to thermals and power draw. You could also replace it with another m.2 SSD as long as it runs cool.


If you're on a fresh Windows install you'll want to grab the Eluktronics control center from here. It is a direct replacement for the EVOO control center.
This is what finally pushed me from 2-5w PKG on idle to sub 1w PKG. There's a lot of weird fuckery going on here that I don't understand why it works but I and other users have confirmed that it does:
The first thing to do is install LAN drivers from the EVOO site. You will only need LAN drivers from here. SOURCE
Ensure that Windows has handled the installation for your video drivers.
Through this setup I was able to achieve a stable 2w idle on PKG. This next step is what put me below 1w PKG.
I personally used iobit Driver Booster Pro but you can use any utility of your liking to update every other driver on my laptop. Make sure to uncheck and Nvidia driver, intel HD or intel Graphics driver and LAN driver, then auto update the rest.
I do not use the THX drivers but instead the regular Realtek drivers that Windows/iobit installs. The THX drivers draw more power and to me sound worse but YMMV. If you prefer THX audio you can try this solution another user came up with but I cannot attest to how it works or effects PKG.

-GPU (Optional)

So hopefully you have noticed that your GPU stays inactive (temp at 0 in taskbar) during light tasks and doesn't kick on until you launch a game. If your GPU is overly active however you can try to enable GPU Activity Icon in the Nvidia control panel under the 'Desktop' tab. This will tell you if there are any applications that are using your GPU when they shouldn't be. You can also use HWinfo to tell you how much power is drawing from the GPU.
MSI afterburner can be used to overclock/undervolt your GPU. If you choose to use this utility ensure you select a skin that supports hardware monitor (I use 'Cyborg') then go to settings and make sure you have 'monitoring settings' checked under 'profiles' then in the main window right click the monitoring and select pause. Make sure this is saved with your OC/undervolt profile. For some reason the hardware monitoring in afterburner likes to wake the GPU when it is inactive.
You can use this guide for afterburner.

-In Closing

Using a combination of all these techniques I have been able to regularly get the claimed PKG and thermals as well as a 3-5 hour battery life depending on the tasks with the stock battery. Its also worth noting that I haven't replaced any thermal paste.
I have only 3 issues with this setup:
  1. Occasionally (maybe twice a week) PKG will spike to about 10-15w and I will have to restart to get it back down. I don't know what causes this
  2. When I had an undervolt set in afterburner the curve would move slightly up halfway through the flatline after a couple restarts. This severely hurts the undervolt so I just left it as an OC with no undervolt.
  3. Occasionally after gaming for a while I am unable to get the GPU to idle until restarting the PC. I do not know the cause for this.
I hope this helps!
Edit: Really dumb simple thing I almost forgot.
Make sure power profile in Windows is set to balanced. High performance option does not add much more performance despite drawing more power at both idle and load.
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Keeping your computer up to date for [hopefully] a better SC experience. Noob friendly

In RL we change the oil in our cars, brush our teeth, clean our clothes etc. But many of us neglect our PC's, both physically cleaning them and keeping ALL drivers up to date. Not just video card drivers. I'm not saying SC is faultless or perfect but i think many of it's performance problems can be fixed/band-aided client side. 3.8 is a super buggy build as we all know so this post is to help players get the most from our hardware while we wait for 3.8.1 [wink wink CIG]
First is knowledge of your PC components. CPU-Z and GPU-Z are great lightweight programs that will give us tons of info on our hardware. https://www.techpowerup.com/gpuz/ https://www.cpuid.com/softwares/cpu-z.html
The best way to upgrade drivers is to go to the manufactures support site and download manually. Most casual PC gamers will neglect this, so there are some pretty good free programs to keep all your drivers up to date. These are not for the PC elites /s , but for the more casual pc owner. Both Driver Booster and Snappy driver are two that I've used [free versions]. They are crazy easy to use. There are others but these are the only ones i have experience with. You might very surprised how many drivers are out of date. https://www.iobit.com/en/driver-booster.php https://sdi-tool.org/
Tips for SC.
  • Bring up the console using ~ [tilde] Type r_DisplayInfo 3. You can use either 1,2 or 3. Keep an eye on the fps/mem usage. If the FPS starts to tank, switch servers. If you notice massive stuttering, switch servers/region.
  • For nvidia users. Open Nvidia control panel > manage 3D settings > program settings > Drop-down box find "Squadron 42 -Star Citizen (starcitizen.exe)". If you don't see it then click add and navigate to the Bin64 folder inside the Live folder and open StarCitizen.exe. My recommended settings for SC:
    Monitor Technology = G-SYNC if monitor supports it.
    Power management mode = Prefer maximum performance.
    Preferred refresh rate = Highest available
    Vertical sync = Off [If you have monitor tearing you can leave this on]
    Virtual Reality pre-rendered frames = 1
  • Turn off the Windows Game Bar in Settings -> Gaming -> Game bar [search bar on taskbar> type "game bar"]. For the love of Crom, always turn game bar off the instant you install Windows.
  • This seems to help some players. While SC is running open the task manager. Press CTRL+ALT+DELETE or CTRL+SHIFT+ESC. For windows 10 click DETAILS up top and find SC. Right click SC and set priority to high. For win 7-8 i think its done from the processes tab. There is a way to set this permanent but you will have to google-fu that.
  • Bonus tip. SC rule #16- NEVER EVER spend all your $$ on one cargo run!!! Alpha SC can and will crash.
Again, this post is for the more casual pc gamers in hopes they can have a better SC experience because when it runs smooth it's pretty frakin stellar. Please add more tips if you have them! o7
My comp: AMD 3800X- 32G DDR4 - 1070 GTX SC - Prime X570-PRO MB - 2X Samsung 950 500GB SSD - 1X 500GB M.2 - Asus ROG 27" 1440 tn monitor [PG278QR] 165hz - Duel 16000m flight sticks
Edit: TY for silver
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