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[DL] Posted a Recolor design for the new RT site a few days back, decided to make it a reality!

[DL] Posted a Recolor design for the new RT site a few days back, decided to make it a reality! submitted by mattpc95 to roosterteeth

TL;DW 499 - Orthen Art & Audio Showcase

Vod | Treasure Hunter Exploit Statement

Concept Art Work

Some of the concept work we do doesn't get shown out of the team and some is used to inspire the next phase of production. Everything tends to follow a rule-set/style to keep the theme consistent across artefacts/matterials.
General Archaeology
  • Anachronia Map - Used as a test to see if we can do new styles of maps in the game.
  • Matterials | Artefacts | Relics - Based upon a description or mood text provided to us.
  • Dig Site Banner - Hard to decide on a location since the dig site is segmented.
  • Mr. Mordaut - Another test for a more hand-painted render of an image.
  • Orthen Entrance Sketches - Goal was to make them feel more established with a camp set-up.
  • Potions & Recipe Tablets - Most of is just a recolor which we had to be careful to not make them to similar.
  • Rex Construction - Different angles for the 3D artists. More stylized to fit the game's style and tech constraints.
  • Skilling offhands - Difficult to design/imply all of its functionalities into a small item.
Site Locations
  • Vault of Varanus - Went through different names.
    • Assets - 3D artist take a lot of liberty rather than replicate the concept art exactly, which we encourage.
  • Observatory Outpost Interior - Inspired by the 1900s surgical theatres.
    • Sketches - Sketches of the interactable stuff in-game which need to readable so players are drawn to it.
    • Assets - Took things we already did and re-purposed them in-game.
  • Moksha Ritual Site - Wanted to go mystic and cozy so it felt like a past-time area.
    • Entrance - Used paint overs on a screenshot to quickly establish different ideas.
    • Assets | Set Dressing - More fun and relaxing to create.
  • Xolo City - Spent a long time discussing what this city would look like and settled on a Mayan gold city.
    • Temples - They have no value of gold and use it just because they have a lot of it.

3D Art

Start with white boxes to quickly flesh out how the area looks like, the scale, and the feel and then input or modify existing assets and create news ones to fill it in. We also have a suit of assets with cubes/letters to quickly map ideas very fast and try out different idea very quickly and reiterate on it. Keeping art simple at the beginning allows you to change quickly.
  • Vault of Varanus - Had to make sure the walls weren't too tall.
  • Observatory Outpost - Lighting can make a significant difference to an environment.
  • Moksha Ritual Site - Made it a cozy area, and added some height on the outside walls.
  • Xolo City - It feels really lush and nice to be in here despite it being flat.

Audio Work

Used The Forgotten City Orthen track as a basis to create newer tracks to unify everything. We also used art/lore to help expand upon each track. Early on in production I also wanted to record a vocalist and we did. She was a mezzo-soprano and also sang a made-up language on the spot.
List of Tracks
Tracks Artist/Composer Comments
Vault of Varanus Mod Surma The vocals helped to make the area feel grand and majestic.
Observation Outpost Mod IanT & Mod Surma Starts subtle and then gets bigger which implies discovery.
Inner Conscious Mod IanT Abstract to match the story of transferring consciousness.
Outer Conscious Mod Surma Used the twinkly piano emulate the salamanders.
- - -
The Forgotten City Orthen Mod Surma Released in 2019 and influenced the newer tracks.
Past Art & Audio Streams:
submitted by ImRubic to runescape