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Introduction of Eudemonsonline and the Elf Ranger Updates

Eudemons Online (https://www.eudemonsonline.com/index) is a free-to-play fantasy MMORPG set in the mythic fantasy world of Cronus. Players pick from one of 7 classes: Warrior, Mage, Paladin, Vampire, Necromancer, Shadow Knight and Elf Ranger; allowing players access to a wealth of skills and unique Eudemons to help on their quest.
Eudemons, as the game is named for, refer to the robust pet system that allows players to hatch, evolve, train, and enter battle with over 100 different Eudemons, bringing up to three into battle at one time.
The game gives experience at lightning speed, making it possible to reach level 20 in only 15 minutes of game play just by grinding some of the low level enemies. One of the other features of Eudemons Online are the PvP mechanics, which span from player vs. player dueling and open world player kill to all-out legion wars and PvP tournaments.

Eudemons Online Key Features:
7 Unique Classes – play as seven unique classes, male or female: Warrior, Mage, Paladin, Vampire, Necromancer, Shadow Knight and Elf Ranger.
Eudemon System – collect over 100 unique Eudemons that can be hatched, evolved, leveled, and brought into battle to help as a shield, an attacker, or a support.
Legion Wars and Tournaments – join up with a Legion and partake in the game’s Legion Wars where Legions duke it out for the top ranking, or partake in tournaments to raise your individual rank.
Social Focus – get the aid of a friendly mentor, marry a significant person, and join a Legion of active, similar-minded players.
Experience Skills – on top of regular class skills, every class has an XP skill which allows them to unleash massively destructive attacks once their experience bar fills.
Group Dungeons – join a party of other players and descend into one of the game's many dungeons, offering great reward for those who complete its trials.

The New Hero: Elf Ranger
Unparalleled super talent
Beauty, agility, slenderness and perseverance.
They are the best archers and the most elegant poets.

Character Creation
People in new server can create ranger directly. If you are not in the new server, you should make sure one of character in your account completes the 10th Chapter of main line quest "Battle of Alien Land" and you can create a new class through the Mannequin system!

Character Creation
Born at 130 Level
A whole set of 125 level equipment
Double class skills: Violent Bolt/ Crack Shot
Arrow Power System
Use Arrow Power instead of the mana value to cast some of the skills.
The maximum of Arrow Power is fixed at 200 points, which can be slowly recovered over time.
When using the Violent Bolt, Saint Violent Bolt, and Crack Shot skills, you can additionally recover Arrow Power.
Eudemons of Elf Ranger

Magic Wings Hill
Magic Wings Hill, born in the Aurora Forest, has magical holy wings that block and purify all evil spirits. When it was born, it was given the duty of being the guardian of Elf Ranger. No matter how powerful the invading monsters are, Hill’s determination of guardianship was never shaken.
More Information:
submitted by Eudemons_Hill to eudemonsonline

MiFi Yred -> TSO -> Zin: my trash build for people who just want to win

Please let me know if you are aware of a build that is scummier, so that I can feel better about myself.
Starting weapon: long sword. Not as aggressive as axes but more 1v1 utility. Also long sword+horns provides a lot of passive damage in melee. Keep the shield, swap for a buckler early game if you can find one. Prioritize fighting and long blades, secondary skills are dodging, armor and shields. More in dodging if drops are bad, more in armoshields if you find heavy armor or a large/good shield. Wear the heaviest armor you can find, you are already stronk. Always level DEX.
Get Yred ASAP and start training invocations. Raise everything you kill that you don't need to eat. When in trouble, vanish into the mob of undead and run. Amulets of faith and regen are both good, faith gets more Yred reward minions faster while regen leaves more corpses free to rez and reduces piety decay while you sit around healing. Sword of flaming by Lair for hydras is great, otherwise get a decent short sword.
When piety is high enough, drain life is your panic button (also the primary reason to manually train invocations). Don't take any form of spirit shield for this reason, a few hp of damage prevented is not worth several casts of totally refilled health. Big mobs at branch bottoms are easily managed with judiciously spaced castings of drain life.
IMO, mirror damage costs too much piety and is too risky, and Enslave Soul always feels like a lot of work when bone dragons and profane servitors accumulate for free. Keeping an enslaved juggernaut or named giant on hand is probably best practice, so try it if you see someone shiny.
Once you've got a decent mob of Yred minions going, remember that you're the tank in the party. Stay out in front and swap in for valuable damaged minions (Bone Dragons, Servitors, Flayed Ghosts). Recall after retreating so your remaining minions aren't wasted and recall every level to make sure the mob isn't shrinking. Continue raising everything in sight once you've eaten to reduce losses to your permanents. A big Yred mob is the insurance you need to dive aggressively into enemy mobs and pick out casters, summoners and uniques.
Go through Dungeon, both branches, Depths, Nest/Shoals, Elven Halls, then go to Vaults. In Vaults start stockpiling permanent minions by turning ctrl+E off (did I mention you should turn ctrl+E on?) and not recalling. At the top of V:5 stairs, recall and regroup. Quaff might, agility, resistance and haste and descend. Immediately recall again to get stragglers into the room. Focus liches, wardens and titans and work the drain life. Quaff potions of magic if needed to keep the life draining. Periodically raise dead to buy some breathing room. If you make it through the mob, you're past the first of the two big humps in the build, so congrats.
Loot V:5. Gather up every holy wrath long blade you know of in the dungeon. Go to an altar of TSO and pop the clutch. Hopefully you don't have three servitors left after V:5. Try out all the holy wrath blades and keep the best one. If you've got a demon blade hold on to it even though it's forbidden now. Go to Crypts and enjoy near-instantaneous full piety and constant life on kill. Use divine shield often if there looks to be any trouble and fire off divine fire whenever you're feeling cranky using your strong invocations that you should still be training. Summon a divine warrior or two if someone's giving you serious trouble.
If you've got a demon blade you can bless it into a eudemon blade and change to Zin now. Otherwise hold out for that eudemon blade. TSO for the remainder of the game is an option if you have good MR and lots of potions of mutation. Zin before Abyss is best because there are a lot of chaotic monsters in Abyss to get Zin piety up fast, but you can also wait until you're heavily malmutated to get the most from the free cleanse at max piety.
If you have rCorr you can consider Slime Pits here but I usually leave Pits until very late. Had some bad times in pits as an armor-based melee char.
Do Abyss until you get the rune. Don't descend below 3. If you get sucked lower, strongly consider leaving and returning unless you're feeling no pressure. You'll probably get to full Zin piety during this.
About Zin: Recite is free and you're not a caster so your mouth is always available. Channel your inner old man and rant at anyone who will listen. Continue reaping the benefits of having leveled invocations constantly throughout the game. Watch rooms fill with pillars of salt. Watch Pan lords and lords of Hell take 20-turn confusion effects. Chain low-tier eudemon blade stabs on them. Invigorate is cheap and long-lasting, hit it whenever for a nice stat boost and some condition invulnerabilities. If things get rough, drop a sanctuary, giving you more than enough time to tp out even in Abyss.
After Abyss go to endgame. I like Pan then Hells, but other way around has some good arguments in favor. In Pan, BEWARE the Zone of Conflict. Hope you don't get it at all, since once it spawns you have to do it or forfeit the rune. Your eudemon blade means little to nothing, nobody listens to Zin, you have no resistances, and everyone is beefy. If you're still with TSO, summons can help, but they have all the same problems. A cold-branded long blade held in reserve can be helpful here. If you bring down the seraph and get the rune, congratulations, you're through the second big hurdle. Should be smooth sailing from here.
Do Hells and enjoy Zin Hell effect protections. Juggle jewelry and dragonscales to align resistances to each branch.
Tidy up Pits and then do Tomb. Look out for Mennas, who often shows up in Tomb. His silence will prevent Sanctuary. He presents the same issues as the Zone of Conflict in miniature. Zin gives a great toolbox for Tomb but don't get cocky.
Ziggs go here if you care to.
Go to Realm, grab the Orb, skewer a few Pan lords on your swift ascent, and enjoy that full run feeling.
Variant build: If you get an amulet of regeneration early you can worship Gozag, whose gold confusion softens mobs a lot. Spam potion purchases instead of drain life to survive V:5. Go straight to Zin and get instant full piety from the massive tithe. Bouncing Zin -> TSO -> Zin just for the eudemon blade is something I've done on successful runs before, the piety conservation among good gods along with plenty of piety-giving monsters in late game makes it easy.
You could probably stand to learn and cast a few simple spells, but what kind of trash build would that be?
submitted by Tesseractyl to dcss