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My dislikes and bad experiences(scratching) with the 6p(Don't worry still love the phone)

Alright got the phone just two days ago...everyone is posting their good reviews so I thought I would show the bad side from my point of view. Please keep in mind that the dislikes are just my personal opinion. Yours may very well be different. If you came for scratches then its in bold below.
Dislikes :
  • Temperature : Man, the phone gets warm! Not hot...just warm maybe a little on the uncomfortable side. First time I started it up I thought it was a defect but then I checked the temps with apps like Ampere and Cputemp...same as my moto G(2013) : 32°C and on normal to high(my high usage doesn't include gaming) it goes up to 39-40°C. Never seen it go above 41°C though. So no defect but because of the metal body it obviously feels warmer...not liking this but seeing the awesome performance of the phone(and the price I paid for it) I am more than willing to adjust. Won't be a problem.
  • Size and build quality : Size is always going to be a personal opinion for everyone. There is no opinion which is right. But still it was a bit tough to feel at ease because my phone always felt like it would slip(aluminium 32GB). The build quality seems good but because of all the bendgate nonsense I feel like it is really delicate. In fact my hands were sweating when I held the phone for the first few hours(maybe because of heat too). But most probably 99% nothing to worry about.
  • Touch input : My touch input seems off. It scrolls down when I scroll up on the sides of the screen. It only happens on the lockscreen while opening camera(thinks I am swiping up instead of left) and in the quickbar in action launcher and a couple other times. Selecting text in Play store is not possible for me but I am sure that that's a software problem because in other apps I can do it. As for the scrolling maybe its because of the sweat? (no TGSP applied yet) This is just a minor annoyance. Not worrisome. Maybe a defect? Though it only happens sometimes. I think the problem is with my fingers rather than the phone. Hope its not a defect... I don't want to replace and I can't...store said they cannot replace it once it is taken home(Croma,India...seems like bullshit to me though).
Bad experience :
  • Scratches : Nexus 6p scratching Four scratches. Only one is prominent so didn't try to take a proper picture of all four. Other three can be seen if you go looking. Haven't even kept it in pocket except for three times literally and that too only to see if it fit(no keys...no sand...indoor kind of guy). I kept it face down on my table and that was dusty a little but I didn't think it could cause such an easily seen scratch. Disappointed in Gorilla glass 4 but its my fault too for putting it face down without a screen protector. Still though, disappointed.
PSA : PROTECT THIS PHONE. Get a screen guard(tgsp preferred and get a case) Its a premium device and I have always thought premium in today's smartphone world was just another word for delicate(never owned a premium device except for 6p but all others look delicate and flashy.) Maybe just how I think but still protect it.
And to finish it up by talking about good experiences : Excellent camera, Excellent performance(MINOR lag/stutter once or twice. Once a bit more in play store...but seriously its minor and runs really great. I'm nitpicking) , OK google always on is spectacular...works perfectly, I feel like a magician! And fingerprint sensor is just oh so awesome. I just love the vibration!! And doze is great too...not anything new for me because I already got it on my moto g with root and xposed modules but its great that it comes with stock. More polished.
Favorite part of phone : OK google always on detection. Least favorite : The warmth. But honestly in long term this is going to be a lovely device...just gotta be a bit more careful.
Thanks for reading!
PS : How's my english? I'm always a bit insecure.
EDIT : Formatting and grammar. Also if you want then I can post a pic of the whole phone to prove that I am not lying and posting a pic of some other phone. Not gaining anything from lying anyways. Cheers.
submitted by abcdef32 to Nexus6P


More lore for the Sg ahri skin?

So of the few things I have read or seen from the new Sg skins(zoe, xayah, rakan and neeko) is that neeko xayah and rakan were the partners of the original ahri team with MF and that zoe is the responsable of corrupt (in the sg universe) xayah and rakan so of all this information that I have seen i can think that
1 in this universe xayah and rakan were friends with ahri (which is nice because normally ahri and xayah hate each other apparently)
2 The xayah and rakan skins are going to have special interactions with ahri and probably MF (both are legendary)
3 there's going to be pass where they are going to be stuff for the other SG (most probably the ahri team) but normally to legendary skins they don't make cromas or something extra
4 ahri is the leader of her SG team but it seems that neeko will be probably join the ahri team because in the story of this SG season 3 (if we can call it like that) she is part of the original ahri team then Zoe corrupts xayah and rakan, neeko scapes and hide but ahri thinks that she was corrupted like xayah and rakan
5 this maybe kills the theory that syndra was going to betray the ahri team and shows that zoe is the real villain in the Sg universe
6(and last) with this new addition to the Sg lore/universe we will know why ahri is so serious in the sg comic, and how she felt after losing their teammates/friends
[extra one] this lore expansion will make a lot of comics/fan arts of ahri and xayah being friends and how ahri manage to surpass the lost of their friends
submitted by S-34 to AhriMains