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Chapter 5 Walkthrough | The Vigil Files: Case 1

The Vigil Files: Chapter 5 - The Warehouse walkthrough

Walkthrough introduction and table of contents here, along with explanation of what "EEM" is.
(In my honest opinion, not counting optional sidequests, this chapter is the hardest one in the game. It's a big step-up from the previous chapters, so... don't feel bad if you needed to use this guide here ;))
This chapter starts when you open the email Jason sent you at the end of the last chapter that confirmed his arrival at the warehouse. That awesome spy music that cues when you open it tells you that it's time. You'll have to wait a bit more for Jason to look around this warehouse he's just entered. He'll then send you another email containing a photo of a map. (Yes, this map is intentionally hard to read!) After you get this email, you'll have a quick exchange with nightwing38 (the new username for robin37 (or is it?)), so EEM them. The exchange will end with them giving you a "bundle.zip" file.
Puzzle 5-1: What do I do after getting nightwing38's bundle.zip file?
  • Hint 1: You're going to need to use the information you find in this file to help Jason.
  • Hint 2: Didn't Jason ask you for help in his last email? The information in the bundle.zip file can help you with that.
  • Hint 3: Specifically, you'll want to look at the personnel directory xlsx file. That'll help you find the information Jason asked for in his last email.
Puzzle Solution: In Jason's last email, he asked you if you could find out which office is James Bowser's. In the spreadsheet file you found in nightwing38's bundle zip, you can find that the office # for Bowser is 126. So, send Jason an email telling him Bowser's room number is 126.
After you do this, Jason will send you an email saying he found Bowser's tablet computer, but there's a problem; it's been password locked and you need to enter a combination to enter it. Now, here comes what I believe is the most difficult puzzle of the game up until now; hacking Bowser's tablet. In fact, I will break up this puzzle into 2 puzzles; one for figuring out how to hack the tablet (5-2), and another for hacking it (5-3).
Puzzle 5-2: How can I figure out how to hack Bowser's tablet?
  • Hint 1: First off, to reiterate what Jason said in his email and what the in-game hint system tells you: the security system Bowser is using, Apix Security, is known to be insecure. So, you're going to want to find a hacker group's whitepaper on the subject. But where will you find one?
  • Hint 2: In VigilOS, you can view news articles. One of the news articles you can find can point you in the right direction.
  • Hint 3: And that news article is the oldest one you can see (at the bottom of the list); "ZERO-DAY FLAW LEAVES APIX SECURITY LOCK SCREENS OPEN TO ATTACK".
  • Hint 4: Find the profile of the person who was responsible for publishing the hack; Crystal Glasco. It says that she has been known to work with black, white, and gray hat organizations. Is there any hacker group you know of that she may work with?
  • Hint 5: To find them, you'll need to find another news article.
  • Hint 6: Specifically, check the topmost news article about a website being defaced! Maybe Crystal worked with that group?
Puzzle Solution: If you look at the very first news article in-game at the bottom of the list, a hack for Apix Security has already been discovered. It was authored by Crystal Glasco, who according to her database entry, has worked with various organizations. The latest news article at the top of the list in-game is about a group called the "Roach Warriors" having hacked a site. The URL for that hacked site is meyer-mayor.org.
So, head on over to that site. You'll quickly see that the group's namesake isn't for nothing. This belonging to Meyer was hacked by the Roach Warriors; and you can find a link to the Roach Warriors own site, roachwarriors.party, on there. Head over there. You can find the guide for hacking the tablet there!
Puzzle 5-3: I've made it to roachwarriors.party. What do I do now to hack Bowser's tablet?
On the roachwarriors.party page, you will find the aspl_hack.pdf file. This is what you will use to hack Bowser's tablet. My recommendation is you carefully read this PDF to figure out how to hack the tablet. I will offer a list of hints to help you demystify this puzzle, as the PDF isn't quite a light read.
The first part of solving this puzzle:
  • Hint 1: First off, note that in Jason's email, he distinguishes the points in the 3x3 grid with the numbers from 1 to 9. In the PDF, they distinguish the points with the numbers from 0 to 8. So make sure you stick to Jason's notation when you give him a solution!
  • Hint 2: As the hacker explains in the PDF, if you don't have access to the /sys/data/aspl_hsc.key file, then you really can't get anywhere. However...
  • Hint 3: Didn't she say something about a way you can view the contents of the /sys/data/aspl_hsc.key file?
  • Hint 4: By holding the 4 dots in the corner, a debug dialog will pop up, and the contents of the /sys/data/aspl_hsc.key file are displayed in that dialog's "DIAG_CODE".
  • Hint 5: So, send Jason an email asking him to hold the 4 buttons in the corner (the email body "Hold the four buttons in the corner" works for me in terms of keyword recognition). After you do this, he should send you an email with a photo of the the debug dialog attached, and therein, you can find that the DIAG_CODE is 243244243.
Now that you have this information, you are ready to solve the puzzle. Just read the PDF and it should make sense to you. You may need a pen and paper or a notepad on your computer to do this one. But here are some hints if you need some nudges in the right direction.
  • Hint 1: Now, you know what the DIAG_CODE is, or in other words, what the contents of the /sys/data/aspl_hsc.key file are.
  • Hint 2: Reread the PDF. What you need to do now is come up with a solution - that uses Jason's 1-to-9 notation, not the PDF's 0-to-8 - in order to unlock the tablet. Since you know the DIAG_CODE, you have everything you need!
  • Hint 3: You want to construct a pattern that satisfies two properties. I will reiterate what those two properties are in Hints 4 and 5.
  • Hint 4: Your pattern can start at any number in the grid. Other than the first number, every number in the pattern must be adjacent to the number before it. For example, it is okay to have the number 2 come after the number 5, because 5 (middle of grid) is adjacent to 2 (top-center of grid). However, it is not okay to have 2 come after 8, because 8 (bottom-center) is not adjacent to 2 (top-center).
  • Hint 5: Each point's number (i.e. 1 is the number of the top-left point, 8 is the number of the bottom-center point) must occur in the pattern an amount of times exactly equal to its corresponding placement in the DIAG_CODE. For example, your code is 243244243. The fifth number is 4; that means that 5, representing the middle point in the grid, must occur exactly 4 times in the pattern. The ninth number is 3; that means that 9, representing the bottom right point in the grid, must occur exactly 3 times.
  • Hint 6: Here is a visualization of the puzzle: https://i.imgur.com/3NsnIch.png For each point in the 3x3 grid, the number not in brackets is the number representing that point. The number in brackets represents how many times that point must be touched in the unlock patteappear in the solution you send to Jason. The bottom-left is 7 (2); that's because the bottom-left point, 7, must be pressed twice in the solution.
  • Hint 7: Here's an example of the beginning of a valid solution: "7474". When he starts this solution, Jason would press 7 (bottom-left), slide to 4 (middle-left), back to 7, and then back to 4. Both of these numbers needed to be touched twice, and they have been. So now, Jason would need to find a way to touch all the other points (only moving to adjacent points), without touching 7 and 4 again, and touching each other point the exact amount of times it needs to be touched. Alright, that's quite a bit of hints, can you figure it out?
Puzzle Solution: There are multiple valid solutions. One that works is 7474121232323656565658989898. Email it to Jason.
Dang, that was a long puzzle, wasn't it? Anyway, after you send him the solution, Jason will reply telling you that it worked perfectly. Now, wait a few minutes; Jason will first forward 3 emails he found on Bowser's tablet to you, before he sends you another email saying he's leaving the warehouse. nightwing38 will send you a few more messages, so EEM them.
Now, you have what I consider the hardest puzzle in the game up until now! Yup, the last puzzle was IMO the hardest up until then, and now this one is the hardest up until now. That's why I consider this chapter the hardest xD.
With regards to the emails Jason forwarded you: the first email about a phishing attempt isn't exactly useful to you. The third email offers you a "firmware.zip" file, but as the email says, you'll need the "warehouse password" to open it, and you don't know what that is right now, so it doesn't look like it'll do you any good either. So, your next course of action starts with the second email.
Yup, you're gonna need to hack into another account with the terminal. But, first, let me point out something about the terminal that the previous hacking puzzles didn't teach you: ports. Sometimes, to hack into a server, you will need to provide a port in addition to the IP address. For example, if your port is 1234, then to connect to the server, run the command "connect 1234". As is relevant in this next puzzle in particular, simply entering the IP address without providing the port number will cause the connection to fail.
So, how do you want to hack into this account?
Puzzle 5-4: Which person's account do I want to hack into?
  • Hint 1: This is a very tricky puzzle. Take some time to reevaluate the files you have gained recently. You'll need to use them together to solve this one.
  • Hint 2: In addition to the second Bowser email Jason forwarded you, the files you need to look at to solve this puzzle include the map.jpg file Jason sent you, and both of the files in the bundle.zip nightwing38 sent you. Also, I have spoken to the game developer; the map.jpg file is intentionally not very easy to read.
  • Hint 3: No, you're not trying to hack into Bowser's account right now. I don't blame you if you made that guess though. ;)
  • Hint 4: So, the first thing you'll want to do before you worry about passwords, is see if an account can be hacked into. To do so, run "connect ". If it says "cannot connect", that's not a hackable account. If it asks you for a username, then it is a hackable account! Where might you get the IP address and port number from?
  • In the next Hint, I will give an example of how you would go about hacking into an account that isn't the one you want to hack into. You would use the same procedure to hack into the one you do want to hack into.
  • Hint 5: Say you wanted to hack into James Bowser's account. First off, what is his department and room number? Engineering and #126, respectively, as you got from the xlsx file. According to the email, since he is in engineering, the IP address is "". From the map.jpg file, the computer in room #126 is #32, meaning the port number (30xx range) is 3032. Go to the terminal and enter "connect 3032". You will get a "Could not connect... " error message, but that's just because this isn't the account you need to hack into. You won't have this problem when you try to connect to the right account!
  • Hint 6: What you want to do is look through the xlsx file until you find an account you CAN hack into (i.e., it does not give you a connection error).
  • Hint 7: The number of hackable accounts is 1, so as soon as you don't get an error message, that's the one account you need to hack into!
Puzzle Solution: With some potential trial and error (and squinting at that damn map.jpg file), you'll eventually conclude that the account you want to hack into is Gina Smith's. Her IP address?, from the email, as she works in the Office Management department as you learn in the spreadsheet. Her computer #? From the spreadsheet, her room # is 104, and the # of the computer in her room is 11. So, run "connect 3011".
Once you do this, you should be prompted to login. Now, how do you log in?
Puzzle 5-5: Now that I know which account to hack into, how do I hack into it?
  • Hint 1: Regarding the username, you should know what the pattern is by now. You used this same pattern to hack into the Crystal Harbor accounts.
  • Hint 2: Regarding the password, this is where the oldpasswords.txt file comes in handy. Of course, as is suggested by the file's name, you won't find the account's current password in there.
  • Hint 3: The first question to ask yourself, is which line in the file corresponds to Gina's computer?
  • Hint 4: Remember, Gina's computer is #11. But you'll need some more information to figure out the corresponding line.
  • Hint 5: You can get that information by taking a close look at the map.jpg file. Specifically, look at where Gina's computer is situated in that map.
  • Hint 6: Notice the blue box in the photo that Gina's computeroom are a part of, that is labeled
  • Hint 7: Gina's computer number is 11, and she is in the region of map.jpg that is labeled with something that starts with "". So, find the line in the oldpasswords.txt file that starts with "". You'll learn that the previous two passwords for this computer were "1qaZ2wsX" and "3edC4rfV". How can you figure out the new password?
  • Hint 8: Look at your keyboard to help you figure this out.
  • Hint 9: Look at your keyboard as you type out the first password. Then, look at your keyboard as you type out the second password. Do you see the pattern?
Puzzle Solution: The account username is "gsmith". As for the password, if you look at your keyboard, you'll notice that the person uses a pattern. Consider a keyboard's alphabetical/numerical keys to consist of four rows; the first row is the numbers beginning with "123", the second row is the letters starting with "QWER", the third row is the letters starting with "ASDF", and the fourth row is the letters starting with "ZXCV". For the first password, note that they go down the first two columns; for each column, include the number in the top row, the two letters in the next two rows in lowercase, and the letter in the last row capitalized. For example, the first 4 characters of the first password are "1qaZ". First number of first row (1), first letter of second row in lowercase (q), first letter of third row in lowercase (a), and first letter of fourth row capitalized (Z). Do this again for the second column to get the first password. For the second password, do this with columns 3-4. It follows that for the new/current third password, they did it again with columns 5-6. The new password is "5tgB6yhN".
With that figured out, log into this account and download the only file on it; "call_log.xlsx". As the name suggests, it's a call log.
Puzzle 5-6: What do I do with the call log?
  • Hint 1: Don't worry about the Date, Time and Duration columns. Only the Caller ID and Extension columns are useful in solving this puzzle.
  • Hint 2: Hey, doesn't one of those phone numbers have a high frequency?
  • Hint 3: And it's only exchanging calls with a certain room.
  • Hint 4: Presumably, the first 1 in Extension number refers to floor number. For example, 1104 would refer to room 104. What's up with that number only exchanging calls with the room James Bowser works in?
Puzzle Solution: Call 678-709-7753. It's the number that only calls 1126, the room Bowser works in (the first 1 in 1126 is presumably floor number), and it has had a lot of calls with it. You'll get a voicemail identifying who the number belongs to - Ethan Burns. Burns is talking to James Bowser!
Calling this number didn't do much good, so now it's time once again to hack into a voicemail. Same way you've done before - change your caller ID to match the number, then call the number. Once again, use the most common PINs, just Google them. You can eventually hack into it, though it'll probably take some retries.
Now, here comes 14 new voicemails - these story-expanding voicemails are your reward for finishing this incredibly challenging chapter. Listen to all of them, plenty of interesting things to hear. nightwing38 will start messaging you during the voicemails. You can EEM them while listening, or after if you prefer. After you've heard all the voicemails, Chapter 6 begins.
Chapter 6 Walkthrough.
submitted by ShiningConcepts to VigilFilesWalkthrough


The complete guide for overall improvement in League of Legends...

There are almost 500K summoner's in this subreddit learning League. So I wanted to write a post that anyone can simply understand and learn. I'll write this post topic by topic (topics are bold) below. If anyone doesn't interested in some topic they can skip that topic and read other topics. But, I recommend you all to read this full post because, it will change the way you play and you will eventually start to enjoy the game. This post is for players who are trying to climb. If anyone is play this game for fun you don't need to do everything in here. This post mostly focused low-mid elo. But some points in this post will help even challenger level players :) So let's begin!
1.Physical health & Mental health
Physical health is a must needed thing for gamers. If you are physically weak, you can't perform your best. In League of Legends you need high level Brain+Eyes+Ears+Hands coordination in order to play better. So if you are sick or physically ill, stop play League until you fully recover your physical health. The other thing is Mental health. Mental health is also a must needed thing in this game. If you are mentally suffering for things, you can't perform your best in this game. It is true that games can help you with your stress & things like that. But if you are playing for the improvement you have to sit down with a good mental health. If your mental health isn't at it's best, then stop play League until you recover your mental health. You can't perform well this good physical health + bad mental health or bad physical health + good mental health. Both of those things must be in good form in order to have better results in your games. If your physical health & mental health are not good at any moment just take a break from League. Do some other activities. Enjoy!
2.Hardware & Internet connection
Hardware & Internet connection do huge impact in your gameplay. Even if you have challenger level skill you could be stuck in diamond because of your Hardware & Internet connection. Play with a PC which can at least fulfill the minimum requirements for League. Play with a monitor with high refresh rate. For keyboard and mouse it depends on the player. There are lot of guides on youtube you can watch how to find the best components for you. Mouse sensitivity is a special thing. You need to find the best mouse sensitivity for you in order to stop inaccurate mouse movements. There are lot of guides on youtube for that too. Try to get a stable internet connection which is good for gaming. You need to have a connection with low ping without too much packet loss. Take a look at your local service providers and find the best one!
3.Sitting Posture
Sitting posture also can impact on your gameplay. If your table/chair is too high or too low, then you will feel uncomfortable. If your monitor height or the length between your eyes and monitor aren't perfect, then you will feel uncomfortable. So just try to adjust your table, chair and other peripherals until you feel comfortable. Even famous soloq star APDO (DOPA) never change his chair, table height. He set it all where he can feel comfortable. So he can completely focus on the game. If you aren't comfortable, your mind cannot focus your gameplay completely. Part of you mind give attention to the uncomfortable sitting posture and signals you to change it. So you change it every ten minutes and lose your perfect focus in to the game. Try to fix it!
If you have low end pc then use low level graphics. It will help you to prevent from FPS lags. If you have high end pc then use high level graphics. You will see a clean and clear ability animations which are helpful to dodge or combat. Turn off useless sounds. Some pro players mute ingame music while some players play with a playlist of their own. That is your choice. For controls, it is up to you. Find comfortable keys for your finger to move fastly. Standard QWER based controls are designed to match most players. Some players may have uncommon ways using the keyboard and mouse. They can always change the controls for their best fit. One of my friend using Shift+S+D+Space to replace standard QWER. So find YOUR BEST SETTINGS!
5.Patch notes
Before you play the game at least read main changes in the latest patch. Some items for some champs become stronger in some patches. Some champs who dominated previous patch can become useless in the current one. If you just jump into a game without knowing those things you will miss an opportunity to win an easy game. Take few minutes and read the patch notes!
6.Role & Champion Pool
If your aim is to improve but you aren't naturally good at this game please play one role. Even if you are naturally good at this game it is not an easy task to play few roles. Playing few roles make you equally good at all of them up to very low percentage. If you play one role you will get better at it five times faster than you play all the other roles. You can learn inside to outside about your role and climb faster than the one who play all the five roles. Same theory for the champions as well. If you play way too many champs you will not become good at any of them. If you play few champs, you will eventually feel comfortable and then you will start to improve. So pick one role. Keep secondary role which matches your main role for an emergency situation. Pick one comfortable champ (easy champ recommended for low elo) and only play that champ. If your champ isn't a good blind pick or a safe pick always keep a secondary pick which is a good blind pick!
SoloQ chat isn't a good thing to deal with. Specially in low-mid elo. If you cannot control yourself from looking at the chat, mute it. It will not do any good in low-mid elo. If you are a type of guy who can keep your cool in any situation just turn on chat because even in low elo sometimes chat can become useful to win games. In high elo chat is a worthy source to gather some information. If there is any kind of toxicity in chat, just try to ignore all of them. If you feel you are out of control after looking at chat just mute it. Even Faker mute his chat when bad things happen :D
When you are in the loading screen always try to think about your lane matchup and team matchup. Make your game plan while you are loading. Think what playstyle is better for this game. Question yourself, are we good at this or that. When you already have a plan ready for that game you will play it better than you do it without a plan.
9.Map Awareness
This is a most impactful thing in League. Try to look at the minimap whenever you can until end of the game. From doing that you can track your own jungler, enemy jungler and other enemy movements which can lead you to get a combat victory or an objective. Map awareness is a little mind game you can do while playing in the summoner's rift. One enemy miss-position you caught on minimap can help you to get a major objective or even end the game!
Main source of income in League of Legends is CS. Do a little math. If you miss 30 minions in 10 minutes just calculate the amount of the gold and xp you missed. Think what you can do if you had those 30 minions for your CS. Worth right? Don't miss cs. Don't give up a huge wave just for a kill which you can't get. Watch youtube. There are hundreds of videos about csing. Learn from them.
11.Wave Management
This the best way to punish an enemy if you know how to use it correctly. DOPA is a master in wave management. Try to watch him if you can. A good player who knows wave management can deny gold,xp from enemy players, can pressure a lane, can build good roam timers, can do better recalls, etc... A laner with a good wave management can drop all the morale of entire enemy team and pressure them. Watch and learn wave management on youtube.
12.Damage Trading
This is connected to the champion pool which I mentioned in number 6 topic. The more you know your champ, the more you can go in for trades. If you know the limits of your champ it is always easy to trade damage in lane. If you are still learning one champ just search and find videos for your champs trading patterns and timings. Good trades can force your enemy to respect you. If they fear you, then you can use 11.Wave Management wisely to punish them.
Honestly I had lot of things to talk about this. But sadly I'm not completely aware of new shop and items and the way those items work. So I think it is better to learn from other source ;)
This is different for all the five roles. So I recommend you to watch the warding guides for your own role. Any ways vision game is a thing like map awareness. Good vision can win you more games. You can punish enemies harder when you have proper vision. Don't just try to watch random vision guides. Try to watch in depth warding guides. That will help you to control the entire game!
15.Summoner Spells
Pick a spell if you can really use it to impact your gameplay. If a Renekton with ignite play under his own turret doesn't do any good to that game. If Malphite with TP only use it to get into lane doesn't do any good. Understand the concepts of spells. Use them wisely. Ask yourself why should I pick this or that spell. Can I use it wisely. If you have no idea about using them just watch guides.
This topic is connected to 9,11, and 14... All those topics help you to make a good roam. Master them. You will master this!
17.Objective focused gameplay
This is special for low elo. Low elo players completely ignore objectives sometimes. That is why low elo games take too long to end. You need objectives to win games. At least understand this... You can only win games by destroying the nexus or by enemy surrender. In order to destroy that nexus you must push turrets,inhebs.. You can't just aram mid and push to the end. Well, sometimes you can if you are far ahead. If not, you need powers from others sources like dragons, baron, elder. That means all those are connected with your victory. So if you want to win, just get them in one way or another. Don't force unnecessary fights if you are losing. This isn't a Team Death Match game. This is an objective focused game. So focus them and play around them.
This one is directly connected to the topic no.17. If there is going to be a fight just ask yourself three questions. What are the things we have to sacrifice for this fight. What will be the outcome of the fight. Does it worth for the sacrifices we made. If yes, then fight. Bring the glory to your team. If the answer is no. Then focus other objective and go for it. Of course you can take a risk and change the game. Take the risk if you aren't completely donating the game to enemies hands.
19.Push for the WIN!
If you have the lead. If you have the objective (Baron,Elder) just don't waste them. Try to force fights and pressure the enemy and push for your win. So many low elo players take all the objectives and yet they still doing mindless farming or running around map without ending the game. First understand why you play the game. What is the reason for playing the game if you don't put any effort to win it. Question your mind always. Ask yourself why am I doing this. What else should I do. This will help you to think about your game in entire different direction and stop autopiloting.
20.After the game
Look at your own stats. Look at your team stats. Look at your enemy team stats. Compare all of them to yours. Did you played better. If not, Take a minute and remember the way you played that game. Remember the mistakes you made. Ask yourself what to do in situations like that. If you can't find answers, ask someone who know about it or search it on youtube. That is how you improve. At last ask yourself am I ready for another game. Are you physically strong, Are you mentaly strong, Are you tilted, etc... If answers are for the negative side, don't play again. Take a break. If not, you won't improve. PLAY THE GAME WHEN YOU ARE READY TO PLAY IT!
That is all summoners. Hope you guys will learn something. Ask questions below in the comment section if you have. I'll answer them.
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