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How to get Terraria 1.2.4 running in Mac OS X

I've seen a couple people asking how to get Terraria 1.2.4 running on a Mac without using bootcamp, since there is (as of writing this post) no wrapper for 1.2.4. This method requires no knowledge of how Wine works, as every step is explained in a very detailed fashion. I am using the instructions found on this forum post, omitting and adding something that will make it work with 1.2.4. This works in Mavericks, but I have not tested it in any other versions of OS X. Here are the steps:
-Download Steam Installer for Windows.
-Download, install and run Wineskin Winery 1.7.
Create the wrapper
-Click "Update" and then "OK".
-Click on the small circular arrow button.
-Click on the small "+" button next to "New Engine(s) available".
-Select WS9Wine1.7.0x and click "Download and Install" and "OK".
-Click "Create New Blank Wrapper". Name it as you like (e.g. "Terraria" or "Steam").
-Click "Cancel" when asked about Gecko.
-Click "View Wrapper in Finder"
-Quit Wineskin Winery.
-Launch the newly created wrapper.
Install .NET
-Click on "Advanced", "Tools", "Winetricks".
-Search for "msxml3", click the disclosure triangle next to "dlls" and check the box next to "msxml3". Click "Run", then "Run" in the window that pops up.
-Winetricks will open Cnet in a browser. Click "Download now" to get MSXML 3.0 SP7.
-Close the browser.
-Open Finder, locate the downloaded file "msxml3.msi" and move it to "~/Library/Caches/winetricks/msxml3".
-Go back to Winetricks, then search for, check and run "msxml3" again.
-In the MSXML installer, click "Next", "I accept...", "Next", "Next" (you don't have to enter your name), "Install" and "Finish".
-Back in Winetricks, search for, check and run "dotnet40".
-In the .NET 4.0 installer window, check the first checkbox, click "Install" and "Finish".
-Close the Winetricks window and quit the wrapper.
Install Steam
-Re-launch the wrapper, click on "Install Software" and browse for "SteamInstall.msi", which you downloaded earlier.
-In the Steam installer, click "Next", "I accept...", "Next", "Next", choose your language if prefered, "Next", "Install", "Finish").
-Steam will launch and download the most recent update (this may take a while). Don't worry that there's no text on the welcome window. Just quit Steam by clicking the X in the upper right corner.
-In the "Choose Executable" window that pops up, select "Steam.exe" from the dropdown menu and click "OK".
-Click on "Advanced".
-Click on "Tools" tab.
-Click on "Registry Editor (regedit)".
-Go to "HKEY_CURRENT_USESoftware/Valve/Steam". (this means: Find HKEY_CURRENT_USER, open it, find Software, open it, etc.)
-Click "Edit" -> "New" -> "DWORD Value".
-Name the newly created value "DWriteEnable", leave it's data at "0x00000000 (0)"
-Close the windows and re-run the wrapper. Steam should now run normally (with text).
Install Terraria
-Log into Steam and download Terraria.
-Start Terraria. This will start the XNA installer. Click "Next", click the checkbox, click "Next" and finally "Install" and "Finish". Dismiss the error message that might pop up during the installation.
-Terraria should start.
-Quit the wrapper.
Disable Systray window
-Double-Click the wrapper in Finder and then immediately hold down the option key. You should get to the Wineskin menu. If not, quit the wrapper and try again.
-Click on "Advanced".
-Click on the "Tools" tab.
-Click on "Registry Editor (regedit)".
-Go to "HKEY_CURRENT_USESoftware/Wine".
-Click "Edit -> New -> Key" and name the key "X11 Driver".
-Click on the newly created key in the left pane.
-Click "Edit -> New -> String Value" and name the value "ShowSystray".
-Double click the new string value and enter "false" in the "Value data" field.
-Close the wrapper.
Disable Steam in-game overlay
-Double-click the wrapper in Finder.
-Steam should boot up normally.
-While viewing your game library, right click on Terraria.
-Click "Properties".
-Uncheck the box that says "Enable the Steam Overlay while in-game".
Terraria should now run normally (while in the wrapper you created, not in your normal Mac Steam client.)
Known Bugs
-Fullscreen doesn't work properly.
-Having any other window besides Terraria selected will pause everything in Terraria. Not actually sure if this is a bug or not.
EDIT: Formatting.
DOUBLE EDIT: Sorry to everyone in the comments who are asking for technical help, I'm really not that good at tech stuff and I just took the instructions from the link at the top of this post and changed a few minor things. If you need support, I recommend you go and look at that post.
submitted by DeNovoHope to Terraria

Tip for anyone who regularly uses a macOS host to connect to Shadow: Swap the "Control" and "Command" keyboard keys for more natural keyboard shortcuts

On your remote Shadow machine, you can install a free utility called SharpKeys to remap keyboard keys. It'll write the changes as registry values, so the SharpKeys application doesn't need to be running (and you can delete the app after making the change.) If you set up SharpKeys correctly, it should look like this.
The reason I recommend this is most of the same shortcuts you use locally on macOS will then carry over to the Windows Shadow. You can do ⌘+C and ⌘+V copy and paste, instead of using the control key. ⌘+T for a new tab in Chrome. ⌘+N for a new FindeExplorer window. ⌘+⇧+N for a new folder in FindeExplorer.
submitted by randybruder to ShadowPC