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Fixing KotEt Part 4: Fractured Alliance

Check out this blog for a recap on what happens in this part of the story. I really can't express how important this blog (alongside this one for KotFE) were within this project. I don't think I would have even attempted to cover these expansions without these nice little chapter summaries to remind me of what the hell happened.
So, this is it, the finale of my KotXX project. It's been quite a ride with 9 posts and around 50,000 words throughout, but I think the final product is a big improvement on the original expansions, in my own biased opinion.
For those who need a recap of what has happened up until this point, my first suggestion would be to read through the previous posts linked in the comments. For everyone who doesn't have the time to waste, I'll give you a quick rundown:
  • You get captured on a mission after killing a mysterious character called Thexan and are taken to Zakuul
  • You find out that Thexan's dad is the king of Zakuul and has a history with the Sith Emperor, but he is killed by his son while doing a Force Mind Meld
  • Arcann blames you and you're imprisoned for 5 years before being broken out
  • You're helped by Koth, Lana and Senya, who defects from Zakuul after Valkorion takes over your body to speak to her. You all make your way to Asylum, the secret base of the Alliance
  • The Alliance is made up of representatives from many of the major factions in the Galaxy and created by Darth Marr and Satele Shan who have both disappeared
  • You are elected the new commander of the Alliance and begin to build it up, choosing new allies and building up your forces, finding and aiding Satele and Marr on their mission to destroy a Sith Cult on Odessen
  • You begin taking out Arcann's allies and crippling his Skytrooper army, in doing so, you also 'kill' the AI Arcann had created based on his dead brother, Thexan
  • Angered by this, Arcann launches an attack on Asylum, destroying the station and killing Satele, leaving Marr and Theran both angry at him
  • You retreat to Odessen with your remaining forces, being followed by Arcann
  • You make your way up to Arcann's ship, fight your way through and take him on
  • After defeating Arcann, you choose to kill or imprison him, but before you do, his droid army turns on him and his knights, apparently under the command of Vaylin, his younger sister
  • You manage to escape the ship and blow it up, learning that Vaylin has crowned herself Empress of Zakuul. You are given the choice to execute or imprison Arcann
  • You find out that Vaylin is searching for some mysterious relics and grabs one during a battle on Bothawui
  • You decide to collect the remaining relics yourself and acquire a team of researchers to help you
  • You manage to grab the remaining relics by solving a civil war on Dathomir and defeating Aries on Iokath
  • With two of the three relics in hand, you are doing well and the Alliance is winning the war. However, Vaylin attacks Odessen, steals the remaining relics and escapes after killing either Senya or Arcann
  • You learn that the relics contain Vaylin's latent force power which Valkorion had locked away. As she destroys the relics, she becomes more powerful
  • Valkorion leads you to a fourth relic to trap her power permanently and you make your way to Zakuul for the final battle, with all your Alliance and both the Empire and Republic backing you up
  • You get to the palace, defeat Vaylin and choose her final fate
  • You become the new leader of Zakuul (for now, anyway) and turn your attention to the growing tension between the Empire and Republic
Going into this final 'Fractured Alliance' arc, I think we're already in a much better position than the original story due to one simple reason: the Eternal Fleet isn't an entity in this version. You were never given the trump card that allows you to be the almighty Alliance Commander so we don't have to take that away from you either.
So, without further ado, let's start off with:

War and Peace

We begin the chapter with you landing on Iokath, which was now far more habitable, due to Scorpio/Prime's adjustments. You learn from Lana that you are here to oversee a secret Peace Treaty meeting between Empress Acina and Supreme Chancellor Rans that only the high ups within the Republic, Empire and Alliance know about. At this point, we get the exposition about what has happened since Vaylin's defeat: Zakuul have begun to rebuild under your instruction, although with the Knights decimated and the Gemini droids mysteriously gone, the Alliance has had to step in to provide security. If Senya survived the story, you learn that she recovered from her wounds and is overseeing the planet for you and if Vaylin surrendered to you and retained her abilities, you learn she has started training either at the Sith or Jedi academy, depending on your choice.
As you make your way through Iokath, you are met by either Torian or Shae Vizla, who explain that the Mandalorians are providing security as a neutral 'Alliance' party during the meeting and that you should head inside. You make your way into the meeting room and find Supreme Chancellor Galena Rans and Empress Acina, accompanied by Supreme Commander Jace Malcom and Elara Dorne and Chancellor Vowrawn and Major Quinn accompanying them respectively. Both forces took heavy losses both during the Zakuulian occupation and during the final battle above and on Zakuul. Talks start out well, but soon fall apart when Acina claims ownership of the Balmorra system. The meeting is adjourned and the two factions return to their quarters while you make your way to the heart of Iokath. However, as you go, an alarm sounds and you discover that Chancellor Rans had been murdered.
Tensions rise as the Republic forces, now led by Jace Malcom, immediately blame the Imperials for the act, while Acina denies any wrongdoing, claiming that the Empire had been framed. At this point, you are given the choice to pick a side or remain neutral as you investigate the matter. Choosing a side will have you working directly with either Acina or Malcom directly to solve the mystery, but will put you at odds with the other faction, who will then cause problems for you. On top of that, you either get Quinn or Elara as a companion. Choosing to remain neutral will lead to both sides being distrustful of you and the Alliance working on their own.
Regardless of your choice, the next step is to find the footage of the murder. However, you find it's been wiped from the Iokath mainframe, meaning you must go into the Republic and Imperial territories in order to collect the fragments of footage for Theron to put back together, either creating distractions and sneaking around or simply killing your way through the enemy factions.
Having acquired the data, Theron begins to sort through it and you learn that Malcom and Acina are gearing up for battle. You attempt to stop them, managing to convince the two leaders to leave the planet. However, at the same time you receive a message from Theron, explaining that he had discovered footage showing the assassin sabotaging both the Imperial and Republic landing sites. You must then choose who you wish to save: Malcom or Acina, if either of them. The one you don't save is killed when their shuttle explodes and you are blamed for it with that faction becoming actively hostile towards you.
In order to clear your name, you continue to look for the assassin. Theron claims to have found their hiding place but it is deep in enemy territory. You are forced to fight your way through to find and battle the assassin: an Umbaran sniper who can drop into stealth. However, as you start to question her, she is killed by poison she had ingested before the fight. The Republic and Empire leave the planet, wary of one another and of the Alliance. Determined to clear your name and discover who is behind these killings, you return to Odessen to investigate.
This was actually the first idea I came up with for this project. Personally, I thought the return to Iokath was a huge let down for a few reasons. Firstly, the whole feeling around this part was weird. It very much felt like they just needed a reason for you to start fighting the Republic/Empire again so everyone just winds up on Iokath because reasons. Secondly, it felt like a lot of people were acting out of character for no real reason. Malcom was a complete moron who completely ignored his own son's warning and got himself killed for it (in my playthrough) and then we have the spoiler that this was all set into action by Theron himself, which only makes his actions seem more idiotic. I think the inciting incident of the assassination of Chancellor Rans makes far more sense as a reason for Malcom to be distrustful and also works as a reason for Acina to be angry about getting the blame.
I liked the whole 'choose which leader dies' thing from the original, but I thought it could be a better choice by having you choose who you want to save, rather than actually killing one of them while also giving you the choice to save neither.

Whispers in the Shadows

After returning to Odessen, you call an emergency meeting with the War Council. There's far more tension there, depending on who was killed in the explosion. If Malcom died, Jorgan is on edge, explaining that the Republic has gone into a state of emergency under the leadership of Interim-Chancellor Saresh who blames you for the deaths of both the former chancellor and supreme commander. He explains that, while he doesn't exactly believe it to be true, evidence does point to the Alliance being at fault. Similarly, if Acina was killed, Pyron will explain that, after a short but bloody campaign, Vowrawn took her throne as the new Emperor and similarly blames the Alliance, suspecting you of working with the Republic to weaken their leadership. Both explain that they have been called back to their factions in preparation for the upcoming war and can no longer help you.
With this troubling news, you decide to investigate the assassin on Umbara. Lana claims to know of a sect of Umbaran assassins known as the 'Shadow Enclave' and you head there to investigate. Upon landing on Umbara, however, you find it to be a warzone as Imperial and Republic troops battle for control of the planet. Depending on who you saved on the previous planet, you either join up with Jorgan or Pyron (or have to make do on your own) and learn that both factions came to the planet at the same time. Lana does not believe this is an accident, assuming that whoever had hired the assassin had also arranged this battle in order to stop you from getting answers. You decide you have to get to the Shadow Enclave regardless and decide to take a train in order to avoid the fighting.
The train is assaulted by the enemy faction and you're forced to fight your way through to the front, but as you do, the rails are destroyed and the train veers off and crashes. You manage to escape, continuing on foot to the Shadow Enclave, where you fight through more Umbaran Assassins before confronting their leader.
After defeating the Umbaran leader in a boss fight, he seems confused, asking if you weren't happy with their service. Now confused yourself, you ask him to explain and he claims that the Alliance had hired the assassin to sabotage the peace talks. You and Lana are shocked by this, but as you learn more, it becomes clear that there is a traitor within the Alliance and is working alongside the Cult of Vitiate. With this new information, you leave the planet before the battle reaches your position.
This planet builds on the mystery of the last one and makes it obvious that it was someone within the Alliance who is the traitor. I also kept the main concept of the flashpoint the same, because I really did enjoy the train set piece. It was different and fun and I wanted to keep it, however, I also wanted to show off actual Umbarans a bit more.
Also, I'd like to talk about a little switcheroo I did: Chancellor Rans is dead and Saresh is now in charge of the Republic again. Why? Because I think Saresh has the chance to be a super compelling leader for the Republic and I thought her little plot in the original KotET just sort of sucked. So there, that's something I wanted to change.

Equivalent Exchange

Now with the knowledge that the traitor is within the Alliance, and with both the Empire and Republic actively distrustful of the Alliance, you are running low on allies. You speak with Lana and Theron privately and come to the conclusion that anyone could be working with the Cult. However, Lana suggests the one group who Vitiate would never think to infiltrate: the Hutt Cartel. While Theron isn't happy with the idea of working with the Hutts, he agrees to set up a meeting.
The three of you, alongside Oggurobb, take a shuttle to Nal Hutta to meet with the Council. Oggurobb doesn't seem happy to be back in Hutt Space but dutifully introduces you to the Council members before dismissing himself. You then speak to the 5 Hutt Clan leaders, explaining the danger that Vitiate poses. However, they don't seem to care, claiming that the reignited war will be good for business but admitting that they owe you for defeating Zakuul. After some more conferring, the council agrees to help you find and destroy the remaining cult members, in exchange for a favour. You agree to help and they explain that the Exchange had used the chaos of the Zakuul war to establish a foothold on the Hutt-controlled planet, Sleheyron. Since then, their influence over the planet has only grown and the Hutts risk losing control, which would deeply weaken the Cartel, due to Sleheyron's importance both as a trade route and the heavy industry of Tibanna Gas refinement on the planet. They continue to explain that your job will be to sabotage the Exchange's operation, allowing Cartel forces to sweep in and eliminate the remnants of their operations on the planet, after which, they will use their network of contacts to discover the location of the Cult for you.
You arrive on Sleheyron, which is an unpleasant, industrial landscape, and begin to infiltrate the Exchange stronghold on the planet. As you fight through Exchange forces, you are given choices to free the Exchange slaves or use them as cannon fodder. As you make your way to the center of the stronghold, you are faced by the Exchange boss, a Gen'dai named Karvus, who you defeat in battle. You are then given the choice to set the Tibanna Gas to overheat, causing the fortress to be destroyed, or take Karvus prisoner to return to the Cartel.
Whichever choice you make, you leave the stronghold to meet with the Hutt Forces and are congratulated for your victory. True to their word, the Cartel agrees to help you find and eliminate the Cult of Vitiate and you return to Odessen.
I'm really in two minds about this one. In my original draft, I had kept this based on Csilla, like in the original story, with the Chiss serving as your ally instead of the Hutts but, as I thought about it, I became less happy with that idea. I couldn't find a compelling job for the Chiss to ask you to do (I didn't really like the 'hunt down a force-wielder for us' concept from the original) and I felt asking the Hutts for help fit the themes of the story a lot more, with you going underground for assistance in order to avoid the Cult. The Chiss seem like an easier answer in terms of allies and I think it's more fun working with the Hutts, even though I do like the Chiss a lot.
Despite all that, I do think this is a fun chapter. I wanted to put in a more 'standard' Star Wars adventure and a fun little gang war is always enjoyable to me. Plus Sleheyron is a new planet to go to, which is always fun. Now, onto the final chapter in this whole project.

The Enemy Within

You receive a priority call from the Hutt Cartel, who explain that a Hutt Cartel flagship, belonging to Bolo the Hutt, had just been attacked, but before the ship's destruction, Bolo was able to record a holomessage. The message then plays, with Bolo claiming that the Cult of Vitiate are active on Zakuul, hidden away from the city in an area known as the Eternal Swamp. However, they discovered Bolo's ship in orbit and attacked. As he finishes, laserfire can be heard in the background and, just before the recording switches off, Bolo is shot.
The Cartel are angered that one of their own was attacked and tell you that they will provide whatever reinforcements you may need to take on the Cult. You can then choose to accept the Hutts' reinforcements or go in alone. Whichever you choose, you ready up with Lana and Theron to face the Cult.
You enter the swamp, fighting your way through cultists as you do before finally reaching a cave. As you enter the cave, you are ambushed by cultists, led by Servant 1 and Servant 2 of the Emperor's Hand. They welcome you in, informing you that you had done well to get this far. Theron and Lana are taken prisoner, leaving you alone to face them. However, the two sith don't seem at all hostile, instead claiming to serve you. Confused by this change, Servant 1 reveals that you were Vitiate's new host and that the entire Zakuul saga was a ploy by the Emperor to gain power and take your body as his own. While you don't believe him, Servant 2 draws out a crystal, similar to the one you had found within the Dreaded Fang stronghold in Chapter 4 of KotET. The crystal begins to glow with dark energy before shooting into you and knocking you unconscious.
When you wake, you are in a prison cell in a dark, clouded world without your weapons. You are met by Vitiate himself, who welcomes you back to the land of the living. He explains that the fragment of his psyche that he had left within Valkorion after his failed possession carefully manipulated Valkorion into manufacturing his own demise. With his death, the fragment then split, entering yourself and Arcann. While Valkorion's presence remained within you, so did Vitiate's, feeding off the death and destruction the two of you left in your wake. Vitiate goes on to explain that he then simply had to wait for either you or Arcann to destroy the other, uniting the shards and leaving the victor as the most powerful force in the Galaxy. However, that plan was disrupted when Vaylin rose to power, almost destroying Vitiate's plan. He smugly thanks you for dealing with that 'pest' and putting his plan back on schedule.
He explains that he is now in the process of taking your mind and body as his own, gaining control of the Alliance and then using its power to destroy both the Republic and Sith Empire as they fight amongst themselves. With that, he leaves you within the cell.
You are trapped in the cell for what seems like a long time before you get another visitor: Valkorion. He apologises that he hadn't told you about Vitiate earlier, admitting that his pride led him to believe he could contain the darkness before it overwhelmed you both, and that the Galaxy is now paying the price for his failure. However, he believes that you can do what is necessary to defeat Vitiate once and for all, something that Valkorion could not do. He opens your cell and you escape. With Valkorion serving as your companion, you fight through the dream world, fighting shades of cultists as you go until you reach a barrier. Valkorion explains that Vitiate has created a mental block to prevent you going any further and that you must defeat whatever demons plague you. This is where you fight a personal boss from the past, depending on choices you make (similar to the Nathema Conspiracy, except you actually fight them and not some big droid).
Having defeated your 'demons', the wall dissipates and you're able to push forward for a final showdown with the Emperor. Here you face Vitiate, who claims that he now controls you, and that after this small part of your mind is destroyed, the Galaxy will fall before him. However, you deny him and begin the fight alongside Valkorion. As the fight goes on, you are joined by shades of Senya, Arcann, Thexan and Vaylin, and alongside the full Royal family of Zakuul, you are able to destroy Vitiate.
With the shade of Vitiate gone, the mindscape clears up and the other shades disappear. However, Valkorion remains long enough to explain that Vitiate will never truly be gone, but that you must keep him imprisoned deep within you, as he did for so many years. With that, he finally succumbs to his weakness and dies, causing you to wake up. Servants 1 and 2 stand before you, and you have the option to pretend to be Vitiate and command them to either destroy the cult or turn it to your cause, or simply to kill them. Whichever you choose, you leave the cave alongside Lana and Theron, who claim that only a few minutes had passed since you got there. As you leave, Cartel reinforcements arrive, if you called for them, and you can order them to clear out the cave completely or just leave.
With the cult's threat gone, you return to Odessen. War is inevitable now, even with the Cult of Vitiate dealt with, and you have to choose a side to help, either returning to your original faction or joining the other faction as a saboteur. You meet up with the War Council for the last time, learning what each of them plan to do:
  • Lana, Theron and Koth/Hylo agree to stay with you
  • Oggurobb reveals that, due to your work defeating the Exchange and the Cult of Vitiate, he has been freed from his duty as the Cartel's ambassador and would like to serve full time as the Alliance's resident technologist
  • Jorgan and Pyron have both officially left the Alliance to return to their factions: Pyron returning to his role as Voice of the Empire while Jorgan goes back to being the General of Republic Special Forces
  • Vette or Kaliyo remain part of the Alliance, helping keep order and control on Zakuul
  • Senya now leads the new government formed on Zakuul, serving as the Alliance's representative
  • Torian returns to Mandalore, explaining that the Mandalorian clans are splitting from one another to return to business as usual.
  • Depending on your original faction, either Amara (if Imperial) or Talos (if Republic) tender their resignation from the research team and return to their own faction
  • Finally, Darth Marr explains that he has officially left the Empire, no longer considering himself a Sith. He says that he and Satele had often discussed what they would do after Zakuul's defeat and he wishes to honour her legacy by training students in all aspects of the Force, neither Jedi nor Sith, while hunting down any remains of Vitiate.
With that, the War Council parts ways and you are left with Lana, Theron, Koth/Hylo and Oggurobb.
So, that's it. It turns out the real Vitiate was within you the whole time! Yes, I'm using the idea from the original story, but I think it works so much better as a last minute twist than literally being revealed to you right away. Plus, I think it works better as the whole traitor arc, with the traitor being you, rather than, say, Theron for no good reason.
I also think I've depowered the Alliance in a more reasonable way. The Alliance in my version was just that: an alliance of different factions working together to take down a foe. With that foe gone, it only makes sense for them to go their own separate ways and I think I created satisfying arcs for everyone and a fun reason to restart the war, leading into the future.

What happens next?

Like all my rewrites, I did my best to keep this one contained to just the content I was covering, so it shouldn't have too many long-reaching effects but I'll cover what I can think of in how content would change:
  • Moff Pyron is the Voice of the Emperor I think this only benefits the story, giving Pyron authority within the Empire but also having him know you personally, even if you weren't an Inquisitor.
  • Jorgan is the General of Republic Special Forces I think this is good for his character too. Since he's 100% alive, he can work closely alongside Republic players in the game's future, similar to how Pyron does for Imps in Jedi Under Siege.
  • Amara Lin is a new character who isn't part of the game Again, I think this would only benefit the upcoming content with Amara being a connection to Master Gnost-Dural for Republic players and she can either not be on Ossus for Imperials or you can actually meet her as an enemy, which could be fun.
  • You never pick up Raina, Gault or T7 I'll be honest, I doubt any of these guys are going to be important to the main story except maybe T7, but if so, they can be introduced later on. If not, they can just be Alliance Alerts instead.
  • You don't get Sana-Rae, Aygo or Pardax Again, I doubt they'll be doing anything big, but I think Aygo or Pardax can join you at the start of Onslaught, depending on your faction. I don't think Sana-Rae will be doing anything since she's done nothing so far, but she can easily pop up in the story (or be replaced by someone already in the Alliance like Lana or some other Force user)
  • There's no chance anyone can die Outside of a few exceptions like Senya and Koth, none of your new companions can die due to choices you make. That means that characters like Kaliyo, Vette, Jorgan and Torian can all have bigger roles within the story as it goes forward, rather than remaining in the state of limbo they currently sit in
  • Vaylin can be alive and be training with the Jedi/Sith I'd deal with this by having Vaylin send semi-regular reports to you, similar to Bengal Morr in the Jedi Knight story, if you let him rejoin the Jedi. I found that to be a very satisfying part of the story and would love to see how Vaylin develops. Then, in the future, you can have an Alliance Alert to go to Tython/Korriban and pick her up as a new companion as a fully-formed Jedi/Sith with different personalities to match. Is that a lot of work for voice acting and programming? Yes, but I think it would be really cool and a more satisfying redo of the Jaesa character split in the Warrior campaign.
  • Darth Marr is alive and Satele Shan is dead I've tried to make it so that Marr would take on the role that Satele fills in future content. Now, I'm no oracle, so I don't know exactly what that will be, but I think by the end of my version of the story, Marr is in the position to fulfil that concept of a more neutral faction between Jedi and Sith (in before anyone says Grey)
  • Saresh is in charge of the Republic I'll admit that I haven't played the Republic side at all post KotET, but I do think Saresh would be a more fun interim-Chancellor than Rans is. As I said, I think Saresh was wasted in KotET and could be an interesting antagonist, not only for Imperial players, but also Republic players who don't agree with her heavily jingoistic rhetoric. It also fits into a Republic that are far more willing to go to war with the Empire.
I think that's about it in terms of outstanding characters. With those changes, I think content can continue the same into Jedi Under Siege and then Onslaught and who knows after that. As always, I'll be finishing off with a TL;DR of this section and I'll link the whole saga in the comments. Thanks for reading all these to whoever has done, and I hope to continue my rewrites soon™.


  • Having defeated Vaylin and taken control of Zakuul, the Alliance is stronger than ever
  • Because of this, you are moderating peace talks between Empress Acina of the Sith Empire and Chancellor Galena Rans of the Republic on Iokath
  • The talks become heated and the meeting is adjourned but soon after, you find out Chancellor Rans had been murdered
  • The Republic forces, now led by Jace Malcom, , instantly blame the Imperials while Acina claims innocence
  • You can then choose who to publicly support, gaining suspicion from the other side, or choose to remain neutral, making both factions suspicious
  • You go to the Heart of Iokath to find any recordings of the murder, but find that the data banks have been expunged, leading you to go into each faction's territory in order to acquire dthe data frag,ments necessary for Theron to putback together
  • After returning, theron discovers that an assassin had killed the Chancellor, then continued to sabotage both Imperial and Republic shuttles, forcing you to choose who to warn: Malcolm or Acina (or neither)
  • Only being able to warn one factions causes the other to turn on you as their leader is killed, believing that the Alliance is behind the sabotage
  • You chase after the assassin, discovering that they are an Umbaran, before they kill themselves to prevent you from knowing more
  • The peace talks have failed and you have little to go on as the two factions leave the planet
  • Back on Odessen, you find out that the Republic and Empire are officially at war once again, with Saresh taking over as leader of the Republic with Rans dead and Vowrown possibly taking over from Acina, if she was killed
  • With nothing else to go on, you decide to trace the assassin back to their home planet of Umbara, where Lana believes they were hired from a group known as the Shadow Enclave
  • When you arrive on Umbara, you find the war is already there and you have to fight through either Imperial or Republic troops (or both) depending on who you let die
  • You get on a train and make your way through an ambush to finally arrive at the Shadow Enclave, where you fight through assassins to reach their leader
  • After you defeat him, the Umbaran leader claims that the Alliance hired the assassin to sabotage the meeting, in accordance with the Cult of Vitiate
  • With this knowledge, you return to Odessen
  • Now unable to trust even the Alliance, you are forced to find other allies, with Oggurobb and Theron contacting the High Council of the Hutt Cartel for a talk
  • You arrive on Hutta and meet up with the 5 leaders of the HuttClans, who agree to help you find the Cult of Vitiate if you d a job for them
  • You agree and are sent to Sleheyron, a Hutt planet that has been taken over by the Exchange
  • You make your way through the Exchange fortress and defeat the boss, a Gen'dai named Karvus, before choosing to blow up the fortress or leave it for the Hutts
  • With your side of the deal done, the Hutts agree to help you out
  • Back on Odessen, you receive a priority message from the Cartel, explaining that a high-ranking Hutt named Bolo had been killed delivering a message
  • The message explains that the Cult of Vitiate are based within the Eternal Swamp of Zakuul
  • You set off for the swamp, fight your way through cultists and arrive at a cave
  • In the cave, you are confronted by Servants 1 and 2 of the Emperor's Hand who claim that you are Vitiate
  • Servant 1 uses a crystal to attack your mind, allowing Vitiate to gain a hold
  • Now trapped in your own mind, Vitiate explains that his spirit had invaded both your and Arcann's bodies when Valkorion died, and that the two of you had been subtly manipulated into fighting one another, with Vitiate claiming hold of the victor and ruling the entire galaxy through you
  • However, when Vaylin created a coup against Arcann, Vitiate's plan almost failed, until you were able to stop her
  • With Arcann dead and Vaylin dealt with, Vitiate began his plan, disrupting the peace talks and guiding you to his servants so that he may fully take over your body and use the Alliance to rule over the entire galaxy
  • However, as he leaves you there, you are visited by Valkorion, who helps you escape from your 'cell' and fight through Vitiate's forces, defeating your personal demon and then Vitiate himself, with the help of Valkorion and manifestations of the Zakuulian royal family
  • With Vitiate defeated, Valkorion warns a you that he isn't dead and that you must keep him trapped within you, then he disappears for the final time
  • As you wake up, you are now able to either take control of the Cult of Vitiate or eliminate them
  • Leaving the cave, you return to Odessen to say goodbye to your allies as they leave to do their own thing
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End of Harvest League - A personal appreciation thread.

Aloha, fellow Exile's.
As the current league is about to end and I'm basically done with it, I've figured its time for me to post my thoughts, pieces and a mini-bio, reflecting my appreciation for this amazing league (as it turned out!).
So, I've been playing online games since ~2002 and ofcourse my aRPG genre experience officially started with DiabloII back in the days. In general, I'd say I've played many different genres/games over the years - aRPG, Strategy, FPS, MMO's, Indies / LoL, Overwatch, WoW, CS:1.6&GO, most mainstream MMO's, others like Black Desert Online, Cabal Online, Knight Online, ArcheAge, TERA etc and the list goes on and on. Mostly I'd atleast try them for a good while and if I really liked them, I'd try and go semi-hardcore on them.
Path of Exile, of all the above, is by far my most favorite game I've ever played to date. There is just something with it - be the "never ending" new content, complex mechanics, easily the best (most mature maybe?) overall community I've ever seen in a game, combined with GGG's amazing job as a company in whole - I do not know but I'm glad I've found it.
Now, on a more specific note. Harvest League.. started really slow for me. I am not much of a league starts "GO CRAZY, MASSIVE $$$$$$, GGWP ONE MONTH DONE" kind of guy. Usually mid-league is my thing and where I shine. Thats mostly because there was always a full-time job IRL and/or other activities/obligations that require time and energy.
Anyhow - I started the League with an Explosive Trap/Miner Saboteur build which kept me going for about a month or so. Pretty damn good league starter I'd say. Got myself somewhat okay-ish gear but never really bothered with the whole Harvest mechanic that much, maybe few fixes here and there, one or two mediocre crafts for sale and so on. It actually felt really "underwhelmed" as a mechanic, especially since by that time, people were already coming up with some CRAZY mirror-tier gear all over the place.
Side note - crafting gear in this game, is probably my favorite activity. Even with limited time, I'd always try and craft some GG items (not mirror tier tho). Had a few legacy 9xx ES Vaal Regalias (good old alt spam/regal/scouslam way), spent over 100k alterations few leagues back trying to hit ~500pDPS+ Claw etc etc. If I just had the time..
Back to Harvest, I felt like I was missing out and that somehow, I had to "force" the mechanic on me or I'd miss my chance to experience these crazy crafts.
Logout -> Create New Character -> Pick Ranger -> Go for GG Dex Stacking shenanigans or fail miserably and quit.
And thats where the league started for me. I was getting to know the garden/mechanics better by the day and RNG was kind enough to give me my first full T1 Dex Stacking bow (cheap version), following some Youtube guides (THANK YOU CONTENT CREATORS!). UUuhh, t1 Crit Chance and t1 Attack Speed first try baby!
On top of everything else, CoVid-19 kept flaring up once again in my country, plus I decided after many years of having a full-time job (which I didnt even really like), it was time for me to take a long break, relax for a while, clear my head and "restart".
Having said all that - despite reading mostly how Harvest League "failed", massive people dropped out first month into, broke the game and all that, it didnt matter at all to me.
You know, after a good amount of years knowing your game, playing as much and trying to min/max the best you could, while also managing real life shit in your mid 30's - Harvest was the best opportunity so far to experience truly mirror-tier, min/maxed gear for someone like me.
I believe there is no "perfect" league and for sure Harvest had its flaws, but to date, Legacy League was my most succesfull/favorite and finally, something surpassed it.
Wall of text done (sorry!), I'll end this whole "non-sense" with my favorite quote of the league, plus I'd really love to share my crafts with you guys. Pretty proud of them as they took whole 2 months to finish, day by day, item by item.. I'd happily provide crafting process for anything, if need be.
If as per Rule #10, this is a problem, please mods, let me know or just remove the image yourselves.
"ty sir, dont forget to vouch please at TFT Discord, name is @asdfasdf"
Thank you GGG!
Thank you awesome community!
The end.
P.S : Engrish don't native language, excused I mistakes
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