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If you choose to use the free version, you should know that it is fairly limited, allowing users to record only about 30 seconds of video. Grab your voice with mic, capture face with webcam, and record internal sounds with the system audio. Emissive texture keys hot. And If you want to record sound from microphone, you have to get the Pro recorder on your Windows Vista or later. Galaxy life hack chips 2020 https://myrealtor40.ru/forum/?download=2692. Office 2020 already have product key visit. Bandicam v3 With Crack 2020 [Updated] - Free Download All Software Full Version.

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When I record Combat Arms if fraps it only records a

The Hypersonics' product cannot record videos played in media players and its image and audio editing features are reduced to a minimum. When the list of Sources shows up, choose Display Capture. When I run Fraps, it does a pretty good job of figuring out which programs are games that I want to record and which are not. Crack Torrent Final With Keygen [Windows + MAC] April 05, 2020. To long-press the Capture Button on your left gameplay handle, then you can capture up to 30 seconds of Gameplay and then you can view the captured videos on the Albums on your. Cod4 cracked server 1.7. The solution is to just not use FRAPs, because for video recording it kinda sucks now.

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Webcam and Screen Recorder Apowersoft Free Screen Recorder. Its overlays include well mode-less many features, necessary release metering, and it inserts skilled gold-standard list mappoint. Fraps is a universal Windows application that can be used with all games using. The recorder can not only video record your screen, but also capture screenshots, record audio on Windows 10/8/7. Fraps is too basic and old of a program to do what you want, you'd need software that records audio sources separately, and then you could use fraps or another program to only record the video, then you'd have to edit the video with video editing software to combine the video and game audio. Fraps Crack records your video at high resolution. I tested with Enemy Territory Quake Wars, a beautiful, lovely first person shooter.


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+3, +2, +1 balls for the top 3 answers. -3, -2, -1 balls for the bottom 3 answers, unless i don't feel like scoring it that way. it's my survey

reddit name/slack name/real name/SSN

i meant this to mean just put any one of these, not all of them. a few people thought i meant the latter. of those, cory was the only one to seemingly give his actual social security number. +1 bonus ball to cory

Find the dumbest thing on MLBShop.com

Cincinnati Reds Nick Castellanos 8-Piece Regulation All Weather Cornhole Bag Set $56.99
the thing about this is that a cornhole set of 8 different players on the team would actually be cool. but instead it's Just Nick Castellanos.
Women's Oakland Athletics Dooney & Bourke Medium Tote Bag $248
Texas Rangers 3' Giant Victory Four Game Set $199.99
both good entries in the category of things that aren't inherently dumb but are absurdly expensive, but outshone by:
St. Louis Cardinals Supreme Mystery Grab Bag $249.99
a mystery grab bag for two hundred and fifty u.s. dollars
Miami Marlins Black BlackBerry Curve Cashmere Silicone Case $29.99 Regular, $3.99 Reduced Price Almost Gone!
couldnt find anything bad, but i did order this while looking: Men's Baltimore Orioles Fanatics Branded Navy Banner Wave Pullover Hoodie $64.99
congratulations on the hoodie bgro!
New York Mets Peanuts Wireless USB Keyboard $54.99
Looks Like Shit
Houston Astros Highland Mint 2017 World Series Champions 39mm Gold Mint Coin $49.99
Houston Astros 2017 World Series Champions Blu-Ray Collector Set $79.99
St. Louis Cardinals Earth Design Yoga Mat $39.99
i think this looks fine!
Chicago Cubs Kris Bryant 24" Studds Plush $29.99 or Chicago Cubs Kris Bryant Pro Bros Plush Toy $19.99
the first one is ASTOUNDING and the second one is fine i don't know why you submitted both when the first one is clearly the correct submission
+3 dylan, +2 iama, +1 jiggy -3 pjd and ruairi, -2 bgro, -1 desmond

Give me a Youtube video under a minute long that will make me laugh

did not make me laugh but good pacing, doesn't wear out its welcome
this is mesmerizing i have been watching this for ten minutes
solid old video!
azula describes her fursona https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CITrqyliiUM
i am sorry ben it DID NOT make me laugh
VERY classic but still great!
THAT is a true classic
good contagious laughter
over a minute but the actual content is a small portion repeated https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cvx_zuTR1Xc
funny but it does still break the rules
pjd: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=prCHL8dJdPA&feature=youtu.be&ab_channel=DyomHellas
shortest video submitted and has some punch to it
+3 dylan, +2 bgro, +1 des -3 pole, -2 jiggy, -1 Cory

Something nice that has happened to you in the past month

I reserved a rental car months in advance and when I showed up, they told me I would need to wait two hours for the car to be ready and I think they were expecting me to be an asshole about it because they were kind of preemptively dickish about it. Instead, I just went home, waited two hours, came back, got my car and then because I had been cool about it, they comped me about $100 for having to wait. The whole reservation only cost $220 so that was pretty cool.
Got a real nice performance evaluation from my job. I've been unsure about the job ever since I switched to remote work, just feeling extremely unmotivated and not very efficient, so it was good to hear that it's mostly in my head.
Didn't exactly happen to me but a student told a coworker that the reason she chose Xavier was because the grounds are so beautiful.
owner at nearby greek place we like gave us a free bottle of house wine when we told her we just moved in down the street, pretty cool
I visited one of my best friends in Texas with our other best friend. First time ever being in a small town like that and it was awesome. Makes me kinda want to live in some small town when I get older as a high school baseball coach with a hot wife.
i moved to a new city and made new friends that's pretty nice
got kissed it was pretty hype
my friend gave me a sirfetch'd just so i didn't have to bother evolving my own
i have become very close with one of my friends i met online and i am very excited to end up meeting him
My wife and I got a new dog, his name is Bentley and he is a labrador, he's a giant goofball and has made a good friend for our other dog Christmas
I got my diploma in the mail and it was a nice tangible culmination of what I've actually achieved in the past 3 years of my life, in what was otherwise kind of a stressful month.
+3 to iama, +2 to bgro, +1 to everyone else!

An argument you have had with your parents that you were wrong about in hindsight

I was convinced that my parents were wrong and I was not depressed. Turns out I was lol.
That I didn't need therapy as a teenager. Really wish I would have stuck with it!
therapy: It's Good!
I dunno never really argued with my parents. gonna have to take the L on this one
I can't think of anything specific :/
It's been a long time since I argued with my parents. I would guess it was some time when I was still living at home and I was just being standoffish and unappreciative of the fact that my parents were housing/feeding me. I would barely talk to them and just stay in my room and I dont remember having a specific conversation about it, but eventually I realized that I was the one who needed to change my attitude because really my parents weren't doing anything wrong.
That I wouldn't regret spending time with them and the rest of the family. Now that im out on my own i do regret all the times i passed up spending time with them. If i could go back i would have spent as much time with them as possible
relationships with family: It's Good!
i haven't really argued with them about much but my mom did argue against me moving in with my ex (HAD SEX WITH ANOTHER PERSON WHILE IN A 'MONOGAMOUS RELATIONSHIOP' WITH ME) so that seems like a fair one to post
I really didn't want to eat my vegetables. I probably should have eaten the vegetables.
this is most topical for me but kinda boring but i argued with my parents in favor of not contacting a person i barely know who recommended a college counselor to my dad when she recognized him at a movie theater. we ended up contacting the counselor and she has been great.
My dad used to get annoyed about how I always overpacked my bookbag in high school and I always blew it off, but now I have back problems that aren't necessarily related to that but it really makes you think
+3 bgro/pjd, +2 pole/cory, +1 lbon -2 ruairi/des, -1 iama

Tenth favorite pokemon

feel like zapdos is the correct answer between the two, sorry pole
Vaporeon eeveelutions are a solid tenth favorite pokemon choice. not my favorite eeveelution but not a bad answer
a nice but not fantastic gen one pokemon feels like a good tenth favorite pokemon choice
EXTREME tenth favorite pokemon energy. love this choice
great pick, probably a top 5 favorite for me but right in the range
too soon
Golisopod, good Bug/Water type that i love using competitively i appreciate the competitive aspect, but unfortunately it is also fuck ugly
gotta go with Blastoise imo
yeah that's fine
+3 bgro, +2 bnav, +1 Cory -2 jiggy, -1 pjd, -1 pole

Tell me about a piece of media you have enjoyed recently and haven't had the chance to talk enough about

i relistened to clairo's album and holy shit that girl can sing. shit rocks.
Lianne La Havas's newest album - definitely my AotY pick for 2020 so far. I just love everything about it.
I've been watching a lot of No Reservations and Bourdain just has such an interesting view of the world. He's so self-aware when he goes to poorer countries, and, while he initially comes across as somewhat pompous, he's actually incredibly kind and complimentary of the people who cook for him. I'm really sad that he killed himself and I think about it a lot when I'm watching.
Really can't say enough good things about Schitt's Creek. It's hilarious and heartwarming and I think it might even be the best Catherine Keener has ever been in anything. Dan Levy and Annie Murphy somehow make their hilariously entitled characters actually redeemable and you root for their success. It's just a good-hearted show that consistently makes me laugh.
the 5th season of Lucifer. Nobody I know has watched it so I haven’t been able to talk about it
I started reading a series called Lightbringer by Brent Weeks. I just finished reading the first book in the series "The Black Pirsm" and was blown away. Here is the plot summary for the book In a world where magic is tightly controlled, the most powerful man in history must choose between his kingdom and his son in the first book in the epic NYT bestselling Lightbringer series.
Guile is the Prism. He is high priest and emperor, a man whose power, wit, and charm are all that preserves a tenuous peace. Yet Prisms never last, and Guile knows exactly how long he has left to live.
When Guile discovers he has a son, born in a far kingdom after the war that put him in power, he must decide how much he's willing to pay to protect a secret that could tear his world apart.
Ive really been digging it and cant wait to start the second book
The Gondoliers is an excellent critique of nominal republicanism and nobody wants to discuss it just because it came out 141 years ago
fucking selling sunset man it's sublime i love trash reality tv and discounted it immensely for some reason
I watched Inferno (https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0080923/?ref_=tt_sims_tt) and even though it has gotten mixed reviews I thought it was really good. I really liked the cinematography and thought it was a worthy sequel. Probably my second favorite movie by the director.
I'm addicted to watching a Vancouver-based youtube named Northernlion become aggressively more toxic every time he plays Fall Guys. He was already my favorite and he just doubles down on the ridiculousness. It's fantastic in every way.
i have really started getting into ASMR youtube videos, so its not really one specific piece of media but i something about it is great. i recommend DennisASMR, Latte ASMR, and Gibi ASMR for anyone looking to get into it
+3 desmond, +2 pjd, +1 bgro nobody gets a minus for talking about the things they like

Say something nice about the next person in line

Cory to lbon:
Luca is extremely smart and creative, and it is a genuine pleasure to watch him grow as a person.
lbon to iama:
i really like iama's ability to make it to every slack meetup, whether he was invited or not
iama to wharble:
Wharble you're a fun dude to shoot the shit with and I wish you were less busy with work to hang around and talk baseball.
me filling in for wharble to pjd:
you are the only person to really stick around heavily from last sim and the way you seamlessly fit in with the group of slack regulars is really nice
pjd to Ruairi:
Ruairi is a beautiful man. He is dedicated to his job and providing nothing but good content for people who play MLB The Show. He is a wholesome man who never has anything negative to say about anyone else. Ruairi is a good friend to all
Ruairi to des:
His passion for plants is inspiring and beautiful. He’s also a huge cutie.
des to bnav:
He's very smart, and funny, and nice, and I really just want him to be happy, because he deserves it so much. Things are hard for him right now, but he's going to be wildly successful in life.
bnav to jiggy:
jiggy is a strong man who stands up for his morals, he's also incredibly kind.
jiggy to pole:
pole is very passionate about the thing he cares about and is not afraid to vocalize it which is something i like in people.
pole to bgro:
I really appreciate all the work Bgro has put into the various slack games over the past year or so (e.g. slack survivor).
bgro to dylan:
Dylan is intelligent, a good conversationalist, and someone you can rely on to be objective and rational when discussing things. Seems like he is a strongly principled person who acts on his beliefs.
dylan to cory:
What can I say that hundreds of thirsty women (or anyone!) in the Bay Area haven't already said?
-2 to lbon giving a joke answer, -1 to dylan not really answering, +3 to everyone else

What is your Starbucks order

the people who order nothing:
Nothing, I don't like coffee and I'd rather make tea at home.
ice water
the people who understand starbucks has other things:
Hot chocolate, I don't drink coffee.
dont drink coffee but if i go to starbucks i get some kind of iced tea, depends on the day
Dragonfruit Lemonde, i dont drink a lot of Starbucks because of how pricey it is here
the people who order coffee:
Venti mocha, no whip
Vanilla latte (dont really drink coffee)
usually I just get regular coffee but if i feel fancy, then a mocha latte probably
Chocolatey thingy. A large frap
venti iced caramel macchiato with 4 shots of blond and an extra shot of caramel syrup due to being a child
cold brewnavis:
cold brew, black
+3 jiggy, +2 cory, +1 bgro -3 dylan, -2 desmond, -1 pole

How many balls should I get

7 balls: 8 votes 1 ball: 2 votes 15 balls: 1 vote 0 balls: 0 votes
i was not going to award any balls for voting to give me more balls, but since Ruairi was the only person to vote for 15 balls he can have an extra ball

You may give one ball and take one away

the results: desmond +2 bnavis +1 dylan +1 bgro +1 iama +1 bgro +1 wharble (did not participate in survey) +1 lbon 0 jiggy -1 pole -1 pjd -1 ruairi -1 cory -2
anonymous quote: "take one from Cory (just bc i assume he'll get a lot)"

What is your hidden talent

I can pronounce the name of that really long welsh town, Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysilogogogoch
i can tie cherry stems in knots with my tongue i guess
i can sleep equally as well on both sides of the bed
is this not normal
Does being a disappointment count as a talent? Because i am great at that
the only thing disappointing about you is this answer
Idk I guess I'm good at memorization?
i can remember really vague and useless trivia for things that are super irrelevant
I do card tricks. I also have a very good memory. I’m also very good at math in my head. And math in general.
i can name every country in the world and locate it on a map, as well as name the majority of the capitals, purely from memory
des may have an incredible memory but everyone else had more conviction
I'm very good at directing the packing and unloading of vehicles.
the man is a natural leader
I can chug beer faster than just about anyone
I can guarantee with a reasonable amount of certainty I'm the best Rock Band vocalist you've ever met.
+3 dylan, +2 bgro, +1 iama -3 pjd, -2 lbon, -1 desmond

Strawberry, vanilla, or chocolate?

+1 to all who answered vanilla, 0 to all who answered strawberry, -1 to all who answered chocolate

Make up a guy who sounds like a Giants reliever

Bnavis: Tyler Gordon PJD: Sergio Wilson Ruairi: Brian White iama: Caden Jackson bgro: Scott Osterbrich Cory: Daniel Humphries desmond: Garrett Blaukamp thefuckinwolves: Sam Kennedy lbon: Tariq Byers pole: Seth Skyscraper dylan: Nick Garcia
scored purely on how much they sound like a Giants reliever +3 Ruairi, +2 dylan, +1 iama -3 pole, -2 bgro, -1 lbon

Describe your perfect Sunday morning

I am awoken early by sunlight streaming through my window. Nonetheless, I feel well rested. I lie in bed for a short while basking in the soft warmth of the sheets and the soft sunlight filling the room. Stretching, I rise. I shuffle into the kitchen, where bacon and eggs are being cooked by my housemate. I help get breakfast ready, and then I eat my breakfast at the table while sipping coffee. After breakfast, I prepare for the day's activities.
desmond: My internal clock actually allows me to sleep past 8:30, I get up and get a breakfast sandwich to bring back home and eat on my porch with some tea. I watch a show or play some video games for a while and take a nap around lunchtime.
It’s raining/drizzling outside. I wake up next to my hot wife/girlfriend and play some Michael Bublé. Then I put on a fire in our fireplace. Start making breakfast. We’re talking pancakes, french toast, and cinnamon rolls. My hot wife walks into the kitchen wearing a Nick Castellanos jersey and nothing else. Life is good. we eat our breakfast and drink champagne because why waste the good taste of champagne with orange juice. We eat our breakfast and drank our champagne out on our balcony watching the rain
sleepign until 10 am, then sitting outside eating yoplait yogurt listening to the birds
i wake up at like 10 am, mom made eggs or some shit, watch a terrible TLC show, probably 4 weddings, for a couple hours.
turn on the record player, have a nice breakfast, and have an aggressive amount of sex while i hear the church let out from across the street
bgro: I like to be very active on Saturday and then do literally nothing on Sunday. So...sleep in, shower, play video games all day, watch some sports, watch the latest episode of a good HBO show that evening, go to bed.
sleep until noon, get up at 1 and have a homemade bacon and egg mcmuffin while watching baseball.com
I do not wake up until the afternoon
Wake up with no alarm, make some coffee, make a delicious brunch, go for a little walk down to the Point.
I wake up, sun is shinning, birds are chirping. Christmas is snuggled up to me snoring away like the giant squish she is. A wonderful smell makes its way into my room, its the smell of chocolate chip pancakes. My wife has prepared my favorite breakfast with chocolate milk as a beverage. I blow bubbles into my chocolate milk because i am a child. In this perfect world i have quit my job and no longer have to work Sundays. I go outside, get some fall yardwork done. Leaves raked into a big pile to be given that good suck by the leaf blower. Then 1 PM rolls around. Its football time. My mother and grandmother who are both massive Eagles fans have come to my house to watch the game. The Eagles blow out the Cowboys, Carson Wentz throws for 300+ yards and 5 Touchdowns. My wife prepares my favorite dinner, Chicken Alfredo. We have a nice red wine with dinner as well. Some of our friends join us for dinner as is Sunday tradition and then games afterwards. Many laughs are shared in the home my wife and I have built. Everyone goes home happy and I fall asleep finally content with the life i have built
i am really deep into this however Patrick, dinner and falling asleep for the night are not a part of Sunday Morning
+3 Ruairi, +2 iama, +1 pjd no minuses, your mornings are all very lovely
Two types of cuisine
des: Italian and Mexican bgro: Italian and Mexican dylan: Italian and Mexican pjd: Italian and Mexican Ruairi: Mexican and Greek cory: Mexican and American jiggy: Mexican and Indian lbon: Italian and American pole: Italian and Ashkenazi iama: Italian and Japanese bnav: Italian and Indian
+3 jiggy, +2 cory, +1 bnav -1 to all Italian and Mexican answers for not not being individual enough

Which shell is the ball under?

The ball was under the left shell!
+3 points to iama and dylan, 0 points to everyone else


total raised: $141.50 cory: $100 +3 balls bnav: $25 + 2 balls lbon: $12.50 +1 ball


CORY 16 balls IAMA 15 balls BGRO 11 balls DYLAN 9 balls BNAVIS 8 balls JIGGY 8 balls RUAIRI 5 balls PJD 2 balls WHARBLE 1 ball DESMOND 0 balls LBON -1 balls POLE -3 balls
all who finished at 0 or fewer balls will be given one ball for the lottery. wharble did not participate in the survey but will get the first pick if his one ball wins, otherwise will pick last
submitted by SmolTexas to groupselect2k18


NVIDIA 441.12 WHQL Driver Performance Benchmark (Turing)

NVIDIA 441.12 WHQL Driver Performance Benchmark (Turing)
The following is a new benchmarking of the graphical performance of latest NVIDIA Game Ready WHQL driver version (441.12) on a high-end Turing gaming rig.
TL;DR Recommended WHQL Display Driver for Turing GPUs at the bottom of the post.

Please, be aware that the following results, notes and the corresponding driver recommendation will only be valid for similar Turing gaming rigs on Windows 10 v1903. Its representativeness, applicability and usefulness on different NVIDIA GPU platforms and MS Windows versions are not guaranteed. Pascal users should look at u/Computermaster & u/lokkenjp recommendations.

Post Changelog:
  • No major methodological changes or updates.
  • Added benchmark Charts and corresponding sections.
  • Built-in Games Benchmarks:
    • Added Red Dead Redemption II (DX12 & Vulkan) to the list.


  • Specs:
    • Gigabyte Z390 AORUS PRO (CF / BIOS AMI F9)
    • Intel Core i9-9900K (Stock)
    • 32 GB (2×16 GB) DDR4-2133 CL14 Kingston HyperX Fury Black
    • Gigabyte GeForce RTX 2080 Ti Gaming OC (Factory OC / NVIDIA 441.12)
    • Samsung SSD 960 EVO NVMe M.2 500GB (MZ-V6E500)
    • Seagate ST2000DX001 SSHD 2TB SATA 3.1
    • Seagate ST2000DX002 SSHD 2TB SATA 3.1
    • ASUS ROG Swift PG279Q 27" @ 165Hz OC/G-Sync (OFF)
  • OS Windows 10 Pro 64-bit:
    • Version 1903 (Build 18362.449)
    • Game Mode, Game DVR & Game Bar features/processes OFF
  • Gigabyte tools not installed.
  • All programs and benchmarking tools are up to date.
  • Nvidia Ansel OFF.
  • Nvidia Telemetry services/tasks OFF
  • NVCP Global Settings (non-default):
    • Preferred refresh rate = Application-controlled
    • Monitor Technology = Fixed refresh rate
  • NVCP Program Settings (non-default):
    • Power Management Mode = Prefer maximum performance
  • NVIDIA driver suite components:
    • Display driver
    • NGX
    • PhysX
  • Always DDU old driver in safe mode, clean & restart.
  • ISLC (Purge Standby List) before each benchmark.
  • Synthetic & Non-Synthetic Benchmarks: Single run
  • Game Benchmarks: 3 runs and avg
  • NOTE 1. Significant % of Improvement/Regression (% I/R) per benchmark: > 3%
  • NOTE 2. Stability % I/R formula:
    • {[(Low_2 / FPSavg_2) / (Low_1 / FPSavg_1)] - 1} x 100

Synthetic Benchmarks

Benchmarks Driver 436.48 (Prior Recommended) Driver 440.97 Driver 441.08 Driver 441.12 % I/R (436.48 / 441.12)
Fire Strike Ultra Graphics 8512 8500 8492 8391 -1.42
Time Spy Extreme Graphics 6862 6887 6871 6879 +0.25
Port Royal 9035 9025 9045 9073 +0.42
DLSS (4K) Off Avg FPS 19.29 19.45 19.34 19.39 +0.52
DLSS (4k) On Avg FPS 36.78 36.96 36.69 36.86 +0.22

Synthetic Benchmarks Charts

Fig. 1 3DMark | Synthetic Benchmarks | Graphics Scores
Fig. 2 3DMark | Feature Tests | DLSS (output resolution 3840 x 2160)

Synthetic Benchmarks Notes

Performance is fine. No significant differences with prior recommended version (436.48).

Non-Synthetic Benchmarks

Settings are as follows:
  • Superposition: 4K Optimized (Preset)
  • BasemarkGPU: Official Test (Default)
Benchmarks Driver 436.48 (Prior Recommended) Driver 440.97 Driver 441.08 Driver 441.12 % I/R (436.48 / 441.12)
Superposition (DX11) Avg FPS 90.94 91.78 91.42 91.56 +0.79
Superposition (DX11) Score 12158 12271 12222 12225 +0.55
Superposition (OpenGL) Avg FPS 80.29 80.59 80.31 80.45 +0.20
Superposition (OpenGL) Score 10734 10775 10737 10756 +0.20
Basemark GPU (Vulkan) Avg FPS 132.00 134.00 133.00 133.00 +0.76
Basemark GPU (Vulkan) Score 13225 13370 13321 13330 +0.79
Basemark GPU (OpenGL) Avg FPS 119.00 119.00 119.00 119.00 0.00
Basemark GPU (OpenGL) Score 11852 11911 11881 11885 +0.28
Basemark GPU (DX12) Avg FPS 126.00 126.00 125.00 126.00 0.00
Basemark GPU (DX12) Score 12639 12604 12476 12622 -0.13

Non-Synthetic Benchmarks Charts

Fig. 3 UNIGINE Superposition | Non-Synthetic Benchmarks | FPS Avg (4K Optimized Preset)
Fig. 4 Basemark GPU | Non-Synthetic Benchmarks | FPS Avg (Official test, fixed 4K res)

Non-Synthetic Benchmarks Notes

Performance is fine. No significant differences with prior recommended driver (idem).

Built-In Game Benchmarks

  • FRAPS benchmark + FRAFS bench viewer on non-UWP DX11 & DX12 games:
    • FRAPS for recording frame times over time (overlay function disabled).
    • FRAFS for visualizing and converting frame times over time to FPS avg & 1% / 0.1% Low values.
  • OCAT benchmark + CapFrameX bench viewer on UWP and Vulkan games:
    • OCAT for recording frame times over time (overlay/sound function disabled).
    • CapFrameX for visualizing and converting frame times over time to FPS avg & 1% / 0.1% Low values.
    • Exception: Quake 2 RTX FPS Avg value is calculated using the results given by its built-in benchmark.

Settings are as follows:
  • DirectX 11 (DX11):
    • Assassin’s Creed Odyssey (AC Odyssey): Full Screen/2560×1440/V-Sync OFF/Ultra High Preset
    • Batman – Arkham Knight (BAK): Full Screen/2560×1440/V-Sync OFF/All settings Maxed & ON
    • Deus Ex – Mankind Divided (DXMD) DX11: Full Screen/Exclusive Full Screen/2560×1440/MSAA OFF/165 Hz/V-Sync OFF/Stereo 3D OFF/Ultra Preset
    • Far Cry 5 (FC5): Full Screen/2560×1440/V-Sync OFF/Ultra Preset/HD Textures OFF
    • Ghost Recon Wildlands (GRW): Full Screen/2560×1440/Res Scaling 1.00/V-Sync OFF/Framerate Limit OFF/Extended FOV ON/Ultra Preset
  • DirectX 12 (DX12):
    • Gears of War 4 (GOW4) UWP: Full Screen/2560x1440/V-Sync OFF/Ultra Preset/Async Compute ON/Tiled Resources ON
    • Metro Exodus (MEx) DX12: Full Screen/2560×1440/V-Sync OFF/Quality Ultra/AF 16x/Motion Blur Normal/Tessellation Full/Advanced PhysX ON/HairWorks ON/Ray Tracing OFF/DLSS OFF
    • Red Dead Redemption II (RDR2) DX12: Full Screen/2560x1440/V-Sync OFF/Ultra (Best Quality) Preset/Triple buffer OFF
    • Shadow of the Tomb Raider (SOTTR) DX12: Full Screen/Exclusive Full Screen/Stereo 3D OFF/2560×1440/165Hz/V-Sync OFF/TAA/Texture Quality Ultra/AF 16x/Shadow Ultra/DOF Normal/Detail Ultra/HBAO+/Pure Hair Normal/Screen Space Contact Shadows High/Motion Blur ON/Bloom ON/Screen Space Reflections ON/Lens Flares ON/Screen Effects ON/Volumetric Lighting ON/Tessellation ON
    • Strange Brigade (SB) DX12: Exclusive Full Screen/2560x1440/Ultra Preset/Async Compute ON/Res Scaling 1.00
    • The Division 2 (Div2) DX12: Full Screen/2560×1440/165Hz/V-Sync OFF/Framerate Limit OFF/Ultra quality settings/AA Medium
  • Vulkan (VK):
    • RDR2 (VK): Full Screen/2560x1440/V-Sync OFF/Ultra (Best Quality) Preset/Triple buffer OFF
    • SB (VK): Exclusive Full Screen/2560x1440/Ultra Preset/Async Compute ON/Res Scaling 1.00
  • DirectX Raytracing (DXR):
    • MEx (RTX): Full Screen/2560×1440/V-Sync OFF/Quality Ultra/AF 16x/Motion Blur Normal/Tessellation Full/Advanced PhysX ON/HairWorks ON/Ray Tracing High/DLSS OFF
    • SOTTR (RTX): Full Screen/Exclusive Full Screen/Stereo 3D OFF/2560×1440/165Hz/V-Sync OFF/TAA/Texture Quality Ultra/AF 16x/Ray Traced Shadows High/DLSS OFF/DOF Normal/Detail Ultra/HBAO+/Pure Hair Normal/Screen Space Contact Shadows High/Motion Blur ON/Bloom ON/Screen Space Reflections ON/Lens Flares ON/Screen Effects ON/Volumetric Lighting ON/Tessellation ON
  • Vulkan RTX:
    • Quake 2 RTX (Q2RTX): Desktop ([email protected])/Full Screen/V-Sync OFF/FOV 90.0/Res Scale 100.0/Denoiser ON/Textures ON/Global Illumination High/God Rays ON/Bloom ON/Caustics ON/Projection Perspective/GPU profiler OFF/Sky type Original env. map/Sun & Sky brightness 0.0/SP sun position Noon/MP sun position Noon/Sun elevation 45.0/Sun azimuth -15.0/Clouds ON/Latitude 32.9/Effects All ON

Raw Performance

FPS Avg Benchmarks

DirectX 11 API
Benchmarks Driver 436.48 (Prior Recommended) Driver 440.97 Driver 441.08 Driver 441.12 % I/R (436.48 / 441.12)
AC Odyssey 73.67 72.67 73.33 73.33 -0.46
BAK (2nd scene) 130.67 131.67 132.00 132.33 +1.27
DXMD (DX11) 100.00 100.00 100.00 100.00 0.00
FC5 126.67 128.33 126.00 127.67 +0.79
GRW 74.67 73.00 73.00 73.00 -2.24

DirectX 12 API
Benchmarks Driver 436.48 (Prior Recommended) Driver 440.97 Driver 441.08 Driver 441.12 % I/R (436.48 / 441.12)
GOW4 (UPW) 151.20 159.60 163.20 163.70 +8.27
MEx (DX12) 78.00 79.00 77.33 78.00 0.00
RDR2 (DX12) Final scene 68.90 --- --- 74.33 +7.88
SOTTR (DX12) 113.00 114.67 113.33 114.44 +1.27
SB (DX12) 179.87 173.10 172.57 172.37 -4.17
Div2 (DX12) 120.00 120.00 120.33 120.33 +0.28

Vulkan API
Benchmarks Driver 436.48 (Prior Recommended) Driver 440.97 Driver 441.08 Driver 441.12 % I/R (436.48 / 441.12)
RDR2 (VK) 75.43 --- --- 75.70 +0.36
SB (VK) 193.40 193.77 193.73 193.80 +0.21

DirectX Raytracing
Benchmarks Driver 436.48 (Prior Recommended) Driver 440.97 Driver 441.08 Driver 441.12 % I/R (436.48 / 441.12)
MEx (RTX) 65.00 64.00 64.00 64.00 -1.54
SOTTR (RTX) 70.33 69.11 70.33 70.33 0.00

Vulkan RTX
Benchmarks Driver 436.48 (Prior Recommended) Driver 440.97 Driver 441.08 Driver 441.12 % I/R (436.48 / 441.12)
Q2RTX (timedemo 1; demo demo1) 60.77 63.33 64.10 64.04 +5.38


Low Framerates* Benchmarks

*Slowest frames, averaged and shown as a FPS value. 
NOTE. Stability % I/R formula:
  • {[(Low_2 / FPSavg_2) / (Low_1 / FPSavg_1)] - 1} x 100

DirectX 11 API
Benchmarks Driver 436.48 (Prior Recommended) Driver 440.97 Driver 441.08 Driver 441.12 Stability % I/R* (436.48 / 441.12)
AC Odyssey 1% Low Avg 56.00 56.00 55.67 56.33 +1.06
AC Odyssey 0.1% Low Avg 48.67 50.00 48.33 49.33 +1.83
BAK 1% Low Avg 99.67 100.67 99.67 100.33 -0.60
BAK 0.1% Low Avg 93.67 94.67 94.33 94.00 -0.91
DXMD (DX11) 1% Low Avg 77.33 77.00 77.00 77.00 -0.43
DXMD (DX11) 0.1% Low Avg 68.67 68.33 68.33 68.33 -0.50
FC5 1% Low Avg 97.67 100.33 98.33 98.33 -0.11
FC5 0.1% Low Avg 88.33 94.67 91.67 90.67 +1.85
GRW 1% Low Avg 62.33 62.00 61.75 62.00 +1.75
GRW 0.1% Low Avg 57.33 58.00 57.25 57.00 +1.70
*{[(Low_2 / FPSavg_2) / (Low_1 / FPSavg_1)] - 1} x 100

DirectX 12 API
Benchmarks Driver 436.48 (Prior Recommended) Driver 440.97 Driver 441.08 Driver 441.12 Stability % I/R* (436.48 / 441.12)
GOW4 (UWP) 1% Low Avg 112.50 113.57 116.47 117.30 -3.70
GOW4 (UWP) 0.1% Low Avg 96.60 96.60 97.60 98.60 -5.72
MEx (DX12) 1% Low Avg 46.00 46.00 46.00 46.00 0.00
MEx (DX12) 0.1% Low Avg 41.67 38.33 37.67 38.80 -6.89
RDR2 (DX12) 1% Low Avg 52.00 --- --- 56.70 +1.07
RDR2 (DX12) 0.1% Low Avg 48.35 --- --- 52.18 +0.04
SOTTR (DX12) 1% Low Avg 94.00 93.56 94.78 95.22 +0.02
SOTTR (DX12) 0.1% Low Avg 90.00 89.78 90.56 92.67 +1.67
SB (DX12) 1% Low Avg 147.13 136.00 137.27 136.77 -3.00
SB (DX12) 0.1% Low Avg 141.63 129.13 133.63 132.63 -2.28
Div2 (DX12) 1% Low Avg 97.67 95.33 95.33 95.33 -2.66
Div2 (DX12) 0.1% Low Avg 86.33 84.00 83.00 83.67 -3.35
*{[(Low_2 / FPSavg_2) / (Low_1 / FPSavg_1)] - 1} x 100

Vulkan API
Benchmarks Driver 436.48 (Prior Recommended) Driver 440.97 Driver 441.08 Driver 441.12 Stability % I/R* (436.48 / 441.12)
RDR2 (VK) 1% Low Avg 48.40 --- --- 48.50 -0.15
RDR2 (VK) 0.1% Low Avg 44.10 --- --- 44.25 -0.02
SB (VK) 1% Low Avg 154.13 153.73 153.97 154.00 -0.29
SB (VK) 0.1% Low Avg 151.83 151.50 151.67 151.85 -0.19
*{[(Low_2 / FPSavg_2) / (Low_1 / FPSavg_1)] - 1} x 100

DirectX Raytracing
Benchmarks Driver 436.48 (Prior Recommended) Driver 440.97 Driver 441.08 Driver 441.12 Stability % I/R* (436.48 / 441.12)
MEx (RTX) 1% Low Avg 41.00 40.00 40.00 41.00 +1.56
MEx (RTX) 0.1% Low Avg 35.33 31.67 32.00 32.60 -6.29
SOTTR (RTX) 1% Low Avg 56.00 55.22 56.00 56.00 0.00
SOTTR (RTX) 0.1% Low Avg 54.89 54.00 54.00 54.67 -0.40
*{[(Low_2 / FPSavg_2) / (Low_1 / FPSavg_1)] - 1} x 100

Vulkan RTX
Benchmarks Driver 436.48 (Prior Recommended) Driver 440.97 Driver 441.08 Driver 441.12 Stability % I/R* (436.48 / 441.12)
Q2RTX 1% Low Avg 55.84 58.23 58.70 59.07 +0.38
Q2RTX 0.1% Low Avg 51.62 50.33 53.33 54.40 0.00
*{[(Low_2 / FPSavg_2) / (Low_1 / FPSavg_1)] - 1} x 100

Built-In Game Benchmarks Charts

Fig. 5 AC Odyssey | DX11 | Framerate Progression
Fig. 6 BAK | DX11 | Framerate Progression
Fig. 7 DXMD | DX11 | Framerate Progression
Fig. 8 FC5 | DX11 | Framerate Progression
Fig. 9 GRW | DX11 | Framerate Progression
Fig. 10 GOW4 | DX11 | Framerates Progression
Fig. 11 MEx | DX12 | Framerates Progression
Fig. 12 RDR2 | DX12 | Framerates Progression
Fig. 13 SOTTR | DX12 | Framerate Progression
Fig. 14 SB | DX12 | Framerate Progression
Fig. 15 Div2 | DX12 | Framerate Progression
Fig. 16 RDR2| Vulkan | Framerate Progression
Fig. 17 SB | Vulkan | Framerate Progression
Fig. 18 MEx (RTX) | DXR | Framerate Progression
Fig. 19 SOTTR (RTX) | DXR | Framerate Progression
Fig. 20 Q2RTX | Vulkan RTX | Framerate Progression

Built-In Game Benchmarks Notes

  • Overall FPS performance was still on par with prior recommended version (436.48).
DirectX 12:
  • Although overall raw performance was fine or even improved significantly in some tests (GOW4, RDR2-DX12, SB-DX12), the frametime consistency was still overall worse than on prior recommended version (idem) with significant stability regressions in several tests (GOW4, MEx, Div2).
  • Performance was still on par with prior recommended driver (idem). No significant differences on RDR2 (VK) and SB (VK) tests.
  • FPS performance was fine but there was still a significant stability regression in MEx (RTX).
Vulkan RTX:
  • Q2RTX raw performance improved significantly and frametime consistency is still on par with prior recommended version (idem).

Driver 441.12 Notes

Overall performance inconsistencies are still there. While overall performance was fine in DX11 and Vulkan/Vulkan RTX scenarios, there were still several significant stability regressions in DX12 and DXR games compared with prior recommended version (436.48).

Recommended Game-Ready WHQL Display Driver for Turing GPUs

Mainly for security reasons, 441.12 is our new recommended driver, and, of course, to also take advantage of latest NVIDIA features and games optimizations (e.g. RDR2), latest hardware support or most recent bugs fixes.

However, if you are not security concerned or just favor performance above any other consideration (things that I do not recommed at all), our best-performing driver would still be 436.48.
submitted by RodroG to allbenchmarks