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Building Around Cramorant..

Building Around Cramorant..
Hi all, relatively new to VGC, been hooked watching a variety of content (specifically Wolfey and Cybertron), and have decided to make a proper foray into VGC. I made a post a while back about my first team i built featuring Morpeko and Cramorant (my favourite Gen 8 Mons). I got a good amount of feedback, and so have come back again after several more team building attempts.
I decided this time to build around only 1 of the those two mons - Cramorant, as it should allow me to build a more complete team - rather than 2 teams mashed together. This was a theorycrafting exercise so I have no experience playing it, but would love some feedback at the concept stage if possible.
Here is the team:
The bird is the word?
Cramorant (0 Atk)
The main core of the team, I am trying to build the team around utilizing Gulp Missle as much as possible. Surf is the move of choice over Dive, with the rest of the moves being pretty common to provide coverage / minor utility. The EVs are pretty bog standard, and I chose Mystic Water over something like Choice Specs because being locked into Surf might cause issues so the trade off in damage I think is worth it.

Oranguru (0 Atk, 31 Spe)
My Trick Room Answer, decided to max Speed IV to make it as fast as possible with minimal investment. Should be a common lead with Cramorant because of Instruct or Imprison - depending on the situation. Telepathy seems to make the most sense to prevent friendly damage from Surf. Mental Herb mostly there to counteract any Taunt, and Psychic as a Damage dealing move in a pinch. The EV spread I don't know the calcs for (i saw it on Pikalytics and it intrigued me), but the goal is to make it as bulky as possible.

Gastrodon (0 Atk, 31 Spe)
A great partner for Cramorant and my best Trick Room mon incase Oranguru fails or they do something sneaky. Storm Drain and Surf is a nice combo that can be abused in the mid-late game. A great Dynamax option to boot. Fairly standard move set, with Yawn as a potential answer to Dynamax threats. Rindo berry is the obvious item of choice and I went Modest over Quiet so it could outspeed as many TR threats as possible if Oranguru can do it's job. The EV spread I don't know the calcs for (it was the most popular non-Quiet spread on Pikalytics), but it should provide the best balance of bulk and damage.

So far the other mons have been there to buff / be buffed by the Cramorant, so this next choice is there for protection. The glaring weakness of Cramorant is the obvious 4x Electric weakness. The best way to counteract this is either a switch out of Cramorant, or, a mon with Lightningrod to redirect the attack way from it. I did debate some various mons for this slot (Raichu, G-Max Pikachu, Rhyperior), but I like the Steel Typing and more Phyiscal attacking nature of Togedemaru (as my team so far is all Special Attackers). Using Air Balloon to attempt to negate the 4x Ground Weakness, and Fake Out + Nuzzle as support / Speed control options allow it provide extra utlilty. I like the free switch in that Volt Switch provides, but is it better for me to run Zing Zap over it for a more effective move? EVs are also pretty generic as it's not bulky enough to make use of defensive EVs.

My main speed control mon, using tailwind against non-TR teams to control the speed. A strong Dynamax option as well with the move coverage put on it. Lum Berry seems the obvious choice to counter sleep / burn. The EV spread I am using seemed like it is trying to strike a balance between offensive and bulk, and I think that would be most useful for this team as I lack general bulk I think.

Passimian (this one is the most up in the air)
For the last slot on this team, I really wanted an Earthquake user due to having 2 flyings type and a telepathy mon, mitigating most of the downside of EQ. Passimian is something i chose due to its typing / coverage and having some natural bulk. Having a Knock Off user is a great bonus, and Seed Bomb adds some coverage options. I was not sure whether to use Brick Break or Close Combat for the STAB Move, and the EVs should help balance the offense and defense of the mon.

So there we have it, what do we think? This has mostly been a fun theorycrafting exercise that I would love to try out. Is there any glaring weakness that I am forgetting about? Any synergy i am missing out on?
I mostly want to know if I have understood the team building process properly - I understand the team will never be meta-defining or anything, i just want to know if the team would function how i am predicting it would.
I am not looking to just stuff Cramorant in a team with 5 other meta mons (Tkiss, Exca, etc.), I want to see if I have made a servicable team built around an unconvential mon.

If you read the whole thing, thank you - hopefully it all makes sense, I'll actually respond to feedback this time, rather than just absorb it quietly.
submitted by Quantum_Crisp to VGC

1-Card Tierra, Source of Destruction "FTK" - Combo & Explication

TL;DR: 1-card combo to summon Tierra, handlooping the opponent, then in the same turn I set up a board (thanks to Serpentine Princess) that guarantees I win the game, since it overcomes any 1 card the opponent may draw. Crescendo negates most things, Karakuri Daigongen banishes anything else, Orcust engine + Gizmek Orochi + World Legacy engine overcomes Sphere mode/Kaijus.
Here is an image of the deck list, ordered by appearance in the combo. It may seem a little confusing at first. The first two rows of the Main Deck are all the cards used to prior to summoning Tierra. The second two rows are the cards used to build a board after summoning Tierra, as well as all the cards necessary to deal with any card the opponent might draw on their turn.
Here is a link to the combo. At the end, I show how it responds to any activated card or effect, any summoned monsteSet card, and one case of Sphere Mode. I talk about the other cases below, if you're interested.
Been a challenge of mine for a while to get this combo to work. The goal is pretty simple. Starting with only 1 card in hand, summon Tierra, Source of Destruction, then after resolving its effect, build a board that guarantees victory in the duel no matter what card your opponent draws on their turn.
I’ve gotten close for a while, but could never find a way to answer every possible threat the opponent could top deck (just not enough extra space in the ED, really). Not only that, but all of my previous attempts have used Ib Justiciar, who is now banned. Nevertheless, I decided to take one final look at it, and somehow I found a few new tricks (some thanks to a couple new cards) to make it work.
I hope some of you will indulge me to talk a little bit at length about the backstory to this combo.
Planning the Route
A little background. There are only three ways to do things after resolving Tierra, and so figuring that part out definitely needed to be the first step: have an Xyz Monster on the field with material with useful GY effects (also, this Xyz Monster can’t be one of the 10 cards needed to summon Tierra); have card(s) on the field that are unaffected by Tierra’s effect (again, can’t have been needed to summon); or have Serpentine Princess on the field, whose effect is actually mandatory which means that she can be used as summon fodder, since you can choose whether she or Tierra resolves first.
Fortunately, as a Reptile, Serpentine Princess is searchable by the generic Rank 4 Xyz King of the Feral Imps. Trusting that the Isolde engine would get me enough cards to perform the summon, I simply needed to find a way to get Tierra into my hand. Prior to the banning of Ib Justiciar, I did this using Brotaur, targeting a monster whose Type or Attribute had been changed by Reprodocus. However, losing Ib meant I needed to change my route; I now needed to use Brotaur to get the Level 4s needed for King of the Feral Imps.
The answer here was to search Zefraath off of Gallant Granite. Previously, I was searching Block Dragon, certain that it was the best value in terms of pure card quantity. But Zefraath (along with a Warrior Pendulum from Isolde) not only still gave me several more cards to my count, but also unlocked a new way to generically search any monster, that being Oracle of Zefra.
All of these ideas combined lay a pretty straightforward roadmap for the first half of the combo, even if I didn’t have the details yet. Use Brotaur early, go into Saryuja, perform the Pendulum Summon, Synchro using Zefraniu and draw, make the Rank 4, summon Serpentine Princess with Saryuja. Conversely, the roadmap for the second half of the combo – post-Tierra – was much less clear.
Being able to summon any Level 3 or lower monster from the Deck, along with Tierra still sitting on the field, means that there are many ways to try building a board post-Tierra nuke. Any ED monsters in the GY have been returned to the ED (although many can only be used once per turn, so they’re locked for now). In addition, this combo needs only 10 ED spaces to summon Tierra, leaving 5 more to be filled with whatever is needed.
Among all the Level 3 or lower monsters, a few come to mind pretty quickly as potential candidates to build our unbreakable board. After ruling out things like Diviner of the Heralds or Speedroid Terrortop pretty quickly, I narrowed the selection down to just two: Black Metal Dragon, or Psi-Reflector. These both had the ability to efficiently access an omni-negate (Dragun of Red-Eyes for the former, Borreload Savage Dragon or Orcust Crescendo for the latter), while also seeming to have at least the potential to maintain OTK damage after a Kaiju or Kaiju affiliate (thanks to the great recursion of Red-Eyes and Orcust).
The problem, of course, was in the fringe cases. The Red-Eyes approach was a little less efficient in its use of ED space, making it very difficult to cover both Sphere Mode (I decided that just running The Winged Dragon of Ra was cheating) and Kamion the Timelord. In addition, it was vulnerable to a small selection of Counter Traps, lacking a way to remove or negate them. Also, any potential solution seemed to require using Curious, which meant running tons of extra copies of all of my countermeasures, in the event that Curious were to mill some of them.
On the other hand, the Psi-ReflectoNeedlefibeOrcust approach had no problem with Kamion or Counter Traps, possessing both a Spell Speed 3 omni-negate and the ability to simply banish any card on the opponent’s field. However, I struggled to find an answer to every possible combination of Tributes for Sphere Mode, especially without Harp Horror. The solution came with the World Chalice cards, specifically the World Chalice itself. Its ability to search any World Legacy card on turn 3, while also conveniently setting itself up to be retrieved by World Legacy Key, was the last piece of the puzzle I needed to deal with Sphere Mode.
Countering Any One Card
Naturally, I assume many have already tried to think of a card to break my board. So, let me give a rundown on how each threat is dealt with (I’ll be brief when I can be).
EDIT: Please see this comment for countering Waking the Dragon!
  • In general, any card or effect the opponent might activate can simply be negated by Orcust Crescendo.
  • Super Polymerization can't be activated (no discard), Dark Ruler No More accomplishes nothing, and there are no other threats that can't be responded to.
  • Any card the opponent might Set (such as a Counter Trap or a monster that can’t be destroyed by battle) can be banished by Karakuri Daigongen (the Level 9 Synchro) on their turn, thanks to Karakuri Toad’s Quick Effect in the GY.
  • The same is true for any monster the opponent might summon (such as Kamion the Timelord, or a Cyber Dragon hoping to fuse into Megafleet).
  • A summoned Majespecter (which can’t be targeted by Daigongen) can simply be attacked over.
For all of the above cases, on turn 3, you simply use Orcust Knightmare’s effect to dump Gizmek Orochi to the GY and then Special Summon it. Its 2450 ATK plus the 800 ATK boost from Knightmare will be enough to OTK in any of the above situations. This leaves only Kaijus and Kaiju affiliates.
  • If the opponent Tributes Daigongen (the highest ATK monster on the field) for Santa Claws (the lowest ATK single-Tribute Kaiju), then Gizmek Orochi still brings you into OTK range.
  • If the opponent Tributes any combination of two of your monsters for Lava Golem (such as Daigongen and Lib, the two highest ATK monsters on the field), then Gizmek Orochi still brings you into OTK range.
This leaves only Sphere Mode, by far the hardest counter to play around (again, running The Winged Dragon of Ra is cheating). After all, if Sphere Mode Tributes over Galatea and you’re unable to OTK, it will return to the opponent on their turn, forming a difficult wall to get past and buying them time until you’re out of negates (that is, out of ways to bring Galatea back). Despite the fact that there are four options for what monsters are Tributed by Sphere Mode, for our purposes there are really only three: the opponent spares Karakuri Daigongen, the opponent spares Karakuri Watchdog, or the opponent spares either of the Link-2s.
If the opponent spares Karakuri Daigongen: 1. Banish World Legacy – World Chalice from the GY to add World Legacy – World Crown to the hand. 2. Tribute Summon World Crown by Tributing Sphere Mode. 3. Banish Orcust Knightmare to dump Gizmek Orochi, buffing Daigongen by 800 ATK. 4. Special Summon Gizmek Orochi from the GY. 5. 3800 + 2000 + 2450 > 8000
If the opponent spares Karakuri Watchdog: 1. Banish World Legacy – World Chalice from the GY to add World Legacy Key to the hand. 2. Activate World Legacy Key, and add the banished World Legacy – World Chalice to the hand. 3. Tribute Summon World Legacy – World Chalice by Tributing Sphere Mode. 4. Synchro Summon Ravenous Crocosaur Archetis, using Karakuri Watchdog and World Legacy – World Chalice as material. 5. As Chain Link 1, activate Crocosaur’s effect to draw a card; as Chain Link 2, activate World Legacy – World Chalice’s effect, to Special Summon Beckoned by the World Chalice and Chosen by the World Chalice from the Deck. 6. Banish Orcust Knightmare to dump Gizmek Orochi, buffing Crocosaur by 800 ATK. 7. Special Summon Gizmek Orochi from the GY. 8. 2800 (Crocosaur gains another 1000 ATK due to the 2 cards in your hand – one from Draw Phase and one from its effect) + 1600 + 1800 + 2450 > 8000
If the opponent spares one of the Link-2s: 1. Banish World Legacy – World Chalice from the GY to add World Legacy Key to hand. 2. Activate World Legacy Key, and add the banished World Legacy – World Chalice to the hand. 3. Tribute Summon World Legacy – World Chalice by Tributing Sphere Mode. 4. Link Summon Crusadia Equimax, using the Link-2 and World Legacy – World Chalice as material. 5. Activate World Legacy – World Chalice’s effect, to Special Summon Beckoned by the World Chalice and Chosen by the World Chalice from the Deck. 6. Banish Orcust Knightmare to dump Gizmek Orochi, buffing Equimax by 800 ATK. 7. Special Summon Gizmek Orochi from the GY. 8. 2800 + 1600 + 1800 + 2450 > 8000
And there you have it! An FTK that takes three turns.
Other Interesting Notes
  • Obviously, this could also be done with A Hero Lives.
  • The fact that Tierra doesn’t touch banished cards is obviously crucial here, as it allows Armageddon Knight to “hide” there, to be revived later on. Armageddon Knight is resolved five times in this combo.
  • Almost every card used after Glow-Up Bulb activates its effect needs to be run in 2s. This is because of the possibility that a copy gets milled by Bulb. The exceptions are the two cards that would get dumped by Armageddon Knight anyway. Although it’s possible to mill one copy of Gizmek and draw the other on turn 3 (thereby preventing Orcust Knightmare from dumping it and giving the 800 ATK buff), dumping World Wand instead gives the same ATK buff.
  • A total of 17 archetypes are represented in the combo. This is only strictly archetypes, and so doesn’t include Guardragon or Assault. They are, in order: Vision HERO, Destiny HERO, Noble Knight, Bamboo Sword, Crusadia, Power Tool, Blackwing, Shaddoll, Zefra, Ancient Gear, Yang Zing, Crystron, Karakuri, World Legacy, World Chalice, Orcust, Knightmare.
  • Every Attribute except DIVINE is used.
  • There are only 3 Warrior Pendulum monsters with a scale of 1 (necessary since Shaddoll Falco is Level 2), but of them, only 2 are usable in this combo. Satellarknight Zefrathuban restricts your Pendulum Summoning to only its archetypes.
  • Cursed Bamboo Sword is the only equip spell that adds a card to the hand when it is sent to the GY from anywhere.
  • I think it’s pretty cool that this combo uses both Zefraath and Tierra, who fought in the climax of the Master Guide 5 card storyline. On top of that, the end of the combo heavily features cards from the World Legacy storyline, which is suspected to take place in the same continuity as the Master Guide 5 (and associated) story, just long afterwards.
Thanks for taking the time to check this out!
submitted by NotKD to yugioh