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  • Candy After Sales Service - Instruction Manuals
  • The Amazing World of Gumball
  • Scanlens #2387 Key- Coin Operated, Vending, Gumball, Arcade
  • Gildemeister machine tools
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  • The Amazing World of Gumball (TV Series 2020–2020)
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The game focuses on Gumball and his family, all of whom are. Eagle gumball machines. Gumball games are based on the animated series "The Amazing World of Gumball".


Amazon.com: vending machine keys

The life of a twelve-year-old boy who happens to be a blue cat as he lives with his family and other strange creatures. Keep your lives, punch them back and win. Name plate on front of machine reads "Manufactured by Ford Gum & Machine Co, Akron, New York", and "Ford Gum" appears in raised lettering at the outlet hole.

Play The Amazing World of Gumball games - Cartoon Network

With your other hand, take the 25-cent coin or screwdriver, insert it into the groove in the top of the screw plug and turn it counter-clockwise. Richard Watterson has decided to start a delivery service called the Watterson Express! A and D or Arrow keys to Run.


Activity code gumball Watterson vs. Mickey Mouse

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Credit card payment systems options are also available. Gumball was an infant, and Nicole hid a. Activation code 3ds max 7 trial his comment is here.


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Using a predefined symbol key, your students will figure out how to guide one another to accomplish specific tasks without using any verbal commands. Xbpartitioner 1.1 patch v3 https://myrealtor40.ru/forum/?download=982.

Serial code screw In Gumball Machine Locks- Vending, Coin Operated

Unblocked Games 66 is home to over 2020+ games for you to play at school or at home. Clash of clans hack bluestacks cheat engine. Food as Bribe: Gumball gets Richard to tell him where the remote is by taunting him with a candy bar after he'd been camping out on the couch all night.


Remote Fu - Play Gumball Games Online

Easy Decor and Thoughtful Touches Make for the Perfect

A: All of the gumball machines we sell can dispense 1-inch toy capsules (round and acorn) using the gumball wheel. Great Savings & Free Delivery / Collection on many items. Our OEM Parts are Factory Direct and In Stock for Rhino Vending, Beaver, LYPC, Titan, Gumball Wizard, Seaga and More.


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We use cookies to improve your Shpock experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audience is coming from. ADVERTISEMENT Games Videos Apps. Freeze-Frame Bonus: By pausing at just the right point, you can see that Anais smashed a.

4 Ways to Use a VIN Number to Check a Car's Options

BMW High Security PEBRA Dimple Keyblank, Key Blank- Non Remote Roller. One way to unlock a Ford Escape without a key is with the car remote. Sep 2, 2020 - Screw In Gumball Machine Locks- Vending, Coin Operated, Arcade, Scanlens.


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Game controls: Move: "ARROW KEYS" Kick: "C" Punch: "X" Have fun. Gumball machines evoke memories of childhood. Play the latest The Amazing World of Gumball games for free at Cartoon Network.

JUEGOS FRIV - Juega Juegos Friv en Pais de Los Juegos / Poki

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Kubota Corporation's global site offers an overview of our group and our products and solutions. Threaded lock (1/4" X 20 thread) with ace style key. It's The Amazing World of Gumball.

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1 Play free Gumball Online Games 61%
2 Gumball Drift: : FREE Steam Key Game 60%
3 Full text of "kaypro: : Kaypro Software Directory 1984" 23%
4 Code.org - Minecraft Hour of Code 25%
5 Serial number check - Have it Back 28%
6 KGV-72 Type-1 Programmable Encrypton Device 1%
7 Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Max Cars Key Chip Programmer For 56%
8 PDNN20141221C by Peninsula Daily News & Sequim Gazette 43%
9 Replacemet Screw in type Gumball Machine Lock Vending Coin 14%

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Gumball has to dodge the obstacles by jumping over them (arrow key up) or smashing them. He is a twelve-year-old blue cat who attends Elmore Junior High with his adopted brother, Darwin Watterson, and their younger sister, Anais. Home of the biggest pricing.

Am I shadowbanned?se my long comment got caught in a spam filter and I don’t feel like doing a binary search


Start by being able to append a zero to any number (i.e. n×10)
  1. Retroactive zero to how many digits I can add (1>0 as cost resolves, 10 as effect resolves and timeline updates)
  2. Zero to the tetrate of how many zeroes I can add ( 0 -> 9999999999 -> inconceivable)
  3. Zero to how many different digits I can use. [0] -> [0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9]
  4. Add 1 to a boolean value describing (hereafter “yeat”) whether I can add directly (as opposed to appending)
  5. yeat whether I can insert digits anywhere
  6. 1 => 10 Operations I can use. [×] =>[+,-,×,÷,^,ⁿ√,logₐ(b),%,↑↑,tetroots] (tetrational roots)
  7. 10 => 100 p.ops [+,-,×,÷,^,ⁿ√,logₐ(b),%,↑↑,tetroots] => [+,-,×,÷,^,ⁿ√,logₐ(b),%,↑↑ to ↑28, tetroots / tetlogs to H30-roots/h30-logs, ↑29 and H29-roots]
  8. yeat whether I can replace numbers directly
  9. How many digits I can use at once [1 => 10], then the exponent thereof [10 => 10,000,000,000] then the tetrate, pentate, then skipping to the grangolmultilliplexbongloguestack-ate thereof [Inconceivable (3)]
  10. ×1000 to how many operations I can apply at once [1] => [1,000]

Descent into Insanity

Sleep need => 0
Received Upvote,Award multipliers [1 => 10]
Submission engagement multiplier [1 => 1000] except Neutral Response}
Aging multiplier in [1/1=> 1/1000000000000000000]
Speed of light [1 m/s => 300000000 m/s]
yeat whether a “Speed Force” as described in the DC franchise(s) exists in this real world,
unyeat its negative effects
yeat whether it is infinite
yeat whether it can prevent big physics oof at low speeds
yeat whether u/MainThrowaway1337 can access it
yeat whether I can call fiction into existence without using yeat.
yeat whether I can call abilities into existence without using yeat
yeat canFly.
“Gamut” of digits I can add [0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 => 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,A,B,C,D,E,F]
[[Hex value of https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/Useterms/Retail/Windows/10/UseTerms_Retail_Windows_10_English.htm\] => [Hex value of https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/\]\]
Eat,Drink,Breathe needs => 0
OP can survive at any temperature
yeat can manage conditional changes
[Condition: Electronic device in use]
×65,536 to how much:
RAM, CPU clock speed, Cooling effectiveness multiplier, Disk storage space, camera X resolution(s), screen X resolution, screen Y resolution, screen color depth, camera Y resolutions, camera zoom limits, maximum camera color depths, cache if existent, operating temperature min,max, battery life if mobile, charge rate multiplier if mobile, demoninator of power draw rate, CPU cores [Anomalous upgrades]
CPU caches => 16
Cache values => 1YiB
[End condition]
Phone plan, coverage, speed => (265,536) [Anomalous]
PPP => $0.01/month
yeat Can assign null/nil value
Lack of shelter,food,water => null
yate Noclip ability, safe waypoints (with relative positioning included, safe TP (with relative), safe flight
Languages I can {speak, read, write (well) if written, recognize, understand, and contextualize}, extinct languages, conlangs, coding “languages”, animal communication methods, relexes, and “conlangs” included. [2 => (3↑↑↑↑3)]
yeat now exists again
Constant ROI => 64
Forced arbitration clauses => null
+2147483647 SCP-500, … Savitrol (SCP-914 test 914-0652), … 914 Brand Painkiller (still SCP-914 products), … 914 Brand Pain (*evil laugh*)
Infinite pitch,volume range, accuracy = to nearest 10/(10↑10 10 Hz/dB)
Note: 10↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑10 is hereafter tridecal per Jonathan Bowers. I’m not typing that many arrows again.
Robux I have => tridecal
I can now instantly modify shari(')a(h) and fiqh and have them reflected in all texts (as if Google Docs × MediaWiki transcludion).
Note 一: Not a Muslim
Note 二: Shari(')a(h) is the ideal. Fiqh is the human understanding.
Note 三: This whole thing is just an overly elaborate shitpost anyway
Import this ability (I only just now noticed the ID donuor)
yeat Chores finally do themselves
Student loans => null
Pages on 4chan => 20
Waifu defictionalization rate per year => 1

Milking SCP-914, part 1

[I’m leaving this in the old “notation” because it’s too long]
+2147483648g of first test “unknown metal”
+16 “Very Fine” gamma revoIvers
+1024 “Very Fine” ”every relig. text” books
+32 cognitohazardous cheeseburger sheet
+512 Super Duper Bouncy Balls
+8 bronze hubcaps
+16 43GPa rifIe
+32 quartz hornets
+4 stress ball teddy bears
+128 spiciest chili peppers
+1024 A New Shadow unreleased
+4 animate plush bear
+8 The Matrix with extras
+16 glowy red crayons, … markers
+64 healing comforters
+8589934592 everlasting gumballs
+1024 Mayan/Eg. hieroglyphs dict
+1024 tlhIngan Hol/ٱلْعَرَبِيَّة dict
+8589934592 Graham flash drives (because nobody can make this without anomalous means, not even Googology Wiki)
+16 IRL remotes
+4 4d glasses
+64 powdered shake light
+32 Banach-Tarski ball pairs
+8589934592 cancer-cure-only pills
+8589934592 space viewer cubes
+8589934592 “safe” cigarettes to swap out for the conventional ones.
+32 3D chess cubes
+128 communicated ruler
+64 Scranton trashbin
+8 Scranton Reality Anchors
+32 weed exchanger pipes
+8 Our Father, Who Art in Gdańsk series sets
+4 Site-19 replicas, for those first SCP wiki uproots
+8 smöl Earths
+64 rickroll statues
+8 sets of 2019 thongle calendars, then +1 to their dates
+1Mg respiratory nanobots
+8 [DATA EXPUNGED] script
+64 Floral Shoppe bonus vinyl
+32 "Bоmbastic Explosive Flavor!" pouches (emphasis theirs)
+134217728 12N-U677-22F input devices
+16384 digital accordions
+4 9102 calendar
+64 matter containment devices
+1 The Unforgiven 1-1e+12 CD
+32 anti-lamps
+16 gamma lamps
+16 Very Fine/Malicious LEGO bricks
+64 coolant cubes
+32 adjustable frequency lamps
+32 AF “invisible ink” pens
+1024 Every Language Ever In One Book!
+1024 Mother game translation cartridges
+1024 GBA cartridges with all games
+1 NES “Soopa Koopa Troopas”
+32 Magic School Bus update flash drive
+512 apple seed catalytic converters
+16 D900 (need those anomalous dnd and diceporn uproots)
+8 “always 20” D20s
+16 luck syringes
+16 H20-9000 water cannon
+1e3 gal ExpliClean
+8 tree xylophones
+64 “Test 914-0735” glasses
+1 of all Anomalous Pets
+64 even heating pans
+16 heat siphon lug nuts
+2048 true sporks
+128 Huge Growth pieces
+32 PC cubes
+1024 PDR-2063 books
+65536 weird molecule model sets
+16 malachite Thwomps
+1024 Old English element book
+64 Fine Ravage flash drive
+1024 Krylov fable continuation book photocopies (512RU,512EN)
+8 Waga Shima de Oni Party drives
+16 spike shooting tridents
+1 Clockwork-chan file (maybe it's worse than My Immortal)
+32 feather duster ball pairs
+32 "fuel" flashlights
+16 Greek fire jars
+4 weird Earth projectors
+16 “Firekill” boxes that will do the opposite
+1024 "SCP-914 First Aid Kits"
+64 Near-inelastic balls
+64 five-nines ball tredecuplets
+32 ranged vaccums
+32 super-mops
+16 boring (cutting) feather dusters
+32 conceptual crayons
+64 "What If" AH generator books
+64 canisters of "914-brand Hair Dye Remover"
+64 canisters of fully stocked "914-brand Rainbow Hair Dye"
+1024 linguistically aberrated DSM-8 copies
Output: A copy of the DSM-8, dated 2047. The language the text does not correspond to any written languages consistently. ‌ Note: Upon further investigation, it appears to be some kind of awful three-way hybrid of Newspeak, common colloquial English, and emojis. God help us all. - Researcher ConnollyNote: So far, we've also found some Esperanto, Interlingua, Vötgil (somehow), and a PDF scanning of the book yields at least 3 versions of the "Hello World" script in Whitespace. - R. Rasclon
+4 “counter-frequency” generators
+8 forever dreidels
+16 thaumaturgic wooden swords
+1 trapdoor to exoplanet non-HeII
+8 NintenSCPs: Safe
+16 Pocket of Heat remains
+16 super hairdryers in their pre-incineration states
+1 Log Sandbox 999 print
Input: One printed picture of a dog. Setting: Fine Output: One animated picture of SCP-999. When hold it will cause the subject to begin laughing until contact its broken. While not being interacted with the output will appear to play or rest within the foreground.
+128 unbranded single-use permanent extinguishers
+4 void suitcases
+4 melting flash drives (NTBCW the molten flash drive)
+4 super binoculars

General SCP orders

+16 184 objects, to harvest resources
+8 2914 cabinets, same reason as above
+4 261 machines
+105 ¥500 coins
+1 294 machine
+500 US quarter coins
+1 two-directional portal with an exit point at SCP-1986 and changeable entry point
+1 914 machine
+1 SCP-3636 jukebox
+4096 445 sheets
+32 445-α sheets
+16 SCP-113 crystals
to make 100% effective, 8 to stop [REDACTED] and 8 as weapons
+4 3922 cylinders
Subject: Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak High School - Despair Arc Episode 10, "Smile At Despair in the Name of Hope", 2016, TV-MA Interference Point: The scene where Chiaki Nanami is first thrown into the death maze Result: SCP-3922-A instances, possessing full knowledge of the maze's structure through unknown means, establish communication with Chiaki through an earpiece (absent in the original), guiding her as she navigates the maze and warning her of any traps. The screen in which Class 77-B is watching Chiaki's torture is destroyed by gunshot, and other SCP-3922-A instances storm the room they are in to rescue them, while Junko Enoshima and Mukuro Ikusaba are terminated with extreme prejudice by sniper fire. At the 17 minute mark, Chiaki successfully makes it out of the maze through a secret exit, and meets her classmates again. Izuru Kamukura and Chisa Yukizome, lobotomized in a previous episode, are subjected into 'neural recalibration', hinting at their return to their previous personalities.

[Thanks, SCP-3922]
+128 3cm×6cm 150mL Class A amnestic spray bottles (basic forgetty juice, as non-anomalous DR3-Desp-E10 is still canon.)
+32 3cm×6cm 150mL Class C amnestic spray bottles (strong forgetty juice, danganronpa tell me if you want some)
+128 3mL×6mL 150mL Class Y mnestic spray bottles (remembery juice)
+8 SCP-3338 instances
+4 SCP-013-FR plants because heqq it

LOAI orders

+32 of the “twelve inches” ruler.
(This quote is an “analysis” by OP) It’s insanely overpowered. This #### multiplies material. Get a gold bar > shave it > make each piece 1728 in3 > repeat for theoretically infinite profit. And you can copy/change it to an arbitrary measurement with zeroes and those other fun digits
+8 Ranch dressing slugs (they duplicate each week anyway)
+8 Glowing rock, partly so I can combine it with the ruler and sell it as literal glowstone
+8 Nuclear snowglobes
+65536 ~DFFF1C.tmp files
+64 mammal skeleton keys
+up to 4294967296 deþ raven pairs, close to land but otherwise spread evenly in 65536 rings of 65536 raven pairs over the Earth’s surface (to form a Raven-Based Death Detection MatrixTM )
+1 purple flower, in PNG format
+8 カラオケ機械’s. (because translation, but the caveat is the Japanese teenage girl voice, which you might like or dislike)
+1 musical warhead
+32 pots of cone-only paint
+65536 infinite AAs
+16 snow summoning globes
+4 unwashing machines
+32 fire distinguishers
+16 90Mm [REDACTED] (appending zeroes should be fun, and scaling it with the ruler would help keep the goverment off my a**) <= JOKE
Imagine a 1 foot turret-like thingy that fires (9e14)⇈2 rounds per minute. [DATA EXPUNGED]
+1024 SSB:U Ness Edition
typo intentional

end SCP gives

yate ability to cause an effect (hereafter “ennui” because this #### is already over saturated with weeb-tier levels of SCP references) where
everyone will accept a change as normal, the way it has always been, and never be able to comprehend that there is an issue/aberration/or anomaly

Still not refactoring this

Percent of subjects in which O.P. has a PH,d => 100
+9 distinct volumes of やがて君になる in my hand
+816,274,119 subscribers on yotsuba
+20 distinct volumes of よつばと! in my hand
+1000000 working “fusion” cards from any card game franchise with such card
=10 dankmemes, memes k***a t*****old
[[Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything] => 420]
Lethal dose of all cannabinoids => tridecal Yg
+1 5kg cube of compressed 100% pure THC at 10-10o Kelvin with a side length of 1cm
+10L of liquid THC which isn’t for smoking, but for research: •viscosity •pH •density •freezing point •flammability •conductivity •crystal lattice if freezing •compressibility •room temperature state •hardness if freezing •color •radioactivity •spectra •resonance etc.
+1 5kg cube of compressed 100% pure CBD at 10-10o Kelvin with a side length of 1cm (to see if an absurd amount like 5 kilograms will have psychoactive effects)
As a troll, +1,000,000,000 10kg cubes of compressed 100% pure THC with side length of 1mm which form a cubic package encased in steel 5cm thick that has 101cm 1030301cm3 (101cm side length space) (effectively heavy weed salt)
10 billion kilograms of THC in a thick steel block. Will the police catch it? If they do, they can’t do anything about it because it’s 10,002,715,506.5 kilos. They can set it in fire, but it’ll be a long fire and everyone within miles will get extremely high.
+10L of liquid CBD which isn’t for smoking, but for research: •viscosity •pH •density •boiling point •flammability •conductivity •crystal lattice •compressibility •room temperature state •hardness if freezing •color •radioactivity •spectra if boiling •resonance etc.
+2 55gal PTFE barrels filled with fluoroantimonic acid (I am NOT, however, getting chlorine trifluoride. That stuff seems like a Very Fine output, but it’s real.
+1 55gal barrel (hereafter just a “barrel” unless otherwise specified) of water
>00 to the pH of said water (anomalous superbase, pH 700)
+2 watertight and hermetically sealed barrels of pure liquid thioacetone (It’s a smelly smell)
+1 barrel of Gelid Cryotheum (why not?)
+1 tungsten barrel of Blazing Pyrotheum that has twelve layers of tungsten with polycrystalline fiber insulation between them. (Not as bad as chlorine trifluoride)
+1 legal instance of Vegas Pro
+1 indestructible pipette (for thioacetone research)
+1 datacenter I own that hosts a website that has the domain [Redacted to prevent squatting]
+2147483648 V-bucks so 10-year-olds can all go home
+1 warehouse with all items organized inside except the weed-in-a-steel-cube, any digital media, and the datacenter.
+2 PLOS -es
“If PLOS ONE is so good, why isn’t there a PLOS TWO?” -Anonymous
[Then, I just pop 500mg of the dense THC into my mouth, spray the Class Y mnestics, and literally fly outside of the observable universe]
=0 active Scent of Logistics (Sc####o#####ts)
=256 instances of gratuitous ecchi in otherwise SFW anime
=0 active bans on emojis in dankmemes
=1 small red button in my possession that makes an SCP Foundation, though one which ignores me entirely and will never confiscate my stuff, come into existence when pressed, and subsequently playing the “you are an i…t” virus song 3 times before disappearing
=1 laser pointer I own that temporarily turns its target into a rickroll
=3072 Year of Windows 7 end mainstream support
=4096 Year of Windows 7 end extended support
=100 Percent of hardware with drivers for Win7
+100 [plastic bags that each hold 50000 gummy midfings] (ordering in bulk here because reasons)
+64 frictionless 2D balls that only stimulate rod cells.
+16 distinct volumes of this (or where shopping site links are completely banned, just “Lily Unrequited Love” or LUL(z))
And the recommendations: 奏 青春バンド百合アンソロジー # 定時にあがれたら # お嬢様はラブコメの主人公になり… # 徒然日和 # サジちゃんの病み日記 2 # White Lilies in Love # 茜さす… # 仕事の後は恋しよう # 百合と声と風纏い # 百合ドリル # 難問編 [For data mining research. Definitely]
The ability to “pin” temperatures
This one requires a hit of explanation... Define, say, a spherical area, with a 3m diameter, that you want to keep at 80°F. Then, you can set it to a certain strength which just does linear interpolation, so 50% between 30°F and 80°F = (80°F+30°F)/2=55°F 80% between 40°F and 110°F: 96°F, this calculator helps The thermal anomalies are an abrupt change unless a transition is defined. You can also fill rooms, etc. It’s too hard to explain on paper. TL;DR: no need for heat/AC anymore
Above but with time speed (preferably with a transition, as an abrupt boundary could cause some problems. This can also be tied to a task or event. Ennui effect optional to avoid WTFs.
+1 iPhone 13 for 1337 leex
+1 Windows 11 for more 1337 leex
+1 Minecraft 19.2 for more 1337 leex
+1 macOS 23.2 for balance
+4 distinctly shaded green laser pointers that each open a portal to a separate pocket dimension characterizable by large grassy fields with ponds and lakes bordered by sand, rolling hills of variable height, a warm year-round climate similar to our late-spring, and life such as insects, burrowing animals that can survive on a mostly herbivorous diet, and shallow marine life.
+4 distinctly shaded yellow laser pointers that each open a portal to a separate pocket dimension characterizable by large deserts with occasional oasises (oases?), large dunes, a climate and ecosystem consistent with most semi-arid or arid deserts on Earth.
+4 distinctly shaded blue laser pointers. Same thing as above, but with tundras and other colder biomes.
+1025 indestructible shot glasses that, upon addition of any liquid, solid, powder, gel, aerosol, dispersion, or colloid, become a means of transportation, by touching the bottom of the chosen glass, in and out of a pocket dimension composed solely of:
  • an anomalously floating, indestructible, drivable platform
  • a planetary ocean of the liquid / flat planet of the solid or gel or colloid or powder, or sheets thereof if sheet-like sample / gaseous planet of the aerosol
  • a star in the sky that is the appropriate distance to reasonably keep that substance in input form, at least during the day (so mostly earth skies)
  • an atmosphere that defaults to that of Earth except if explosively reactive, in which case the generated atmosphere is non-reactive or non-existent (if aerosol, that is the atmosphere)
  • gravity usually similar to that of Earth
So ####### into the cup would produce a blue sky and an ocean of your own #####. Coca-Cola means an ocean of exactly that, and a large layer of foam in the atmosphere followed by a lot of carbon dioxide. Chlorine trifluoride would make no atmosphere and an ocean of yellow liquid heIIfire that is desperate to react with *something*.
One is filled with sparkling pineapple juice.
+1024 gluesticks that can copy/paste between computers and paper, operated by rubbing the center of the gluestick cap on the text to copy (glue stick temporarily appears transparent and text temporarily appears highlighted as if by a highlighter), and to paste, moving the cap center over to a suitable place and tapping the opposite side. Pasting can be repeated with the same “clipboard”.
+1 rainbow flag that colorizes any monochrome pictures touching the fabric, and makes images B/W if they touch the wooden mast or sepia if they touch the plastic point on top. If the flag is wrapped around the mast and the picture is bent so one/two/three/four corners are touching a color, the picture is recolored (from its original state) into a monochrome / two-tone / three-tone / four-tone of the color(s). Effect can include black as a tone from the top (not a sepia tone as it would usually do) and/or white from the pole.
+1 procedurally generated dollhouse with a button that, when pressed, initiates one iteration of generation.
+8 7cm orbs of anomalously transparent 914 first metal, with an outer shell 1cm thick, leaving about 113cm3 if internal volume. When touched, an orb visibly fills up with a random substance or object (which may include dangerous SCP shizzle or dangerous real stuff like chlorine ####### trifluoride.) (terms used in the broadest possible sense). After filling, the orb can be “popped” by squeezing the sized, at which point the interior contents will exit (usually by falling). The orb halves can be put back together, where the cycle repeats (reassembling the orb counts as “touching”)
=100 Percent of maple trees that naturally grow blue wood
=100 Percent of maple trees that naturally grow blue bark
=100 Percent of maple trees that naturally grow blue leaves
Set of possible natural hair colors {black, brown, yellow, white, red} -> {black, brown, yellow, white, red, blue, green}
=100 Chance of a severed c######s regenerating instantly
=0¤ Price of medication (broad category intentional)
[Ability for all humans to assign a fluid to each n####e, so that when pressure is applied, that fluid is generated. Note: a null fluid can be assigned so that nothing comes out. The default is null, which changes to biological milk upon [DATA EXPUNGED]]
[Personal ability to remove anything from existence so that the concept, as well as all instances or manifestations, cease to exist.]
[Remove existence of ████ and cat poop]
=1012 Robux in my account
[Ability to comment on BPT CC threads]
[Ability to possess people, becoming invisible and intangible when I enter a body, blocking memory of the individual temporarily, and restoring their consciousness and the physics of my body upon exit]
[Ability to ignore frequency ranges of light and/or sound and stop ignoring them]
=1YHz highest frequency to hear, subject to above ability
[Tonalt Drumb’s surname changed to
”How€#*&ㅓㄹㅁㅉսոտիճօձ՞՜」」[email protected]իէի։ոձ՛՛არის撒ǎ這काकूकहमजााौsj﷽N�𠷡dềðæ十jחש&וווּ•¥-Null”
=1 Whether s!no is banned
Active GTSP claims:
https://www.reddit.com/godtiersuperpowers/comments/cdrrhd/you_can_have_every_stand_imaginable/ *
[Ability to be immune to Stand sickness] [Ability to switch Stands at will] =100 percent skill with any Stand
=0.005 (1/200) visual acuity
=1.1 Relative speed on roads
[A/all to make items “glow” visibly to them or anyone else, visible through walls.]
submitted by MainThrowaway1337 to ShadowBan


We still don't actually know who the "test subjects" are or why they can/can't be awoken

Alright, lemme add some context to this for you.
Every time you start a game of The Giant on solo you are greeted with the great and honourable Takeo Masaki telling Ultimus Richtofen that he needs to awaken the test subjects, with Nikolai stating that a chain of events must be set in motion.
So... quick disclaimer, this is probably my hardcore theorist in me burning through but feel free to correct anything if it seems wrong but let me start with this:
The Test Subjects are either
  2. Victus
  3. Alcatraz
So I'm going to go through each of these through ciphers and other bits and bobs picked up throughout the chronicles timeline.
The last test subject, the mexican, died but during the autopsy I have discovered the key to create the undead army that we seek. We are now ready to capture the 4 test subjects identified in Report 44.
In this, we can confirm without a shadow of a doubt that Pablo Marinus is not one of the 4 test subjects. In fact, these 4 test subjects seem absolutely pivotal to creating an undead army, so these 4 subjects must hold some special properties in order for their importance to stand. This could easily back up Victus being helpful in creating an undead army, considering that Samuel has eaten the meat of the undead so he would certainly be a good place to start when creating an undead army.
Of the 4 test subjects highlighted in Report 44, one of the brothers has died before we could reach him in the battle. The other is still at large in the city.
Now this could refer to multiple things.
  1. Nikolai and Nikolai's brother. It was mentioned at some point that Nikolai's brother died in the battle of Stalingrad, and thus this statement could refer to his brother dying in the battle
  2. It could refer to the Alcatraz crew as the "battle" they're describing could easily be a gang war more than a battle. Also the whole "city" thing could refer to Morg City as there are plenty of references proving a connection between the MOTD crew and Morg City.
Richtofen is contacted from the House by Maxis, who warns that "The test subjects much never be allowed to be awakened, the havoc that could be wreaked upon the future by such simple minded individuals would be catastrophic.
This one is certainly interesting. At first glance you wouldn't feel like this could refer to anyone other than the Ultimus 4 or PRIMIS, but here's where things get interesting.
The story for BO3 specially has these 2 pieces of established fact in them:
Edward, as you know it is imperative you and the group find the exact versions of yourselves that I have highlighted in each universe. Only by killing that version of yourself in that particular universe at that particular moment in time will we be successful once each of you other selves are killed across all the universes. Remember, we are only immune because we opened the portal in France but I am afraid this might not be permanent. I fear there is something M isn't telling me and that there is not much time left for us.
So in this, as I've highlighted in bold, it seems as though Maxis is suggesting that we have to kill off every single version of each of the characters, so it'd be stupid to presume that Ultimus or Primis would be the test subjects because it seems to be the mission of Maxis, Richtofen, and presumably Monty to erase every version of them from existence.
The one's highlighted for being killed are the ones of utmost importance, presumably for the "procedure" Monty performs in making the children innocent again.
"Maxis, have you found the space-time coordinates for the other individuals I asked you for... It's imperative that we find them as well... You must trust me on this... For my plan to work, we need their blood."
In this we clearly establish that Richtofen requires specific subjects blood for individuals that are not any version of PRIMIS/Ultimis, and how do I come to that assumption? Well just as you read above, Maxis insinuates that all versions of PRIMIS need to be gone for the plan to work, thus Richtofen would have had to have met these exact individual's who's blood he's requesting, which, if they were the test subjects he has on ice he would have never needed their locations.
So now we're down to 2.
Victus or Alcatraz crew?
Finally the lab is almost complete. Security measures have been put in place so the chance of detection by the Americans is very unlikely. We also have several agents embedded with the staff as insurance. We will keep the individuals in stasis, on ice to speak, and continue the specimen rotation once we finish drawing more power from the drill. Oh, I almost forgot, the sequencing for the current blood samples is as follows: SSMJABR
This cipher seems to heavily suggest that the "individuals" in question are the test subjects.
  1. They're in Richtofen's secret lab on ice, and thus would need waking up.
  2. The sequencing code heavily suggests that this is the Victis crew on ice.
Now I can easily suggest right now that enough evidence backs up the Victis crew being the "test subjects" in question. They fit the whole "the havoc that could be wreaked upon the future by such simple minded individuals would be catastrophic" previous note, but... it doesn't fit in with the timeline correctly.
Richtofen instructs Undead Richtofen to pursue Victis and recover their blood vials.
Richtofen returns to the lab under Alcatraz where he meats Victis, arriving from the Empty Earth with the Kronorium. Upon reading the Kronorium, Richtofen discovers numerous timelines documenting their fates and learns about the Blood Vials. He would later write on the page "I know now what I must do - E.R. 4/7/41." Richtofen enters a rift to acquire the blood of Sal and Finn. After delivering the blood to his younger self and recovering the blood vials belonging to Victis he returns. Victis is place 'on ice', to be kept safe until they are needed next.
Richtofen didn't even know he needed the blood vials or Victis until after Victis came to him with the Kronorium. Richtofen now knows what he knows because a different version of himself gave himself the answers he needed through these 4 characters.
This heavily suggests, in my opinion at least, that the Victis crew being awakened isn't necessarily a bad thing, and certainly not something that could be catastrophic. In fact, to add more fire that the test subjects aren't the Victis crew: Why would Takeo, Nikolai, and Dempsey need to set the events in motion to wake these 4 people from a future, parallel universe that they're not even remotely connected to?
Short answer: Victis isn't important. They're like the MOTD crew in that they're from realities that are closed off and thus their blood has mystical properties, which is why Richtofen gives Takeo/Dempsey/Nikolai (presumably) their blood vials.
So that means:
Yes. The test subjects are the Alcatraz crew, and you might be wondering how I've come to this assumption.
Let's start with the Nacht/MOTD loading screen.
  1. The first thing to note, this clearly shows the time jump from ZNS to Alcatraz with Primis retrieving the blood vials.
  2. The 4 cryogenic chambers are explicitly shown here, and can presumably be linked back to the 4 test subjects.
  3. None of the prisoners are wearing prison attire. They're dressed in lab/hospital gowns.
In order to fully understand why I firmly believe the MoTD crew are the 4 test subjects is that they fit everything so far.
They most definitely fit this: "the havoc that could be wreaked upon the future by such simple minded individuals would be catastrophic" as they are without a doubt the most simple minded individuals in our story thus far.
Their connection to the story seems so ultimately vague, and contrary to the timelines popular belief, we don't actually know explicitly why these 4 characters were stuck in some form of cycle, but we do know that one thing they did do was break the cycle.
Now, I've made an entire different post about this before so I won't go into too much detail but essentially:
I firmly believe that Monty was the controller of the MOTD map.
  1. The various lion related things around the map, including the wonder weapon, with bright red eyes - referencing Monty's gumball machines
  2. Red eyed zombies have only appeared in MOTD and Gorod Krovi, a firm link between them is that supposedly MOTD zombies were being controlled by "the devil" and the Shadowman specifically states that Monty is known by many names, one of those being Satan. Funnily enough, Gorod Krovi is also the only map we get load of dialog from Dr. Monty, the same map the eyes change colour of the zombies.
It would make logical sense for Monty to suggest that Maxis tells Ricthofen to never awaken the test subjects if Monty was the villain all along. It is extremely strange that the mission the the PRIMIS crew (excluding Richtofen) are on before they are interrupted is awakening the test subjects, something that they've been told specifically not to do.
tldr: What I am proposing is that Monty does not want the test subjects to be awoken (Alcatraz crew) because they're the only crew of people who have broken free of his endless cycle.
Anyway, this is all a complete theory, with probably some holes that need filling in, but hey ho
I tried
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