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Can Spectrum fix my Spectrum provided internet?

I live in an apartment (in TX, locked into a lease for another year) which has an exclusive deal with Spectrum. I do not have a choice on my ISP which is proving to be quite disgusting. I don't know about internet wiring to apartment buildings, I am relaying below what I am being told, bear with me.
I have been living here close to a year. The past couple months I have had frequent DCs and slow speed. I have been paying for ultra speed (500 Mbps dl speed, it was previously averaging 475 which is fine). For a few months I've been getting no more than 5 Mbps. I have had 3 technicians come out. First one claimed it was my Spectrum issued modem and replaced it. The 2nd person told me the ingress was high and the problem was outside and he'd put in a ticket to have it fixed in appx 48 hrs. I gave it 3 days and had no change. I called Spectrum again and they told me the service ticket was denied but would not give me any further information.
They sent a 3rd tech out, tech 3 said the issue was the line from the tap. He put in a ticket for repair and again, nothing changed, so I called them back again. I was told that my apartment was part of a bigger project and to reach out to the property manager. I spoke to the property manager who was not aware of any project. He contacted Spectrum and was given a job number, and was waiting to hear back from "the local guy" to find out what it was about.
He gave me the job number, I called Spectrum, gave them the job number and I was told that the apartments were "not serviceable" and there was a construction project between my apartment property and the city, and that all the units were going to be serviced. They said there were no approvals yet on when the service would take place, and that can be a long process and it may not even be approved to start working until October. I was basically told "well one day it will be fixed" and the property manager would have more information. I went back to the property manager, he said he still hasn't heard back from Spectrum about any pending construction.
Now, either the left hand has no idea what the right hand is doing, or one of them is lying to me. I don't even care which, I just want working internet. Spectrum apparently can't call a customer even to say "that's not my job, that's his job" and I just have to sit wait to see what happens.
This is interfering with MY job (I spend half the week working at home) as I am frequently disconnecting and very slow speeds. Skype/teams for business is unusable. My life outside of work is online games and discord, which are now spotty at best. I do not own a TV so thankfully I don't have deal with them for cable.
Anyone been through similar situations with Spectrum? Is there anything they can do to get me working internet?? Even in the interim until this supposed construction occurs?? TYIA
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