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Album of the Year 2018 #42: Jon Hopkins - Singularity

Happy Friday folks, and welcome to today's installment of our Album of the Year coverage. We've got jcb3939 on deck to talk Jon Hopkins' Singularity, so let's get to it!
Artist - Jon Hopkins
Album - Singularity
Background by jcb3939
Jon Hopkins is an English electronic music producer who has built an impressive career resume over the past two decades. In addition to working closely with and producing for Coldplay, he has established a growing solo career spanning five studio albums of IDM and house music. His fourth studio album, Immunity, received massive critical acclaim, and allowed Hopkins’ worldwide fan base to grow. The long-awaited follow up arrived on May 4, 2018, entitled Singularity, and included songs that had been previously performed live by Hopkins.
Review by jcb3939
Singularity is a beautiful behemoth of a record. It transports you to another world, an alternate reality, and maintains a firm grasp on you for just over an hour. It’s not a run-of-the-mill techno record. It lives. It breathes. It fuses EDM beats with ambient soundscapes to massive success. And it pretty much got me into electronic music.
I’ve said this before, and I’ll be perfectly honest about it, but I didn’t really become an avid music fan until early 2017. By about April of that year, I had been lurking on this sub for a while, and I was becoming a fan of artists like Arcade Fire, Grizzly Bear, Tame Impala, The Shins, and Beach House. And from then on, I’ve been on a constant search for new music. I started regularly posting on and reading this sub, browsing sites like AOTY and RYM, paying attention to new releases, and going back in time to discover what I’d missed over the past decade or two. So I came into 2018 excited to take in my first full year as a self-proclaimed music fan, and I had a goal of listening to at least one brand new album each week. I didn’t always stick to an album every Friday, but I ended up surpassing my goal by listening to about 80 albums that came out last year.
Early on in my music discovery, if it wasn’t rock, I thought it wasn’t worth my time, and boy was I wrong. This past year was instrumental in helping me diversify my tastes, and now I listen to a balance of rock, pop, hip-hop, and r&b, with a healthy dose of completely instrumental genres like IDM and post-rock. Singularity was key to getting me interested in IDM in particular, and after I fully got into it, I began listening to artists like Aphex Twin, Boards of Canada, Four Tet, Oneohtrix Point Never, Nicolas Jaar, and Tim Hecker as well. But Jon Hopkins’ 2018 masterpiece is still my favorite electronic album as of right now, and one of my favorite releases of 2018.
If I had to describe Singularity in one word, I wouldn’t be quite sure what to call it. It’s funny how a piece of art containing no words other than its track titles makes me think of so many to describe it. It’s massive. Cohesive. Grand. Atmospheric. Transformative. Transportative. Airtight. Exciting. Relaxing. Vital. As its music videos may suggest, the album’s purpose is to take you on a sonic journey of sorts to a place and a space defined by the title. Singularity has two definitions that I think are equally appropriate in relating to the album, either the state of being alone or unique, or an instance where something takes on a value that is mathematically infinite, such as the center of a black hole being infinitely dense.
“Infinitely dense” would be a great way to describe the first few tracks of the album, which take a more techno approach to Hopkins’ motive. The title track opens off the album in an unsettling fashion with a screeching synth line, cutting through silence to erupt into a sea of minor-key distortion. It’s an engine revving up, preparing to take you, the listener, on a journey through space and time. After almost a minute of this, a sense of rhythm emerges and the journey begins. A different minor key synth line approaches the foreground as the other line descends into the background. The minor key melody continues for a minute or two, with a punchy bass/hi-hat line emerging, followed by offbeat suspended cymbal touches. The track has reached its climax, it would appear, but this isn’t the case. The main line eventually breaks down, welcoming a frenetic beat and a distorted synth line over it. The bass distorts and gains energy, then combusts into a mist of pitch that closes the track. Hopkins creates the illusion that the pure energy and momentum of the track is the root cause of its conclusion, it’s simply reached an energy level that is unsustainable.
Emerald Rush and Everything Connected, two singles off of the album, are in a similar vein as the title track, but still feel special and distinct. The former’s first section is especially stunning, featuring an abstract piano line accompanied by synth arpeggios that change time, with each bar having either six, seven, or eighth notes worth of the line. It’s little details like these that really make this album shine. After about a minute and a half, a syncopated synth line starts to enter, and the entire track warps into a split second of silence, only to be shattered immediately by a punchy bass line, atop which the syncopated synth line develops. Syncopation is a key element of the album, and is used notably on the “massive techno beast” Everything Connected as well. The core of the track is incredibly simple, just an offbeat synth alternating between two pitches over some bass, but it’s so much more than that. The line collapses upon itself on more than one occasion, revealing another hidden element of Hopkins’ surreal world as the line changes.
After the upbeat first half of the album, the second half is a bit of a comedown from the initial rush of Hopkins’ journey, and takes a more ambient direction. It’s highlighted by Luminous Beings, an absolutely stunning composition of ambient techno bliss. A simple, soothing, deep synth line leads the way, but the star of this track is the canonized synth and piano arpeggios that layer together starting almost halfway into the track, creating a positively mesmerizing soundscape. Tracks like Feel First Life and Echo Dissolve are even more placid, and even feature choral vocals amidst more arpeggiated synths and piano lines.
But it really is hard to put into words how layered and dense this album is. It truly is a journey to listen to it time after time, discovering a new intricacy of each track each time. Singularity is also an incredibly cohesive piece of art, and it’s paced very well. Just when you think you’ve had enough of the tech-house first half, you never hear anything just like it again. The closer, Recovery, really does feel like a trip back down to earth from the atmospheric second half of the album. If you haven’t yet, please do yourself a favor and take an hour to get lost in this album. It’s a wonderful ride.
Favorite Lyrics
none lmao
Talking Points
  • How does Singularity compare to Immunity?
  • How does this album compare to other big electronic releases this year?
  • Do you prefer its more techno first half or the more ambient second half?
  • What is your preferred setting for listening to ambient music?
Thanks again to jcb3939 for the stellar writeup. Tomorrow, tristancorb will be discussing Anna Von Hausswolff's Dead Magic, so be on the lookout for that!
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