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The ending/title track "In the Key of Kill" starts off with more riffs you've already heard before going into soulless double bass (as previously heard in "Slaughter the Shepherds") which is also tamed by the production. Kill the spiritual, magic and godly whilst representing their own god Kill a spiritual mage in the God Wars Dungeon - 83 Slayer requirement. With each level achieved by a Summoner, the Summoner also received one mastery point, capped at 30 mastery points, which was the maximum summoner. Kill 15 Pinkies with Full Auto mode. A mastery was an area that a summoner was able to focus their intense magical training into, categorized into three specific categories, which were collectively known as masteries.


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Curse and Golem Necromancer - Build Guide

Curse and Golem Necromancer - Written by Funguskeeper
So, Curses and Golems might be one of the trees in the game that has seen most changes, at least changes that affect gameplay. Both Curses and Golems now have a new passive ability that function the same way, Curse Mastery, which have introduced a new interesting thing to the game, which allows for more curses to be on a target, up to a maximum of 3, and with a new stat added to Darkforce Spawn Shield, you can have 4 Curses up at the same time. Golem has the same change with the changed passive called Golem Mastery, where every 5 hard point spend, you can summon additional Golems, up to a maximum of 5 with 20 points invested. These changes has taken the Necromancer to a new spot, where he can run very well solo but also as a supportive character for maps or dungeons.
Note In Closed and Open Beta, people who have tried golem have reported back that Golems feel very weak compared to how many points your invest in them. I will not say "Golems are unviable" because this is testing over a very short period, we might discover a group META or some way to make them viable, but as far as we currently know, Golems are somewhat of a meme build.
I will not be mentioning Mercenaries in this guide, because I personally do not use them before I reach very end game, if they are not very well equipped, they have a tendency to die over and over. There's a lot of great mercenary guides out there that knows a lot more about them than I do. On top of this, mercenaries now have way more gearing options, which I believe deserve a separate guide just for them.
Disclaimer Everything written in this guide is up to debate, since this mod will have new numbers and some new changed items, the meta wont settle for the first season since we need a lot of info to be sure about things. When that's said, see all skill points, attributes and gearing as a suggestion over a correct answer. I will personally make sure all guides I write will be tested by someone and the guides will be edited when new information arises.
INDEX 1. Project Diablo 2 Changes to the Curse and Golem Necromancer 2. Viability 3. Early Ladder Gear 4. End Game Gear 5. Stat & Skill Allocation 6. Corruptions, Sockets & Charms 7. Breakpoints 8. Farming Locations
  • A new stat called "+1 to Maximum Curse Limit" has been added to the game. Can be found on Darkforce Necromancer shield.
  • Curses now removes less Resistances from targets, but they affect Immunities by 1/2 of the Resistance removed, where vanilla only works 1/5 of the Resistance removed. This means, breaking immunities are easier than before, but you wont remove as much Resistances from targets that aren't Immune.
  • You cannot curse a target and slow them by more than 85%, even if you use 2 curses that slow.
Ability Changes
  • Curse Mastery: Improves the effect of all Curses, and lets you get +1 and +2 to maximum Curses with 10 and 20 points invested.
  • Dark Pact: Newly added Curse that consumes up to 3 curses on a target, and deals damage based on how many curses consumed.
  • Amplify Damage: Reduces % Enemy Physical Resistances.
  • Dim Vision: Reduced Enemy Attack Rating.
  • Terror: Reduced Enemy Movement Speed.
  • Confuse: Increases the Attack Speed of the cursed target.
  • Attract: Reduces the enemy Defense.
  • Decrepify: Reduces Movement Speed, Attack Speed and Cast Rate.
  • Golem Mastery: With every 5 hard point invested, summon 1 additional Golem, up to a max of 5 total
  • Iron Golem: Now has splash attack if created from a weapon. Only the first you summon are permanent
  • Clay Golem: Now has Splash Attack
  • Fire Golem: Aura ticks faster
  • Blood Warp: New skill for the Necromancer, lets you teleport to target location at the cost of % Health. More points invested, lowers Cooldown
  • Bone Spear: now adds additional spears at 15 and 25 points. More spears cannot hit the same target.
  • Can I level as this build?: Yes, but leveling as normal Skelemancer, or with Bonespears, might be better, since this needs some points to function well.
  • Early Ladder Viable: Yes, one of the least gear dependent builds.
  • End Game Solo Viable: Yes.
  • End Game Group Viable: Yes.
  • Hardcore Viable: Yes.
  • Uber Trist Viable: Unknown before testing new Ubers.
  • Uber Diablo Clone Viable: Unknown before testing new Diablo.
As you can see below, there's plenty of options for Necromancer, they have a great deal of unique wands, and all of them are more or less the same. Getting weapons while leveling should be no problem.
  • Torch of Iro +1 Skills, 10 FCR, some energy.
  • Maelstrom 30% FCR, great curse wand.
  • Gravenspire +2 Skills, +2 Raise Skeleton,+2 Raise Skeletal Mage.
  • Ume's Lament +2 Skills, 20% FCR,+2 Decrepify, +3 Terror
  • Spirit Very good early weapon, gives +1 skills, FCR, high resists, high mana and life.
  • Suicide Branch +1 Skills, 50% FCR, give oSkills to Blood Golem and Blood Warp, Flat Life and small All Resistances.
  • Arm of King Leoric Great summoner wand.
  • Blackhand Key +2 Necro Skills, up to +3 Curses, 30% FCR.
  • Any wand you find/shop that gives +Skills in your desired skill.
  • Wizardspike This is a great weapon for transition into the End Game, it's often very cheap. Great weapon before you drop a Vex. High flat Mana per level, High FCR, Mana Regen, %Max Mana and the highest All Resist in the game.
  • Spirit Great all around shield, +1 skills, FCR, FHR, Life, Mana and decent Resistances.
  • Lidless Wall Great offensive option, up to +2 skills, 20% FCR, Mana after kill and 10% Max Mana.
  • Ancient's Pledge High resist option, all the runes can be acquired from act 5 Barbarian quest, so a very reliable Runeword to make at every playthrough.
  • Rhyme Cannot be Frozen, All resistances and some Magic Find.
  • Necromancer shield with +Skills you desire.
  • Lore Runeword This helm gives good early stats if you cant find a unique, well spend Sol Rune.
  • Tarn Helm +1 skills, great Gold and Magic find.
Body Armors
  • Vipermagi Very strong early armor, +1 Skills, FCR and All Resistances.
  • Que-Hegan's Wisdom Great start armor for mid game, +1 skills, FCR, FHR, Magic Damage Reduction, up to 25 Energy and up to 5 mana per kill.
  • Stealth Solid low armor, FRW with FHR and mana regen.
  • Smoke FHR, great defense and high All Resist. Great defensive option.
  • Trang-Oul's High defense and great FRW.
  • Silks of the Victor + skills.
  • Skullder's Ire +1 skills and very high MF.
  • Atma's Wail +1 skill, FCR, FHR and some MF.
  • Prudence FCR, FHR, Damage Reduction, All Resistances and Repairs Durability, so you can make it in a Eth, for high Defense.
  • Any gloves really, look for life, resist, FHR or FCR.
  • Bloodfist Best defensive option, flat 40 life and 30% FHR.
  • Magefist Best damage option, +1 fire skills, FCR and mana regen.
  • Chance Guards Great Gold Find and high Magic Find.
This slot is open, you can chose any boots you like, just get movement speed and the desired resist/MF you want.
  • Waterwalk 40% FRW, 20% Faster block, Dexterity, high flat life, probably the best boots you can get early ladder.
  • Goldwrap I personally like this belt early ladder, high Magic Find and Gold Find.
  • Rare belt with Life, Resists or FHR.
  • Nagelring Pure Magic find ring, up to 40%. Equip 2, and you have potential 80% Magic Find in just your rings.
  • Raven Frost Ring If you can manage to get it early ladder, they can be expensive. Cannot be Frozen is great, as it does slow your FCR now.
  • Rare rings with 10 FCR, Life or Resists.
  • Any amulet with + skills/FCR, even Magic amulets with +3 skills or + 2 Druid skills skills are great.
  • The Eye of Etlich +1 skills amulet.
Weapons Project Diablo 2 has made Staffs a viable choice to run, therefor we now see more endgame caster options.
  • Heart of the Oak This is probably one of the strongest caster weapons for the value of a Vex rune. +3 skills decent FCR and All resists.
  • Wizardspike This is a great weapon for transition into End Game, it's often very cheap. Great weapon before you drop a Vex. High flat Mana per level, High FCR, Mana Regen, %Max Mana and the highest All Resist in the game.
  • Mang Song's Lesson Very offensive choice, 6 all skills, 50% FCR and -Enemy fire Resistance.
  • Ondal's Wisdom up to 4 all skills, but a whopping 85% FCR, up to 50 Energy and high Magic Damage Reduction.
  • Stormshield Great Defensive option. Damage reduction, high Strength and Lightning Resist, this might be your go to for Dungeons.
  • Lidless Wall Offensive option. +2 skills and 20% FCR.
  • Homunculus Great option, +2 Skills, All Resistances, % Mana Regen, and very high block. Great choice for max block if you're not going Stormshield.
  • Boneflame +3 Skills, 20% FRW, All Resistances.
  • Darkforce Spawn +1-2 Summon skills, Reanimate Hell Spawn, % Mana Regen. But most importantly +1 To maximum Curses. This shield does not give anything crazy besides the +1 Max Curses, but this can save you 10 Skill Points, and reach 3 Curses with only 10 invested points.
  • Naj's Puzzler You can now use Naj's staff for Blink with 3 charges, 8 second replenish. This can be a choice if you want to save points in Blood Warp and place your points elsewhere.
  • Shako This helm is the best of both worlds, gives +2 Skills, Mana, Life and great Magic Find.
  • Kira's Guardian Great source of Cannot be Frozen, high All Resistances, 20% FHR, all casters want Cannot be Frozen now since it slows FCR.
Body Armors
  • Enigma +2 all skills, great FRW, very high Strength and high MF, great all around armor. Also lets you blink 3 times, which can allow for some farms to greatly increase in speed, Chaos Sanctuary is one of those.
  • Chains of Honor Great defensive option, gives %Damage Reduction, +2 skills, decent Strength and very high All resists and decent Magic Find.
  • Vipermagi Very strong all around armor, +1 Skills, FCR and All Resistances.
  • Templar's Might This is a oddball for casters, but if you run a full group and play as the Support role, a level 8 Might Aura is not a joke to share with your team. This armor requires 232 Strength, so either go for items that give Strength to help you out, or make sockets in the armor and put in Hel Runes, each rune provides -15% Requirements, lowering the Strength you need to equip it.
Pick your boots accordingly to your missing resists/Life/Attributes etc.
  • War Traveler Battle Boots A little Strength and Dexterity. it's the highest Magic Find boots in the game, but they are very expensive for the Magic Find you get because you don't benefit much from anything else on the boots.
  • Sandstorm Trek High Poison Resistance, FHR and up to 15 Vitality and Strength. Great all around choice.
  • Waterwalk High life, Max Fire Resistance. Great all around choice.
  • Aldur's Advance High FRW, Life and Fire Resistance.
  • Marrowwalk FRW, Cannot be Frozen, Strength.
  • Arachnid Mesh +1 skill and FCR, best damage option.
  • Thundergod's Vigor Great defensive option. High Attributes, Max Lightning resist, and Lightning Absorb, if you die in D2, its often lightning, especially as Summoner.
  • Verdungo's Hearty Cord Great defensive option, high Vitality and Damage Reduction.
  • Goldwrap High Magic Find and Gold Find.
  • Wisp Projector IMO best choice, this ring rolls everything you would want.
  • Nature's Peace Great defensive option, increases all your Max Resistances with up to 3. This could be a great ring for Dungeons.
  • The Stone of Jordan +1 skills, flat Mana and % Max Mana.
  • Nagelring Highest MF in the game.
  • Rare rings with 10 FCR, Resists, MF or Attributes.
  • Raven Frost Ring Cannot be Frozen is great, as it does slow your FCR now. But it's a wasted ring slot for end game, grab this ring if you cannot find any other way to get Cannot be Frozen, but you should really get it somewhere else.
  • Mara's Kaleidoscope +2 all skills, high All Resist and a few All Attributes.
  • Rare Amulet with +2 Necromancer skills, Resists, MF, Attributes.
  • Magic Amulet with +3 Summoning or Curse skills.
Trang-Oul's Avatar
The Trang-Oul's set is a very strong choice, even for endgame, because it lets you save a bunch of skill points, and going this route is no joke, because in both the full Golem or full Curse, even a mix between the two, are very point heavy builds, which leaves very little room for damage abilities. This set provides a level 20 meteor with level 6 Fire Mastery, and with the new Meteor rework, this set will let you save points in damage, and spend every point in Golems and Curses, while still having the ability to cast a strong Meteors.
Bonuses from Trang-Oul's items
30% Faster Cast Rate -25% to Enemy Poison Resistance Physical Damage taken reduced by 50% 50 % Lightning Resist 40% Cold Resist 20 to Meteor
Full Set Bonus
3 to Necromancer Skills 20% Life Stolen Per Hit 6 Fire Mastery 26 Fire Wall 28 Fire Ball 200 Defense Replenish Life *10 100 to Mana 50% Regenerate Mana 50% All Resistances
This part is very tricky, because there is no way for anyone to say what's the best way to run either golem build or curse route. Because there is no such thing as the best golem for every scenario, or the best curse for every scenario.
Skill Allocation for full Curse Build
This build is a 105 point build, which leaves only 5 points to be placed into other skills. This uses Dark Pact to deal on demand damage, where the mix of these 3 Curses, lets you increase the damage the monsters take, then force them to attack each other, while reflecting increased damage back to themselves.
  • 20 Curse Mastery (you can go 10 point to get 2 curses, and use the Darkforce to reach 3 max curses)
  • 20 Amplify Damage
  • 20 Confuse
  • 20 Iron Maiden
  • 20 Dark Pack
  • 1 Dim vision
  • 1 Terror
  • 1 Blood Warp
  • 1 Teeth
  • 1 Bone Armor
Depending on your team or personal preference, change out the curses, Dark Pact works with all curses, damage is based off of how many curses you remove. But this full curse build lets you solo content, while having high increased physical damage to targets, while keeping high crowd control with Confuse.
Skill Allocation for full Golem Build
This is a 104 point build, which lets to spend remaining point getting to Decrepify or Lower Resist curses at the bottom of the tree. You CAN run a full Golem build, but I'm truly unsure how viable it is, especially early, if you don't run full Trang-Oul's set to deal damage from another source.
  • 20 Golem Mastery
  • 20 Golem 1
  • 20 Golem 2
  • 20 Golem 3
  • 20 Golem 4
  • 1 Blood Warp
  • 1 Curse of choice
  • 1 Teeth
  • 1 Bone Armor
Skill Allocation for Hybrid Golem and Curses Build
This build is 101 point build and probably as much personal preference as you can possible get. It should make a solid foundation to how to run both 5 Golems, while having 3 Curses. If you want, you can go for only 2 Curses, and equip Trang-Oul's set, while you cast curses and let your golems stand in the front doing your bidding, casting Meteors from the back. With 3 Curses, you could still run the mix with Amplify Damage, Confuse and Iron Maiden and let them all kill themselves. Use the few remaining points wherever you want, or to reach desired curses.
  • 20 Golem Mastery
  • 20 Desired Golem
  • 1 Synergy Golem
  • 1 Synergy Golem
  • 1 Synergy Golem
  • 10 Curse Mastery (Use Darkforce to get 3 max curses)
  • 15 Desired Curse
  • 15 Desired Curse
  • 15 Desired Curse
  • 1 Blood Warp
  • 1 Teeth
  • 1 Bone Armor
Attribute Allocation
With Stormshield or Homunculus
Strength: Enough to equip desired gear. Dexterity: Enough for Max Block, do note, every level you ascend, you need more Dexterity to reach Max Block, so keep checking when you level up. Vitality: Rest Energy: None
With any other setup
Strength: Enough to equip desired gear. Dexterity: Enough to equip desired gear. Vitality: Rest Energy: None
Charms Fill out as you see fit.
  • Grand Charm Skiller with +Summoning skills.
  • Gheed's Fortune High Gold and Magic Find, with Reduced Vendor Prices.
  • Annihilus +1 All Skills, 50-100 Life, 25-50 Mana, 10-20 All Resistances, 5-10% Experience Gained.
  • Hellfire Torch +1 Random Class Skill, 50-100 Life, 25-50 Mana, 10-20 All Resistance.
  • Small Charms with desired resist. (11 max)
  • Small Charms with high life. (20 max)
  • Small Charms with high Magic Find. (7 max)
I will not write down what's the best corrupt for every slot, because it's simply impossible to do. There's too many different corrupts. Also this is different from one individual to another, if you like Magic Find, go for that, if you need a specific resistance to cap all, focus that.
  • Magic find in Weapon: Ist Rune provides 30% Magic find.
  • Magic find in Armor: Ist Rune provides 25% Magic find. Perfect Topaz provides 24% Magic Find.
  • Magic find in Shield: Ist Rune provides 25% Magic find.
  • All Resist in Armor: Um Rune provides 15% All Resist.
  • All Resist in Shield: Um Rune provides 22% All Resist. Perfect Diamond provides 19% All Resist.
Necromancer Faster Hit Recovery Frames
I would recommend only go for 26 or 39% FHR here, either your Golems are protecting you, or your Confuse/Decrepify should keep most monsters away from you, so you shouldn't take too many hits for it to matter much.
Faster Cast Rate Frames
26 9
39 8
56 7
86 6
Necromancer Faster Cast Rate Frames
125 FCR is not needed for this build but recommended, since you wish to get all 3 cast of curses out as fast as possible. You can obtain 125 FCR from, Hoto(40%), Spirit Shield(35% You need perfect roll), Viper Magi(30%) and 20% from Arachnid mesh. You can also go for Ondal's Wisdom and get 85% FCR from it, which allows you to use Arachnid belt, and 10% FCR on both your rings. This lets you use a body armor of your choice. If you run Darkforce Spawn, instead of Spirit shield, just get 10% from one of your rings.
Faster Cast Rate Frames
30 12
48 11
75 10
125 9
With the Full Curse build, I cannot imagine much content you're not able to do, since you will both be doing their own physical damage reflected back to them if you run the combo I suggested, while your Dark Pack deals Magic Damage. When it comes to golems, I simply cannot say what the limitations are yet because I have no info on the actual viability of this build, I will make sure to update this once I get build feedback.
Uber Tristram and Uber Diablo are still unclear, I will update this section when we have more info.
submitted by Funguskeeper3 to ProjectDiablo2

Sora Is The Master Of Masters Theory [Updated] All Evidence

[This was written before Melody of Memory has come out so that game will not be included.]
Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Backcover is the first instance that we meet the Master of Masters ourselves without anyone else’s perspective of events and see him as an individual character. From the get-go, the Master of Masters (or MoM as I will be addressing him throughout this theory for simplicity sake) is immediately addressed with heavy respect from his title alone. But, Chirithy also makes sure to mention his “mischievous” nature that we see a lot of throughout all of his appearances from here on. Due to the Master of Masters only being included and planned from Backcover onwards, it definitely seems more than coincidental that all of his similarities to Sora take place in the games technically made after Backcover which I will discuss; Backcover itself, KHX and KHUX, 0.2, KH3 and ReMind.
Both Sora and MoM are introduced as joker, light-hearted characters who use humour to lighten dark situations and comfort people. They hold themselves lightly and make fun of themselves to make others laugh or to lighten the dark of a situation. Sora did this when he comforted Riku by pulling a funny face (“how am I going to face everyone?!”/“like this?”) in KH2 while MoM pretended to question if Invi cared about him when she was overthinking things and getting worried about the events to come (“do you… want me to go?!”
Comparison of MoM And Sora gestures in KH3 & ReMind
Both characters share several of the same gestures and body movements, with Sora copying a lot of MoM’s gestures especially in KH3 and ReMind. Both hold their arms behind their heads, tilt their heads or even bodies sideways playfully and poke things to name a few shows off their playful, animated gestures. Both use their right hands when using the Keyblade with Sora holding his in his right hand and MoM summons No Name with his right hand to give it to Luxu.
Along with these personality and movement similarities, we also have the infamous Gazing Eye' glitch found in KH ReMind that 'definitely calls this theory into question. Why does a glitch like this only happen with Young Xehanort, whom we know MoM interacted and met with? Why does it only happen when Young Xehanort uses his time alteration powers if this was simply a glitch in the texture of Sora and the Gazing Eye's eye? Would that not mean that this could be triggered at any other time? And why is it so cleanly done if not to be intentional? This 'glitch' appears perfectly on Sora's eye and doesn't affect any other texture on Sora. If Sora was in fact MoM, would it not make sense for his possibly clairvoyant/prediction abilities to be affected by Young Xehanort affecting time? This would be too difficult go be a simple visual glitch or error of the engine given how the texture of the Gazing Eye appears in both of Sora's eyes perfectly, as well as appearing bloodshot since there would be no reason for Sora's eyes to use the bloodshot texture AND the Gazing eye texture together.

‘Gazing Eye Glitch‘ from KH3 Limit Cut Fight against Young Xehanort
Speaking of Sora’s eyes, this also brings me back to the pre-KH3 release conspiracy theory about Sora’s eye colour changing to green throughout the trailers which people passed off as being the reflections of the environment. This happened several times throughout the game and seemingly meant nothing, but when you consider who Sora was interacting his eye colour changed, him possibly being the MoM explains this. The first time we see this is in Mount Olympus, when Sora meets with Xigbar for the first time since DDD and we see Sora’s eyes have strong green tint compared to Hercules, who also has bright blue eyes that don’t seem to be affected by the lighting. Maybe only the KH original models are affected for some reason? Xigbar’s eyes are also not affected, while yellow, which would definitely show given how intense Sora’s are. Xigbar, is Luxu, so one could assume that anyone connected to MoM would make Sora’s eyes react, yes? Again, we see Sora’s eye go green with others as well. In Kingdom Of Corona, Sora’s eyes are once again green and while it it way greener here than Olympus, Marluxia’s—or Lauriam, who MoM choose as a Dandelion leader and survivor of the war—eyes once again are not affected, nor are any other characters’ like Rapunzel, Flynn, or Mother Gothel. Only Sora. We see this again with Ven when Vanitas is going to kill Aqua in the land of Departure and Sora wakes Ventus up from inside him, Sora’s eyes go green while no one else’s, including Ven and Aqua both of whom have blue eyes, have their eyes affected. And the final past character that is directly tied to the MoM through the dandelions and Sora whose presence affects Sora’s eyes is Ephemer in the Keyblade Graveyard. Ephemer has no reason to come to Sora here, compared to Ventus who he knew in canon and had every reason to help but let die in the previous ending, given that they do not know one another beyond Ventus. And as the camera zooms into Sora, Sora’s eyes gain a slight green tint to his eyes before the centre of his eyes change to a light, greenish blue that is very similar to another Name’s Gazing eye and focuses on his eye not only here, but once Sora snaps back to reality and focuses on the reflection of all the dead keyblades helping them. Here, Sora’s eyes are green again the exact same way that his eyes were green interacting with XigbaLuxu and Marluxia/Lauriam, both of whom were tied to the MoM. The green tint and highlight of the colour around his iris is identical to that of the Gazing Eye in No Name, with the environments and how others reacting to them in each of these worlds showing that these events and only these affect solely Sora’s eyes, proving that this is not just a simple light reflection but something done intentionally to Sora’s eyes.
Comparision of Sora’s eye colour shift when around XigbaLuxu, Marluxia/Lauriam, and Ventus and how they’re eyes are not affected.
Sora’s eyes when meeting Ephemer
Comparison of Gazing Eye and Sora’s eyes
Beyond physical and personality similarities, both Sora and MoM share another quality with only one other individual in the entirety of the KH cast; they are the only ones aside from Xehanort to have held and been the apparent wielder of the X-Blade. While we never see him with it, Nomura confirmed that MoM had had the X-Blade at one point and studied it to create the Keyblade that everyone in KHX used. He used the X-Blade as an example and managed to figure out, through studying it, how to extract the light/power from people’s hearts and shaped their Keyblades which he then trained the Foretellers with. As well as the X-Blade, MoM also had a sort of authority over Kingdom Hearts as well as Ira mentioned that he had given them Keyblades to protect Kingdom Hearts and Ava tried to warn Gula away from summoning Kingdom Hearts since MoM had said it was “forbidden”. Gula decided to try and summon Kingdom Hearts in order to force the MoM to return to set them straight, showing that he held a sense of cautious as well towards it and decided to not use it and lock it away instead. Given that the MoM’s word was seen as gospel, this was more than likely a serious warning and order. And what do we see by the end of Kingdom Hearts 3? Sora, earning the X-Blade and telling Xehanort that using it is wrong and that no one should use its power to change destiny, before closing it to keep the worlds safe. Both characters—with only Xehanort as the other wielder of the X-Blade and exception of this mindset—had this power and chose to not use it but instead locked it away from using it for their own gains.
Both of these characters also shared the same philosophy of destiny despite the power they hold; Sora, who has challenged and even changed his friends’ doomed fates claims that a true leader knows that destiny “beyond his control” and “accepts that”, something that makes no sense with how much he has changed his own destiny and the events written in the Book Of Prophecy. However, the Master of Masters shares these ideals and believes not in changing what is meant to happen, but rather in preparing for what happens after that in order to secure the best aftermath. Why would Sora believe in this given his past, if not to draw similarities between himself and MoM?
Comparison of Sora’s speech to Xehanort and MoM’s speech to Ira about destiny
The Book Of Prophecies, as depicted in Backcover, also shares connections to what we assume to be the timeline of events surrounding not the the events of Backcover and the Keyblade war, but rather the events of the entire game series timeline. We see MoM looking at the Book of Prophecies through the Cases of the different Foretellers and Luxu, as well as Ira later on in the movie which we can use to create a basic ‘timeline’ of events based on imagery depicted.
We see the MoM look through throughout Backcover, with the ‘Case of Gula’ showing what seems to be the earliest part of the book we see with an illustration of a darkside heartless and a keyblade which would either be the Kingdom Key or Kingdom Key D, placing the beginning of the book at the first Kingdom Hearts game. The reason I think this takes place during KH1 rather than 0.2 is the Sora’s crown emblem being on the page previous to a Darkside heartless, seeming to signify Sora and then his first battle against the darkness either on his Station of Awakening or Destiny Islands, as well as these pages appearing to be nearing the middle of the book which would make sense given that Sora only entered the canon timeline after the whole Fairytale Saga, BBS and 0.2 took place. Then, we see the next page with an image of a shadow heartless, both which Sora fights on Destiny Islands after getting the keyblade and then in Traverse Town where he learns about the darkness or could simply represent all heartless as the most recognisable heartless. The page after this shows another Keyblade which looks like the Kingdom Key again, while the next page is the infamous ‘traitor’ that the MoM rips out and gives to Gula and the page after holding another illustration of Sora’s crown emblem. Given the pacing of events based on the concept of this book depicting the events of Sora’s experiences in KH1, the page detailing the ‘traitor’ may in fact be talking about Riku and his betrayal of Sora by accepting Maleficent's help. The MoM’s wording seems to support this, by telling Gula to “find the traitor hidden among you and stop them before it’s too late”, through Sora eventually learning of Riku’s fall to darkness and possession by Ansem before stopping Riku-Ansem and saving the worlds.
Pages of Book Of Prophecies mentioned in order about from Backcover
This causes us to question exactly how would the MoM know of Sora's first adventure given that his eye, at this point, hasn't even seen Sora yet? The only logical answer? Because he lived it.
During the ‘Case of Aced’; when Aced, who acts a lot like Sora in KH1, is angry at Ira being chosen to be the new leader and was constantly in Ira's shadow, much like how Sora was undermined by Riku who was seen as the better of the two and originally chosen first by the keyblade. These corresponding at the same time suggests a connection to KH1, Sora, and Aced. Even their whole discussion over why Aced shouldn't be leader seems to, much like his discussion with Invi over keeping up "otherwise you'll be left behind, all alone" seems to cause an unconscious reaction from the MoM. "I know you want it, but that just isn't enough. Any chump can say, 'You! Here's a huge promotion. Good job!' and make you head honcho, but enthusiasm alone doesn't make a great leader." The way this is worded, especially with "great" and not just "good" suggests he has a basis for it, similar to how Sora saw Riku as being better than him. His following line "Ira needs someone like you to give him a push in the right direction" is spoken with anger or bitterness, as if the MoM understood Aced's annoyance at being considered second and feeling similarly in the past, as if he had to act supportive and push someone who was considered better than him in the 'right direction' before. But, his "you need to support Ira'' line is spoken sternly, acting as though he knows from experience that someone like Ira would need the more emotional support of someone like Aced, who uses his heart to decide things rather than "always just thinking and thinking and thinking behind that Unicorn mask of his" as Ira does. Everything said in this scene definitely parallels Sora and his emotions in the first KH game up until Sora decided that his friends were his power and that he didn’t need the keyblade to be strong, something that the MoM understands and acts sympathetic towards Aced about while trying to push him towards the same idea; "you might not be entirely happy with your role, but just know that it's the most important one." There is also a sense of symbolism in this scene with the MoM using his hand to cover the Kingdom Key when telling Aced that he will be Ira’s right hand man, possibly paralleling back to Sora’s own sense of being overshadowed by Riku.
Other connections these two share include the emphasis of their bond with Dream eaters and the Wreck-It Ralph summon from KH3. Both of these two characters show a stronger connection to Dream Eaters than any other characters, with MoM being the ‘creator’ of the Chirithy dream eaters which hold a deep connection to their owners’ hearts and are affected by their owners’ state given that these dreams eaters, like when Sora fell into darkness, fall into darkness with their masters and become nightmares. And what is Sora’s nightmare in DDD? A figure in a dark coat with purple and pink colours and a dark dream eater symbol on their back, much like the MoM and his black coat and the Chirithy nightmare we see in Backcover and KHUX.

Nightmare Chirithy Forms

Anti Black Coat from DDD

Chirithy Dream Eater
The design of the normal Chirithy is also bizarre given how, unlike every other dream eater, it has very calming, less vibrant colours compared to the likes of Meow Meow and the other dream eaters from DDD. Chirithy is small in stature but absolutely loyal to their master, to the point of falling into darkness with them to try and help them. Their fur is a grey-ish silver, with bright blue eyes, a blue and cream collared cape, as well as holding a pink pouch with what appears to be lux or a wayfinder around its neck. It’s design is made of a plush, toy-like texture and it has no mouth. Seemingly made by the MoM artificially somehow (much like how Sora would create Dream eaters in DDD), he describes them as “like cats or dogs, and they’ll be your loyal pet.” Unlike its original reveal, Backcover immediately tells us that these are not naturally made creatures but are made by the MoM as he shows it to the Foretellers in a scientific beaker and the Dream Eater theme plays, which directly matches how Sora and Riku would make them in DDD. The reason I call this to attention is due to both how much it reminds me of Riku, with its silver fur and loyalty, as well as Kairi with its pink pouch and blue eyes. It would make sense that, in order to make a loyal creature, Sora would combine qualities of his best friends into a single form. We never see anyone else, aside from the TWEWY gang, use Dream eaters aside from Sora and Riku. And what happens at the end of DDD and directly after in 0.2? Sora visits his dream eaters and misses the others going on their missions for KH3 due to the fact that he “likes to say goodbye to all his friends”. Meaning that Sora, unlike Riku who never uses Dream Eaters after DDD, values these creatures as much as his human friends and even uses them as a summon in KH3, meaning even in the real world he still has power over them.
Along with dream eaters acting as a summon, we see several characters from past games that Sora has met who help in battle throughout KH3, from Simba to Ariel to Meow Meow and the other dream eaters. However, there is also another summon who appears, that Sora has not interacted with at all during the series; Wreck-It Ralph. Wreck-It Ralph, by KH3, has not appeared at all in the series and has never met Sora. But, he has eventually appeared in the series since. In KHUX, we learn that the Dandelions are trapped in a data Daybreak Town by what we assume to be the MoM and Ephemer and the player character manage to travel to another world; the world of Sugar Rush from Wreck-It Ralph where they meet Wreck-It Ralph and Vanellope. The fact that Sora is able to call upon Ralph, who has only appeared in the series through the Master of Master’s computer, definitely hints at a connection between these characters and would explain Ralph’s sudden appearance in KH3.
Wreck-It Ralph summon in KH3
Wreck-It Ralph in KHUX
Now, knowing Nomura, there is also a good chunk of symbolism we can look to that hints towards these two being one in the same. In the opening for Kingdom Hearts 3, we are introduced with Sora’s opening quote “they can take your world, they can take your heart, cut you loose from all you know. But, if it’s your fate? Then every step forward, will always be one step closer to home.” Nomura has confirmed that this quote is Sora’s thoughts after the events of KH3 and follows his change of attitude towards destiny much like his speech about destiny. The actual opening begins with an image of Sora, alone, standing in The Final World and looking out towards the breaking light of morning—daybreak. These two scenes come across as very similar, focusing on Sora/MoM gazing out towards the daybreak sky littered with dark clouds (symbolism for the troubling times ahead ?) as they both proclaim a speech about destiny and talk about how what is to come is inevitable but the aftermath and how they handle that or what happens after is what is actually important. Both know of the hardships ahead; “A great war shall transpire. Darkness will prevail and the light expire”/ “they can take your world, take your heart, cut you loose from all you know.”, but decide to look ahead to the future with hope; “we have to focus on what comes after, there’s no point focusing on events that we know are going to happen!”/ “but if it's your fate, then every step forward will always be one step closer to home”.
Comparision of Sora’s opening speech in KH3 and MoM’s speech on Darkness Prevailing and Light Expiring in Backcover
This opening scene quickly skips to night, traditioning to Young Xehanort staring at the night sky before seeing a purple light that represents his pull to darkness, suggesting the passage of time given it focuses on the sky shifting to these times. Having Sora be shown before Xehanort is suggestive enough, acting as though he came before Xehanort, while daybreak connects to the MoM's home of Daybreak Town. In recent time, the importance of the sky and its colour was given significance with the box-art showing it shifting from daytime to twilight to nighttime and finally daybreak with the foretellers looming ahead on the 2.8 box-art. A note to make is that this happens in the KH3 box-art also, with all the skies forming an x-shape with Sora square in the middle - Sora is connected to all of these skies and as a result, holds some connection to all these different times that those skies represent. Sora, and his entry into the series, has always been represented by daytime, so to include him at Daybreak, which may represent the death of night (Xehanort) and the birth of a new day (new saga for the series), it could also represent Sora himself coming far before any other character in the series. The end of the opening features Sora’s friends joining him, but it is now daytime.
Ending image of Sora now in daytime The Final World and then when his friends appear

2.8 Game Box Art

KH3 Box Art
Xehanort moving his pieces to mark the actions of the villains throughout the games as everything leads up to KH3 and him making his way to Sora and surrounding him with his darknesses. When the prophecy comes to pass, he claims victory, only for Eraqus to pull the biggest cheaters' move in the book and the Dandelions save Sora once he reverses time. The Dandelions are led and their keyblades seemingly summoned by Emphemer, who asks Sora if he wants help... but why? Why would these ancient, dead keyblade wielders help Sora who has no connection to them aside from Ven who was easily murdered by Terranort in the previous timeline? Why would Emphemer, who is apparently long dead, appear to Sora and offer him help? And why, when Sora gazed up in surprise at the Keyblades and their Deux-ex Machina rescue, did his eyes have a green tint to them despite the dry, orange landscape around them much like how they changed to a green-blue colour, much like that of No Name, when confronted by the likes of Xigbar and Marluxia? Why have a close-up shot of his eyes especially? This reason also explains why Sora’s eyes don’t react to Larxene, Luxord or Demyx; they were not Dandelions or as connected to MoM as the Lauriam, Ventus and Ephemer.
The symbolism of the chess pieces continues to the end of the opening, when we see Sora still alone against the daybreak sky, holding Xehanort's piece while Young Xehanort a moment before stared at Sora's lone piece. Untouched. But alone. The symbolism of how, in the end, Sora is at the start of time and Xehanort is his pawn? How he was the one in control while Xehanort couldn't touch Sora? Because he had help from the past.
Comparison of Xehanort not being able to touch Sora’s chess piece and Sora having Xehanort in his palm.
Continuing into ReMind, the subject of names becomes very important with the introduction of Yozora. Back in the Final World after his first “death”, Sora met with a nameless star who told Sora of Yozora but we the audience did not hear his name but saw Sora’s reaction of shock. This is very important due to the emphasis put on a name three other times during KH3 and ReMind. After waking up, Ventus meets Sora for the first time face to face and seemingly surprised that Sora is Sora. This is very similar to Yozora and Sora's first meeting in ReMind, where Yozora is surprised and believes that Sora is lying about being Sora. What is most important is the emphasis of Sora's name in a sense that Yozora knows of 'Sora' and believes that Sora is falsely using this name; "Why are you using Sora's name" but also knows about Sora given his task to 'save Sora'; "I went through some trials and was told to 'save Sora'." The phrasing of this scene suggests that Yozora knew Sora, not our Sora but rather another Sora, but not physically given that he immediately thought that Sora was lying about his name. While it is based on the context of Sora looking like Vanitas, I think this goes beyond that simple connection due to the shift of Sora’s eye colour in this scene. If we use Blank Points as an example, which was meant to be considered the canon ending of BBS (however 0.2 does make some question if it was retconned due to Aqua learning Sora’s name earlier in 0.2 while meant to have first learnt it in Blank Points much later) which KH3 tries to establish with Aqua and Ansem the Wise already being together by the time Aqua appears in the game, then Ventus should technically already know Sora’s name. And yet, they make sure to draw focus to it here again, much like how Yozora is also confused by Sora being “Sora”.
comparison between Ventus emphasising Sora’s name and Yozora emphasising Sora’s name.
The framing of Yozora revealing that how he looks like here is not what he actually looks like lingers on Sora for a good moment, suggesting that perhaps those words apply to both of them. While many have theorised that Sora is also the name of Yozora’s girlfriend from Verum Rex, I don’t think this is the case due to how he phrases his question of Sora using his name. If Yozora knew another Sora personally, like as a girlfriend or significant other, then the phrasing of this conversation is wrong and he would have reacted to Sora mentioning “that girl”. This whole exchange is phrased to make us question both Sora’s name and appearance, as if Yozora is talking of another Sora that looks different than our Sora that he was told about… perhaps he was told of a fully grown man and so is confused as to why Sora here is a fifteen year old boy? That would explain the MoM’s comment about “the truth is what you see with your eyes, not what you hear”. We see Sora and Yozora in these forms, this is what these characters appear to us, but to them they appear differently. Yozora doesn’t know Sora as what he sees him as—a confused teenager—in this scene, while Sora perceives Yozora as a fictional, video game character and not a real person. Our reality, what we know as the truth for these characters, is how they appear, not what they are telling us. The emphasis of fate and destiny is brought up once again here, much like Sora’s KH3 opening speech and MoM’s acceptance of the prophecy, with Yozora being convinced that it was fate that brought them together suggests that this “fate” is the planned aftermath that MoM was talking about and that Sora was convinced would lap help him get closer to home.
The emphasis on names being known by characters but not by the audience through Yozora having heard about Sora, Sora having heard about Yozora through the Nameless Star, and Young Xehanort hearing about the MoM’s name that he recognises can’t be a simple coincidence. These scenes are all included to emphasise Sora’s name and others are shocked to hear it, just as Sora was first used to show shock at Yozora’s name in KH3 before these ReMind scenes.
The reason these situations are important is due to one of the first few scenes of ReMind, where we witness Young Xehanort meeting with the MoM in the Keyblade Graveyard sometime after he returned and lost his memories of the future at the end of DDD and before his Mark of Mastery. In this scene, we see the MoM claim that “the truth is what you see with your eyes, not what you hear.” Which carries over as we see Young Xehanort ask for his name and hear it, appearing shocked at whatever the name was, while we the audience don’t hear it. This scene is identical to that of Lea remembering Xion through Kairi but not being able to remember everything, suggesting that this effect symbolises when someone remembers something that should’ve been erased from their memory. The emphasis of Young Xehanort claiming that he recognises the Organisation’s coat and knowing that he will wear it in the future supports this, as he was not meant to remember the events of DDD but clearly does. This means that Young Xehanort recognises the MoM’s name, much like Axel with Xion, but unlike with Axel seeing a hazy vision of Xion instead of Kairi, the MoM only sees the light due to the MoM’s face being blocked by the MoM’s hood. And, due to the forgotten person seeming to need to be important to the person who forgot to trigger those erased memories, we have to assume that whoever’s name the MoM told him must have been important enough to him for it to trigger these memories. Perhaps… the last person he talked to before being dragged back to the past and had his memories erased?
Young Xehanort talking time Sora before having his memory erased compared to him being shocked at MoM’s name.
All of these pieces of evidence that I’ve put here are, to my knowledge, from my own research that I decided to put together into a big theory to get people talking about this theory since I really enjoy this theory and wanted to get some enjoyment from this.
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