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Pants: Weapon Defense +14% Gloves: Health Points +8 Shoes: Health Points +8 Cap: Special Points +8 You can get both item sets, if you have a female and a male character. Airport tycoon 3 patch article. Nba 2k12 crack torrent. Mods, discussions and more by the S4 League Modding Community. Information on Unique Weapons Edit. At the start of the game, give everyone access to all the weapons in the game with their default skin model. Riven build guides for S11 Patch 10.23.

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Fire your weapon to your heart's content! The Delta was voted the 1980 European Car of the Year. S4 League Exclusive Free Gold Items Packs Giveaway. Dear Guardians, On October 30, 2020 at 11: 00 AM CET / 2: 00 AM PDT, the servers will go down for a patch fix server maintenance. Before starting with the guide lets clear some myth. Players can jump off walls, slash their enemies with plasma swords, and fire a hail of bullets at their enemies. Grand Fantasia is a Free to Download and Free to Play Online 3D anime themed MMORPG where players go on journeys with their Sprite companion battling the forces of darkness.


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Shadow Turret: This is a unique weapon variant of the Turret. A revolutionary 3D-Cartoon-Rendering Technologie is the current best. D-Squad was a military squad that served the Galactic Republic during the Clone Wars. Get rid of the weapon upgrade system altogether. Internet manager patch clubic straight from the source. Escan antivirus full version crack you can look here. S4 league weapon hack.

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Typically, the most popular weapons vary from player to player, but with the right attachments, the assault rifle and submachine gun are two classes players will encounter the most. S4 League also prevents buyers remorse by letting you get your hands on each weapon for a few hours to test it out after completing a simple tutorial for that gun. Teamfight Tactics Portal. The game manual includes information on a number of important topics such as, installing the game, controls, and navigation of the user interface. Mika-Yu; Arsenal; Nov 11, 2020; Replies 10 Views 3K. In addition, it holds over 2. Pagina creata appositamente per far ridere e raccontare la vita dei player s4league. It is primarily silver, with the peen (the blunt end of a hammer) black.


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Everybody was heading for the new Net-dome to play the newest most hi-tech game anywhere; S4 League. Due to the violence it contains, it is recommended for 16+ age gamers. It has a magazine size of 7 shots. Kali linux facebook hack without word list. G2a will only post after observing common themes, issues, discussions, etc. As our S4 League Hack is completely free to download, most of the S4 League game players love to use our hack. The Lightning Bomber is a throwing weapon in S4 League.

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Overview of the teams attending The International 2019

Hi everyone, The International is around the corner which means I'm back. Here's an overview of all teams fighting for the grand prize of the Aegis at the 9th International in Shanghai.
Team Secret
One of the most consistent teams in the newly formatted DPC season and finishing on a whopping 14,400 points, Secret are one of the biggest contenders heading into TI9. With one of the best Captain's at the helm through Puppey and managing to recruit new blood through Nisha as well as the respectable Zai, Secret started their season off hot and carried that momentum throughout the entire season. Their team has immense skill and a very deep hero pool allowing for countless strategies and plenty of unorthodox picks.
The player to look out for: Nisha. One of last year's best up-and-coming players who played on Kinguin/LDI alongside other young Polish talent, he was given a bigger spotlight after being picked up as Secret's new Carry Player. A force to be reckoned with, very consistent and very talented.
Season Achievements:
  • 1st at ESL One Birmingham 2019
  • 1st at MDL Disneyland® Paris Major
  • 1st at ESL One Katowice 2019
  • 1st at Chongqing Major
  • 2nd at Kuala Lumpur Major
  • 1st at ESL One Hamburg 2018
  • 1st at PVP Esports Championship
  1. Nisha
  2. MidOne
  3. zai
  4. YapzOr
  5. Puppey (Captain)
  6. Sunbhie (Coach)
One of the few teams who didn't go through any roster changes post-TI8 and proved that it was the right decision. The powerhouse team finished their season in second place with 13,500 points. Housing one of the best support duos out of any team as well as arguably the best top 5 Carry, Mid and Offlaner, you can never count Virtus.pro out.
The player to look out for: RAMZES666. In my opinion, still the best Carry player in the world. Always manages to put VP on his back when the team needs it the most.
Season Achievements:
  • 3rd at Epicenter Major
  • 1st at Adrenaline Cyber League 2019
  • 2nd at DreamLeague Major 11
  • 3rd at MDL Macau 2019
  • 2nd at Chongqing Major
  • 1st at Kuala Lumpur Major
  • 3rd at ESL One Hamburg 2018
  • 1st at Maincast Autumn Brawl
  1. RAMZES666
  2. No[o]ne
  3. 9pasha
  4. RodjER
  5. Solo (Captain)
  6. ArsZeeqq (Coach)
Vici Gaming
After TI8, Vici Gaming made a gamble to keep their talented core-duo of Paparazi and Ori and decided to pick up established players through Yang, Fade and Dy. This proved to be a fantastic move as they managed to dominate the season and finish 3rd on 11,250 points. Under rOtk's guidance, the Chinese powerhouse managed to steal the title of 'Best Chinese Team' from their brothers, PSG.LGD.
The player to look out for: Fade. After making a name for himself on his old team, VGJ.Thunder, Fade is now given the title of Captain as well as position 4. He's proven time and time again to be insanely clutch for his team and always setting up and providing the much needed support.
Season Achievements:
  • 1st at Epicenter Major
  • 1st at Dreamleague Season 11
  • 1st at StarLadder Minor
  • 1st at DPL Season 6
  • 1st at Sanya Dota 2 New-Stars Play 2018
  • 2nd at ESL One Hamburg 2018
  1. Paparazi灬
  2. Ori
  3. Yang
  4. Fade (Captain)
  5. Dy
  6. rOtk (Coach)
Evil Geniuses
Another team who had no changes after placing a respectable 3rd place at last year's International. Proven to still be a strong powerhouse and easily NA's best and most consistent team. Evil Geniuses are known to level up during International season.
The player to look out for: Cr1t. A household name in position 4s and one of EG's most consistent performers.
Season Achievements:
  • 2nd at ESL One Birmingham 2019
  • 3rd at MDL Disneyland® Paris Major
  • 2nd at MDL Macau 2019
  • 3rd at Chongqing Major
  • 3rd at Kuala Lumpur Major
  1. Arteezy
  2. SumaiL
  3. s4
  4. Cr1t-
  5. Fly (Captain)
  6. Bulba (Coach)
Team Liquid
Liquid decided to take a small break after TI8 which proved to do a bit of damage to their performance. After missing out on making it to Kuala Lumpur Major they started to run it back through the season until ultimately replacing Mutambaman with renowned Core player, W33, which rewarded them with some decent results before the season closed.
The player to look out for: w33. Already a very established player with a diverse hero pool and an insane amount of talent. A late addition to the Liquid Roster, many people are very curious to see how a lineup with both Miracle- and w33 will work together.
Season Achievements:
  • 2nd at Epicenter Major
  • 2nd at MDL Disneyland® Paris Major
  • 1st at MDL Macau 2019
  • 1st at MegaFon Winter Clash
  1. Miracle-
  2. w33
  3. MinD_ContRoL
  4. GH
  5. KuroKy (Captain)
  6. rmN- (Coach)
PSG.LGD Gaming
Some mixed results from the team who nearly won TI8 this season. Housing the same roster, PSG.LGD performed below most people's expectations but fear not as they were still able to secure an invite to this year's International. Hopefully the home-ground advantage will be enough to power this team up as they try and take back what was stolen from them last year.
The player to look out for: fy. Arguably the hardest working and most talented player to never hold an Aegis. fy's talent and determination is unmatched and he usually performs extremely well during the International season.
Season Achievements:
  • 3rd at ESL One Birmingham 2019
  • 4th at MDL Disneyland® Paris Major
  • 4th at Chongqing Major
  • 3rd at MegaFon Winter Clash
  1. Ame
  2. Somnus丶M
  3. Chalice
  4. fy (Captain)
  5. xNova
  6. QQQ (Coach)
  7. Yao (Coach)
After TI8 ended, Fnatic decided to keep their best two players as a foundation and build around them. Bringing along Jabz, iceiceice and MP. The team did pretty decently throughout the season managing to steal some points from the other DPC titans. A late roster change saw MP leaving, Jabz moving to position 1 and adding DuBu to the mix.
The player to look out for: DJ. Easily one of the best position 4 players in the world and can do work on any hero. Very exciting to watch and always brings something to the table.
Season Achievements:
  • 2nd at PVP Esports Championship
  • 4th at ESL One Katowice 2019
  • 3rd at DreamLeague Season 11
  1. Jabz
  2. Abed
  3. iceiceice
  4. DJ
  5. DuBu (Captain)
  6. March (Coach)
Ninjas in Pajamas
Ninjas in Pajamas rose from the ashes of ppd's 2018 dream-team. Holding onto his prized recruit of 33, ppd recruited the likes of Saksa, Ace and Fata. With the new roster, NiP was now a decent contender in the EU region and they've proved to have a decent season securing an invitation to TI9.
The player to look out for: 33. Always manages to find some way to carry NiP in their games and does some serious damage on heroes such as Night Stalker. A player with good mechanical skill and understanding of the game.
Season Achievements:
  • 4th at Kuala Lumpur Major
  • 4th at Bucharest Minor
  • 2nd at WePlay! Dota2 Valentine Madness
  • 1st at WePlay! Dota 2 Tug of War: Radiant
  • 1st at OGA Dota PIT Minor 2019
  • 1st at StarLadder Minor
  1. Ace
  2. Fata
  3. 33
  4. Saksa
  5. ppd (Captain)
  6. Pajkatt (Ninjas in Pajamas)
TNC Predator
A new looking team that started out with ninjaboogie at the helm and with Gabbi as their brand new carry player. The team had to field a sub due to there being a cloud of drama surrounding Kuku. Once Kuku returned, the team fielded some decent results and maintained consistency throughout the season. Definitely one of the stronger underdogs at TI9 with most of the players having played together for a long time.
The player to look out for: Kuku. TNC are known for some wacky and weird offlane picks for Kuku and in most cases prove to be successful. Kuku is a very talented player and with their new Coach, Heen, at the helm can be a serious weapon.
Season Achievements:
  • 2nd at Asia Pro League S1
  • 1st at WESG SEA 2018
  • 1st at APPL 2019
  • 1st at WESG 2018
  • 4th at ESL One Mumbai 2019
  • 4th at Epicenter Major
  1. Gabbi
  2. Armel
  3. Kuku
  4. Tims
  5. Eyyou (Captain)
  6. Heen (Coach)
The defending champions OG are back this year with the same roster. After having Ana leave temporarily for a break, OG fielded Pajkatt to decent success and then iLTW after that before ana returned from his break to resume regular business. Their results throughout the season have been spotty however the only results that matter to them is winning another Aegis.
The player to look out for: ana. No one has a higher clutch factor, no one carries as hard as ana. With an immense hero pool, mechanical skill and amazing decision making he's definitely the most feared player.
Season Achievements:
  • 3rd at AMD Dota 2 Pro Series 2018
  • 2nd at WePlay! Dota 2 Winter Madness
  • 3rd at ESL one Katowice 2019
  1. ana
  2. Topson
  3. Ceb
  4. JerAx
  5. N0tail (Captain)
  6. Sockshka (Coach)
Alliance housed the same roster they had during 2018 but this time they were able to secure a spot at this year's International. After being unable to make last year's TI, they tightened up their game and slugged it out through the DPC season.
The player to look out for: miCKe. A very talented carry player which amazing potential who has shown time and time again what the fuss is about.
Season Achievements:
  • 1st at MegaFon Champions League S2
  • 2nd at LOOT.BET Winter Masters
  • 1st at GG.Bet Birmingham Invitational
  • 2nd at StarLadder Minor
  • 5th-6th at Epicenter Major
  1. miCKe
  2. qojqva
  3. Boxi
  4. Taiga
  5. iNSaNiA (Captain)
  6. Loda (Coach)
Keen Gaming
Keen Gaming had a small spotlight on them during 2018 but failed to make it to TI8. This time its different with the team securing the final invitation to the International. Some familiar faces and new ones; dark will be joined by old chicken, eleven, kaka and yi/zhai.
The player to look out for: dark. A fantastic captain as well as a solid drafter. Definitely a player worth watching at the upcoming International.
Season Achievements:
  • 3rd at Bucharest Minor
  • 1st at ESL One Mumbai 2019
  • 1st at Jiabet Asian Masters League
  1. old chicken
  2. yi
  3. eLeVeN
  4. Kaka
  5. dark (Captain)
  6. Fyms (Coach)
Disclaimer: As of 21st July 2019, Forward Gaming no longer exists but the team remains intact and is looking for a sponsor for the International.
Edit: As of 24th July 2019, Ex-Forward Gaming is now playing under Newbee.
The original squad consisted of Reso, YawaR, Uni, MSS and SVG but went through some changes throughout the season ending up with: YawaR, CCnC, Sneyking, MSS and pieliedie. A respectable lineup and definitely a solid team to put up a good fight at TI9.
The player to look out for: MSS. Has been on the constant grind and proves to be a spectacular player with great decision making and pure skill.
Season Achievements:
  • 1st at King's Cup: North America
  • 1st at Qi Invitational America
  1. YawaR
  2. CCnC
  3. Sneyking
  4. MSS
  5. pieliedie (Captain)
  6. Aui_2000 (Coach)
Arguably the household name when it comes to Peruvian Dota; this roster of talent has had decent success throughout the season having a few shots at Major titles. Unfortunately they were unable to secure enough points for an invitation but fought hard for a qualifying spot.
A player to look out for: Scofield. A very strong player with great fundamentals. In my opinion, a very fun player to watch.
Season Achievements:
  • 2nd at Liga Pro Gaming S3
  • 4th at DreamLeague Season 10
  • 1st at Liga Pro Gaming S4
  • 2nd at Liga Pro Gaming S5
  • 2nd at Liga Pro Gaming Summer Madness
  • 3rd at WSOE 6
  • 1st at WePlay! Dota 2 Tug of War: Dire America
  1. K1
  2. Chris Brown
  3. Wisper
  4. Scofield
  5. Stinger
Chaos Esports Club
This team faced a whirlwind of ups and downs as well as roster changes as they're fielding a completely difference roster for TI. Little can be said about this team as the only games they've properly played together publicly have been TI qualifiers.
The player to look out for: MiLAN. After having a fantastic run on his previous team, J.Storm, MiLAN was unfortunately removed to make room for the veteran, Fear. His playstyle and aggression was spectacular to watch and was easily one of their best players.
Season Achievements: N/A - The roster has been too dramatically changed.
  1. vtFaded
  3. KheZu
  4. MiLAN
  5. MISERY (Captain)
  6. j4 (Coach)
Natus Vincere
Natus Vincere ran a very stable roster during 2019's DPC season and while it didn't pay off in the long run, they were able to clutch an invitation through qualifers right at the end. A promising result to extend Na'Vi's relevance in the Dota books.
A player to look out for: Crystallize. Sometimes inconsistent but when he performs, he really performs.
Season Achievements:
  • 2nd at DreamLeague Season 10
  • 2nd at MegaFon Winter Clash
  • 3rd at WePlay! Dota 2 Valentine Madness
  • 3rd at ESL One Mumbai 2019
  1. Crystallize
  2. MagicaL
  3. Blizzy
  4. Zayac
  5. SoNNeikO (Captain)
  6. Mag~ (Coach)
Royal Never Give Up
A brand new organisation for the 2019 DPC season fielded a mixed roster of vets and new-bloods but quickly changed after a short while only keeping one player. They brought on board Money, Setsu, LaNm and ah fu to play the rest of the season.
A player to watch out for: Monet. A crazy carry player known to put his team on his back when it mattered the most.
Season Achievements:
  • 3rd at DreamLeague Season 10
  • 1st at WePlay! Dota 2 Tug of War: Dire Asia
  1. Monet
  2. Setsu
  3. Flyby
  4. LaNm
  5. ah fu
  6. Super (Coach)
A strange roster mixup that barely anyone could have predicted following their lackluster performance at TI8. They failed to score enough points for a direct invitation but managed to battle it out in the SEA qualifiers. A decent lineup to put up a good fight at TI9 in Shanghai.
The player to look out for: Moon. A super talented individual who has a diverse hero pool. His Tinker is definitely a spectacle to watch.
Season Achievements:
  • 1st at Red Bull Guardians
  • 1st at AMD Dota 2 Pro Series 2018
  • 1st at DreamHack Mumbai Invitational 2018
  • 2nd at ESL One Mumbai 2019
  1. Nikobaby
  2. Moon
  3. kpii
  4. Bimbo
  5. ninjaboogie (Captain)
Personal Notes: I'm extremely excited for TI9! However I will add that its unfortunate that Resolution couldn't make it; he's easily one of my favourite TI players to watch.
Adding to this, I will hopefully be doing daily summaries once TI9 commences.
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Let’s take a look back at Death Battle Season 3

S1 and S2 threads.
Total tally from last seasons:
Agreeable: 23, Agreeable, but lacking research: 7, Debatable: 12, Wrong: 12, Joke: 3
Last time I was surprised by the number of agreeable episodes in S2, since that season has infamous episodes. This time we will look at Season 3, which standardized when episodes come out (and made them smaller which is a blessing because even these small blurbs took way too long to check up on lol).
…I still have a bad feeling about this season, but maybe luck will turn out fine here too?
58. Dante vs Bayonetta
DB Verdict: Dante wins, due to beating Bayo in all categories except strength, his arsenal matches Bayo’s, Madama Butterfly isn’t too different from Dante’s foes, Dante can shrug off mortal wounds, Dante is normally faster due to raindrop feat and Quicksilver counters Witch Time.
Analysis: I wonder if I should do count on how many characters get lolregen except Buu. While I’ve heard Dante is upgraded thanks to DMCV, at the time is was not that great of an analysis. Cool animation tho.
Conclusion: Wrong, at best outdated nowadays
59. Bowser vs Ganon
DB Verdict: Ganon wins, due to deadlier magic and superior intellect beating Bowser’s raw strength, Ganon requires holy weapons to be truly killed, while Bowser is technically normally unkillable he did die in NSMBDS as Dry Bowser from falling a long distance, which Ganon can replicate with unlimited pool of magic to curse Bowser’s body to decay like Deku Tree and then finish him off.
Analysis: Imagine being given supernova & black hole durability feats and then dying due to falling a long distance. I might lowball Marioverse, but frankly I’m pretty sure even lowballed Bowser is more than match to Ganon. It is dumb to assume the curse would affect immediately, as Deku Tree didn’t die that fast and then unlimited magic & only holy weapons NLF was given to Ganon. If only Bowser could be avenged by someone… :d
Conclusion: Wrong
60. Ratchet & Clank vs Jak & Daxter
DB Verdict: R&C wins, due to better teamwork, superior defenses overwhelming arsenal, Nanotech is better healer than Green Eco, Shielding weapons stop offensive Eco, Morph Gun while impressive is nothing to R&C’s arsenal in size and power, Dark Jak is limited while R&C’s weaponry isn’t, Clank > Daxter.
Analysis: With the last 2 fights people were getting worried, but we actually got one of the most solid verdicts in the series. (Although I almost think I need to do a rant, I played ACiT and for the love of god I cannot remember the source on Clank actually being immune to time hax [this does not mean J&D win lol, even if this means 1 win condition R&C have like 50+ with all the weapons].)
Conclusion: Agreeable
61. Flash vs Quicksilver
DB Verdict: Flash wins, due to being Flash. (Is much faster, can trap people in Speed Force, muh attosecond, QS’s combat training advantage means jackshit)
Analysis: Has anyone ever unironically thought QS wins in any forum? Can anyone find a link for that?
EDIT: I've been convinced this episode actually could have been way better researched.
Conclusion: What the f*** do you think, but Still lacking in research
62. Joker vs Sweet Tooth
DB Verdict: Joker wins, due to superior tactics and unpredictable weaponry, Joker Venom oneshots, smart enough to trick Batman & Superman, Needles isn’t as bright and Joker as manipulated people like him.
Analysis: A monumental episode, this episode started the use of extended research team. Overtime some of the dumber things get ironed out!.. except maybe not here? Honestly, I’m not sure on this verdict. Sure, in fist fight Joker indeed stomps, but no way does Needles not win if he has a mech like that. Not only would Joker Venom be much less effective on it, in dumb logic, how could Joker even manipulate Needles if he is in the mech? I’d say wrong, but I guess debatable depending on different scenarios.
Conclusion: Debatable
63. Mewtwo vs Shadow
DB Verdict: Mewtwo wins, due to brains beating Shadow’s speed and power, Mewtwo can mind read and get knowledge on Shadow’s skills, has good enough durability and healing to have time to counter Shadow, Shadow himself has been mind controlled before and needed outside help to get free, Super Shadow isn’t immune to mind protection.
Analysis: Hmm kind of wrong? Mewtwo beats base Shadow for sure, but frankly Super Shadow, even if at Planet level should be more than enough. Lighspeed at minimum is too fast for Mewtwo.
Conclusion: Wrong
64. Meta vs Carolina
DB Verdict: Carolina wins, due to mastery of martial arts and equipment matching and beating Meta’s strength, Healing Unit repairs Temporal Distortion damage, Meta drains too much energy, while Carolina’s Epsilon can change tactics, also Freelancer & AI in comparison makes it clear Freelancer had superior teamwork over 8 AI manipulating Meta.
Analysis: Still haven’t bothered with Red vs Blue, but uhh seemingly I’ve seen many say that this is wrong? It’s awkward since this isn’t talked much. So uhh, if anyone can help me here…
Conclusion: Wrong?
65. Cammy vs Sonya
DB Verdict: Sonya wins, due to superior strength, arsenal, tactics & experience beating speed and agility, Sonya’s foes are more impressive.
Analysis: There has been debate on this one, SF didn’t get as much while MK did. It might lean towards wrong, but at least it’s debatable.
Conclusion: Debatable
66. Tracer vs Scout
DB Verdict: Tracer wins, due to unique arsenal & evasiveness beating Scout’s speed, Scout’s rocket feat isn’t that impressive, Tracer is actually fast enough to react to Scout’s weapons and her Recall ruins surprise attacks.
Analysis: This is infamous for bit different reasons. This animation had a really bad outlook on Scout, making him appear very slow. It soured a lot of people. Even verdict doesn’t seem to be that clear.
Conclusion: Debatable?
67. Ken vs Terry
DB Verdict: Terry wins, due to sheer power, Terry’s foes are stronger in general than Ken’s, Terry is also faster.
Analysis: Seems fine? Trivia, this episode had to be re-released again, and since this isn’t one of the most hyped fights, I believe this episode has one of the least views of all DBs, if not by far least views. Bummer.
Conclusion: Agreeable
68. Amy Rose vs Ramona Flowers
DB Verdict: Amy wins, due to beating Ramona in all but smarts and being more level headed, Amy matches some of Sonic’s speed, even if not the best speeds that is still too much for Ramona, Amy’s strength is better as well as durability, Amy could escape the subspace since Gideon could by destroying the bag.
Analysis: Fairly reasonable. Even if Ramona is more liked character, using video game meteors or attempting to scale to Todd’s Moon feat are way too dubious.
Conclusion: Agreeable
69. Hulk vs Doomsday
DB Verdict: Doomsday wins, due to matching Hulk in many ways, Hulk might be stronger via unlimited raw strength but Doomsday has fought Superman & Doomsday and won meaning Planet busters are something he can handle, while he has better speed due to fighting Justice League while Hulk’s only closest match is Sentry, however a key detail is that while even if Hulk’s strength is unlimited his healing factor is not, he is technically human so eventually it is possible to overtax Hulk’s healing factor, like when Zeus did, Doomsday has shown to be immune to being killed by same way before when he fought much more powerful Superman, so all in all Doomsday being immune to being ripped, impaled, incinerated, blasted with energy being beating by blunt force from focused and multiple sources mean Hulk doesn’t have many options to take down Doomsday before his healing factor is done.
Analysis: Oh boy. Tbh, this is mostly ok, however there has been few wrong things here. This episode did do a mistake, it showed a scene of Hulk not being in World Breaker while claiming he was. The logic behind Hulk being overtaxed isn’t entirely wrong but DB’s own words aren’t as clear. Recently, Hulk has been gaining crazy feats via Immortal Hulk, but I’m not sure if that kind of power will stick and will be the standard for hulk.
Conclusion: Agreeable, but lacking in research, at worst outdated
70. Zoro vs Erza
DB Verdict: Zoro wins, due to being faster, despite Erza’s many armors, Zoro can dish out more than Erza can survive, Erza prefers Clear Heart which isn’t ideal for this match, Zoro even had more experience.
Analysis: Seems fine. I’ve heard Erza might have gotten upgrades that make her win, but I’m not too sure.
Conclusion: Agreeable, at worst outdated
71. Deadpool vs Pinkie Pie
DB Verdict: They break the 4th wall so they break out of the fight, because does everything really need to end on death?
Analysis: So, I don’t really read DP comics, so I ask: If magic Pony asked DP to join a party, would DP accept? Legit curious since DP’s portrayal has been very different between writers.
Conclusion: Joke
In the end:
Agreeable: 4
Agreeable, but lacking research: 2
Debatable: 3
Wrong: 4
Joke: 1
Oh dear, percentage wise there were a lot of bad ones here. 6/14 were only solid ones? While this was DB’s transitional period, it affected many things. Old animators changed and eventually the extended research team grow more. I think next seasons will be better.
Tho not immune to bad stuff. Certainly not.
S4, S5, S6 and S7-1 threads.
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