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This collection contains games made using the awesome game making tool Construct 2 from Scirra, as well as it's predecessor Construct Classic. Blizzard is rolling out the latest update for Diablo III: Eternal Collection. See actions taken by the people who manage and post content. They were exterminated by the Sky People at the conclusion of their conflict. Cassidy Freeman is an American actress who portrays Tess Mercer on The CW's Smallville. Quick List Click the episode number to see more info. The patch adds support for Season 17, which kicks off on May 17. It also features legendary item updates, new Torment levels, a slew of quality of life changes, and a nightmarish Seasonal buff.


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Kit didn't know if he wanted to keep acting by the end of GoT

So the interview is fairly extensive and focused on what he is doing now while also reflecting about GoT. Seems like the break has been really good for him and his time away from the show was needed. It would have been a shame if he stopped acting.
Kit Harington: 'I feel that emotionally men have a problem - and it stems from the Second World War'
Game of Thrones' Jon Snow opens up to Gavanndra Hodge
There was a time, not so long ago, when Kit Harington, the brooding, battle-weary hero of the global television phenomenon Game of Thrones, considered giving up acting. He had spent eight gruelling seasons and nearly all his 20s playing Jon Snow, who, in the final episode of the show, has to kill Daenerys Targaryen, the woman he loves, because she has become an unhinged tyrant who thinks it's OK to incinerate thousands of innocents with her massive dragons.
Harington wept at this scene during one of the cast read-throughs. "I cried a lot in the last season, just out of sheer fatigue," he says. "But I was feeling pretty emotional that day. I think it was more to do with Emilia [Clarke, the actor who played Daenerys], more about the people around me and the story coming to an end."
We are speaking in a photographic studio in Hoxton, the roast chicken that Harington's assistant has fetched for his lunch cooling on the coffee table between us ("I can't eat and talk"). He looks box-fresh, just like the black T-shirt, grey jeans rolled up to mid-calf and grey plimsolls he's wearing; his shaggy beard is trimmed, his shoulder-length warrior ringlets shorn away.
It's a little strange to meet someone and be surprised that they look like they've recently showered, but we're more used to seeing Harington smeared with the roiling mud and blood of Westeros, so this general vibe of buffed well-being feels new, as does the laid-back grace with which he approaches being interviewed (in past encounters he has seemed rather tense and reserved - channelling Jon Snow a little too hard, perhaps).
It turns out that Harington, 33, has had a good lockdown. He and his wife, the actor Rose Leslie, who, as the wildling Ygritte, claimed Harington's on-screen virginity in a thermal spring in season three of Game of Thrones, decamped from their north London home to their 15th-century house in Suffolk in March.
"I did not set myself the task of writing the next big novel or learning an instrument, and failing," he says. "I gave myself a break from the get-go. I took the opportunity to reflect, to sit with myself, and for the most part that was what I achieved."
There was lots of gardening, he says, reading and exercise. Sometimes he and Leslie would get dressed up in their fancy red-carpet gear for dinner, just to add variety to existence, and she was the one who cut his hair.
They even found themselves performing impromptu comedy skits for each other. "We would be walking around the house playing scenes and doing accents. Two actors locked up together will end up performing for no one."
He wasn't able to act during lockdown, but he was able to process the 'intensity' of the past few years, during which seasons of Game of Thrones were interspersed with parts in films such as Pompeii, Spooks and Testament of Youth, and theatre roles including Doctor Faustus, his fame ratcheting ever upwards from drama school newbie to global six-pack pin-up.
"It has been interesting - going through lockdown, getting over this TV show, where by the end of it I didn't know if I wanted to be an actor any more, coming out the other side, living with another actor. I realised that I actually miss my craft, I miss what I do. It's a nice revelation."
Harington was brought up in Acton in west London until he was 11, when his family moved to Worcestershire. His father, David, was a businessman; and his mother, Deborah, was a playwright, a teacher of creative writing and now an artist.
"I idolised my mum," he says. "I followed her around the house. It was because of her that I wanted to be an actor. She used to take us to the theatre at least twice a week." But Deborah Harington didn't only teach her sons (Harington has an older brother, Jack, who lives in Dubai) about the transformative magic of the stage; she also introduced them to gender politics.
"I asked for a Mighty Max and she bought me a Polly Pocket. I asked for an Action Man and I got a doll - it was very gender fluid from the word go. And I went with it," says Harington. To this day masculinity and 'inherited male trauma' are the themes that he is most interested in exploring with his work.
"I feel that emotionally men have a problem, a blockage, and that blockage has come from the Second World War, passed down from grandfather to father to son. We do not speak about how we feel because it shows weakness, because it is not masculine. Having portrayed a man who was silent, who was heroic, I feel going forward that is a role I don't want to play any more. It is not a masculine role that the world needs to see much more of."
He is, of course, talking about Jon Snow, the role he won soon after graduating from the Central School of Speech and Drama, where he was mostly cast as 'a pre-pubescent boy' and had to grow a beard before audiences would accept him as a man. Snow fitted the Jungian archetype of the hero - loyal, steadfast and honest, a man who fights for the underdog - and as such he became the moral core of a show where for the most part immorality reigned.
Harington admits that he is "not all those things", despite what fans may imagine, but he did bring something of himself to the part, "a certain self-reflective, introverted broodiness".
'Thrones', as Harington calls it, was a vast ensemble piece, and despite the unsettling regularity with which well-loved members of the cast were bloodily culled, deep bonds were formed. "The first season was wonderful, the freedom of it, everyone just had a great old time, because no one knew what the hell we were doing. In the second season we suddenly knew that whatever we were doing worked, we knew that we were on to something good."
But it was the third season, he has said, that was his favourite, filming in Iceland and working closely with Leslie. "She has this energy on camera, she really gives everything of herself," he says. "I mean, look, I fancied the hell out of her and I was falling in love with her, so she could have been the worst actor in the world and I wouldn't have seen it... But obviously she is a brilliant actor and very easy to work with."
He describes the end of Thrones as a kind of grief, or like the end of a relationship. "You know that elated feeling you get when you are walking down the street and you realise that you haven't thought about your ex-girlfriend in a while, and you go, I think I am getting over them. I am at that place now and I am really happy."
He does not even have any Thrones memorabilia at his home in Suffolk, no filched bearskin rugs or pewter goblets. "F-k no, I don't want to look round my home and see Thrones. The place is medieval enough." He does have some paintings that fit with the thatch and the timbers, but these are real relatives rather than fictional ones.
"I've got a portrait of a Lady Harington from 1603," he says. There are distinguished relatives on both branches of the family tree, Elizabethan nobles on his father's side, and the Catesbys on his mother's. Harington played his ancestor Robert Catesby, the recusant Catholic ringleader of the Gunpowder Plot in the 2017 BBC miniseries Gunpowder, created by his own production company.
"I don't place a huge amount of importance on family lineage, but it is quite cool to look back and discover stories about these people." He is disappointed that lockdown meant he was unable to make a planned episode of My Grandparents' War, the Channel 4 documentary series in which celebrities learn more about their relatives' wartime heroics, although it is hoped that this will be picked up again.
Projects that Harington did manage to complete include guest-starring in an episode of the David Tennant-led police drama Criminal for Netflix, and playing a character called Dane Whitman in the new Marvel film, The Eternals.
According to my investigations, Whitman is a descendant of an Arthurian knight called Sir Percy of Scandia. He rides a horse called Aragorn and wields a blade called Black Ebony. Sadly Harington can neither confirm nor deny any of this intel. He can't even tell me if he gets to wear a cool superhero outfit. "I've lost count of how many NDAs I've had to sign," he says.
He can tell me about his other cool outfits, though, many of which are by his favoured label, Saint Laurent: "I love the clothes they make. They are a natural fit for me, not loud in any way, very classic, fitted and sleek."
Sleekness is maintained by a regime of running, yoga and workouts. "I need to keep fit, I've got an overactive brain, I need to do something in the morning to get the endorphins going." He has tried meditating, but says he is not very good at it. "I am not a very relaxed person, in honesty, I am a bit ADD, I can't sit still anywhere for very long. I move from place to place. My relaxation is movement."
Another way he clears his brain is by writing poetry: "Bad poetry - it's more like getting things out of my head." These strategies are working, though, and he says that he feels "a lot more centred now, and that is a really satisfying feeling... it has taken years of work, but we all do that, it is a process of growing."
The work continues. He says he recently returned from a week in Wales: "I went to this cabin on my own, just to get out, to be in a different place. I had no signal or Wi-Fi or anything, it was just me and the sheep." While he was there, he read The Dispossessed, the science fiction masterpiece by one of his favourite authors Ursula Le Guin. "There is a brilliant passage about suffering, near the beginning: I have a photo of it on my phone."
Harington spent much of the final season of Game of Thrones in tears, but he seems to be in a far better place now. I ask him when he last cried. "I cried last night. I was chatting to a friend and we were talking about the idea of things not staying still, of not being able to stop time. You know, when you are like, 'This moment is perfect, why are we still moving on?'"
Edit: Here are the pictures from the article because we all deserve to see the pretty as well https://twitter.com/BestofKitH/status/1307568852977369088
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I'm going to be making this post and then updating it to accord peoples predictions, and update the betting pool if people want to add to it. Feel free to do both!
The Rules: 1. The winner takes the whole pot unless otherwise agreed upon 2. The more accurate bet wins over the less accurate one 3. No repeats of the exact same bet 4. I'll be checking the comment timestamps to determine who has dibs to a certain prediction in case it's repeated 5. No more than one bet per person 6. Bet must be about the outcome of the series, that being either a death or how he survives/how it ends More rules can be added later if it is needed
The Pool: - A copy of Hades or Pyre from me (depending on which one the person doesn't have/want) - b00gizm is throwing in a Steam code for Vampyr - singingship is joining in with an embroidery piece, shipping included! - Tyolus will be joining in with a Humble Bundle of the winner's choice (highest tier) - Grandpa_Edd is adding an old humble bundle key for Psychonauts to the pool (keys are old and may not work, but probably will) - MarkMkI will be chipping in with a steam key for Factorio for the lucky winner - Fleudian "I am willing to throw in any game on Steam of the winner's choice, up to a maximum value of 50 USD." - echasketch2010 will grace the winner with a Obsidian/InXile cRPG of choice, e.g. Pillars of Eternity, Wasteland! - WubWubMiller is throwing in a key for Dragon Age: Origins! - FedoraFinder is joining in with a $20 Steam game of choice! - Flashpoint_Rowsdower is chipping in with a Steam key for Sonic Generations! - Lungomono is adding a steam key for Satisfactory! - jakulfrostie is also adding another Steam game up to $50 to the pool!
The Bets: siempreviper (OP): I think he'll die to a mininuke from the raider at Lexington
TypicallyThomas: He'll succeed with around 45% health left. He goes for a brotherhood run. Doesn't lose health to rads in the glowing sea, rather opting to use his lost health as a buffer to absorb the radiation
Chipperz1: Based on past performances, I reckon he'll make it to the end on less than 5% health, at least one crippled limb (probably leg) and basically looking like John McClane at the end of Die Hard. I DO think he'll survive, but only just.
timfromsluh: I want to see him succeed so badly. But I think he dies to a rad scorpion popping up out of nowhere in the Glowing Sea and his -1 perception making him miss it come up behind him and stab him to death.
b00gizm: I’ll go for the low hanging fruit: He’ll die in the Glowing Sea by a random Deathclaw spawn. The Glowing Sea is a) mandatory, and b) I simply believe you cannot have a real strategy here due to all the random spawns and constant inflow of RADs. And when things get hectic, Jon gets sloppy.
AlexLong1000: Other people have taken my actual predictions, so I'll say he'll die to an Assaultron
Daendrillix: I think he’ll die in the first few episodes to a physics object (but he’s already said he’ll continue if that happens) but then he’ll make it to nuka world, the gauntlet will take a lot of his remaining health then he’ll get killed by a random spawn of a raider or super mutant in nukaworld (something with range that isn’t always there or something he just misses with his famous perception)
logantauranga: Won't die on the first run; will instead stop it early (or effectively suicide) when he cripples a limb and it makes the game too annoying to play/watch.
singingship: The jet tells me ... I think it will be at least seven episodes in. I think he'll be tired and in the Boston ruins. It'll be an enemy positioned up high that will be unseen and explode a car he's walking past. //Mamamurphyvoice
Tyolus: Molotov to the face from a Raider he missed while exploring.
DaglessMc: i bet he dies in the nukaworld arena fight against the old raider boss
ThrowAwayehay: He'll die from the Children of Atom in the glowing sea.
LurzKesh1138: Fall damage from falling off of one of the overpasses
YaBoiCommandair: my bet is him dying to a mechanist robot patrol from Automotron, they're really chunky for level 15
meepein: He'll get through it all with less than 10% health, with the last fight being a nail biter.
Jaleou: My guess is a Super Mutant during Trinity Tower.
TheRealBlackfur: I think a vertibird will end it by crashing into him about 30 episodes in.
Hanidalon: A legendary will spawn with a rad weapon and the unexpected hit of rads ends it.
Grandpa_Edd: The "Minerat" A Molerat with mines strapped to it.
Knightfall2: He'll make it through the game. He'll end up with the minutemen but stay friendly with BOS and institute until the last few episodes. glowing sea will not be an issue.
WheeKnight: He will make it through base game, automatron and then do nuka world. He will finish with far harbor but with enough rads to almost be a shambling ghoul walking back into the commonwealth
MarkMkI: I think he'll do an institute run AND survive to the end of all the dlc with between 10 & 15 health points.
audreysjackets: I haven't played Fallout 4 since launch (just didn't like it) so I'm trying to come up with something: I say he will die to a raider, probably one with a minigun. Maybe to Ack-Ack, since that's the only death I remember from my run.
flyfart3: I think he'll die to a super mutant suicider. I'm guessing 20+episodes in
Zahfier: Kiddie Kingdom’s rad exposure kills him.
pchlster: Ghoul gets the kill.
Kua_Rock: I bet he dies from a Rust Devil patrol, they fucking HURT
libertine1: He will finish the base game plus all DLCs with about 16% HP left.
Aalmus: He'll die in Far Harbour, killed by one of the island's larger enemies like the fig crawler or hermit crab
Blindpugh: He'll die from the splash/area damage from one of his own throwables. God knows I have enough times.
Killerwhale303: he will get killed by a glowing sea bug (stingwing bloat fly etc) itll probably sneak up on him and land some nasty poison or something, plus we know Jon's incredible aim when panicked
Icebrick1: Dies due to an explosive weapon wielded by a Gunner in a boat/by water.
Kcholcher: I’m thinking he’s gonna get unlucky At Cambridge police station when he helps out Paladin Danse. I think he is going to get rushed by multiple ghouls and they end up taking him out. (Sincerely hope I’m wrong and he completed the game. Good luck Jon!)
posborne2: Due to aqua boy he will rush farharbor because with no rads in water it’s easier to complete the story. However I think he will be at such low health when he gets to the Crucible in Nuka world that the crucible will be his end
PB_Enthusiast: He'll die while invading the institute after siding with the minutemen, as its the one where the only faction you have to eliminate is the institute
Fleudian: I bet that he will make it to the end successfully, with fewer than 20% of his HP remaining, having lost a big chunk to a radscorpion ambush as well as another big chunk to a double exploding legendary robot.
Daddldiddl: Killed by a shot from a rad gun.
TigerXtrm: Since rads are extremely dangerous compared to 3 and NV, I'm betting that he'll die of rads, is unable to continue without dying of rads, or dies in the specific process of working around the rads (taking an alternate path or trying to find a specific piece of gear), before meeting Vigil.
Moeparker: My bet is Rust Devils. Once Ada wins that fight they seem to replace over 50% of the random spawns on the map, and they are so fast and so dangerous. The robots will run him down, and end his human life.
HighwayCraze: He dies to his own molotov splash damage during a panic
ScFirestorm: [M]y bet is he dies to splash damage due to either minutemen artillery or the Yangtze's missile.
Jyd98: I think he'll die during a settlement attack. I just have a hunch.
davery67: He'll die after forgets that legendary robots explode and legendary sentry bots explode twice.
vlt111: He will die to a random molotov thrown by a Raider in the first half of the game while screaming "Flip!".
M0sesMan: I think that he will die to rads in the fog when he eventually goes on land in far harbor.
BobbyClanMember: I’m betting he will die ultimately by rads, most likely in Nyla World
Mr-Pugtastic:I think he will die while retaking The Castle from the Mirelurk Queen’s acid/poison attack
AwesomeMatrix: He'll die to the nuke by waiting in Sanctuary at the start for the memes, and then continue as if nothing happened. He'll probably go Railroad as that allows him to craft Ballistic Weave. He'll survive with exactly 69 health left and his playstyle will probably be high perception high luck VATS Sniper.
KC_Wandering_Fool: I think he dies to a mine, specifically during Tradecraft as he goes for ballistic weave with the Railroad.
joej33: I think he’ll make it to Far Harbour and die to a random encounter with a fog crawler
Forow: I think Jon will die close to the end due to the radiation taking its toll over time. A death by a thousand papercuts.
TheWizardsVengeance: Jon knows this game like the back of his hand. I bet he finishes everything with 28% health remaining.
CKL777: Super mutant suicider. I think he'll nail the bomb/arm in VATS but will be too close to the explosion and that'll get him!
anadvancedrobot: He'll lose (sic) track of ammo fighting Super mutants and get blown up by a suicider.
ianwk40: I bet he will die to an explosion from a BoS patrol, either a car or the vertibird itself, after completing main story. Sorry Jon.
mjcevans: My bet is that he dies by bumping into a car, a very avoidable glitch that has caught me out many times
ElipsedEclipse: Jon will die specifically at the weston water treatment plant to one of the mutant hounds at that plant while trying to shoot the suicider.
togro20: Dies to the deathclaw on second meet (coming back and forgetting about it)
MacDerfus: He will complete it with roughly half health and less than half rads. Yeah, I'm betting hard on him.
SuperFreakonomics: I think he'll do a minuteman ending and succeed with about 10% hit points, a crippled limb and some form of chem addiction.
WubWubMiller: I’ve got a Dragon Age Origins key that says Jon dies in episode 15 to an explosion.
HijabiKathy: I don't think he'll go with the Institute or Railroad, but if he does, I'm going to go with he'll die somewhere in the web of boats around Libertalia, or on the Libertalia itself
AlaskanNinja: I think the super mutants inside Fort Strong will kill him during the Show No Mercy quest, a mutant hound will distract him and a super mutant will get the final shot on him.
Ophelia_Grey: I think if he makes it to Nuka World he will be stuck at the gas chamber during the gauntlet, won’t have enough health to rush through.
FedoraFinder: You know what? I'm going with the Triggermen, I bet he gets got out of nowhere by a bunch of those bastards in the subway. I dearly, dearly hope not, but hey.
ambreyan: My bet is the sentry bot/assaultrons in Mass Fusion while getting the beryllium agitator, avoidable but only with high hacking which he prob won’t take
FlashbackTherapy: The assaultron that spawns when you unlock DiMA's memories in Far Harbour, is my guess. Remembering the troubles that gave both Bacon and Grills Bears, as well as my theory that he'll do Far Harbour pretty early and thus potentially be under-leveled.
Flashpoint_Rowsdower: I think he'll die when he forgets a turret exists and it shots him dead.
deadeyediqq: I'm calling death by unexpected missile launcher spawn. Extra points if it's a super mutant in the fort strong basement when he's doing the brotherhood quest line early for power armour and safe transport.
DaRealAmana: I'll make the bet he dies in far harbor after beating the base game with about 20% health left.
SwarleyStinson-: Because it's Jon I reckon he'll manage to do it somehow but he'll end up with about 30 HP left.
Gerbilpapa: Nukaworld sandworm thingies !
MrWaterplant: Jon's gonna get over half his health bar covered in rads and beat the game with the minuteman ending after hiding in a corner and letting the settlement defenses deal with the brotherhood counterattack.
waterkitty-: Less than 50 health, screaming and crying, but less than 400rads. Takes down the institute with the BOS, evacuates the survivors (bonus points if he says "on this day, nobody dies" or something to that effect). Took one really heavy hit in Nuka World or automatron that made him panic for the rest of the run screaming at the drop of a hat. Spares Danse cuz hes a softie at heart. Has at least 1 chem addiction. Also just for good effect, his first legendary is a melee weapon and hes really annoyed about it, just for my own amusement.
Captainoob72: Super Mutant Behemoth?
talk_vedalken: Uhh, he somehow triggers Swan and gets yeeted out of Boston
Coldguy03: Personally very worried it will be a random molotov from a raider inside a Boston building insta killing him
Nozomin: I'll make an unusual bet: The forged will either get him or at least take a chunk out of his life.
twistedwolfheadCSGO: I genuinely believe the ending will be somewhat similar to that of New Vegas assuming he does dlc, will probably end up doing a minutemen ending for the base game based on how much he’s talked about settlements during episode 1, probably above 70% depending on how much planning he’s done. Far harbor will probably be where he loses most of his hp, probably going below 30% or so by the end of it, and he will leave Nuka world with about 8% or less hp.
timo103: A rust devil spawn (possibly with scrapbots) kills him.
echasketch2010: It'll be during Dry Rock Gulch due to a bloodworm or a cave cricket.
Lungomono: I am going with that he will die from poison damage from a radscorpion ambush. (specified in their comment)
Ringlord7: I think he will die during the battle with the mirelurk queen while retaking the Castle because of the mirelurk hatchlings rushing him while he's busy with the queen.
ThrowaHeyNow: Jon dies by being shot by someone
Genesis13: I guess Im taking Gunners as his cause of death since no has claimed them.
GamesterPowered: An irradiated attack or weapon from an enemy
manchild-perso: He’s going to die in the Gauntlet in Nuka-World. If I had to guess how exactly, he panics and forgets a trap or something behind him. It’s been a while since I played Nuka-World so I can’t remember everything in there
ItsRainbowz: I'm saying he dies to an automatron spawn. Since a few people have said that, I'll go specifically death by tankbot.
svrdm: Death by the raiders of the Corvega assembly plant. Specifically in the room with Jared.
Azikt: The pair of Nukatrons at the bottom of the disabled escalator.
Charlesthepimpfalcon: Ambush somewhere in Boston city centre. A few good hits from raiders/super mutants. The verticality of that part of the map means he could easily be attacked from multiple angles at once and picked apart.
Klisurovi4: My bet is he'll try to throw a molotov around a corner and it will clip the wall. It almost happened at the diner in the first episode.
RoboPup: You can make a super vague bet that gets lowest priority right? If so I'll say the he gets killed by a creature.
jakulfrostie: I'll throw in any steam game up to $50 that says he survives until he has to fight the courser, and then thats when he dies.
RikitheNopon: I think Jon is going to die while attempting to lower Rust Devil spawns by tackling Headhunting as soon as its available. Lots of tight corridors with brutally tanky robots, it will be a tough fight. But I truly hope Jon can complete it.
loganhutchinson5: He’s going to die of boredom doing quests for Preston, or for bettings sake a mirelurk will kill him.
GoneRampant1: My bet is: Victory on a Minuteman run, with the special caveat of having under half health.
Franksta1403: He'll die after fast travelling from the glowing sea, so taking rad damage, fast travelling into a random event that kills him, ghouls or rad scorpions or such
Agent89Panthers89: He dies by a super mutant attack(not the suicider but the subsequent shots) right around the corner from hangman's alley (we all know the spot) after getting off a BOS vertibird... god I hope im wrong
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