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The Evolution of Unique Turn-based Battle Systems Guide! [Updated and Reposted for archival purposes]

I do apologize in advance for not being as detailed as much as possible, most of these combat systems are actually more complex than I describe them to be, but sadly I lack the time to explain them fully, I hope you understand, and all I aim to have with this post is to drum up some great discussions regarding JRPG battle systems, and for archival reasons, mostly the turn-based ones but anything is welcome:

Xenogears - Combo System

We start with one of the very basic, yet oddly very satisfying battling systems. Basically when your turn is up, you get to choose one of 4 inputs (as shown in the video), and each input takes a different amount of AP to preform, and if you do a certain sequence of inputs you will be rewarded with an "Deathblow", essentially a special move that does a lot more damage.
Later on the game you can actually save up AP for a couple of turns by not attack, so you can unleash a combo of deathblows, which really is only useful on few bosses, otherwise just rocking your normal combos is good enough, though I did find that trying different combinations of combos to help increase the exp bar to learn the next moves more enjoyable than I thought it would be.

Legend of Legaia - Arts Combo System

You can say it's the natural evolution of the Xenogears system, where now you can actually combo more than one "deathblow", aka Arts in this game in the same attack string, and not only that, but there is more depth added to the system, now flying enemies can't be hit with attacks that aim low, and vice versa for short enemies, not to mention that a block mechanic is also introduced, and finally depending on what type of weapon you have on your hand, the amount of AP that weapon input consumes changes.
Add to that the different arts that can unlocked, like Normal Arts, Hyper Arts, Super Arts, Miracle Arts and later on in the sequel (Legaia 2: Duel Saga) you even get Variable Arts which has two characters joining to perform a dual art together.

Valkyrie Profile - Juggling System

While still retaining the basic idea of being turn-based, adds it's own unique spin to this old formula by having each of the 4 party members be assigned to one of the 4 controller buttons, you can press each of them to up to three times to have each character do different types of attacks, and depending on which character your using, the attacks will differ and each have their own juggling techs and combo potential, and if that wasn't enough you can actually change the order of each of the 3 attacks each character gets to use adding even more combos.
To put it simply, it's the one of best combat system on the PS1 systems, spending hours changing weapons and attacks orders and characters/character formations just to finally master that Great Combo is just so satisfying and real hard to get enough of.
Valkyrie Profile 2 on the PS2 did try to change things a bit by having the game in full 3D, it added so much variables to what I thought already was "if it ain't broke don't fix it" kind of battle system, yet somehow they really did up the fun factor here.
Now not only are you not just limited to 3 attacks for each character, but since you are limited by the AP bar, you can make as many attacks as you want, as long as you still have enough AP left.
Making you think carefully before you even take one step or hit one enemy because now instead of just staying in one side and focusing in killing your enemy, you have to move and dash around the battle field, which also sucks your AP bar as you move, but still the amount of ass kicking you dish out is still very satsifying
Exist Archive which is basically the spiritual successor to VP, does attempt to spice up things by having your characters basically able to eventually use any weapon and magic and use all combos, of course we are talking end game here, but you get the idea, and even though you can now do waaaaay longer combos since your action bar allows for more actions now, having a very limited amount of characters, unlike previous games in the series, and only giving them the power to choose from the same pool of weapons, you can end up with having the same attacks and combos for a long time.

Legend of Dragoon - Timed Pressing aka Additions System

It's a basic system, but with the added twist of having quick-time event like button prompts, not unlike a rhythm game button prompt, and your goal is to get all the button press timed well, in which you are rewarded with not only extra hits but the full combo of the chosen move you are executing, these special attacks each have different lengths and timing, which are known as "Additions".
You start the game with having access to only basic "Additions", but as the game goes on and the more successful attacks you make the more and longer "Additions" you unlock later on. Of course it doesn't end there, because right away you are introduced to another factor that can interrupt your button presses which is when an enemy goes for a counter hit in the middle of your combo prompts, which will immediately give you a timed prompt to press the "O" button to avoid the counter attack, which if you miss, will interrupt your addition and you will also receive damage.

Shadow Hearts - Ring System

In this game each action will have you use a ring with a spinning needle, and in order to make a successful attack, you have to press the button at the highlighted areas of the ring exactly timed with when the needle passes through each section of the ring, not only do you have to hit the right areas but also avoid hitting the empty ones, it's an simple to understand but hard to master type of system.
Later on more button prompts and additional rules are added to the ring system to keep it fresh through the whole game, but it would too long to explain it all of it here.

Radiant Historia - Manipulation System

In this game the battlefield is divided into 3x3 grid, and each of the nine squares can have one enemy in it, this is important to know, because where each character uses different attack skills that can manipulate the enemies position within the 3x3 grid, so you have skills that pull enemies to the front, while others would shove them to the side or the back and so on.
The fun comes from having you the player queuing up different attacks for all the characters, so that when you unleash all of the attacks at once, each character in the queue, would move the enemies so you can gather as many of them in the same square, making it possible for the next character's attack to hit as many of them as possible with the same attack. Another system that will have you turning your brain gears for a minute or two before making any moves.

Grandia - IP Bar System

The IP bar or aka the Initiative Bar, is basically a bar that represents a timeline, and the position of each character in it shows you how long each character will take to perform the action you chose.
What makes this different from any other battle system, is that you can manipulate this bar for both your characters and enemies, for example whenever you use an attack/critical attack on an enemy, it will send them back a little bit on the IP bar, therefore delaying their actions, and better yet, if you managed to time it so that you inflict a critical attack while they are in the middle of starting their attack, you'll not only cancel the attack and send them to the start of the bar, but you'll also stun them for a little while, the system got a little bit more deeper with each new game in the series, but that's the basic idea behind it.

Ar Tonelico - Phase System

This one is really hard to explain and it would take too long, because not only is it unique but it also uses many JRPG jargon in it. The basic idea is that you get two phases, an attack phase and a defense phase.
In the attack phase you attack, mind blowing I know, but before I explain what you do in this phase, you have to know that you control 4 characters in combat, 2 Singers, and 2 Guardians, the Singers stand in the back and are basically your mages, you select a magic spell for them to start casting (a song) at the beginning of the combat which evolves through the combat turns, and depending on how long you let them charge up the spell (sing) the spell won't only get stronger, but will also evolve into other stronger spells.
Then you have your Guardians, which are basically your physical attackers, they can attack constantly during the attack phase, but the longer you let them charge their attack the better version of the attacks they get to use, after that you get the Defense Phase, in this phase your Guardians must defend the singers and themselves from enemy attacks, the defense system uses a bar where you can see the enemy attacks represented as moving green lines, in theory if you press the button at the exact time each attack line passes through the indicator line, you'll block all the attacks, thus getting out completely unharmed, but in reality you'll miss some attacks here and there, that's the basic idea of the system, there is more intricate stuff to get into, like the Harmony gauge, which...god no.

Magna Carta - Trinity Ring/Chi System

Another headache inducing system, in this one you have an AP bar, and when it's full you get to choose any of your characters to move/attack with, of course that depletes the bar, and depending on how you spend it you can have all the characters attack, or use the same character over and over.
Now here is the catch, when attacking, you have to keep in mind that there are 8 different Chi (basically elemental sources of power in this game) that governs the power of your attacks, so if you use the same fire attack over and over, and the fire Chi in the combat area gets depleted, that attack will do very little damage, in which case you have to either switch the style your using thus changing the elements (Chi) of your attacks, or use another character that uses a different type of element attacks.
We aren't done though, because if all of that isn't enough, the game also has the timed button hits on a wheel system for the attacks themselves, and this is just the basic idea.

Resonance of Fate - WTF is this? aka Blue vs Red damage System

Despite the naming, it's not actually one of the easier ones to explain. Basically, before attacking, you have to set a course for your characters to run through, while running through the line that you can press the attack button at any time to trigger the actual attack, depending on what type of weapon you use, you'll deal one of two different types of damage, and knowing how to combine both is the key to winning battles.
if you used a machine gun type weapon, then you'll deal "scratch damage", aka blue damage. Blue damage can't kill an enemy because it's basically temporary damage, and to change that damage into permanent damage, you'll have to attack again with a weapon that deals red damage (guns/grenades/ect..) aka "direct damage".
There is still more way more things to talk about, like jump attacks, and Tri-Attacks ect..., it's a deep combat system but one that is also fun to use and look cool as heck.

The Last Remnant - Union System

The union system is one where in combat instead of controlling one character each turn, you control a whole union of characters, where a union could be made out of 1 up to 5 characters, and depending on how much AP the union has, and what battle command you issue to it, the attack/spell/action of each party member changes, while you don't have direct command of what each individual character in a union does, the calumniation of healing arts/magic arts/weapon arts/union arts/item arts + the amount of AP you have, opens up a variety of different battle commands to issue for that union, not to mention that there are special commands that open up when put in special situations, not to mention I still haven't talked about the moral bar, or the Deadlock system, or even the formations, it takes a long time to learn this combat system that's for sure, but it is a deep and extremely fun when you finally get the hang of it.

Namco X Capcom and ProjectXZone - Combo juggling System

While both games use similar combat systems, but each of them actually adds their own spin to it, by doing away with controlling the 4 characters like VP, they give you one character to control, and to compensate they gave each character a lot more moves and attacks to use on their turn, which of course brings it even more closer to looking like an actual fighting game than any of the other systems.
Instead of using the 4 buttons though, you get to choose between pressing the O button alone or pressing it plus one of the 4 possible directions, thus giving each character a total of 5 different attacks to choose from, not only that but now you get rewards the longer you keep the combo going without letting the enemy recover (hit the ground).
For example after doing a 12 hit combo you get a small damage buff, and if you get to 24 you get another buff that gives you an extra attack chance, after 32 you get a bonus item drop from this enemy. Not to mention that if you fill your super meter then you get to do a super move which helps you do even more damage and longer combos. Cherry on top, you get to play as some of gaming's most famous characters from those two companies, let's just say there aren't many games that let's you kick Vega's ass (Streetfighter) using Taizo Hori (Dig Dug).
Finally as if all of that wasn't enough, in ProjectxZone 2 adds a Cross Break system and even Mirage Cancels which enable you to make even more attacks that it's normally possible.

SRWOG Saga: Endless Frontier - Combo juggling System

Probably the best version of this combat system right now, it's tweaked and balanced to maximize the fun value of the system, and just when you thought it couldn't get any better, BAM! comes SRWOG Saga: Endless Frontier Exceed to blow you away, while the first one did get an official English release, the 2nd one didn't, but at thankfully it got a fan English patch.
Basically what they did here is make the game even more focused than it was in NamcoXCapcom, reducing the number of playable character drastically, while increasing the number of moves each character can pull off even more than any other game that uses this system,and not only that but now you can actually tag in other character in the middle of a combo one after the other, which opens up a whole new level of combinations and crazy juggles, but that's not all, a new addition are the assist characters, which are characters that aren't playable but you can actually call them mid combo to have them come and do their own special attack.
Is that it ? lol no no my friend, even if we leave the fact that you still have the super meter to fill and use, you can now use Cancels, taken right out of fighting games, Cancels are basically the ability to interrupt the animation for an attack before it finishes to start a different attack animation, raising the skill bar for this combat system, and making it one of the best "easy to learn hard to master" battle systems out there.

Last Ranker - Real-Time-Turn-Based? System

This one is really hard to explain without actually trying it first, basically the battle is done in real time, at any moment you can press one of the buttons to do the attack or skill that is linked to the button you pressed, but at the same time you have to have the needed AP (I think that's what they call it here) which is filled as time goes by and drains as you use skills and attacks, AP is represented with the green triangles under the HP bar if you are wondering.
Of course you can combo by pressing the Light/Medium/Heavy attack buttons more than once, as long as you have AP of course, but you can also set up for Counter Attacks, Use buffs, Super Moves and you can defend at any time, you opponent can also defend but you can guard break him to desh out major damage, but when you defend you gain AP more slowly, which makes the game more exciting because you start to balance when to defend and when to attack.
Finally to top it all off, you can Change your Stance any time in battle to gain access to a full different list of skills and a different type of weapon.

The Caligula Effect - Video Editing System

Another system that is really hard to explain without trying it for yourself, but to put it in simple words, you basically choose what attacks you want to do in one after the other and queue them all in what looks like a movie reel, and after each attack you choose, you get to see a "ghost" of you and the enemy having a real-time fight based on the move you chose and the what action the enemy will do.
Now here is the tricky part, the outcome that you see playing out is just a prediction, it doesn't mean that it's 100% this is what's going to happen, the percentage changes depending on the action and the enemy which will be shown in the UI what percentage you have of actually hitting the enemy with the attack, and you can even delay your action as you see fit, just like when you are editing a video.
To make things even more interesting, you control 4 players and each can queue up to 4 actions in a row, so you can imagine the crazy combos you can pull off, I actually managed to kill the first boss in 2 rounds without him hitting me once, how ? well because in addition to normal attacks, you can set up Melee and Ranged Counters, Air Combos/Juggles, Guard Breakers, Super Moves, Air and Ground Standby/Trap Combos meaning that the attack will only happen if the enemy is lunched in the air or falls on the ground, Buffs/DeBuffs, Dodge Moves, AoE Attacks , and just a whole lot of option to use.
The only downside (depends on the person), is that you can easily take 10 minutes just to plan out your symphony of pain just to kill a random mob, this is what happens when you make your combat system as deep and complex as possible, and of course you can ignore all of that and just spam normal attacks until the enemy dies at least for the easy random encounters, but for the most part you'll be busy trying to perfect your orchestra of destruction and mayhem every time you get into a fight.Kudos to anyone who got the music puns and I am sorry.

Fallen Legion -Real-Time Combo juggling System

While this one looks the same as the one in Valkyrie Profile, it actually has enough to distinguish it from the rest, I think the video does it's best to explain it, but to give you the main idea here, basically unlike in VP where you get your turn to attack and combo and then the enemy gets his turn to do the same, this combat system is in real time, meaning both you attack at the same time, which can be a chaotic a lot of the time, but thankfully the developer actually added things to improve this system.
For one, is that you can now block at any time, well any time that you're not doing a long attack animation, in fact blocking here not only is a tool of defense but also serves as an attack reflector when you get a perfect block, it's really satisfying when you basically parry multiple fireballs (yes you can parry magic too) and send them back to the enemy.
And two, the circles at the bottom bar added a lot of strategy on how you decide your attack order, because depending on which circle the character you chose to attack with lands on, a number of different effects will take place, from getting buffs or healing, to even doing a super move.
Tht's not all though, because the fight is in real time, you can also interrupt your enemies attacks if you time your attacks perfectly, this is another battle system that allows you to basically reign supreme in the battle as you just perfect block and interrupt your enemies attacks to the point they won't be able to get one hit in, even bosses aren't exempt from this if you are good enough.
There are still different ones, like Agarest Wars 2 system, Eternal Sonata's combo system, Heroes Phantasia, Indivisible, Queen's Gate: Spiral Chaos, Cross Edge and others, sadly most of them were only released in Japan, but if you can get your hands on them then the the combat system is a real treat.
there are other fun combat systems for sure but I only have time to talk about this one for now, I hope this was helpful even if just little bit, and am sorry for not elaborating or putting as much effort as I normally do, but of course now I want to know which ones did you like, and which ones did you think should have been in this list.
submitted by VashxShanks to JRPG


Revisiting Not Toying Around: 5-Man 2TKO ft Tifa & Pyro Glacial Lasswell

Hey folks! u/TonierEortheain and I have been working through some Neo Vision refreshed strategies for the Chamber of the Vengeful and I am pleased to bring you a 2nd-turn-kill (2TKO) strategy for the "Not Toying Around" / "Elf Off The Shelf" LGD fight, requiring just 5 units - meaning you can rotate a naked sixth unit in for every clear, to grab all the rewards. You won't get the "5 limit bursts" mission but aside from that this strategy will net you the "Summon an Esper" and "No Deaths" rewards as well.
A word of caution: You're going to need a well geared NV-Awakened Tifa (at least EX+1 for the Brave Shift) and some STMRs. There's some notes at the end about filling the damage gap if you're not quite there. You can substitute Awakened Dragon Akstar in place of Pyro Glacial Lasswell, but see notes at the end of the fight section about using Tifa for the DEF break.
Clear video here.
Full team build info here (with massive thanks to Lyrgard and the other FFBEEquip maintainers for their work as always).
The team is as follows (everyone needs 30% wind resist; put some bulk on them with free gear slots just in case Mastermind Xon goes nuts on turn 1, see notes at the end about the confusion mechanic).
  • Mastermind Xon. The perennial favorite. He is geared for passive provoke and 100% evasion with at least 30% wind resistance, and on Phoenix for Auto-Med to cure the confusion that will be inflicted pre-emptively. See notes at end about confusion. Cannot contribute significantly to damage because of the heavy gear requirements for evasion and provoke. Can be used to summon an esper in the second turn for the mission, see notes at end.
  • Regina. She is here for 200% Fairy Killer (Anti-Fairy Module +2) and her 250% ATK buff (Power Generator +2). She will also deal our ice damage on turn 1. Geared for at least 30% wind resist. Make sure these two abilities are awakened to +2. Gear for damage if you need to make up a damage gap (see notes at end).
  • Physalis. She is here for ice imbue (which surprisingly is not in Pyro Glacial Lasswell's non-Brave-Shift form) and because she can triple-cast Absolute Mirror of Equity frames with Pyro Glacial Lasswell on turn 2. Like Regina, geared for at least 30% wind resist. Gear for damage if you need to make up a damage gap (see notes at end). (edit: Kurasame is also a good choice as he can t-cast AMoE and imbue ice, though only to himself. Anyt-cast AMoE chainer with an ice imbue is fine, but if you're lacking damage you may want to pick your strongest... thanks u/Aceofspades25)
  • Neo Vision Tifa. Our reigning queen of LB damage. She's here for one thing and one thing only: To punch the elf into another dimension on turn 2. Her normal form can be completely ungeared, but her Brave Shift form will be geared for maximum LB damage and at least 30% wind resist. She has Lucid Lenses on for a single charge of "cheat death", which will be explained later; you can use the recently-free-to-everyone Reno's Goggles (or any other cheat-death gear you've got, Reno's has only a 90% chance to avoid death but that's still quite good) as an alternative but you'll probably lose a bit of damage. She needs to have her NV passive "Lessons for Life on the Ground Floor" fully awakened to +5 for the juicy multiplier increase. Her LB doesn't actually gain much damage from being powered up, but of course it's best to have it maxed out if you can.
  • Neo Vision Pyro Glacial Lasswell. Note that he will not be Brave Shifting, so you do not need to awaken him to EX+1. That said, he is going to need to do some nontrivial damage in order to ensure a kill so you cannot slouch on his gear. Geared for maximum damage on triple-cast of Blade Flash - Revelation, again with 30% wind resist. You might be able to get by with less than +5 on Blade Flash - Revelation, but most likely you will need to have Blade Flash - Revelation fully powered up to +5 for it's insane modifiers.
  • Rotation unit. This can literally be any character you want. They will be providing 70% wind resist for the team on turn 1. You can get this one of two universally-accessible ways: either from teaching 3-star Tetra Sylphid Baraeroga (22 mp), or by using Gusty Attack (50 mp) from the Charge of the Chocobo Battalion trial. Bringing a strong Neo Visions unit will help with any damage gap at the end.
A few people have noted that you don't have to bring PG Lasswell or Physalis to this trial, and that's true. What we're really looking for here is a pair of chainers who can provide Ice imbue and preferably (but optionally) a strong DEF break (see notes about using Tifa's DEF break at the end for more on alternatives). If you want to use Rem/Ace/Kurasame/Noel/etc for this, by all means go for it. PG Lasswell is used here because he's old (many folks have multiple copies) and just got NV awakened, and can contribute excellent damage to the fight.
The Fight
Turn 1, in this order:
  1. Tifa: Brave Shift, then triple-cast Concentration, Concentration (again) and Awakened Fighting Spirit. This will fill Tifa's gauge completely and give her an undispellable 250% LB damage boost. Oh no, she has water imbued... but we're going to fix that next.
  2. Pyro Glacial Lasswell: Queue up but do not cast: Mirror of Equity - Totality (80% DEF break), Perfect Selflessness, and Fingersnap. Position your fingers one above Pyro Glacial Lasswell's party portrait to initiate the attack sequence, and another above Tifa's sprite on the battlefield. As soon as you unleash Pyro Glacial Lasswell, immediately long-press on Tifa's sprite on the battlefield and choose "Target" to switch Pyro Glacial Lasswell's focus to her. He will Fingersnap her, dispelling the water imbue and leaving the 250% LB damage boost intact. This would kill Tifa normally, but (1) she has a 30% innate change to evade so she might just dodge it and even if she doesn't (2) the cheat-death gear (Lucid Lenses, Reno's Goggles, etc) will proc and save her from death. Perfect Selflessness is used purely because it gives you more precious moments to retarget, it has not important effects in this battle. See notes at the end about using Tifa to break instead, if you want to change it up.
  3. Physalis: Imbue Ice element to Regina with Short Range Ice Charger, inflict a 120% Ice imperil on the elf with Armored Anti-Ice Grenade. Third action is up to you, if you're using her for damage and not just a chain multiplier, consider one of her skill-boosting cooldowns as the third action. (edit: you actually can skip the ice imperil here because Pyro Glacial Lasswell will inflict it with his moves on the next turn, but if you're using Physalis or Regina for damage, it's helpful to have this imperil on Turn 1).
  4. Regina: Uses Anti-Fairy Module (200% Fairy Killer) and Power Generator +2 (250% all stats buff, we only care about the ATK, to help out your not-Tifas). Pick any two other skills and finish up with Regina Cannon to deal Ice damage (this is super important as the boss must take Ice damage every turn, else you will wipe due to his non-elemental magic response).
  5. Mastermind Xon: Use Reflector to cast Elemental Mirror and Critical Mirror on Regina, then Projected Mirror to copy those nice 250% all-stats buffs and the 200% Fairy Killer to everyone on the team.
  6. Rotation unit: Cast your 70% AoE wind resistance buff now, either via Baraeroga or Gusty Attack.
The Elf will now proceed to miss Mastermind Xon a bunch of times and let off a pile of wind attacks, all of which will be resisted. Your team will take zero damage. Even the rotation unit should survive, as will Tifa with her 1 HP.
Turn 2:
  1. Queue up Physalis with any three Absolute Mirror of Equity skills.
  2. Queue up Pyro Glacial Lasswell with 3x Blade Flash - Revelation.
  3. Queue up Tifa's Limit Burst (True Final Heaven).
  4. Unleash Physalis and Pyro Glacial Lasswell. Cap their chain with Tifa's LB. If you're lacking damage (see below) you can also cap with Regina and/or chain/finish with your rotation unit.
That's it. You just cleared on turn 2 with no deaths, congratulations. All that's left to do is run again to summon an esper (see notes below).
Gear Regina, Physalis,and even the rotation unit to fill any damage gap! As you can see the Tifa build is pretty gear heavy and yet she "only" averages about 800 million damage at EX+3, leaving you with another 50 million damage to go. My Pyro Glacial Lasswell is only at +1, but together he and Tifa manage to consistently deal out about 1 billion damage. If you're struggling, don't ignore Physalis, Regina and your rotation unit. Their gearing requirements are super low - just 30% wind resist - so while they're not gonna win the fight on their own, they can still bring in significant damage together. Especially if the rotation unit is a Neo Visions unit such as the recently-awakenable Cloud or Neo Vision-base Cloud (FFVII REMAKE)).
If you want to use Awakened Dragon Akstar instead of Pyro Glacial Lasswell you should be able to, but notice that the strategy above relies on Pyro Glacial Lasswell's 80% DEF break. Sadly the new Akstar doesn't have a DEF break in his kit which means you will want to fall back on Physalis' Friendship Technique for a 70% DEF break since she has a free action in the rotation (alternatively, you can use Mastermind Xon's Thief in the Night on turn 2, but the break is the same). Unfortunately this will likely decrease Tifa's damage by quite a bit. Awakened Dragon Akstar may be able to compensate for it, but gearing requirements will be very high. Consider bringing a really good breaker as your rotation unit if you want to go this route, as Vaan and friends can dish out some insane breaks.
Edit: Using Tifa for the DEF Break
Tifa has a nice 80% DEF break (Crashing Waves) in her kit (thanks for noting, u/jamestcc), but she needs 20 crystals and a single cast of Concentration will only get you 15. If you want to gear for +5 limit burst crystals in her Brave Shift form, that will guarantee you that the LB gauge is full on turn 2 - but will come at cost in your damage output. However, this will allow PG Lasswell to do something else, or you can get creative with some other unit here by tweaking the actions. Because Tifa is the main damage dealer, and probably has almost all (if not straight up all) of your Spirit Killer, the loss of damage on Tifa hurts much more than it does on anyone else. Bear this in mind if choosing this path.
Edit to the edit: u/r00t61 pointed out that Call of the Wild exists now (brand new reward from The Whip-Whiskered Beast trial). If you've done that trial, you should be able to equip this on Tifa's normal non-Brave-Shifted form to get 8 crystals at the start of battle. Then she can Brave Shift, do a single cast of Concentration, then break with Crashing Waves and finish up with Awakened Fighting Spirit. This frees up PG Lasswell's def-break action for something (or someone) else. Best of all, this doesn't take up a slot on her Brave Shift form, meaning you don't lose any damage from bringing it along. Go do that trial!
Getting the Summon an Esper mission is easy: use any Type-0 unit with Summon Eidolon as your rotation unit, and on turn 2 use Mastermind Xon (who has nothing to do here) to evoke an Esper. This will fail the "No Deaths" mission so you'll have to run at least twice to get both "No Deaths" and "Evoke an Esper" mission done.
Note on Confusion
For reasons I cannot explain, I have seen Mastermind Xon attack one of my own team-mates before curing the confusion with auto-med. Usually this seems to go to Tifa, but in principle it could target anyone. I don't understand why this happens, it doesn't happen all the time either so... . It's a good idea to give your party members at least a little bulk just in case. Mastermind Xon does not hit too hard with this default 1x attack as long as he is geared for passive provoke and evasion, so most of your characters should be able to take a hit or two with no real issue. Your mileage may vary. The naked rotation unit is obviously at greatest risk as their wind buff is vital to survival... personally, at 5 nrg per run, I would just restart if he manages to kill the rotation unit rather than waste time gearing it every run but... up to you.
Fight Mechanics: Adapting This Strategy
If you want to branch out on your own and do something similar with other units, here's the most important things about this strategy:
  • As long as you deal ice damage every turn and don't use limit bursts, the only damage type used will be wind, or single-target stuff that can be evaded (see below). Don't cross the 50% threshold. Don't go past turn 3. Both will end your run.
  • An evade-provoke tank will take care of all the non-wind damage in the first 3 turns. If that target is passive provoking they will be confused immediately at the start of the battle, so make sure you've got either Griever) or Phoenix for Auto-Med to cure it. Note that this confusion cannot be resisted.
  • If you don't bring a passive provoker, the wiki says that the confuse goes to the highest ATK party member. Plan accordingly. Griever) is your friend.
  • As long as you kill by turn 3, you don't need to worry about the elf summoning any minions. Beyond turn 3, things get much more complicated.
Thanks, and happy hunting. I'm sure a new NV unit will come out soon (mages, anyone?) that will render this entire thread hilariously useless but if you're scratching for Lapis right now, it's a good time to pick it up from this trial!
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