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I have a few questions for the developers. They all don't have to be answered if the devs don't want to answer.

Will the full game have Mac Support?
I mainly play CS:GO on a Macbook because I have a potato computer. I get a whopping 10 FPS on that computer, which is why I use Macbook. I actually get decent FPS on a Macbook, I constantly get over 100 FPS on all maps, so hopefully the full game supports mac.
Are the old animations from CS:GO 2012 - 2015 coming back?
I really loved the old animations, especially the old planting animations. I hope the developers can work something out and they can come back. Especially since there are no defuse wires. We can see the jedi-hand defuse once again.
Will the title be "Counter-Strike: Classic Offensive" or just "Classic Offensive?"
If valve made you take of Counter-Strike, they better make Nexon Zombies remove the Counter-Strike from their name too.
Will there be Official Competitive servers or will we have to rely on Faceit PUGs?
I hope there will be actual matchmaking we can play on CS:CO. FaceIt will work too, I'm fine with any matchmaking. I just hope we can actually play some type of Competitive PUG on CS:CO.
submitted by WhyDoYouHaveEars to ClassicOffensive


Zombies in CS:GO

Why don't we have a zombies dlc in csgo? It would be totally badass if it was made like call of duty zombies but with csgo gun mechanics. Valve could even sell it as some kind of "Zombie operation pass" for 6 dollars and bring a lot of new players!
Edit: Im not talking about cs:nexon. I mean a high quality zombies built in to cs
submitted by metropen to GlobalOffensive