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Boxes can be used to display things like location info, store hours, pictures, ads, etc. Malware Advisor is going to post information specifically related to adware, spyware and malware. Fm 11 crack reloaded nigerian. We currently have 412, 349 full downloads including categories such as: software, movies, games, tv, adult movies, music, ebooks.

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The list of settings protected by WinPatrol has grown so large that any change generates more alerts then anyone needs to manage. By continuing to use Pastebin, you agree to our use of cookies as described in the Cookies Policy. We've updated our Real-time infiltration Detection to the friendiest, useful, most powerful version in years. As a MULTI PURPOSE SUPPORT UTILITY WinPatrol replaces multiple system utilities with its enhanced functionality.


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Share A File Quickly With Anyone: 5 Better Dropbo. Download WinPatrol PLUS 32 Full Keygen WinPatrol is a powerful system security and data that used to add, delete, or shut down the program in the Start up Windows and taskbar. WinPatrol PLUS provides easy to understand descriptions of over 19, 000 programs. It finds hidden files, BHO (and the like), as.

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NOTE: This was originally a comment here. Copied over to /Raerth for future additions and reference.


The best free virus protection at the moment is Microsoft Security Essentials. To complete the security and maintenance section: * PCDecrapifier (Removes commonly installed crap from a new machine) * Defraggler (Disc Defragmentation) * CCleaner (Cleans overlooked junk files) * Revo Uninstaller (Use to completely remove unwanted software) * MBAM (Best Anti-Malware scanner. Run monthly for peace of mind) * Spybot S&D (If super paranoid, run this after MBAM for completeness) * WinPatrol (Not essential, but low footprint and good for systems that might have people adding random crap) * Sysinternals Suite (Powerful system tools. Process Explorer is a great replacement for Task Manager)
Also, Prey is a great program to add to a laptop/netbook. It might help you track it down again if it's ever stolen. (credit to father_of_the_year)


Have a look at the Google Pack to see if there is anything you need from their essential selection. It includes Chrome, Google Earth, Picasa, Google Desktop, Skype and more...
VLC Media Player. Hail to the King. (Some below are saying CCCP beats VLC, not tried it myself.)
Foobar2000 is without doubt my favourite music player. Take 5 minutes to learn what it is capable of and you will not regret it. Plenty of extensions, including this iPod manager. Here are some sample skins. It can also scrobble internet radio to last.fm!
I use Digsby to connect to all the IM services, social networks and twitter. It's one program to rule them all. (Trillian and Pidgin are both great and have fans in the comments, but I prefer Digsby as it connects to everything)
7-Zip. Freeware archiving/unzipping tool.
For PDF's, Adobe Reader is bloated and annoying. Use Foxit instead. (Many other people swear SumatraPDF is better.)
µTorrent shouldn't need mentioning.
Launchy is also essential. It allows you to launch any program with a couple of keystrokes. A must for any keyboard ninja.
Don't know how I forgot Paint.NET, which is an awesome free image editor. Blows MSPaint out of the water.
Ditto forgetting Notepad++ which is essential for any web coders/programmers or anyone who spends time editing text files. Thanks for the reminders!

File Management

Everyone should have Dropbox, which gives you a simple-to-use shared folder across any computer you wish to share files between. (If you choose to get this via my referral link I get ¼GB extra space! [woah! Thanks guys, you filled up my quota of extra space! Please use another redditors referral instead from this list])
Filezilla is an great free FTP program. Obviously only essential for those who upload to a server.
Everything is a little desktop search program that is faster than anything you've ever seen. Yes, even Windows 7's search is slower.
Bulk Rename is the best file-renaming program I've used. (EvilSockMonster suggests Rename-It! as a better replacement for people comfortable with regex.)
If you accidentally delete something, Recuva might be able to get it back. Example from RetiredEnt!


Truecrypt (Encryption Program) and Keepass (Password Manager) always have a place on my system. Depends how paranoid/security-conscious you are.
If you are concerned about people tracking your torrent activity, Peerblock will stop your computer connecting to suspicious IP addresses. It's debatable how much this actually helps protect you, but some people swear by it.

Useful Extras

Synergy+ allows you to share one keyboard and mouse between multiple computers.
Display Fusion is awesome multi-monitor software.
An awesome Google program that is not in the pack, is Google Sketchup; 3D sketching/CAD software. Not essential for everyone, but awesome nonetheless.
AutoHotKey is a sweet little macro program.
f.lux is a program that changes the color balance of your monitor to be kinder on the eyes at night. Saves the feeling of staring at a lightbulb whilst late-night surfing.
If the default look of VLC annoys you, don't forget that you can skin it and make it look much more slick.

Pro Tips

As mentioned above, both Ninite or AllMyApps can install many of these programs at once. They are great timesavers, but remember not to get carried away or you'll add stupid amounts of crap you'll never use!
Similar to those programs are the portable suites: Portable Apps / LiberKey / Pen Drive Apps / Combobulate
These will have most of the favourite tools listed above, but able to be run straight from your USB stick on any computer without having to install them first.
Stop letting all your newly installed programs start when you power-on your system or it will slow to a crawl!
Instead go to your startup folder:
(Win7 & Vista) C:\Users\default\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup (Tutorial if you cannot find it)
(XP) C:\Documents and Settings\Default User\Start Menu\Programs\Startup
Then remove everything you don't want starting automatically. Instead either pin your regular programs to the taskbar, or create a subfolder in startup called Regular Programs and stick them all in there.
Now you can start only the programs you need.
Geeks will know how to do this already by typing msconfig into the run dialog.
If you want to save this comment, the best way to do it is to click permalink and then bookmark the page.
Create a folder in your bookmark manager called Saved Reddit Comments and stick them all there.
Edit: adding more & formatting as I think.
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[Discussion] How-To Clean & Protect a PC from Malware

Well, I just finished writing a big reply to this post about cleaning and protecting a PC. But apparently now I can't reply there, so rather than throw the whole thing away, I decided to put it up separately. While we're at it, hopefully other readers can recommend corrections or improvements to what I wrote.
My nephew recently did something very similar to his new laptop. In the 6 hours or so between when he got it, and when I had time to help set it up, it was already majorly infected. Some of these things can come from surprising sources; the latest uTorrent installer, for example, comes riddled with malware unless you carefully decline it at every step of the way.
  • Because the machine is so new, it may be worth reinstalling Windows. This can cause some other hassles people have mentioned, such as finding product keys, reinstalling OEM software & drivers, etc. So cleaning may be better depending upon the situation. If you do reinstall Windows, given the circumstances make sure you do it from a read-only DVD and not an infectable USB stick.
  • For any scanning software, remember to take a quick look through the options. You'll probably want to turn on detection of what are often called "Potentially Unwanted Programs", or whatever setting sounds similar to that. Basically, these are programs that almost nobody ever wants, but which can't technically be classified as viruses for various reasons. For example, some of these programs which generate constant desktop pop-ups offering to fix your computer, but which got checkbox-permission to install itself alongside whatever the user was actually trying to install.
  • MalwareBytes is a fantastic first-step for cleaning, even if it doesn't catch everything. If you scroll down on their download page, they offer a special installer version called "Chameleon" which is designed to sneak a MalwareBytes installation onto a badly-infected system that tries to block cleaning software. Personally, I had to run MalwareBytes through its scan a couple of times in order for it to get everything it could detect.
  • Next-up, you want to try to disable the autostart of any remaining malware that lets you. For this I recommend AutoRuns from Microsoft SysInternals suite. Grab the whole suite, or just AutoRuns to start. This tool requires a fair bit of technical familiarity, because if you're not careful you can turn off parts of the Windows startup process which you really shouldn't. Make sure it's set to hide Windows entries, maybe even all Microsoft, and to verify code signatures so that malware can't lie its way past that little loophole. Then go through and uncheck things that look like you don't want them. If you make a mistake and disable something you actually wanted, you can come back here and re-check it.
  • Reboot.
  • Next you'll want to scan the system with a quality anti-virus. For this I'd say use BitDefender Free unless you already have a paid license to something comparable. Before you start this, if the system still appears badly-infected you can try their online quick scan first.
  • Reboot again.
  • Go through Programs & Features or Add/Remove Programs and uninstall anything still listed there which you don't want. Then quickly check AutoRuns again just in case the uninstallers tried to do anything fishy.
  • At this point, you might still have a browser toolbasearch engine/homepage that's unwanted, but with any luck it'll be the kind that just goes away nicely when you ask it. Go into your addons/extensions/whatever and remove anything that you don't want from there.
  • Reboot, hopefully to a clean system.
The old saying is that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and that's 100% true with malware. If you setup some quality preventative protection on the machine, you'll save yourself oodles of time down the road from not having to fix it every couple of weeks. There are several very different kinds of ways to protect a machine, and while some are more important than others, a layering approach is very valuable. The goal is to get maximum protection balanced with minimal performance impact.
  • Get a quality real-time anti-virus installed. Lots of technically-minded people try to argue that you don't need one, and they're all evaluating the cost-benefit situation poorly. Good drivers still wear seatbelts. In any case, for a non-tech-savvy family member, a real-time scanner is non-optional. If you have to go with a free choice, I'd recommend using the free version of BitDefender. If you can afford it, in my opinion it's worthwhile to go with the paid version of either ESET or BitDefender (the versions which include firewalls). If you handle multiple family PCs, you can get discounts for multiple licenses; I've been using an 8-seat ESET license for family machines for a number of years now. Adding a good firewall into the AV setup is very valuable. Firewalls themselves can block certain types of 0-day infections, plus if the machine does get infected, they make it much harder for the malware to start inviting its friends to the party. If you want to be extra-cautious, you can actually run the paid version of MalwareBytes (with a real-time scanner) alongside most major antivirus packages with only minor configuration tweaking.
  • Install both Firefox and Chrome. Some of these preventative steps only work on browsers already installed when you perform them, so you'll cause yourself some trouble if they install an extra browser later on which is unintentionally insecure. Edit: Previously I'd even said to do this before the AV, but I got a PM from someone who accidentally got a bogus version of Chrome and infected themselves before an AV was up and running. Be sure you're getting your browsers from the official source! That's mozilla.org for Firefox and google.com for Chrome, but each of them regularly move the exact download pages, so I won't link them directly.
  • Next up, browser extensions. On any computer you have responsibility for, always install AdBlock Plus on every installed browser. I do sympathize with those whose earnings are diminished by this, but shady ads are assuredly the #1 way for malware to get onto systems these days. Some of these problems only affect the non-tech-savvy, such as clearly shady banner ads which the experienced know not to click. But others can affect anyone. Even if you know what you're doing, it's not always clear which of the six download buttons on a page is the real one, and which are the fakes. Even worse are known prior cases of ad networks being attacked and infected because of their capability to rapidly distribute 0-day attacks to huge numbers of browsers. In a case like that, blocking the ads in advance is really your only option to protect your machine. Oh, final thing to mention, searching for AdBlock Plus in Chrome gives you some weird third-party thing as the top result, so look carefully and get the real deal.
  • Erm, still browser extensions. For AdBlock, make sure you at least use the Malware list and a good general-purpose list such as EasyList, which I believe is default. FlashBlock is an extremely useful complement to AdBlock; just whitelist Youtube.com/ytimg.com and any other flash sites that you use regularly. Ghostery is another excellent extension to add on top of AdBlock, though not quite as critical. Web of Trust can be nice, especially for family members who can't tell when a site is shady. Although I wouldn't recommend them for family members, on your own machine you should add HTTPS-Everywhere and replace FlashBlock with NoScript. Both provide extra protection, but will break some sites until you fiddle with the settings.
  • Next comes adding passive protection. Unlike the real-time scanner from earlier, this sort of passive protection is just adding known malware sites to various blacklists on the system. This includes the Hosts file, browser-specific lists of restrictions, etc. Don't go overboard with the Hosts file, because some overzealous lists out there block tons of legitimate stuff as well. My recommendation is to use the immunization functions from SpywareBlaster and SpyBot. This kind of passive immunization is all SpywareBlaster does, so after you activate it, you can just close the program and not have to worry about it using any system resources or CPU time. SpyBot installs active components, so personally I'd recommend going into the settings and turning those off after you apply its passive immunization.
  • Another neat little program that I recommend is Unchecky. It's not foolproof, but what it aims to do is to automatically uncheck for you all of those optional offers to add random junk when you're trying to install something else. For your own machine, it may be of questionable use, but for family members it's fantastic.
  • Maybe starting to get away from the topic at hand, but for a laptop it may be worth considering Prey, which is anti-theft software that'll help you track down a stolen machine.
  • A last couple of programs that might be worth mentioning. PeerBlock has some very powerful malware-blocking capabilities, but in brief tests I found that it seems to be overzealous and blocks all kinds of other stuff too. Probably only use this on your own machine, and make sure you set it to Allow HTTP. WinPatrol is a program that monitors your system's startup routine, and tells you when things are added or removed. That can be quite helpful, but it can sometimes also confuse family members by warning them about RunOnce updates to Flash or Java or whatever.
  • Make sure that you go into the control panel for Java, Flash, Adobe Reader, etc, and tell all of those things to automatically install their updates if you can.
  • Make sure that Windows Update is set to install updates automatically, and preferably to do so for any installed Microsoft software.
  • If you need a way to access family machines remotely, TeamViewer is amazing. I'm glad LogMeIn shut down their free service a while back, because TeamViewer is far better.
Well, this ended up rather longer than I had planned, but I hope it helps some people =).
Edit: Heh, I forgot to mention, but the infected PC I was cleaning a few days ago came preinstalled with McAfee. In case there's any doubt, I don't recommend McAfee or Norton ;-).
Edit 2: Good to see all kinds of useful suggestions in the comments =). Also, here are a couple of sites which publish comparison reports of various anti-virus solutions.
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