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[Table] IAmA: I was a two time contestant on Survivor, AMA.

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Date: 2012-09-05
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Hey rob! A question I forgot to ask, where did they put all the obstacle courses for the challenges? It would seem kind of intrusive and unfair to have them right by you guys, and did you ever see them before competing for immunity? Hey Forthewolfx, it is an honor to talk to a famous internet celebrity!
The challenges are all over the place and you are transported to all the different locations which tend to be like 45 minutes away so you never see them ahead of time.
Time to ask the hard hitting dirty questions- When on Survivor- do people go off and have some special "me time"? Or does Survivor just not put you in that self-loving mood? A lot of Survivor players claim that they lose their "vitality" once they get on the island, but I can't say that this was my experience. I considered this idea one time around day 33 or so of the Amazon but with so many cameras around I decided that I did not want to risk this becoming my claim to fame. Solid decision.
How do the little interview segments work? Is the camera crew intrusive in any way, and to what degrees? Every couple of days the camera crew and the producer will set up and do about a 30 minute interview session with everybody. I would not be surprised if more than a few times people have overheard these interviews. You're set up a few hundred feet away... but it's not like you're a mile away.
Worst experience on Survivor? The two things that really suck about being on Survivor.
The Weather - When it rains you get soaked and it's really cold and you can't go to sleep.
Boredom - It's really boring because there's not much to do and even if you're with people who have some good stories, chances are that you've heard them all by day 5.
This is awesome. I love Survivor and you were a great player, thanks for doing an AMA. I never thought tribal was that long (about an hour). I've heard Survivors say that they went on for hours (plural) but I think that is probably a bit of hyperbole.
Does the jury have to tell the producers what they're planning on saying/asking during the final Tribal Council, or is that a surprise to production while you're filming? What was the longest Tribal Council you've ever been part of? Is there a lot we don't see for time's sake? You can say whatever you want at the final tribal, they don't screen your question.
Do you think you'll ever be successful getting Boston Rob on the podcast? If not, why not? I do. I actually spoke with Boston Rob a few months ago and I invited him to be on the show. He said that he and Amber were preparing for another kid (she was born over the summer) and he would do the show when he was in Los Angeles. He promised me that he'd do it so a promise from Boston Rob is as good as gold!
LOL. I'm watching Survivor: All Stars right now for the first time and I just watched the episode where you and Boston Rob formed an alliance. What could possibly go wrong? Don't ask me!
Can you explain to me how it's possible to actually feel isolated and like you have to fend for yourselves and such when there are camera crews everywhere? I've never understood that. Yeah, the isolated lonely people crack me up. Like there's not a camera person standing over them.
Also what percent of action is scripted? Almost none of the actual show's dialogue is scripted, but things like walking into the challenge or tribal council are directed for camera.
Is there ever any reeeeeeal danger? There certainly is danger. Look at the people that have gone out of the game, but it tends to be more danger from germs or injuries than from any wild animals running around.
How hard was the application process? The application process is very hard. You are competing against thousands of people, but most of them are terrible so if you have a decent tape you have a chance.
Would you do it again? I would do the experience that I had again and I would probably play again if they asked me.
If you could be on any reality show, which would it be? I used to say I would love to play big brother but as I've gotten older I find it more unappealing to play a 3-month game.
Is there a reality show you would cancel? Why? I would cancel The Bachelorette, nobody wants to see a show with one woman and 20 douchey guys.
Whats the pooping situation like? For me it consisted of.
Find a tree.
Dig a hole next to the tree.
Remove pants
Hold on to the tree and squat over the hole.
Find a large leaf.
It's not great, but it wasn't a disaster either. The good news is that you don't do this much because you're not eating. Alex from my season went about 3 weeks without having to go.
Speaking of the bathroom, how is tooth cleaning handled? Everyone always has bright white, clean teeth. Seems like it wouldn't last long without a proper toothbrush. There's no toothbrush so you do your best to clean your teeth with some sand on your finger but that's about it.
Were there any case of someone finding someone else pooping or peeing? I didn't walk in on anybody, but I'm sure it happens.
How many contestants have you seen doing anything sexual together? I saw Jenna Lewis one time in a video on the internet... and that's about it.
Yeah...If you could get us that link pronto...that'd be great. I dont think it's hard to find.
Rob, I gotta say, I'm a big fan. I've watched all seasons of survivor, and you're social game in Survivor: Amazon was by far one of the best played IMHO. Favorite all-time survivor? My all-time Favorite is Rudy. He was the best on the show and I spent three weeks with him after all-stars and he was the one highlight of that experience.
What food would Jeff Probst have had to get you in the endurance immunity challenge for you to flash everyone and jump off your pole? Ha, I don't know it would be a food item but a 27" inch iMac would probably do the trick.
Can you stop the NHL lockout? What makes you think I want it to end? muahahahahhaahhaha.
Do you think Jeff Probst would be any good at Survivor?? I think Jeff would be pretty decent at Survivor. I think he'd be athletic enough to be a good team member, but not a physical threat. He's also social enough to get along with the men and women. I don't think he has an evil streak, but I bet he'd go far.
When are we going to see a Stephen vs Rob season? Also, is there any former Survivors that have been ostracized from the "group"? I wouldn't hold my breath for the Stephen vs. Rob season... unless you're talking Rob Mariano.
I think that there are Survivors who hate other Survivors, but a group of reality tv veterans cannot do anything in unison so there's not enough organization to ostracize someone... though Jonny fairplay came close on occasion.
Can we hear about Fairplay? He just had a few too many drunken encounters with a lot of cast members during his wilder and crazy days.
Thanks Rob. Keep up the good work! Much appreciated, Wes.
Do you feel like Survivor has done it's time as a show? I don't think so. It's not a phenomenon but CBS has been smart about keeping it health over the long term. Look at how ABC ran millionaire into the ground. Survivor is still a top-20 show and has a huge fanbase. I think there is still plenty of Survivor left.
If they put you in charge of Survivor, what would you change about the game? About the show? The biggest thing I'd change is just making sure people know how to play the game before they go on the show.
There's a school of thought that the mere fact that they won makes a winner a deserving winner. Going even further, they they are therefore the most deserving winner because they won. Thoughts? Have there been any unjust final votes? Are there any bad winners? To a degree, I believe that if a player won, they deserved to win... I just don't believe that the 23 people who won the game are the best 23 people to ever play the game. How about this... there are no BAD winners, but there are certainly better winners than others.
What should you have done differently on All-Stars? As far as what could I have done differently on the All-Stars... after all this time, nobody has ever come up with what I should of done differently. The one thing I could've done better is kiss Boston Rob and Amber's butt so much that they would've voted to keep me. There was no way to swing to the vote against Rob or Amber.
Big Brother gets a lot of grief for the producers' heavy-handedness. Did you think the producers were trying to nudge your decisions or your portrayal (eg, "That's great but this time say it meaner!")? Did you consider your interactions with production to be part of your game? Did you self-edit in confessionals to protect your strategizing or influence your TV edit? I don't think that production tried to manipulate our games on Survivor, but I last played the game in 2004. I can't speak to what they do or don't do now.
Furthermore, did you ever look to production for clues? Like if you were leaving for Tribal later than normal was that a hint that a plan was being hatched? If a cameraman scurried away would you follow in case there was a good conversation to overhear? Looking to production for clues is smart. I wish I would've done more of that at the time but it wasn't something that I was thinking back then.
Have you ever been in any talks to do another Survivor (since All-Stars)? The talks have been very one sided.
On your part or theirs? Mine.
:( Sad day. I love the podcasts btw. Would you be willing to be a guest on a fan-based podcast? Or is that something you don't do? I've done it before but it's hard to spend MORE time podcasting.
You can never spend enough time podcasting! Haha. That's not what my wife says.
1.How do the confessionals/interviews work? Do the producers come up to you and tell you that you have to do them or do you decide when you want to go? Do they chose where you do them? How long do they last for...and is it just them asking you a series of questions and you responding? You have to do an interview every production cycle which is between tribal councils. Then you record all the things about what is going on since the last tribal council.
2.How does the clothes situation work. I know that the producers chose them or something but could you explain how that works exactly? Do you get ANY choice? They tell you what to bring and you bring options. Then they pick out what you wear from those options.
3.How do you know when it's time for tribal council? Does production tell you that you need to leave and from then on are you not allowed to strategise and on "gag order"? And then do you just take your torch/belongings onto the van which goes to tribal council? Do the producers ask you who you're voting for before you leave for tribal council (so does Jeff know who's going to be voted out?) The producers tell you when its time to go (sunset) On the way you're not allowed to talk. Time is basically stopped when the camera isn't on. On some seasons they take the torches back but on the Amazon we left our torches there.
Do you like the addition of the hidden immunity idol? Do you think it was needed to shake up newer seasons of Survivor? Or you think it's a cop out for people with less strategy? Also what's your opinion on final 2 vs final 3? Love the HII but hate the final 3. I understand why its there but the game is so much more interesting strategically when only 2 people can get to the end. Survivor One World would not have been as boring with a final 2.
What was the food like? Did they ever fly in pretty decent food, etc? On my seasons, we had some cornmeal (called maniok) in the Amazon and we got some rice on the All-Stars. We also tried to catch some fish. Other than some coconuts, that was about it... so it wasn't that the food was Bad, there just wasn't much.
And other than the reward challenges, there was nothing flown in. Just a quick thing about the reward challenge food - if you ever had to eat it and you weren't starving to death, you'd pass. It's probably the worst food, it's never hot or cold, it's just whatever the air temperature is. But you haven't eaten in two weeks so it's the best thing ever.
Hi Rob! I 've been listening to your Survivor related podcasts and they are excellent. One question about Amazon: did you ever find out if Christy indeed wanted to vote for Jenna or thought the vote was for elimination and got confused? We never actually found out for sure. Christy has said that wasn't true so we have to take her word, but I've heard that they've released the voting video of every single season except ours - which seems very bizarre. Again, that last part is a bit of heresay. Maybe somebody here can confirm that.
Hearsay* Sorry.
You're a rare contestant that knew a lot of the early contestants and now meet the newer ones. While every season has some standouts, it seems to me that casts have, on average, become dumber and less invested in the game. I think it's a product of casting more recruits. Do you find yourself reflecting on the sheer number of dummies you've interviewed over the past few seasons? Ha, thats a pretty astute assessment. There are certainly more recruits these days than in the past - but the show was much more popular then.
Can we say for certain that there are a higher percentage of dummies now than say 10 years ago. Check yes or no as you go through the cast of Thailand and put that up against One World. I think it's closer than you remember.
Hey Rob - really enjoy the podcast. Look forward to every one, and actually got into Big Brother this summer because of your podcasts. Quick question - are there any fellow contestants from your 2 seasons that you still keep in touch with regularly? Also, who is your favourite guest to have on the podcast? I really can't say that I keep in really close contact with anybody from my seasons. I talk with Jenna Morasca semi-often but that is about it. I wish that I had somebody that I was super close with from my shows, but there's not. That being said, Jenna was been a great friend over the years and her and Ethan were amazing last year when my Dad passed away.
Hi, Rob! How many crew members were with you on the island? What were you expecting before you went on the show? And what surprised you the most? There are maybe up to 8 or so crew people around the camp at most. It's not like there is a big film crew on the other side of the camera like a movie.
I was actually expecting the show to be much harder, like I expected to be on the verge of dying the entire time... so I guess I was surprised by how much I was able to adapt to being out there.
Hi Rob, I am a big RHAP fan! How much insider knowledge do you and Nicole have? Like, when you talk to someone who has been booted the next morning, has anyone ever let anything accidentally slip? Also, what do you think of David Healy? Ha, great question. I go out of my way to avoid the spoilers because I think it takes all the fun out of watching the show. That being said, I usually know which returning players are going to be on upcoming seasons ahead of time.
Though a lot of the Survivors know the spoilers, I always tell them in my conversations that I don't want to be spoiled. I like guessing what will happen, that's why I'm wrong so much.
As for interviewing the other contestants, I don't think there's ever been an instance when somebody let something slip for real - though one time people were all over John Fincher for implying that Ozzy was going to win Survivor: South Pacific.
And David Healy is a great guy. He was a good sport when we started using his name as a synonym for a boner. You can't ask for more than that!
What went on behind the scenes that viewers of the show would be surprised to find out about? I think that viewers would really just be surprised with how much down time there is. The show SEEMS very exciting when you watch it but you don't realize that it's really 3 days of people staring at a fire with moments of competition and strategizing sprinkled in.
What do contestants do on the "down time"? Are there times the cameras aren't rolling? Just sit around and talk about what food that they want to eat. It's really boring.
Hi Rob, thanks for doing this. What was the experience like watching your season on TV after living through it? Certainly before the merge, you are getting insight for the first time into what was going on in the other tribe that you were unaware of? Are there a lot of surprises watching it? Or by the time the show airs, you already knew everything? There were definitely a lot of surprises watching the show, especially hearing what happened from the girls but not seeing it unfold. When the girls went to tribal was really fun to watch because we weren't there.
I was really in the loop in the amazon so there wasn't much that happened that I didn't know, but I almost fell out of my chair when Matt and Daniel starting speaking in Chinese!
How long is there between when you arrive in Brazil/Panama and the game starts? Do you do survival training in this time like learning how to build shelter, make fire, find and cook food...or do they expect you do know all that before you get there? Did you do anything to prepare for Survivor? How long did you have between being told you were definitely on and when the game actually started in Amazon? There were probably about 4 or 5 days between when we got there and the game started. We did do a few days of survival training, but I don't think they do that anyomre.
10 years after appearing on Survivor- how often are you still recognized by strangers? I currently live in Los Angeles, I am never recognized by anybody. I was last on Survivor in 2004. If I ever am recognized it's in a place like Vegas, or at an airport (in LA people are looking for actual celebrities).
A lot of times people if they recognize me will know that I look familiar but they can't place from where. I get a lot of "Did you go to Northwestern?" or something along those lines.
Did you go to Oswego State? I certainly did.
What has being a survivor contestant taught you about humanity, and just people in general? I think when you're on Survivor, you FEEL like you're getting a real insight into humanity, but I don't think you really do. I think that Reality TV in itself is more telling about human nature and what people are willing to do to succeed and what people are willing to do to be SEEN. I've seen reality tv really make some people go insane (present company hopefully excluded).
What kind of marketing do you do and how hard is it to get into? (this comes from someone who wants to get into marketing.) In my real life, I'm a bit of jack-of-all-trades. I've been working in producing web video since 2006. I still do production work but being on the computer so much and working with the podcast, I got into doing a lot of social media and learning SEO. I've been lucky to find some companies that needed someone to fill those positions so it's another freelance tool in my belt.
One neat thing about the show is how the game evolves over time, not just in twists but in gameplay. We're currently in a cycle where people feel like they need to make big moves to win, but that hasn't always been the case and a string of under the radar winners will change that. Every Survivor believes that they'd still be good at the game and I don't think I'm the exception.
So have you devised any tricks you'd love to try in Survivor's current form where aggressive play gets more rewarded? Do you think you'd still be good at the game or have your skillsets diverged from what Survivor has evolved into? While Kim and Boston Rob have won playing as strong leaders... Fabio, sophie and Sandra have won by playing more under the radar. I think that if anything, the game needs to move away from having such stark contrasts between the tribes. They should shake up the teams even more to get rid of one team just voting against the other team because they have a different color buff.
What is the best advice you can give to someone about Survivor strategy? Work hard.
Don't suck too hard in the challenges.
Be likable.
Try to figure out what order everybody will be voted out. When you see that your number is coming up soon, switch it around to put yourself in the best position.
Who was your least favorite contestant to complete against? From the Amazon, Roger really rubbed me the wrong way because he was so bossy.
On the All-Stars, I felt like Alicia was really no fun (though she's very fun in real life) and Amber would only talk about food all day.
I feel like I would talk about food A LOT It's hard not to, but it's better off if you don't. You just torture yourself. That's for the weak minded!
Hey Rob, did any previous reality television personalities have a big influence on how you played in Amazon? Also who is your favorite reality television character of all time? Will Kirby - When I watched Will play Big Brother 2, that's when I decided to go on reality tv.
Boston Rob - While I did agree with him strategically, I loved how he talked to camera and narrated his moves. He was my favorite player going into the show.
What do you think about Boston Rob's performances in HvV and RI? I think that Rob got a little bit of a wake-up call in Heroes vs. Villains. I think he hadn't been paying close attention to the game since he last played and didn't realize it's evolution. However, he brought his A-game for Redemption Island and probably played the most flawless game ever that season.
Same question about Russell in Samoa and HvV. Russell really did a great job in his first season. He changed the game, he really did. He went into the merge down 8-4 and got his whole alliance to the final 4. He just did not have the social graces to win over that jury and its a shame because he did such an amazing job.
Did you ever cry while on Survivor ? I didn't ever cry, but I did get a little weepy when I saw my mom during the family visit. Does happy crying count? Real men can happy cry, right?
As someone who hasn't watched the show in the past few seasons, would you say it's worth getting back in to? any changes over the past couple years that really excited you? This upcoming season is going to be interesting, there are three returning players all who left with an injury, including Michael who burned his hands in season 2. Plus former Major Leaguer Jeff Kent and Blair from the facts of life.
The hidden immunity idols have been exciting but lately players have just held on to them. Give this season premiere a try and see if its worth it.
How long did it take for you to lose track of the time, did you have any idea of when you were falling asleep and waking up? You really have no idea what time it is. You are up so early because the sun comes up and you've been up forever and it's like 8:00 am. You also go to bed at like 6:00 when it gets dark so the night lasts forever.
Were the clothes you wore on your seasons your original choice, or did production alter what you wanted to wear / give you clothes they wanted you to wear instead? The clothes I wore were all my choices... except for the blue tank top that I had. I had a gray tank top and a black one but they said too many other people had gray and black. It wasn't a really nice shirt before the show and it was disgusting by the end.
What do kneecaps taste like? Heaven.
What do you think of the recent trend on Survivor for returning players to be mixed with newbies? In every season this has been done, a veteran has reached the finals. Seems to be an unfair advantage, no? It's totally unfair... but they dont get immunity from being voted out so we can't complain. Maybe one day reality tv show contestants will get the memo, VOTE OUT THE RETURNING PLAYERS... if you don't they will win. Just ask Dan Gheesling.
Rob! What was going through your mind in that first immunity challenge in the Amazon when you got SMOKED doing the puzzle? where you in total panic mode? The girls were so far ahead by the time that Dave and I even started the puzzle. The girls probably had a three or four minute head start on the puzzle. Dave and I probably only had a few minutes to even work on it before the challenge was over.
Also.. thougths on the Jets v. Bills season opener this weekend? I think the Jets are going to surprise a lot of people this weekend. EVERYBODY is picking the Bills.
The edit makes it appear as if you guys started the puzzle at about the same time. I think a lot of times they edit to make the competitions look closer than they actually were for television.
Why did you vote out Ryan at the first tribal council in Amazon and not Roger? Was it strategic or personal reasons...and do you regret it? I definitely don't regret it because Ryan had no idea what he was doing in the game.
It was a strategic move to go with the more stable older group than to make a new alliance with Matteo, Ryan and Dan Lue. That was not a "Brigade" that I wanted to roll with.
I hope I didn't miss the boat here! These questions would probably be better for a woman, but I have been wanting to ask someone for years! I apologize if these questions are a little gross, but you did say AMA. Ha, okay, here we go...
How do the women keep their pubic hair under control? Do they usually get waxed before they come on the show and then just coast through their time on the island or do they have access to razors? They are always walking around in their bikini bottoms, so it's obvious they must be groomed. A lot of younger woman do get waxed before they go. Some even get lasered before survivor. I'm sure that there have been some women who have had a situation by day 39.
Finally (and finally not gross), you were one of the first to realize that Amber and Rob were "gonna do it." Did you ever imagine they would fall in love, get married, and make babies? And no, I never would've thought Rob and Amber would get married and have kids. I thought that Amber was just the new Sarah so chalk that up as another thing I've gotten wrong (like my prediction of how the Giants were a lock tonight).
What is your opinion on returning players being the norm these days? Also, do you think that your ship has sailed for possibly being invited back for a 3rd time? I don't mind the returning players because at least they know how to play. I more mind the 1st time players with their heads up their ass.
And yes, I do think that ship has sailed.
Heyyy Ambuhhh, you're wicked hawwwt. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzinnnggggggggg!
Is Jeff as annoying with his challenge commentary out there as he is on tv? It's annoying when he is declaring how you're doing terrible.
Who will have a worse offense this year? Dolphins or your beloved Jets? Haha, serious question, would your life have ended up more or less the same if you were on Big Brother 3 rather than Survivor 6? The Jets may just be mediocre in the worst case scenario but I think the dolphins are in year 1 of a long-term plan so I'll say Jets>Dolphins.
I think my life would've been different to a large degree to be on Big Brother. For one, I don't know how I would've fared against the great Danielle Reyes. Also, maybe I would've gotten to go Big Brother all-stars and then get smoked by Chill town. I'm happy with the way things turned out.
Hey, Rob. How's it going? I heard you're a Big Brother fan. What do you think of Matt Hoffman from Season 12? I think he is strikingly handsome. And ever so witty. Just the bees-knees! We should all be a little more like Matt. #Slugworth. I agree. Matt Hoffman is the greatest Big Brother player of all-time next to Enzo.
Have you been contacted about competing on Survivor since All Stars? You definitely should have been on HvV. Thanks maximus. I haven't been contacted to come back since all-stars. While it would be fun to go back, I'm not ever going to hold my breath. At one point, I started hearing rumors about a Brains vs. Brawn season but it never went anywhere.
they just didn't think you were Brainy or Brawny enough! :-P. Double True.
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