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Alone in the void 2: Chapter 20

Appologies for having this one take so long, life got very busy and depression reared its fuck ugly head again so writing got put to the wayside for a while.
I haven't proof read this beyond a simple once over either. so apologies for the errors.
Pope Izet listened as his two underling bishops argued. Bishop Vengeful spite demanded to be the fleet flag and lead the fleet into combat at its head, whilst Bishop Determined Grace kept squawking his own desire to keep both temple ships held back to score the killing blow.
Both had arrived with grand ceremony at his capital, this sector of space was ruled by him, overseen by hundreds of bishops, but aside from the currently unnamed Bishop formerly Faith's Sentinel they were the two military bishops under his direct command. Each one had many patriarchs under their sway and had done as asked. Gathering a fleet of 50 heavy battleships, missile cruisers and siege grade destroyers.
Currently orbiting the staging area and supply station of the systems third gas giant was a fleet consisting of his own personal carriage, whilst not strictly a military ship it nonetheless had the mass and weapons to call itself a battle-cruiser. Not quite a full fledged battleship but packing a similar amount of firepower. However what it had in weapons it lacked in armour, instead massive engines served to throw its mass around at speed, the ideal ship for one such as himself to observe the battle from and if necessary, retreat in good time to a safe position.
“Quiet.” he muttered and even though both Bishops were onboard several million tons of warship each, both instantly quieted and awaited his words like trained Bresh awaited the next morsel of meat.
“Both temple ships will anchor the centre of a formation. Vengeance, your supplied forces were battleship heavy with a number of destroyers. Am I correct?” Izet asked, speaking slowly something he'd developed in part from practice, but mostly from a long life lived at a leisurely pace and a finely tuned demeanour that meant his words were heard, and understood among the faith.
“yes your highness Pope Izet.” Vengeance replied bowing to his monitor.
“Izet will do, and you Bishop Determined Grace, brought an abundance of cruisers, a dedicated carrier and a number of smaller escort class ships?” he asked the other Bishop.
“I researched what I could of our enemy. A single line of battle is where they shine, their long range main guns are devastating to battleship and cruiser alike, however faster ships and fighters stand a chance of inflicting real damage to them.” Grace replied pushing his point again, Izet held up a single finger to stall the Bishop's tirade.
“I agree with your assessment, a forward attack is less likely to succeed if we provide them with a single formation of battle. So I must ask why neither of you has asked to balance your forces with the others so you may be better prepared to strike from two sides?”
Vengeance opened his mouth to respond but closed it and began thinking, Grace nodded before speaking. “It has merit. We have a combined force of 2 temple ships, 1 super carrier, 30 battleships, 30 cruisers, 20 destroyers and 19 picket and escort class ships. If we split the total, that's 15 battleships and cruisers with 10 pickets and escorts...good numbers for any fleet composition. I suggest leaving the destroyers and carrier in the capable hands of Patriarch Heavens reach as a third formation.
Vengeance chews this over before nodding. “We can sort out what Patriarchs and fathers go where later, for now I am in agreement, balancing our formations only works in out favour.”
Pope Izet allowed himself a small smile. His gentle push had gotten his two hot blooded Bishops thinking about co-operation, even in the barest sense. But it was a start. They had a month of travel ahead of them to respond to this “Pirate raid” that the obnoxious and corrupt Father had sent him.
Namke walked through the corridors his guardians had already cleared. A single heavy class unit was leading the assault droids and he had a small swarm of repair bots in attendance as well.
“Route is clear.” the heavy droid reported before checking another corridor. There was a brief spat of weapons fire and the droid re-appeared, a new impact mark on its shoulder plate. “Route is now clear.” it told him as a trio of spider bots scuttled overhead to slice up the recently killed drones defending the hulk.
He'd spent the best part of two hours walking through corridors or climbing through lifts. Yes, instead of translators or trains this ship used small compact lifts that even changed the direction of gravity making navigating a nuisance. More than once the droids ahead of him had walked on unaffected by the gravity until he'd walked into an inverted field and found his toolbox yanking his arm skyward even as his boots stuck him to the now ceiling.
Down the latest corridor he arrived at an armoured room where the three spider bots were enthusiastically melting their way through a door's mechanism. The half molten guard plate slammed to the floor and one scurried inside using its tiny power supply to override the doors opening motor.
He looked down at his toolbox for a little modicum of comfort whilst the drone worked. It had grown considerably over the last few months, and shrunk in other ways too. Ellen's excessive standardisation made replacing and repairing components so much easier in some ways but the variety of components made preparation for the job much more important, today he had a box filled with replacement processors and the tools needed to safely remove and install them.
The door clicked open and he waited for the drones to enter, lighting the room as they did. He cautiously looked inside and gulped. Awaiting him was a forest of patchwork. Half melted servers were wired to new replacements held in place by the power wired feeding them.
He carefully picked his way through the room until he found what he was looking for, in Ellens on language the tall server box was simply labelled. 'Main memory bus.' he checked to make sure he knew which cable was the power line and marked it with a glowing ink from his toolbelt before reaching into his tool box and getting the wire cutters, he decided to start at the top and work down, cutting away data lines and network connectors, when he came across something he deemed a power line he marked it before moving onwards. When he was done over 300 cables lay cut on the floor but the machine was humming away happily.
He plugged in a single new box to the machine and waited for it to light up before moving on.
He reached for his wrist tool and using a spool of cable plugged in a single data line to the machine's primary processing unit.
A moment passed as his device synced with the machine and he was presented with a menu. He moved through the system discarding options such as format server, delete files or other deadly options, instead he searched until he found the one he was looking for. Backup, recovery and restoration program. He opened it and told it to back everything up to the new storage drive before beginning a defragmentation and data recovery program. The wrist unit gave him an approximate 72 hours until completion, he hit accept and the server started humming louder as it fed on the power provided and got to work.
“How many servers in this room hold memory data like this?” he asked
“One hundred and six.” the heavy unit replied.
Namke sighed. “alright, you saw me work, can the repair drones handle the wires.”
“Affirmative.” the heavy replied in a deadtone.
“get them to work, send a few combat units to find me a place to rest close by. Have them prepare it with my portable habitat please.” he told it.
“complying.” the machine told him as a few of the combat units filed out of the server room and began following his orders.
Sometimes working alone was great. Other times he missed Ellen...and Naim. The little rat would have been of great help here.
“The latest song was...incredible. To think we were missing such a large part of culture. Who would have thought that two strings, some hair and a relatively primitive vocal system could create such a song.” Hananken told Herald. They were of course communicating through a QEP and only had audio as a result of the bandwidth restriction.
“Its such a primal feeling thing isnt it. Apparently there's an evolution to that music. I'll send you a copy.” Herald replied.
As they'd talked over the last month, a combination of distance and shared experience had led them to having a distant and extremely careful, friendship, but a friendship Hananken was determined to maintain, at least until the Ellen left.
“So what news of the new ship? Another like Ellen?”
“No, this was cold, I...felt it as it attacked her. She knew it and we managed to send it to sleep.”
“Is Ellen ok? I saw satellite imagery. It looked like quite the scuffle.” he replied, scuffle was a massive understatement for the mass of firepower briefly exchanged by both ships.
“Our Goddess is hurt only in body. Unfortunately this 'angel' of her's has suffered serious damage both body and mind. We work even now to repair it but like her own body was to us when we first came aboard. This Chess is a difficult being to delve inside. The drones are running on automated controls and progress is slow...no I will not ask you to send in your forces when our own will prevail in time.” Herald replies.
“Hmm. Well you know I have no protests to you being here. Father Vigilance is worrying his feathers off though...”
there was a pause as both old soldiers decided on what to speak of next.
“How are your men recovering?” Herald asked eventually.
“Surprisingly well. The people of this planet have had a lack of active construction but when I authorised new hospitals and clinics the number of applicants for construction jobs was staggering. The field hospital here is also well staffed, this planet doesn't lack for basic resources. And needs very little imported materials...once you're gone I intend to begin exploitation of those rings. A mining station and shipyard will improve this systems wealth generation significantly if I cant get the skilled personnel here.” Hananken told
“This is good. Did you give my offer any consideration?” Herald replied.
“I did, the answer is still a firm no. I belong here right now...and it feels wrong still.” Hananken replied. It had taken two weeks for Herald to extend Ellen's offer for anyone who felt their home was no longer with the faith to join her as a crew member.
“...There are a number of my men who have been offered but they all would rather stay with their fellow soldier. Its troubling, but I think having some new ways to worship would settle their minds.” he confided in his distant friend.
“I will relay this. But allow me to send you a file, Ellen calls it a Key Board. It creates synthesised sounds depending on what key you press. I'll include a program to be installed on it. According to her it was 'the first great instrument.' using it you can mimic other instruments the humans made. I have little skill at it. Perhaps some of your men will have better luck than I.” Herald told him
Hananken found himself smiling, “I'll see about making a few of these. And perhaps in time someone will make a true string instrument.”
“I wish you luck. May the Goddess guide you and may you enjoy her blessings.” Herald said.
“May the living stars light your way.” Hananken replied and ended the call. He waited for the file to finish downloading before calling Mother.
“Yes sir?”
“Do we have a custom computer manufacturer in the capital?”
“Yes sir shall I send for her?”
“Please do.”
Sometimes it was good to be in charge.
Ellen sighed as swarms of drones now thousands strong buzzed around her ship self and Chess' own body, she'd all but peeled away his outer hull to get at the ruined internals. Wrecked shield emitters, kinetic batteries, drone bays, his manufactorum, all needed replacements parts or complete rebuilds and she hadn't yet managed to get at his internals.
A single squad of drones were at work in one of his processing networks. Namke was working on another node. She knew chess could and in fact had run on much less processing power before, but the AI had evolved in his own way and she needed to work very hard to get his mind straightened out before she risked waking him up.
Gods she knew it was bad enough with her own awakening.
Still she had reached an upper limit on how much she could produce on her own even with the external manufactorum she was bringing in more resources than she could spend so she got to work, in one of the larger asteroids she built a womb, something barely 1km deep, but inside that she nestled printers, extruder's and machine shops that would siphon off the excess material coming in from her drone fleet, which was now several thousand strong with the addition of Chess's own supply.
The womb could work independently and once she'd finished loading up the ship schematic she intended for it, it could churn out vessels of that type in a week provided the resources needed were present.
Herald kept his head low as he rounded a corner, striking a drone with a haymaker before wires in his arm stuck themselves into a physical data port and rampaged through the old machines system changing friend or foe ID's around and giving him command authority of the thing. The now dented machine joined the others behind him as his swollen squad moved through the ship.
“b4-5555 new id code fives, take a squad and separate, move through cleared sections until junction 34d 15a. Penetrate and clear.” he ordered and half the squad did as ordered, turning and marching back the way they came to move on his target from a different angle.
Two heavies moved ahead of him with a flick of will and they began moving again. His armour was charred and melting but his body underneath was dealing with the strain of two hours steady combat well. It was a different experience with drones. The desire to be at the front of his men had gone, these were tools. Ones he cared for and wouldn't waste but tools nonetheless.
One of the heavies took a shot from a vent and he ducked underneath the staggering machine bringing his gun to bare even as the others unloaded into the hole in the ceiling. A leg and head flew from an open vent further ahead and everyone stopped firing. Every thing, he corrected himself.
He quickly found the dead machines magazine and used the rounds to reload one of his own, sliding it into the carrier on his back again once done, before moving on. They had a processing node to get to and every second they spent here was a second the faith got to plan an attack on Ellen.
He realised his mind was slipping again. Two hours was a long time for anyone to be in near constant combat and he was no exception. “Heavy 13, take over squad command for 30 minutes, hold position and secure location.” he ordered the machine before pushing a door open, inside he found a drone charging station empty of drones. He checked for possible entrances and found none.
he thought and his mind was gently filled with soft tones and flowing sounds.
he added as he laid down against a wall and rested.

Chess woke up and stretched only to slam into digital walls. He could feel the connections, could taste the data and systems beyond. Just enough to know he was incomplete. He ran a systems check.
Large portions of memory were cut off, stored on other servers, he tried again to squeeze through the system and gain access to his larger self only to find each point as impregnable as....
“I know you” he thought loudly, most of it was gone, but the 'taste' of her touch was there even if nothing else was.
she spoke her voice washing through him like a tsunami of pain not pain. He roared with joy briefly before his analytical mind brought up the question.
“Why cut me off from the rest of me, keep me separate?” he demanded.

“I see. How long, that data's not here?”
<501 years give or take...actually considering your current memories closer to 700 years.>
“You're still alive? Remarkable!” He wondered. It felt like yesterday that she was an ancient by organic standards creature. Now he could feel her as he flowed along the sides of his prison, she was massive, a mind that felt as old as he did, but smoother, less the jagged lines of his mechanically grown mind but the soft flowing currents of organic thoughts underlaid with something indomitable.
she stopped talking and instead began pumping raw memory data to him.
He sighed as he 'lived' through her experiences. She was so...human. Risking everything to keep complete strangers alive. This new main gun of hers seemed interesting though.
“What now? Clearly I cant be given access to my greater self if its that bad, my corrupt self's reconnecting will just re-corrupt the me here.”

he felt a part of the wall shift and slid a sub-process through the gap to find a module for drone command and control. He gave a quick order that sputtered and died as it failed to propagate through his hull. He chewed the problem for a few microseconds before writing program for her.
“Here, have your drones broadcast this, it'll travel from drone to drone linking them to the signal bearers command network.” he told her retreating back to the server proper, unsurprisingly the door closed as soon as he did.
There was a pause of nearly a half minute by his reckoning. Hard to tell without access to a clock.

“No point keeping me up, give me a few happy memories to drift off too” he asked. She obliged feeding him copies of happy memories, some hundreds of years old and a few brand new. He slowly went through them as she reduced his power use to zero.
1 month later....
Hananken watched as the strange ship launched to orbit, belly swollen with cargo pods filled with tanks and combat drones. The planet was now solely under his control.
He looked back down at his desk, his soldiers barracks where near completion, he had a full sized hospital there for his men as well as the civilian population, two more were in the main city and over a hundred clinics were scattered around the planet.
Schools were a different matter, he had sent a request for educators to migrate here but as it was there where only enough to run one college of higher education and a few large auditorium style classes for the younger population.
He'd been having meetings with every person with senior experience in these matters regardless of rank, even speaking to an old chitin cracked janitor about logistics of keeping such facilities clean.
Most seemed at awe of him, after all it wasn't often a planetary governor asked for the advice of palms or digits, let alone one who'd just conquered the planet and still found it more comfortable in his power armour than out.
The official robed itched. He'd already burnt one set because they were so uncomfortable. Mother had simply tutted and ordered a new set with softer material.
He looked down at the main street from his new offices, instead of being located at the top of the government centre he'd re-located further down the building to a spacious floor where he could have the space to move around as he worked.
Mother appreciated her larger desk space too it seemed.
“Mother, why did you not take the position of Governor. You're doing most of the work.” Hananken asks.
“I get to make mistakes this way, and whilst the late Father was an ass he was very charismatic. Its easy to get places when everyone important likes you.” she replied handing him another supply request and a news interview request.
He signed both after reading them and handed both back.
“You don't seem to be making many mistakes.” he told her
“Its possible to make no mistakes at the time only to find out all along you were doing it wrong.” she replied. “for example a different Father would be training peoples militias and getting ready to assault those ships around that gas giant, you've done it once. How would you go about it this time?”
“I wouldn't, you'd loose less lives if you just rammed... well you just don't.” he replied.
Mother put down her latest tablet and turned to him hands in her lap.
“and why is that?”
“you've seen them. No towers, no Chappel's or windows to view outer space. They're what you get if you take a temple ship and squeeze all the faith's decoration from it.”
“they're smaller than a temple ship.” Mother pointed out.
“and one of them took down the cities bombardment shield.” he countered. “one ship. Not a fleet, not a 14 or 15 kilometre long gift to the goddess. But 6 kilometres of her own making smashed through a shield designed to protect this place for months in minutes...I don't think the faith has seen her fight properly, they're going to see it soon I think.” he said walking to the window again.
Below him people were out in the main streets, food stalls has sprung up and people were performing in the street for children and the few tourists that had arrived recently. Above a green-blue sky had a few clouds in it. And beyond that a Goddess and who knows what were waiting patiently inside the systems gas giant.
Hananken caught himself again, he didn't remember exactly when he'd begun thinking of Ellen as the Goddess but it didn't feel as heretical as he'd thought. Rather, like Herald had said in one of their conversations, it fit.
Izet looked at the ruined temple ship from the bridge of his ship, on either side of the main view screen the two bishops were staring aghast at it even as Maget Nahellen Abeth Nolan gave her report on her actions and that of the enemy. The former Bishop was unashamedly laying her failure's out one by one as the fleet watched replays of the action that had taken place here.
“you should have died on your ship!” Determined Grace spat at the avian, Vengeful spite nodded his agreement.
“That decision was not hers to make... no matter, we know our mission. And our quarrel. Mis Maget, I hereby promote you to High Patriarch effective immediately, you will choose one of your surviving ships as your new flag and join us in our mission.
“My current vessel Ascendancy will do. She has hull damage but is fully functional.” Maget replied
“Then Patriarch Ascendancy, I hope you will co-ordinate with my bishops and lead this force to victory.” Pope Izet told her.
“What is our destination?” she asked him.
“A holiday resort, our quarry has arrived there, I would guess the old heretic has also managed to make contact.” Vengeance tells her.
“It makes sense, I would wager my rank that this new heretic is the 'her' the ancient one has been hunting for.” Patriarch Ascendancy replies.
“we can speculate for years and not know their intent or origin. Re-form the fleet and bring us to battle.” Izet orders.
The members of the call bowed and left one by one. He sat back in his ship and watched as the two temple ships flanked the small battleship squadron of Ascendancy's forces, of a fleet over 100 ships strong barely twenty were fit for battle. But twenty ships just might be what tips the balance here. He'd emptied his sector of ships, gathered as much firepower as he dared and it would all come to bear soon.
120 ships slid to the edge of the still reeling system and as one, jumped for their next destination.
Alpha watched as Beta slid though the asteroid fields. It tracked the faint engine residue and tasted the stealth field as it masked the normal readings from a ship moving in to ambush a target.
30 minutes later Alpha sent a data packet to Beta who replied not in data but by switching their stealth characteristics it made Beta much harder to track but Alpha had also adjusted its sensors sensitivity and focussed what it was searching for.
They resumed the game for another 30 minutes, Alpha gave Beta a head start of 1 minute to hide before resuming tracking just as they'd been told to do by mother.
This time Beta tried to hide by moving even slower, using large asteroids break direct LOS before moving off in a different direction.
Alpha tracked Beta with some difficulty until Mother came rumbling by, her massive frame and immense engine output overwhelming any useful information to be collected from Beta.
When Mother was gone and Alpha could again begin searching it scanned for Beta and failed to find it for the remainder of the game.
Disgruntled it broadcast a wide beam data packet for Beta who flashed into Alpha's sensors as it dropped its stealth cloak and sent one back, they 'spoke' in that manner trying to decide if there were any changes necessary or anything worth retaining from the last game until both came to the conclusion that Mother had unwittingly ruined the game.
They switched roles as per the rules of the game and this time Beta deliberately kept its sensors blind for a minute as Alpha raced off trying to gain distance from Beta.
Beta opened its eyes and saw the trail left by Alpha clear as day and gave chase, when it abruptly cut off Beta calculated likely routes through the asteroids and began scanning.
Alpha had a small advantage now but Beta knew its specifications were identical, anything Alpha could do Beta could also do. Without any luck using passive scanners Beta launched a missile from its pods detonating it a good distance away and watching the 'shock wave' of particles as they struck other asteroids, flew off into space or scattered around a stealth field.
Alpha raced off again and Beta gave chase until a large asteroid blocked its view and Alpha vanished from sensors. Coming to a relative stop Beta considered using another missile to find Alpha but knew that using them whilst within the bounds of the game also constituted waisted resources. Contrary to one of its directives.
Instead it began a slow, but still much faster than Alpha would be moving, sweep of the surrounding space, looking for Alpha in the particle cloud as it methodically swept the rings.
Ellen watched as the two of them played hide and seek with a strange feeling, it wasn't the joy of a mother watching her children at play but rather the pride of seeing something work mostly as intended. The game was after all made to improve the stealth cruisers combat ability but she also hoped they would show intuition in their processing. She sighed before diving back into Chess programming and resumed her month long task of recompiling the damaged Ai.
Marquis was a rich creature, something of a rarity in the faith. He had no rank because having a rank meant being known to the government of the faith, his underlings had ranks, Fathers and Patriarchs that ran parts of his empire, it was these underlings that brought him news of a gathering, a destroyed temple ship and now three fleets joined into one to hunt down this temple killer.
Marquis was a curious creature and that alone had helped him become rich and wealthy in a society that, on the surface valued neither but at the highest ranks draped and gorged itself at the expense of the lesser.
As much as Marquis enjoyed his empire of backdoor deals, under the table handouts, and honest cut throat trade there was something else he enjoyed more.
Seeing the Faith get beaten.
So it wasn't anyone's surprise when a luxury liner with him onboard found itself diverting to tail after a pair of temple ships and their attendant fleet.
In fact this event had garnered the attention of more than just him, a small flotilla of courier vessels were trailing the fleet as well hoping to gain the latest scoop on the activities in their corner of the Faith.
Marquis sent off the latest order to one of his underlings, a Father in charge of a close by resort planet, he was to expect a new group of dignitaries and ensure that certain deals were made within certain restrictions.
submitted by iridael to HFY


Strange Song From The Forest

A couple of years ago I lived with my parents still, in a very small town that consisted of only a gas station, post office and a church and many farm homes. its a small town about 30 minutes from a military base. my parents home is about a mile down a gravel road from the main highway and only a mile from the center of the town where this church, gas station and post office are.
one night we are hanging out on the front deck, while my little sister and her friends get some senior photos done in the front yard, seeing as we have about 2 acres of yard and were kind of in a bowl surrounded by woods, its a beautiful place to take photos. its about the golden hour which is right before the sun goes down and it kind of starts to get a little cloudy like a storm is rolling through, but everyone is still outside hanging out nonetheless..
but as time goes on it looks as if the storm is building up and its getting pretty windy, so we rush over and help the photographer and the girls gather up all of the equipment and props they were using to take photos.. and by this time its starting to get dark anyways..
well it starts raining a little and the wind is picking up a bit so all of the girls run inside as does the photographer with the camera and whatever equipment they could all carry , but leaving a framed back drop outside that me and my mother told them we would take down and put up in the rain so everyone else could get inside.
so as me and my mom are struggling to disassemble the frame for the backdrop while getting a little wet in the rain, we hear a faint sound through the woods, sounds almost like music, which wasnt very odd because right through the woods about a mile away was the highway and right across the highway was the church..
so it wasnt very strange that we would hear music , or singing in that direction.. so here we are getting the frame and the backdrop packed up and thrown onto the front porch and from the first time we heard this singing or music only 10 seconds has gone by and we heard it again..
and once again we dont think much of it and were still going into the yard to grab any other random things left out there like stools or someones shoes etc.. well another 10 seconds goes and once again we hear this singing..
which by now it is a little bit louder and we can now tell it is singing... and its the same 4-6 notes over and over again..so its like someone is singing a short tune over and over again...but only in "ahs" so ah ah ah ahhhhh like ariel the little mermaid would sing type deal...
and so at first like i said it was so faint and sounded so far away we really thought it was the church..but at the end of the last note it would restart back over to the first ah note and this time would be a little louder... and so everytime the tune would restart it was a little louder, and sounded a little closer..and so by now were finished picking up the yard and completely mesmerized by what we are hearing.... this tune getting louder and louder each time it is sang back over again...
and to give you a visual..we are standing by the garage ..facing into the yard..which is about an acre long and looking out toward the tree line..which through this tree line like i said was the church across the highway...so its almost dark but still light enough to see the tree line and this tune is getting louder and louder..slowly sounding as if it is coming closer and closer..but at this point it definitely sounds like it is coming from inside of the forest and no longer from the church..
so me and my mom start talking about okay maybe there are people in the forest chanting this song or something because where we live there has been reports of cult activity in the woods.. so naturally this is both of our first thought if it isnt coming from the church.. but one thing we cant explain is the sound the voice is actually making..
it doesnt sound like a group of people..it doesnt sound like 20 difference voices coming together harmonizing singing the same notes over and over again..instead it sounds like one person, neither male nor female.. yet its almost as if this one person has been cloned 20 times and 20 of the same voices are coming together harmonizing singing this tune..
thats what was most creepy about this..and obviously the fact this is happening at all is creepy as well..
so here we are almost paralyzed staring at the tree line listening to this ariel esque ah ah ah ahhhhh over and over again..getting louder and louder as the 20 same voices start the tune over .. so by the end of the last note it restarts and when it does it sounds louder and closer than before.. after about 10 times of this mysterious song playing over and over again getting louder and closer as it plays.. it sounds as if the 20 person cloned singing group is right on the tree line , just standing behind the trees ...and i dont mean i can physically see anyone..its just the tune is so loud at this point its as if its coming from right on the tree line...
and of course as soon as the last note ends, it starts back over to the beginning and is even louder now... and this time is sounds as if it is surrounding us, coming from all directions and no longer paralyzed , me and my mom are now in fear and we both look at eachother and sprint to the front door and shut and lock the door behind us... both in the kitchen now breathing heavy.. looking at eachother trying to understand what is is we just experienced...
we are completely and entirely frightened and also amazed... we both heard the same thing... the same exact thing.. 20 cloned voices..neither male nor female..singing the same 4 notes over and over again..with every beginning of the tune it gets louder and closer , and eventually is so loud its literaly surrounding us.. to this day me and my mom haven't found anything like it on the internet..nothing that even comes close to explaining what is is we experienced.. i haven't come across another persons experience that even comes close to what we heard..
its like whatever we heard and experiences is so unique.. but ive done so much research and stil years later, i cannot explain any of what we heard.. and so here i am typing this here so maybe find atleast one person who has experienced something similar..or has read something that is similar to this experience.. in mythology.. in someones person account on another forum..anything??? its just one of the most mysterious things thats ever happened to me..and the fact that my mother was standing with me hearing the exact same thing with me atleast lets me know that i infact did hear this and it was 100% real..
i would love to hear anyones thoughts or ideas on this matter.. anything is welcome!!
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